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'nil- eiiRoxiaH.
v mi'M i' nkhmtai m.
s i ' i Vi.tny at Camm-v, TrNv.
'Nlfiro ATCAMOfNASfci
CO ' u v"""" " 1 ' 1 "'". Mr, k Is
t ! , , '.'' :. .' '."r wx
' '"ayuiid 1... lau.tv.utUn.Koiiapi.iH-a-
' 1 ,,ll"l'l "i IIh-cxpimoms i-oi.taiii.-.l hi nil
a. I ' ; J ,;,,v',!'' " v:" y that
? sV I u , ? ' b"1 wl meat
III I'l-
All remittances
n.ni'i ( (,,
!lld tmslpcM eomnmnlcMtloin
UIK ( ll;iM(,,i:,
;iniili ti, lcim.
ITU DAY, FEimUAUY '.), 11)00.
i'rouilnrnt rtustnem Mm of Jackson
Tftlka gome IoJIJlc.
Jackson Kispateii. j
The followiugcommunication from
Mr. Sid J. White, who is a promi-
CoDLMVHMium who bolillv nflrtc kfd r.f lhn ticoiili! ot ilm Hour of ( 'mi.
- j -- ------ i i - -
llu jH-nsion mil on tho lioor.s of rct.s aainnt jilufocrncy in all it
Cuiiu run it cm j( tl to correct forms. Wo wnnt a lunn who ciia
tho ubuai-K in tho ny-stcm.. Ho wris nicuuro hU t l with tho Wt of tlieni,
iu turn viciously at tacli -il by thoso and ono who lms l -on tniined nnd
who were bcnofieinricg of poiiaion thoroughly uudt-rHtnuds his huhi-
frnudrf. When ho exoobod tho cor- tuc,. AV
ruptionof (J rem 15. Kuum, tho pen
biou comniiKsiooer, and drovo him
from otlico in diFgrnco, tho nation
felt tho need of tho rcfornia for
which ho was fighting; but tho poo-
plo of this district woro told that it
waa all humbug and demagoguery,
and money was wont hero to defeat
him at every election. All manner
of (aha statements were used to
mislead and deceive tho people, and
many were doceived..
When tho lion. II. Clay Evans, mie;r
as commissioner or pensions, took
up the samo work and attempted to
correct tho same abuses tho same
influences opened their guns on
do it, for ho 1ms been tried in tho
cruciblo of experience nnd ho ha3
etood tho test. .
It will mnko Homo howl to send
him back to Congress, but I for one,
and I speak for many others, want
to hear Homo howl. I speak as a
business man, not as a politician,
with tho conviction that business
men must tako a hand In politics
and help to destroy tho trusts, or
tne trusts and combines win take
usiness out of their hands
and destroy their independence and
with it tlio opportunities of the in
dividual in every other pursuit that
can in tho naturo of tliina'becorno
nent bnsincss man of Jackson, and bftcked b McKiuley, and McKin
m, but fortunately for him ho is lie BUbjcct 0f a trust.
a well known member o tho Jack-
ley will not listen to their lies.
Very respectfully,
Sid J. WniTE.
Jackson, Tenn., Jan. 25, 1900.
1 . Ml I I 'll - i i 1
Ur,Wlli OO reau WUninierOSU)y WllHn WHlm(1 nnrrrrcamAn who
the people of tins city and county: woalJ not bow ftt C1oVelaud'B feet
JLdltor of the Dispatch-In my f0r natronaro and favors, and would
opinion tho peoplo will have graver not remain 8ilent wben wronK8 wer0 8Peoi.n rorrespo,HU,.cc.
juesuona to ueai wun m mo near to be inflicted on the irmlo in or-
fnture ihap have confronted them ,w tn rnfn;n i,:a conf : nOT1frrnoa.
3incol77G. The march of the trusts L Congressman in whoso record as
in all tho branches of trade and in-L fP;Qrwi t 4i,n na t
Democracy and a friend of labor,
.sm-.suomu aiarm every tnmKing tbero waa nota fl alowed
ir i ji. . l j i
. xou Bounaeume Keynoio on jrncr(r(A fiown hv 4i1Ci pt1.
Cold weather prevails again, and
wood is in demand.
The timber industry is on . the
decline in this section.
Quite a number of our citizens
were at Camden yesterday.
Miss Emma Jlerrington visited
homefolks near Eva Sundaj
A new youngster arrived at the
home of Will Greene last Friday.
Com out Saturday and attend
the spelling bee at Harmons Creek.
