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Vol. XX. No. 11.
V.'iiur.r N'n. .ro7
! i (ci rtni d
'ft .
The Kind Yon llavo Always ISought li.ts homo the sin:5
ture ed Chun. II. Fletcher, msd ms lx-en in;ue i;-iler hi ;
personal Hnpcrvisioa for over ;H years. Allow io -no
t) tloceivo yon in this. Counterfeits, Initiations ;vaI
Jnst-as-goo.l' nro but Experiments, and ii1,h ' the
health of Children -Experience aguiasst l.rriin ni.
Cnstoria Is a harmless .substitute for Cnslor Oil, 1'are
Korie, Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is lMcas:int. St
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other !ir"otie
Mibstuncc. Its a;o is its gimraiilee. It destroys AVerms
and allays Fcvei ishncss. It cures Diarrhira and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
ami Flatulency. It assimilate s the Food, regulates tho
Ntoinacb and iSowe'ls, giving healthy and -natural bleep
The Children's l'anaeea Tho Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
I5car3 the
In Use For Oyer 30 Years.
Ueiiton County Farmer Met at Camdon
Saturday and Organized.
Pursuant to a call made by Hon.
Thomas II. Paine, commissioner of
agriculture of Tennessee, tlio farm
ers met at the court-house Et Cam
den Saturday, February 21, 1900.
The meeting was called to order by
Col. J. W. llosamon, president of
the West Tennessee Farmers' In
stitute. Prayer was offered by Eev.
N. li. Waters.
A temporary organization was ef
fected by the election of lion. John
P. Lashleo chairman and Judge L.
E. Davis secretary.
Hon. Thomas II. Paine address
ed the meeting at some length, in
which ho fully explained the work
of tho agricultural department of
Tennessee and showed the advan
tages and benefits to bo derived
from farmers' institutes. He urged
the farmers to organize a farmers'
institute for Benton County.-
At the close of his. address a mo
tion was made and adopted that
the chairman appoint a committee
of five to effect a permanent organ
ization. Thereupon W. T. Morris,
J. M. Perkins, Jack Allen, D. M
Cuff and Col. J. W. Rosamon were
appointed to draft a plan upon
which to organize 'said institute,
who reported as follows:
President, Hon. John P. Lash
lee; vice-presidents, II. D. Odle,
first district; M. W. Baber, second;
A. E. Swindle, third; John Allen,
fourth; L. E. Davis, fifth; George
B. Bane, sixth; W. H. Melton, sev
enth; J. II. Hudson, eighth; J. M.
Perkins, ninth; Dorsey B. Thomas,
tenth; H. A. Greene, eleventh; S. T.
Presson, twelfth; Ed AValker, thir
teenth; James Smith, fourteenth;
I. N. Bridges, secretary. The re
port was adopted.
The institute was addressed by
Cnpt, John W. Morton, -managing
editor of the Tennessee Farmer, on
the subject of sheep husbandry.
The subject was handled in an able
and impressive manner, and at the
close of Captain Morton's address
a resolution ' was introduced and
unanimously adopted requesting
the legislature of Tennessee to en
act some law for the protection of
the sheep of the State from the rav
ages of dogs.
Henry Fryer, assistant commis
sioner of live stock, then addressed
the institute on the subject of stock
He urged the necessity of
mi sin r.
co-operation with the State board
of health, showing xno gruui lutei
est at stake to the farmers m the
handling of live stock. The dis
aission was joined in by Commis
sioner Paine, G. B. Greer, Presi
dent Lasldee, Judge L. E. Davis,
J. M. Lashlee and others.
The institute was entertained for
more than an hour by Col. J. W.
.Uouium in on able address on the
U Hi L
Signature of
subject of horticulture. lie fully
discussed the best means of the art
of cultivation and wns given care.
ful attention.
The meeting then adjourned sub
ject to the call of the president.
February 21, l'JUU.
