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of the Tuddina
Is in the Eztln.i."
Itls not Tjhit iue sty, but whAt llxyfs
trsaptriK dxs, tht tells the story.
Thoiismds of people grve the proof by
ttllmg of rrmarkdble cures by Hood's Sir
tfoArilU of Scrofuli, Silt Rheum, Dy$
pepsU. Czt&rth, RUumAtism, And aU
other b(xd diseases And debility.
i, Dlvlnj; for Tlrewood.
i s Boys whoso most (llntnstoful task Is
to keep the wood box fillcl, or who are
?xiOL'trd to Kplit the kindling wood
svt-ry nlRut, would undouldedly oujoy
living nt Hawaii. Tlrewood then? la
uot only wry Marco, but they get it
out of the water, another feature of
the matter which should probably no-
pea! to Kuch of the boj-8 as delight In
"goln Rwlnimln'."
Upon the shores of Hawaii firewood
Is a scarce and precious commodity
The present forests do not grow near
Um sea, and the labor of bringing wood
from the distant timber is great, es
peclally as roads are few. Practically
all the firewood of tne. natives, and
much that Is used by the Europeans,
in the towns, Is drift that is brought
3owu periodically from tho uplands
by freshets that folow heavy re Ins.
Vrn t ici fc rr nonlnn
1-t Knowledge Not Always Toor.
v' "Intellect doesn't amount to
"What do you mean, Minerva?'
"The most intellectual woman in
the world can be squelched in three
seconds by a dressmaker." Indiana
polis Journal.
Dyelnjr is as Implo as washing when you
ns9 I'dtkam Fadilbsi Dim, Bold by all
The Disappointed One.
A severe and elderly woman passed by with
orio of her kind. We cautiht only this (rai
ment: "It seems to me some person are born
just to get tlie 11 rut reading of new books at
the Athenueum." boston Journal.
After six your' suffering I was enrsd j
Pico's Cure. Mary Thomson. 2SJ40h1o Ave.,
Alleghany, Pa., March ID, 181)1.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for children
a f nettling, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic. iije. a bottlo.
AVith Hoc and Gun.
The Transvaal Boer behind the hoa
Perhaps may be a trifle slow;
Hut he's a sight to make men run
That Transvaal Boer behind a gun.
Indianapolis Journal.
Cures Croup and Whooping-Cough
Unexcelled for Consumptives. Give
quick, sure reimUs. Refuse substitutes.
Dr. Bull's Pills cure Biliousness. Trial, 2oJor$c.
CHOICE Vegetables
Zzf will always find a ready
market but only that farmer
r,'can raise them who has studied
the great secret how to ob
tain both quality and quantity
by the judicious use of well
balanced fertilizers. No fertil
izer for Vegetables can produce
v a large yield unless it contains
at least 8 Potash. Send for
our books, which furnish full
information. We send them
free of charge.
' r . XT
53 Nassau si., ui..
OYELY $.00
All hand-painted. TJo
handsomer lamp made.
r(17 'v.' JlBIlUMUUier .
Sold tit nun
prices. Wi
jjT freight.
tauutacturer s
Makes a most accepta
ble present.
lieautit ul colored cat-
w nloL'ue f hnnd-pauitcji
V'-'X FA ft Mm orllANyitT
- i-Vr, LAMI'S, free.
',t , r! Evcru Zanw Guar an-
' ',A.J teed.
Money hack if
you want it.
Manufactured by
Pittsburu Glass Co.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
ia ejdi. f
V " : 1 SfttiJ thin nntir1 ana .
HnstneenuorsemeiiK.il ma
U. S. Government and all
the LeailhiK Railroads.
. .... 1 . v;1. "i
Rest. OUfO fcyi'P- lttl!Sl.""u. " Ir
in time.
irh 1 ' ' .'. i :'i
1 ,
4 rann vra
A i 1 I? a H k A E WEsa
r t r u r. t i m v a i
0 JOHN 1. Mlm . 11 CKOSStVWiSAf
Proceedings of Congress of
Unusual Interest.
Lewis, of Georgia, Introduces Dill to Re
peal the Stamp Tax Pettigrew
and Hoar Heard From.
A Washington special ays: Tho
house of representatives and the
United States enate reconvened Wod-
neRday after the holiday recess.
The attendance in both branches of
congress was good, and much interest
centered in the cessions.
Tho significant feature of the session
of the house was the inauguration of a
fiht on Secretary of the Treasury
Gage for the alleged favoritism shown
the National City bank, of New lork,
in that the secretary has caused the
levenue funds to be deposited with
that bank almost exclusively.