Holland Bros, contemplate put
ting in a stave factory here soon
' ; Packer's BaAJScy, February 6. .
trusts through your paper eome emieg he made in fi-hW onr bat-
ii i ;i l ii i . i I o o
mooins ago, ana u suouia do ioi- tles. we Baw bim enearred timo
1 Til- i l l - !l
:oweu up. xi pegms io iook as u after time in figbting for principles
we are approaching the time in the fignin8t great oddg but be u-ver
mstory oi manitina wnen in me faitered or wavere d. We saw him
struggle for money and power the wm battle after battle for true Dem
individual will be swallowed up by ocratic principles, and we saw tho j
COmDines, anu wusia. nflmlwutul nnwor nf liiq nnnmiPiits
The centralization of capital and increage 8teadilv. We saw' him
power behind class legislation; the struggle to hold this district against beans
swallowing nn of indeDendent firms :a j i .
a i luuumicta uuu-uuu luuii e&uaubwu i t 'wriv i i, ..
and individuals by trusts and com- biaresourcea and finallv we saw him . T , " ""T' " ,
thfivarimisbmnoheRof ... , .... . . n X n vooiey s uanumg, on tne river, anu
go aown m me ngnt ior me cause i l.-iii,, c cai-in
hnRineKs:-the centralization of the hl9 llttle B0U died aturday ni8
.i, ii -, vl uuummiy. fltIiq wpr dnfi fn mPflRlftS
I 1 1 111 1 I
tho control of the ocinions of .Js-tnougnt to oe improving-unti
. uui uuuuwu uuuer meir umoisor 0.1 .1 i i . . t . i
. . - - , 1 vj r - I nrn 11 1 n xr ttt iuti nn iini n ro iitcq
4r,Q .roW Vm-prs. Rnd. i ifi ftThitrRrtrJ 1 ,. . , ,, -n 1. ,1 ""J " '""1
MUV g -
E. G. Hudson wants to buy your
1 i
'Hie Kliul Voii llavo .hns Itoimht lias horno ttio Mna
luro of Cli:s. II. Fletcher, nnd has been mailo under his
personal hiipcnlxion lor oer ii( ears. Allow im nno
to deceive 5011 la thin. CountertctH, latitat Iouh anil
tliist-as-Ml ' aro but I'xiM riiaentH, nno! 4 itdHii- r tho
lttalth of Children Fxperleneo against Jlxsmlntent.
What io CASTOR1A
Castoria U a liarnile.s snhstituto for Castf Oil, Pare--,
porie, Drops ami Soothing N.vriis. It 1h Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphiuo nor rthcr JSarotic
fiuhstanoo. Its aro is its guarantee. It destrctys W.rins
and allays l'everishin'ss. Jt cures Diarrlaea and "Wind.
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, eu res Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Fol, regulates tho
Htoniaeli and iiowels, f;ivinr healthy and natural fclcep.
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Tlie KM You Have Always Bought
jj Bears the. Sit
ijrnaturo ci
Use For Over 30 Years.
n rw VOUH CtTV.
v.. mJ
200 Days Treatment SI.
Herb Tablets."
The Great Blood Purifier,
(iil'iryntewl liy our Kc.'t'Ted Oniiiiintce to
lili' nil (Ilsi-HM'S Hi-ism;; lrnin lliipiu e blood and
- utitciiva Uvcr or Kid'H vs.
The Dollar Dack if You are Not Cured.
Ihoy cured me after
I liave used "Our N'utive Herb TiihlMt ' for constii;ition and liver trouble,
all otlRT rciiUMlies failed. J. C. Atkinson, Kewanoc, Wi.
j:"B. fressoh, mi
Medicine mailed on receipt of price. Iieware of imitations Take uono but lilUs'.
nr ttj i i i :ti i.i.
fmn- fT, fnrmation of a nfiwa trust . n . .1 ' , . . . iur- u uuoru liau oeeu very 1U uul
, 10 ine creuu 01 me peopia ne um
not go down under their ballots or
111 oueuienctj 10 meir win. uut u m. .! i
,1t,QoA in fhA RnmmnrlifiAR ncr. , . ., ' auu me.euu camo quiCKiy.
o went aown unaer circumstances anu
gesito every man., who stops to influences wllich robbed those in.
To add
to the sorrow and gloom of the be-
i- J II..- HT . TTX!P-...1 1
think, that if there is not a change fluencefl whichained the A'ictorv L n 1 n 1
. .1 M.i;A;An (V. AHA H.h lAhA. Wl III . . . . . 1 V...V ....V..V... V......
Ill our poilUiCB tuoao nuv iowi mu oyer hlm n &m uon0r Or ClOrV in x!
.. . " . . . ino
i I . . . I . . . 4 . 1 1. I . I
lueir ttuuitiveuieiu; nuu wufii iiwin:i. xi.: t.i' i
nVa . ,fWfViftn Vv nnmfiB Anil .... ,.. ... , , 1 1 uuuuitiuu is eAwuiuuijr
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. -B; Greer
to Nathan Phillips and Laura Gos
sett, J.. It. Hicks and Jane Rogers,
W. M. Pafford eiu! Delia Holland,
Arzo Smith nnd Arrena Moore, A.