L. E. Davis,
A Lexington special last week to
the Nashville American says:
"The Republican executive com
mifteeof the Eighth Congressional
District met in Lexington to-day,
with every couuty represented. The
committee called a Congressiona
convention to meet at Lexington on
April 18 to select two delegates anc
two alternates to the national lie
publican convention. The
committee also adopted resolutions
endorsing Hon. John E. McCall for
delegate at large for West Tennes
see to the national convention, and
recommended him to all the other
counties of the State by a unani
mous vote. This unanimous action
of the committee is "considered by
Mr. McCall's friends as a complete
knockout for Mr. Jeffreys' aspira
tions, since both men reside in the
Eighth Congressional District, as
showing the sentiment in the sev
eral counties."
When children have earache, sat
urate a piece of cotton with Ballard's
Snow Liniment and place it in the
ear. It will stop tho pain quickly.
Price 25 aud 50 cents. Sold by all
Every church, school, college aud
temperance organization in Carroll
County will take part in a grand
temperance rally at Huntingdon
next Monday.
No one knows the unbearable tort
ure one undergoes from piles unless
they are so afflicted. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment is a quick, safe
and painless cure. Price 50 cents
in bottles; tubes, 75 cents. Sold by
all druggists.
There is no insulation so perfect
as that of small, selfish natures pre
occupied with pique.
Children often inherit feeble di
gestive power and colic of a more or
less severe character results when
I food is taken which is at all difficult
to digest. A Into s Cream . ermi-
fuge acts as a general and perma
nent tonic. Price, 2o cents. Sold
by all druggists.
All agents of The Chronicle are
required to remit the full amount
of our chil) rate subscriptions.
WANTED--Honest man or wonnn tn tnivl f'r
I;m;e liotie: salary scr, im!,!iiiv and expense.-,
willi Im-iva.te; p.i.siUnii perm iin-nt ; ineli"-'1 si-lf-:nl(iresii'(l
sl 'ii.pcd enveloped AJA NAOi.li,
Civ'on I'.iiiKliii'.;. Ti i e:-ti .
lb If. .1 'rye r,( f 1 1 untiugdon, v. as I
over Saturday.
TniMri' .1. J. Camp wants y cj it r
county warrants,
)r. F. M. Capp.;, of Coxbur;
in the fit v Tuesday.
whs ;
'ri!ch:ird,oi 1 lolladay, was
in the city
Harriet Farmer
has been
quite sick this week.
The infant child of It. Ij. Bridges
is reported .' on;o better.
lames Hudson, of Gardner, was
icre a few days this week.
Jesse Hall has gone to Perry ville
where he has accepted a good posi
This locality was the scene of n
furious cuow storm on Acdnesdfiy
Miss Coonio Haggard, of Nash-
lle, visited her aunt, Mrs. P. J.
O'Beilly, last week.
P. J. Flanigen,of Nashville, rep.
resenting P. G. Dunn fc Co., wns
in the city this week
Correspondents should not for
get that rubber stamp signatures
will not pass at this olhce.
A communication with the name
of the writer omitted has been re
ceived from Hall's Valley
Miss Mollie Mnttice left Sunday
for Memphis, after spending a few
weeks here with homefolks.
The man who carried away an
umbrella from this office is not a
man unless he returns the same.
The young folks enjoyed an en
tertainment at the home of D. G
Holland, in South Camden, Mou
day evening.'
William Pobins has closed up his
restaurant business here and gone
to Nashville to accept a position
with the McEwcn Laundry Co.
Wyly and Otto Coble, Dr. B. B.
Barnett, J. M. Bishop and Bud
Walker, of Sugar Tree, spent a few
days here on business this week.