Iu the senate Mr. rettiirrew re
newed his attack jn the administration
in connection with the Philippine pol
icy, and he introduced a resolution of
inquiry looking to throwing light on
the question of how the hostilities be
gan. Objection was made to the resolu
tion, which called forth from Senator
Hoar a sharp complaint that senators
were trying to throttle others senators
in their desire for information on pub
lic matters.
He called attention to the fact that
four senators had risen up on the pre
sentation of Mr. Pettigrew s resolution
to object to consideration. This was
done in the face of the fact that it was
the uniform custom of tho senate to
allow resolutions of inquiry to go
through without obstruction. He
wanted to know if this policy was to
be continued.
Tho statement brought Aldrich,
Chandler and Hawley to their feet.
Mr. Aldrioh disclaimed any intenten
of suppressing information concern
ing military matters and withdrew the
notice to take up the financial bill
"after the consideration of routine
morning business," fixing the time
definitely at 2 o'clock.
Messrs. Hawley and Chandler both
explained that the suggestions con
cerning the Pettigrew resolution had
only covered the point of postpone
ment until Thursday, which they as
serted was not out of the ordinary.
With a few further words on the
part of Mr. noar, the incident closed.
Mr. Lewis, of the third Georgia dis
trict, introduced a bill in the house to
repeal the stamp tax. He believes
that as the reports of the secretary of
the treasury show more money than is
needed for the administration of tht
affairs of the government, making the
most liberal allowances for the army
aud navy, congress should repeal th j
stamp tax provision of the revemuj
As it Is the one hundred million
raised by the tax seems to be usd by
the administration for the relief of na
tional banks in the cities and the re
sult is that the people are being taxed
for the benefit of the banks. Mr.
Lewis wants to put a stop to this pro
ceeding. "There is really no necessity for
this tax in view of the treasury fig
ures," said he, "and I believe the peo
ple should be relieved of this addi
tional tax burden."
The bill in its first section provides
that so much of the revenue law as ap
peared June, 1898, as relates to a
stamp tax be repealed. The second
section' of the bill provides that the
stamp tax laws that were in force im
mediately previous to the approval of
this law of 1898 be again effective.
The third section directs the secretary
of the treasury to redeem out of any
money in tho freasury not otherwise
appropriated all stamps that have been
sold and not canceled without any dis
count. The bill further provides that this
act shall take effect on the 30th of
Jane of this year.
For Allen Fuller, the Condemned
Murderer of Mrs. Pottle.
A Macon dispatch says: A new trial
was refused Allen Fuller for the mur
der of Mrs. Pottle in the Bibb superior
court Wednesday morning. . A bill of
exceptions has been filed aud a super
sedeas granted suspending sentence
of court.
The case will be taken before the
supreme court at once, and it is ex
pected that the case will be set for
hearing about January 15. This means
that Fuller will have at least two
months longer to live, even in the
event that the decision of the supreme
court is adverse.
QLTES. f LOWDA risiics.
Odd Members cf the Flnnf Tribe round by
the Plsb CommliiloQ.
Tli Florida waters nro strikingly
rich In llsh life, nnd the I Jul ted State
Fish ('ouiuiUnIoii has Just published o
cheek IM In small cumimsH. which will
b( liitcretlnc U) anglers everywhere.
Sixteen different kinds of nharki have
beru taken and Identified. Among them
ari the curious mirso tshark, tho great
tljjer shark, the swift and ravenous
mackerel nhnrk, the unly and strange
anrl Hhark, and the huge hammerhead.
There are thirteen varieties of rays, In
cluding tvrrythlug from the common
barndoor skatu to tho electric ray and
the Immense butterfly ray. There are
no fewer tbnn lx varieties of the ter
rible sting ray, locally known ns sting
arccs and feared as being fatally ven
omous. Strange rays are the eatfe
rays, and stranger still are the mon
strous devil flh, more properly known
ns sea devils, thus being distinguished
froai the octopus nnd the squid, which
nre called devil fish nil over the world.
There are three varieties of gar lish,
the long-nosed gar pike, the thort
nosed gar and the alligator gar, which
Is feared by fishermen a much or
more than a shark. Flevcn species of
cattish are listed, ranging from the
blue cat of 100 pounds and more to
the tiny fellows of one-quarter of a
pound. Twenty-three kinds of eels nre
to be found In the Inland and oceanic
waters of Florida. Thero are three va
rieties of fierce and scrpent-llke
morays. Thero are two varieties of
tarpon and twenty-five varieties of the
rest of the herring family.
