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LI i.
A... J C
Vol. XX. No. 10.
w lioi.i No. r,(n;
! 1
v k j i i i t
I VaVvsI huh
v a -i fit i i i p
k I
The Kind You ll:iv Always ISought lias borne tli signa
ture of Clias. II. Fletcher, ami lias born made under lii.H
personal Mipervisum for oer :J( cars. Allow no ono
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits Imitation and
.lust-as-good" arc but Experiments, ami endanger Uio
health of Children Jlvnerienco against IxXperimcnt.
What is CASTOR1A
Casloria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other .Niir-otic
substance Its age Is its guarantee It destroys AV.rm
and allays Feverislijiess. It cures Diarrlura uil AVI nil
Colic. It relieves Teethin? Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
stomach and iovveIs, jiving- healthy and natural bleep.
The Children's Panacea-Tlie Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signaturo of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Regular correspondence.!
Mrs. Lou Watson is indisposed
this week. .
Don, little son of W. A. Wise
man, has been quite sick this week.
We hare had some cold weather,
the thermometer registering. 1 de
gree above zero.
Owing to the cold the crowd at
Postoak Sunday was small, though
we had a good sermon by Rev. Mr.
J. M. Wiseman spent part of last
week with his daughter at Sulphur
Springs, returning home Thursday.
He is quite feeble in health.
Tom Deatou is moving to the J.
Frank Johnson place recently pur
chased by him. We are glad to
have him in the community again.
We wish Tiie Chronicle much
Postoak, February 20.
LOCAL AND PERSONAL NEWS, but the principles with which hh.
in endowed can rever die. ami al-
Tlie Fanners' Institute to-mor- ready new lifo ha been iiifu.-ed in
row. to her veins and h in in a-'iun hil l I-
Locala tire remarkably scarcw this iiiLC with linn and certain tread to-
The little child of .Too llubba is
very sick.
S. L. Peeler went to llnnlimrdon
Wednesday on business.
Vance J. Higgs, of Huntingdon,
was here one day this week.
M. A. Fry, of lhvcheen, was in
ward tho Hiinimit of her former
greatness soon to tako her place
aain in tho bright gal'ixy of Pyth
ian orders.
More than a dozen applications
are now in tlie hands ot ililierent
membeiH to bo returned to the
lodge at tho next meeting or soon
thereafter. A series of enterlain-
the city this week looking after his monts wiU silorliy M nrruiw.u for
i iiiy v " i u u i n rju ni uoa r m 1 1 1 j 1 1 o i
Mrs. H. M. Townsend presented hnonths, to which the public will bo
her husband with a Hue daughter invited. A full attendance is de-
last Monday morning. sired on next Monday night
Guy Hall went to Nashville tho
first of the week to hear tho world's
greatest living pianist, Paderowski. 1. O. Hudson, assigneo of the
Snrintr fights opened at Holladav J"" and Iiust Company
this week, and a few soro heads are nftnutHl U3 1110 snowing siatement
being tenderly nursed by the par- yterday showing the status of the
ticioants concern at present which includes
I illicit iii
m, M , , , goon, uouumu aiui worthless paper
1 he mails have been more or less r3 . . 11
delaved this week, and work of all
i 1. i ' i ii i i... ASSETS
kiuus lias ueen ueinveu uy uu uia- T . t t l
agreeable weather. pa . i.i.
Dan, the little son of T. W. Far
mer, has been very sick, but is re
ported some better.
The steamer Joe Lee now makes
regular trips from Paducah to Wa
terloo and way points.
Meltons Town, February 20.
It snowed again yesterday morn- Cash in safe 009.79
ing, and the blooming clerk of the Heal estato and fixtures, -1,875.00
weather is dealing out a beastly ar- Overdrafts 11,515.21
tide, don'tcherknow. m lnl nc. "WHTia
will be a largo crowd in town to- Rediscounted notes.... 8S,433.30
morrow to attend tho organization Due depositors 30,507.33
of a farmers' institute.
The infant child of P. J. O'Reilly
died yesterday about noon. It had
been sick for over a week with pneu
monia, but seemed to be a great
Due time depositors. . . 4,353.15
Total liabilities... 49,351. OS
Assets above liabilities, 21,189.91
I!'-; i.l. il' fin 1 1' -1 ( . 1 1 1 1 1 1 '. 1
"W" ill llatner has been on the
of tick i t home time.
(ui t n Victoria, infant child of
(i. H. Cuir, ha.s In t :i very sick.