One of the little twin children of
Lafayette Whitfield, of Pavatt,died
last Saturday. We join in extend
ing sympathy to tho heart-broken
W. D. Steele and wife, of Sun
rise, came down Sunday to visit his
parents. He returned home Tues
day, but Mrs. Steele will extend her
visit here
Tho fourteenth annual conven
tion of the Tennessee State Sunday
School (interdenominational) As
sociation will meet at Nashville on
April 10, 11 and 1
W. A. Yarbrough and family are
spending a few days with relatives
at Nashville. Terrell Travis came
down from Bellview and has charge
at the station during tho absence
of Mr. Yarbrough
Elmer, the 11-year-old sou of H.
i. W afford, of the Morris Chapel
community, cu xueaucry muium,
iron a complication or pneumonia
urn me, it iB sam. xno ruim-
I it lino rn hflnrr I I r c tt r- tr
Wo received pleasant calls last
Saturday irom lion. Ihomas 11
Paine, State commissioner of agri
culture, and Capt. John W. Mor
ton, of the Tennessee Farmer, of
Nashville, and Col. J. Av . llosamon,
of Gadsden, who is president of the
West leunesseelarmers Institute.
J. II. Kee informs us that a call
has been issued for a meeting of the
Kee-Edwards heirs at Camden on
Monday, March 5, 1900. . We are
told that it -is the intention of these
neirs to send au attorney to Hmg-
land to look after an estate which
is worth a fabulous sum, aggregat
ingseveral hundred million dollars.
Notwithstanding the extremely
disagreeable weather ot last Satur
day there was a very good attend
ance here at the organization of the
Benton County Farmers' Institute,
and great interest was manifested
by those present in the able discus
sions by the distinguished gentle
men who took a part m organizing
the institute. Quite a number who
were assigned to discuss the sub
ject? included on the program, were
prevented from being present.
t lTk UK .'I'l-lcr 1. t i. II U(l-oM
went to NaMivillc 1 iifHiny.
lb v. .1. It. Hcrii un
pp Hi-.!''! .'I
ay e ciiin;.;
gooii kci inon here riitKi
at the :ii-lli'.li.-t Church.
The lilt.- chiM ef 1.'.. !.()'; illy
1 1 . v , 1 1 i
was huritMl i amucii v tn ot
list Friday afternoon. We are in
formed that the child lifid about, iv-
eovereii, inn i!
rdir.-ed into emi-
esi mil oi l orain. ami n ai :t im-
.1 1 IT . 1 P 1
lowed quickly
Th" family
the sympathy of the entire com-.
in unity.
Mike Burst y met with a verious
accident while repairing a cistern
for U. A. Potti. He fell from the
top to tho bottom of the cistern and
struck on his head. Mr. Potts suc
ceeded in eettin;' him out and he
was taken homo in an unconscious
condition. He was better Yester
day afternoon.
E. G. Flowers is still marshal of
Camden. His resignation was ac
cepted by the town council, but on
application lie was re-elected. A
petition was circulated hero Friday
asking tho town council to increase
the salary of tho marshal from 25
to i!5 per month, but according to
the act of the general assembly this
could not be done until after the
next municipal election and before
the election of a marshal.
All parties holding countv war
rants are hereby requested to pre
sent them to me at once and get
them cashed. J. T. Camp,
The Knights of Pythias held an
interesting and enthusiastic meet
iiig at their castlo hall last Monday-
evening. Esquire Waters was cre-
nted a Pythian Knight, while Mike
Fry aud James Vickrey were in
structed in the rank of page.
lho application for membership
of li. L. Phillips was presented to
the lodge and referred to the prop
er committee.
Next Monday evening Mike Fry
and James Vickrev will receive the
second and 11. Ij. Phillips the first.
A large attendance is expected
All or most of all the old members
are being reinstated, and it will not
be long until Bayham Lodge, io,
8G, will be herself again.
Special correspondence.
D. B. Thomas, of Eva, was here
to-day on business.
John Cherry, of Henry County
is here on business.
Edward Wilson smiles, and says
its a boy at his house.
Miss Lilhe Lowry is on the sick
list, but she is some better. '
A new daughter arrived at the
homo of W. F. Wheatley last week.
Ed Hartley, of lied llock, was
down Saturday shaking hands with
old friends.
nffi rf ? . fl1M llftrnft ftf IT f!
Thomftg Vai of New Orleans.
I ' .
sence of two years
The infant child of A. A. Melton
died last Saturday, after a short ill
ness. We extend sympathy to the
bereaved family.
CLAUD, February 27.