Among the more curious fishes that
nre not known generally are the lkzard
fish, the viper fish, the snake eels, the
needle and the hound llsh, the trump
et and the cornet fish, pipe fish, nnd sea
horses, there being four varieties of
the latter; the savage barracudas, the
cutlass fishes, sawfish, amber jacks,
moon fish, the triple tails, the rudder
fish, croakers, parrot fish, lady fish, an
gel fish, trigger, file and trunk fish,
puffers or blow fish, of which there
are twelve varieties; the shark suck
ers and other reinora fishes which have
a flat disc like tho sole of a rubber shoe
on top of their heads, with which they
attack themselves by suction to o
shark or anything else; the star gaz
ers, which have eyes that are turned
upward at so sharp an angle that they
have a ludicrously sanctimonious as
pect, the hideous bat fishes, which look
as If they had escaped from the Infer
no; and for beauty, the lovely little
br.de fish, also known as the four-eye
fisu, because It has a deep velvety black
spot just behind the tail which looks
like a glowing eye.
A Ntw Kind of Water Mark.
Two Englishmen who have recently
secured a method of procuring water
marks by means of electrolysis thus
describe the process:
"In producing a disappearing and
repeatedly revivable translucent water
mark In or on manufactured paper, we
proceed as follows: Upon a platinum
:;heet or plate forming the positive
conducting surface we place a layer of
absorbent material, such as blotting
paper, previously moistened with wa
ter. On this material we place the pa
per having been previously moistened
through with water. We then press,
face downward, on the paper a pla
num design of the water mark, and
this design forms the negative elec
trode. We keep this negative electrode
in contact with the paper for from
five to ten seconds, according to the
nature of the paper and the amount
of electric current used. The result
on removal of the electrode is a dis
tinct and translucent Image of the de
sign, which gradually fades as the pa
per dries, nnd finally becomes Invisi
ble. The mark, however, can be re
vived and made visible as often as the
paper Is immersed in water or moist
ened in any other way." Paper Mill.
Kncland'H Armored Trains.
The magnlflcont armored trains used ly
England In her war with the IJoers will trans
port her troojis. protect bridges and telo
praphte roniiminlratlona in about the same
way that Hosietter's Momach Bitters drives
dyspepsia from the huniun stomach and then
mounts guard that it does not return. The
Hitters has won iu every case of indigestion,
bilioiinuss, liver and kidney trouble for the
past lltty years, it is invaluable at all tunes.
Too Severe a Strain.
"Rhynn tells me be has gone out of politics
"That's true. Politically t-peakinz, he was
on the fence, and when the hee ers began
pulling a leg on each side it was more than
he could stand." -Chicago News.
State op Ohio. City op Toledo, i
Lucas County. f ' '
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Ciikney &
Co., doing business iu the City of Toledo.
County and State sf oresnid. and thatsaid firm
will pay the sum of ok p. nrMiiiEU holla its for
each aud every case of catakuh that cannot
be cured by the use of 11 all's Catakuh Cuke.
Fuask J. Chkney.
Sworn to before me and i-ubseribcd in my
"worn 10 neiore 1
SEAJ.V A. D. 1880.
this Oth day of December,
A. V. (il.F.ASON.
Xotaru Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, and
actdi recti y on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the syttem. tsend for testimonials, free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by DriiggKt, T.'ic.
Hall's Family Pill are the best.
Vitality low, dt-biin.Mtpn or exhausted curM
by Dr. KUne s Invigorating Tonic. Fkkk $1
trial tiottta for ii n-nek' treatment. Dr KHue,
I.a.,9ol Arch St , I'Utlndeiiiha. Founded 1871.
A Slight Misunderstanding.
She 1 nuppoe ou were presented at court
whi! In London?
He Yen. twiur; but I was acquittal both
times. (.'hicai;o News,
Don't allow
ffe Pub'lc Schools la Cbtot.
There nre no public schools in Chi
na, and all Instruction has to be by pri
vate tutor, yet there nre few young
men there who do not get at least
two years of schooling. The young
women do not, as a rule, take school
ing, as they are to pass their lives In
the home, and about household duties,
nnd they do not need It. There are few
peple there so poor that they cannot
r;ivc their children some little Instruc
tion. The studies nre almost entirely
confined to Confucius. He did every
thing for China, while Buddhism did
pike tho reverse. Minneapolis Trib
Itching, liurnlij Eczema.
Was troubled with a painful skin '
eruption, and after all other remedies
failed, the father writes: "Bend me'
four more boxes of Tetterine for my
little daughter. It does her more good
than anything we ever tried. Yours,
etc., Jas. S. Porter, Lynchburg, B.C."
At druggists 50o. box, or postpaid by
J. T. Shuptrine, Savannah, Qa.
Johnny's Grammar.
"Mamma, if I had a hat before I had
this one, it's all right to say that's the
hat I had had, isn't it?"
"Certainly, Johnny."
"And if that hat once had a hole in
it and I had it mended, I could say it
had had a hole in it, couldn 1 1?
"Yes; there would be nothing in
correct in thafc."
"Then it would be good English to
say that the hat I had had had had a
hole in it, wouldn t it?