F. Glosson and Chessie Townsend,
G. T. Curtis and Minnie Trull.
jr 1 1 i
whs uuiuuiuu, uo iiKver lowereu iiih . i rr:..,i ..:i,i i xi,
occupation. This nation is pro- flag or sulked in his tent. He went , , p., f -i -n if
, . , 1,1 0 Vi friends of the family will no aoubt
ducing more wealth than any na- to Nashville and edited a daily pa- , , .1 , 1 1
. 1 11 u ,JUULU " nHminisfprrn tho .wants nt tliARip r
iiotf under the sun ever produced, Der that wielded a creater uower .i:- !i w..i
but those. who create the wealtn are than any other daily in the State, , . An "r t
i a a ia J luo IJlttlc' about 40 years of age, a member of
accumulating the proceeds of and he wielded that power for the twwA Rmift "d Piti7en The
i,n mftalfiyiBlfttinniBtnrn- . , . . the chuicii and a good citizen, liie
remains of father and son found a
resting place at Flatwoods Ceme
tery Monday.
M. C. Taylor, the jeweler, will
Itev. R. N. Waters delivered two
excellent sermons here last Sunday
forenoon and evening. ,
e e go m (
their toil. Class legislation is turn- good of Democracy au(i organized
mg the surplus irom tne nanas 01 labor and tbe rights of humanity.
those who produce id into tne pocK- Th t t Kentucky and
stsof those who control legislatibn: helped to establish a Democratic
Those conditions nave ueen ere- orgfm iu that Stat6j aud for twQ
ated on account of the lack ot vig- years he controlled the policy of repair your watch, clock or sewing
Hanbo on tho part of the masses of tvat mner. and under its influence machine on short notice. All work
the people. The people too often Democratic supremacy in that State guaranteed. All orders for jewelry,
refuse to stand up for those who
-roatnrfwl TVIiftn it. fall lifiilor etc.. triven prompt attention. Office
Lave- stood up for them, but the influences that were hostile to the on the south side of the square.
a i- AAnnVtinAfl Y&rTO- -fail frk -r. j i t i '
xruBis uuu u Uv, democratic party, ne retused to The "X""on your paper indicates
jioeraiiy sacrmce nis convictions ana man- tliat time of subscription to
them.- The people forget too of ten hood for position and pay, and he TnE Chronicle has expired, and
tne oeneuiBoi Fu- re8lgnea his place as editor, sacn- paper will bo stopped unless
vice, but the monopolies never for- ficing his pecUniary interests for reiiewed at once. We hope our
get to strike down-those who stand principle's sake aud returned to his subscribers, upon finding the "X"
m their way. ' lhe people sieep on home at jackson. Dn their paper will kindly renew
their rights, but the monopolies jj0 man in Tennessee or m any their subscriptions promptly.
fnpiirn.dvanta?ea. I u ci ,,i oo I
wu l crflt fi man in Con- L:c v, tta . 0. Taylor has located at Cam-
F , , . j imuoB fuixo xxv,.,. den and ia prepared to do watch
gress wha ls-laitnrui to mem anu . Enloe has made. He sacn- and clock repairing. Satisfaction
1 1 r 1 1. . 1 1
whd uses his voice ana vote ior xne gced a Beat m Congress and a po- guaranteed.
1 1 ilia r1aoo lntArPist flt.ftrt I 'Li .1 . i t 4- -- I
TJUOilU Huuu' v-'"kJkJ . , S1UOU UH euitui ui a yicau iiovvDjja- TO UKE GKIPPK IN TWO DATS
such talk as ' he has had it long because he would not sacrifice Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets
enough," "rotation in omce, "8 his convictions and his manhood. All druggists refund the money if it fails
- .wr 1.1VI1" "rfve'the other n, ,i au viJto cure. E. W. Grove's signature on
fllnw a chance," "he is stuck up,
nnrl hfi is this and he is that, and
fW misrepresent him and spend
money to beat him until they get
him out. Take this congressional
' district for illustration. We had a
man in Congress whose name was
known and whose actions in Con
gress attracted attention in every
part of the United States. He was
L;Vas a fighter for tho com-
iottTeople,nd he was feared as a
foe to all kinds or jooueiy uu
-.nption. He e first and onl
In. obedience to an order made by the
Hon, Andrew J. Abernathy, Chancellor
of the Chancery Court at Camden, Ten
nessee, in the case of Lawrence Lanier
vs. the Camden Bank & Trust Co. et als.
tho creditors of said company are hereby
notified to have themselves made parties
to said cause by petition, and to file and
prove their claims agaiust said company
in said cause on or before the 7th day of
August, 1900, or they may be excluded .-
from the benefits of said suit and from
sharing in the assets of said company.
haul creditors and claimants are also
hereby: notified that by order of said :
court in- said cause, they and eaoh of i
them are enjoined from instituting any
suits against said company, otherwise
than by petition in said pending cause .
as aforesaid.-
This February 8, 1900.