The funeral services and burial
of Aunt Susan Mellon, who died
Sat unlay afternoon, took pl.:cc ii'-vi
yesterday at 1 p. m. The funeral
was preached by Dr. T. il. J.uter.
The deceased was 71 years of age.
She joined the Methodist, Church
at the age of 10; she l,d a devoted
christian life, and for a number of
years she was one of the most suc
cessful teachers in Sunday school
at this place. Three children and
a host of relatives and friends nro
left in sorrow.
The Wheat ley ville correspondent
is earnestly advised to take a trip iu
and around Flalwoods, and without
an accident he will sen a small boy
about tho size of a man, barefooted
with his father's shoes on, and ho
may know that it is the correspond
ent at this place. In regard to our
schooling wo very much regret
that our school closed the ot her day
and that we succeeded in getting
through geography without locat
ing Parker's Branch. We hope a
future edition may designate the
place, but we presume tho Wheat
leyville correspondent is author of
a geography which gives all the
large cities, including Wheatley-
ville and Parker's Branch; such a
book should be adopted by every
State in the Union.
Flat woods, February 20.
Lodi Steon has moved out north deal bctter Wednesday night
of Camden extend heartfelt sympathy to the
Cooley Chester has moved into bereaved parents.
this community.
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
Following the sleet and snow to Oscar Merrick and Ida Hudson.
The timber industry is giving storm last Thursday night and Fri- N. W. Wright and Tennie Prince,
employment to a large number of day the temperature on Saturday U. F. Utley and Lida Lashlee, L.
hands. morning broke the record for the B. Barker and Ida Moore
The snow is diappearing rapidly, winter, the mercury stood at 2 de
and farmers are Letting ready to go grees above zero at G a. m. At 1
r, m 1'f cfr,r,l nf Pi o1rwo nn,1 K!Rular COlTPSpomlence.
B. A..Totty is making arrange- not begin to break until Sunday.
ments to put the public roads in Do you want to know tho truth
good shape. and be made a strong believer in
D. B. Anderson and his wife, of the christian religion? If you do,
Huntingdon, have been here on a go to the Methodist Church while
visit to relatives and friends. Itev. N. II. Waters is delivering a
W. Pk. Cooley, of Erin, is here on
John L. Nobles, of Point Mason,
spent Sunday here.
John Butler, of Mansfield, is is-
iting relatives here.
Regular correspondence.!
Will Barnes spent Sunday and
Monday with homefrlks.
0; Hudson went to Paris on
business one day last week.
The majority of tho people here
had to get wood during the snow.
Deputy Marshal Zach Walker, of
Garfield, passed through this sec
tion last week.
G. W. Cantrell cut his hand with
an ax last week. It was a bad cut,
but is improving.
A fine daughter arrived Thurs
day of. last week to add new cheer
la the home of I. E. Wygul.
Miss Delia Prince left yesterday
for Tennessee Ridge to take charge
o a class in instrumental music.
Greenbrier, February 20.
mi.:i. t.x ci ii. i a. i. n . i vv
u nuu jjenovm owrruu uuu lwu series oi sermons on iuo suujccits f i iinnip nf pnrinnnli
young ladies were out sleighing last announced in these columns last
Sunday his mule ran away. The week. On last Sunday evening he
young ladies were badly frightened made the high places low and the
but no one was hurt.
Chalk Hill, February 20.
hard places easy for those who want
to love God. It will repay you to
hear every, one of these sermons
Lets all make an extra effort to at
Postmaster John S.Davidson has
gone to Big Sandy to-day.
Ilase Brooks, of Big Sandy, was
here on "business," we think, Sunday.
Walter Robins, who has been very
Special correspondence.
Edgar Stephens visited at Clyde-
ton last week.
Mrs. Lark Pierpoint has been ill,
but is some better.
. , '., n , . . , sick with typhoid fever, is improv
tend ana hear all that is to be said . , 1 ' 1
on this wonderful theme of love.
Epeclal correspondence.
James Parker was at Eva Friday
on business.
The Widow Hartley had a wood
chopping Friday.
' Miss Maggie Blanks is reported
on tho list of sick this week.
Oscar Farmer has returned from
an extended visit at lied Rock.