I have used -your Hair
Vigor for five years and am
greatly pleased with it. It cer
tainly restores the original color
to gray hair. It keeps my hair
soft and smooth. It quickly
cured me of some kind of humor
of the scalp. My mother used
your Hair Vigor for some
twenty years and liked it very
much.' Mrs. Helen Kilkenny,
New Portland, Me., Jan. 4, '99.
Twenty Years
Wc do not know of any other
hair preparation that has been
used in one family for twenty
years, do you?
But Aycr's Hair Vigor has
been restoring color to gray hair
for fty years, and it never
fails to do this work, either.
lou can rely upon it ior
stopping your hair from falling
out, for keeping your scalp
clean and healthy, tnd for mak
ing the hair grow rich and long.
$1.00 a bottle. All (Jrnrlsta.
Write the Doctor
If yon do not obtain nil the bonrf.ts roa !;
V-iiirtJ from tho uso of the Vigor, write a
tho Doctor about it. AdUrfss, "
Ir. J. C. Avlu, Lewell, Mass. '9
j Keeps j
I My Hair
Tobacco on Harth 15
Union EZado I
iiuown imo. o., wissroN, w. -
yourself to be talked Into buy.
ing a shoddy job to save a dollar or so when I
the best i3 on sale in ovwy town in the j
South. Did you ever think how easy it is 1
for some people to be talked into a thiDg? I
nffrr r im 1 nuncv co !
th tr.ndnt and ftti tlllnt book T.r publuhtd.
Pulpit Echoes
or livinc TurTn roit hea and hp aht.
r.inUinlnj Mr. MIIUIIY'D b.i firm..iii. with bit
iknlliuf Moriei, Im-ideuU. l'frtonal Kmtri.ui'M .ti-. xu.ul
B)j 1). L. Moody
mtfU. with t complf t. hldorT of hli lift b K r. Ml A . T.
Art. Tutor of Mr AJoo4y Chirni'O (hun-h fnr tiv
Ml n lutrorttn'tiu Of lie,. L l MAN ABBOTT. It. I
lUftnd nrw. flOO pp., h'auhfully illuntrad. 6 '1. 000 mnr
AUKNT8 V ANTr It-'Mrn nd Womtn. C7"ril'
ImmpnM ft hr.t tim for Agents. H.nd for t.rmi U
A. J. WOlM IUMae.M 4 CO., lUrtf.rd. Cobb.
Send your name and address on aft
postal, and ws will send you our 1 56- S
pace illustrated catalogue free.
$ 176 Wlnehetter Avenue, Ntw Hmn, Conn.
"Built like a watch;
Rar!y runs down,
Has all the finish
0! a tailor-made gown."
So say thousands of the
best women of the South,
who wear the
Red Seal Shoes.
Ask for them.
Malsby & Company,
30 S. Broad St., Atlanta, Oa.
Engines and Boilers
Meam Water Hcntero, Steam 1'umps and
Fenberthy Injector.
Manufacturers and Dealers In
Corn Mills, Feed Mills, Cotton Gin Machin
ery and Grain Separators.
SOLID and INSERTED 8aws, Saw Teeth and
Looks, Knight's Fateiit Dogs, Hirdsall Saw
Mill and Engine Itepairs, Governors, Grate
Itars and a full line of Mill Supplies. Price
and quality of goods guaranteed. Catalogue
free by mentioning this papor.
We wish to f iiln thin rear 200,r0 &
new cimtoiuf ri, and hence offer 0
1 Fkor. Oily Garden Beet. . Ire at
1 Pkg Earl'dt LineraldCucujciberHc
I " La Oronse Market Lettuce, loo i
1 " Strawberry Melon, 16o S
1 " 1) Day Radih, lOo W
1 " T.arty Ripe Cabbage, loo O
I " Karly Dinner Omou, loo
3 " Brilliant Flower Beede, Vio
Worth 91.00, fer 14 cesta. flM) ft)
Abore 10 Pkg3. worth $1.00, we will 1
mail you free, togetber with our
great lataioc, tailing all aixmv
npun recenit o! tnia notice 14c
itamp. V invite yourtra(
izer's "
aiPfdn ya will neTer ao withont.
.-AijiSoO Pnzeaon Salier'a 1!HI- rar- ft
eat earliest Tomato Giant on earth. C- It
JOlin A. HAI.faK Ihhll lO 1.11WTO1,' tt in.
ASK Your Dealer
It's no Joke,
The Best Chew on the Market to-day.
Le I I ft quick r ittf and curei -rst
CMet. KuuK trtiimoDiat ami 10(las' ti eat me (it
I rt-e. Dr. H. H. OKEEN ft BONE, Box B. AtlauV. 0.
Mention this Paper Inwri'VvZT''rs'

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