Clerk and Master. .
milF. ITKNTON SKMIXAKY is located at
1 ('aiiuleii. Tenn.. tin; county xite oi t'.on-
tciii County, situated on tin Nashville, C'lmt-1
tanootra and eX. J.ouis-liailroad, S7 inHes i
west of Nashville. Tim people are hospita-
We, cultured, and lute vested in school won
The situation is healthful.
This Institution was Organized
IN IbbU.
It shall be the aim of the present faculty
to contimte the noble work. It is our pur
nose to prepare students tor higher educa
tional work, or to lit them for the duties of
life. All students will he required to thor
oughly master the principles of such studies
as they may pursue.-
t'ractieal, comprehensive and thorough, in
eludinm English, classics a"d mathematics..
Modern and approved methods of inscrnc
tion. IHiiidinK large, comfortable and con
venient, ,
You and each of you are-. hereby earn--estly
requested to come forward at the
earliest time practicable, aud bring with' ;
you your pass books and deposit -slips
in order that we may come to a thor
ough understanding as- to the amount of i
vour respective claims.
This February 8, 1900.
' We invite careful consideration o the
advantages ottered by this school. Fuller,
information furnished ou application.
record as n Congressman, is as true
rTlift lino nf Democratic DrinciuleS I. WANTED Honest man or woman to travel for
tO tne line OI XeniOLlUtiu piiuuipie Jar(je house( salary ?(;3 nior.tlily and expenses,
as the needle is to the pole. 1 have
watched his course. I know where
of I speak. We have no man in this
district or in this State who, in my
opinion, is better equipped to deal
with the dangerous problems which
confront the nation than Mr. En
loe is.
"We want a man in Congress next
time who has the courage, the abil
ity and the will to fight the battles
V "V
ivih increase: Dosit on permanent: inclose sell-
addressed stamped envelope. MANAGKli, 3,'iO
Caxton Building, Chicago.
Think of Such a Monster.
We can all liave them if we plant Girardeau's
Extra Fancy SeleeteU "Triumph " Seed. From
no other seed will such melons grow. Thousands
of melons grow u from these seeds in 1899 weighed
loo to 135 pounds each one weighed 1482 and
another lWi pounds.
to I A in cash pvizes iov meuiavgesi. j iiumpu
' watermelons crown m 1!U0 from Girard
eau's seed.
Giant Ueggar Weed Seed a Specialty.
rfrScml for catalogue giving full Informittion to
S(j- Momiceuo, i iovifia.
V s
1 : i L
50 YEARS"-'
Trade Marks
'rttfi Copyrights Ac
Anyone seniUng a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain or opinlou free whether an
invention if) probnhly patentable. CorErnunica.
lionostrlctlyeontldentlfd. Handbook on Pateuts
Bent free. OMcft niioy for necurinu patents.
Fatents taken through Munu A to. receive
tvecUU notice, withouUchnree, iuthe
. . . 0T9 ... - - - - . -
A handsomely innstrated weekly,
eolation of any scientific ioirrual..
.r. f,mr mnnths. IL bold by ail
t,!U!i&Co.36,Broad Hew York
Braucn Office. C25 F 8U Washington. 1. U
I will be at J. D. Crocker's Livery
Stablo, on tlie south sido of tho public '
square, Camden, Term., on Saturday, .
lebruary 10, 1900, for the purpose of -buying
I want mules from 4 years and up-, of
good condition, and from 14f hands up. .
Will pay tho best and highest market
Parties having mules for sale are re-
quested to bring them to Camden ou
the above date.
Very truly, ,
J. L. YOUS, .
Bhelbyville, Tenn.
Now is the time to sell your mules
cash on spot. '
Trains pass Camden on the Nashville. Chatta
nooga and St. Loirs Kailroad as follows:
No. 3, m:uU ...S.M pm
No. 1, express, 5.35 am
No. 13 " 2 .os am
I.areest cir-
Terms, $3 a
No. 4, mail 9.53 am
No. 5.', express '.'.50 am
No. 2. " 9.53 pra
OUH job printing facilities arc first-class, and
our specialty -is ;;0')d work. Kstimales (and
camples w hfii- possible) w ill he furnished on ap
plication. Address Tijk t'ni:NH:i.K, Camden,-lenm
A I Ii II, 1. , . Ml ill! '-- ' - -,,, -j
Kiible perMiDS of a mechanical or Inventive mind
JadirlDfj a trip to the I'arl '.xpoitlon, with good
salary au1 cxpn'p?. paid. Flmti'rt wrltp
The FAILM ivi-CUiO), lialtimore, Md

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