Robert and Claud Farmer and
Wood Cooley were at Claud Satur
day. D. M. Farmer disposed of a fine
bunch of cattle last week at a good
price. '
T. W. Farmer is a tie inspector
now, and he is out with the boys
making money, -
The clink of tho p-olden Htinr nn
XT' .1. Jl. . lfiil. 1.. .1 i. P T t-
v ick, me mue aaugnier or uige th floor f th .Rtle hal of yft
m.:t... : xi i.
xuii-ei, ib veiy biuk iuih ween. ninm T,nl r on Ki,rl,taf
lvev. Mr. Watts will preach next Pvti. w ran bo heard on woh Mnn
C x TT n l. J 1
x'Himersnave ueeu greuuy nin- w fi1ft hllBV n,;; rnn(lnflf
AA xi...: U xl x ' J
uo 111 T11 WU111 LUU the reluctant page and the halting
cold weather. . xi i. xi, x.m- i.x
tssiuiie tuiuugu iuw ivviiignu vl
On account ; of snow and the dif- , nhf t,.
ficulty of getting out, there was not devioug Qnd th&that cter, and he is not badly hurt,
.1 i. L J L ' . I 1 .1 J A I i v rt it n thnt itt h a-ia I i t rr Ii n n t
u, guuu iiiinuui ui ounuay scnooi ai
Harmons Creek last Sunday.
Parker's Branch, February 20,
ing slowly.
What the boys have been doing
for the coons during the present
cold snap is a plenty.
Miss Sophia Parker, wrho has
been confined to her bed just seven
wreeks with typhoid fever, is some
better, we are glad to learn.
While out hunting last Saturday
Jim Wheatley fell and his gun was
discharged, the shot taking effect iu
his ankle. However, it didn't strike
Regular correspondence.
Elly Byrn has gone to Claud for
the summer.
Four inches of snow fell here on
the 10th instant.
G. C. Bane moved into his new
dwelling last week.
There is no improvement in the
health of A. J. Greer, we regret to
Our school is averaging 40 stu
dents. A change of teachers is not
wanted for the next year.
We think we know where the dis
trict line is at present, but if the
wishes of one or two interested par
ties are satisfied we don't know how
it will run or what shape it will be
in by the August election. How
ever, we have a higher regard for
our county court than to think for
a moment that it would delegate its
power to gratify the whim of any
one, regardless of his political as
pirations. Smith's College, February 20.
All agents of The Chronicle are
of our club rate subscriptions.
Jim says that when he goes hunt
ing again he will leave the gun at
The remains of Mrs. Jesse Atch
ison, of Stewart, wdia died yester-
emerges into the electric-lighted
highway of Pythian Knighthood
The r-ank of esquire was conferred
upon Rev. N. R. Waters on last
equired to remit the full amount . . J . ' , . . . day, were shipped here by express
tiuusij ncuuiui; "jiio jatu mat icuua
to hope gratified, and on next Mon-
It ijt mi i -i
i, aay mgiH ne win oe crowneu a
J.. OKI lJ 11V T Ull .lilWUii til J J 111"
1 11 jl 1 1 i "I ! -r TT 1
ploves of the woolen nulls at Jack- 'ytnian knignt, wmie James v ict
60n rey and perhaps others will receive
the rank of page
There is no necessity for wanting There was a timo when Bayham
anything. Advertise for it in The louS6' iN - ou enjoy ea tne uisunct-
Chronicle. tlon ot b6mS the best lodge accord
ing to population in this jurisdic-
WANTicn-noiicst iiian or womsn to travel for tion, but for awhile she seemed to
nirfje nniise; .sauiry ,yr.& iiionuuv ana expenses, . , . , ., , , ,
with increiise: position permanent; Inclose self- have fallen asleep, and the doubt
""'i''.1 ,'.,..,." i vim M . aji .'J
caxton juuamn, i uieai;o.
to-day and buried at Crooked Creek
Cemetery. Mrs. Atchison had been
iu very bad health for over a year,
and Mr. Atchison moved from here
to Stewart with the hope that the
chauge would prove beneficial to
his wife. We extend condolence
to the bereaved husband, children
aud relatives.
Faxon, February 20.
Our Chalk Level letter came too
ingonespredictedimmediatedeathj late this week.
Special correspondence.
There is great interest taken in
mules, and a number have been
sold in the last few days.
We wonder if the Flatwoods cor
respondent has succeeded iu locat
ing Parker's Branch.
T. W. Farmer, of Claud, was in
our midst Saturday. Maybe he is
thinking of moving his store to this
place. It is a good location, aud it
would bo a great convenience.
Will the correspondent at Hall's
Valley kindly give us the names of
the parties who were married at W.
C. Cooley's last week.
Considerable resentmeut is felt
because of the burning of theschool
house near here week before last,
and the citizens of the community
will pay $100 reward for the cap
ture of the fire bug.
WnEATLEYViLLE, February 20.
M. C. Taylor has located at Cam
den, and is prepared to do watch
and clock repairing. Satisfaction

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