We have just made arrangements
with B. F. Brown, the celebrated
photographer, to make you one cab
inet photograph which we will trive
you free every time you spend 85
cash with us; or, if you want three
photos, buy S10 (cash) worth and
the pictures will cost you nothing.
This will only last a short while.
Come early.
" Stigall & Potts,
Camden, Tenn.
Couldn't help getting a cold never
cures it; but carrying home a bottle
of Ballard's Ilorehouud Syrup and
using it as directed, will cure the
worst kind of cough or cold. Price
25 and 50 cents. Sold by d ruggists.
The Chronicle and Home and
r arm, one year, bU cents.
from flatwood:;.
i'hI 1 1 ( ' . !
bear hushing s
Creel;, has moved into our n:id.,t.
Mrs. C. S. Chandler is recov r:u:r,
from n S'-vie illness of-a few days.
The infant child of Aaron Mel
ton died (Saturday and was buried
Ik i e 3 1 i-itcrday. . .Surely God need-
e l .".no! her i.ierel in Ills
Surely the W heal ley vill.' cor re-.
'undent likes to "wonder"' a great
al, and he is Hill wondering if
we nave locaied i ari;cr,s niancn.
The buiial of Mrs. Fanner, wife
ol I re' i rirme;', too
place neic
aturday nliernoon. 1 he deceased
was a iiiemhcr (; the cnurcli al tins
lace, and had many friends who
deeply sympathize with the be
Fr.A'iVoops, February 27.
ii'Ci,il ri)i'i'.'; Kini'.K c, 1
Hope' Melton' was up from the
Blue Grass State last week.
Wo learn bv telephone that Josh
Akers, formerly of this place, is
lying at the point of death at John
sonville. ;
On .account of the bad weather,
a great many ol our people could
not go to Camden last Saturday as
we were not misled by the
description given of the Flatwoods
corre spondent in his letter of last
week. iNay, Pauline. If you want
to see the correspondent aforesaid
look out for a long, sum fiuctv with
six pencil-holders m his waist-coat
pocket, a silk handercluef around
his neck and his father's shoes on.
Say, ho got lost in a little town
south of here Saturday, but an 8-year-old
boy showed him the way
out. If he will come over to see us
we will send a small boy for guide,
lie can get a job at killing snakes,
as he has had some experience in
that line spreading adders, for
instance. Come over, sonny; no
charges for guide.
W ii eatleyville, February 27.
Hegular correspondence. .
Jeff Carter, of Claud, was hero
Hugh Melton, of Way, was here
J. F. Cheatham, of Euloe, was
here to-day.
J. P. Itaiiifortl'i, of Stewart, was
here to-day on business.
Isham McBride and wife, of Big
Sandy, visited here Sunday.
Walter Brake and 'Will Fitzsim
moiis went to Erin yesterday.
The Louisville and Nashville pay
car passed down the road to-day.
J. 1'. Atchison moved from Stew
art to this neighborhood Saturday.
Marion L. Lindsey, of Madison,
Ark., is here on a visit, arriving to
day. The series or law-suits at West
Danville and on the borders of Lick
Creek have closed with no serious
results, however.
Faxon, February 27.
Special correspondence.
W. I. Carter was at Hollow Rock
Most everybody is busy at get
ting out timber. ' '
The wheat crop of this locality
is in fine condition. ,:
T. II. H. Presson is 'confined to
his room with rheumatism.
llev. J. B. Bushart has returned
from a trip to Obion County.
llev. J. II. Harrison will preach
at Mount Carmel next Sunday.
Jell Morarity, ot Eggville, was
here a few days ago on business.
Allen Elmore will return to his
home at Wildersville next week.
Otis Cole was at Hollow Hock
Sunday. AVhat can be the attrac
tion. Yirdel Bray, who cut his foot and
has been confined to his room sev
eral days, is some better.
An entertainment was given at
the home of Frank Craiggxm last
Saturday evening. Singings aro
all the go here now.
Gaefield, February 27.
M. C. Taylor has located at Cam
den, and is prepared to do watch
j and clock repairing. Satisfaction

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