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Vt imi.r No. 510
1 r
The Kind You Have Always J Sought lias -homo the mj:is;i
lur of Chas. II. J'lolclier, and Jias been ii:ulo unS r It: ;
pcr.son;;! supervision for oer .H years. Allow 1:0 can
to leeeivo you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations ar.l
lit-as-gool " arc hut I'vperinicnts, nnl -nda:'j r the;
licailh of Children Ixncricnco tvainst Kximi iiiseitt.
Castoria is u harmless substitute for Castor Oil, l';ire
Krie, Drops and Soothing .Syrups. It is l'leasant. It
contains neither Opiuui, Morphine; nor other .Narotu;
Huhstain-e. Its tyxc is its guarantee. It destroys Wt.rtus
:iml jiilays l,,evei iliness. Jt cures Diarriuea, and "Wind
Coiic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
ami Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach anil IJowels, jivinir healthy and natural hkep.
The Children's I'anacea Tho Mother's Fricml.
Tlie KM You Have Always Bought
Boars tlio
Use For Over 30 Years.
The following are tlio proceed
ings of chancery court, which met
here Monday, up to the time we go
to press:
E. M. McAuley and wife vs. J A.
Barnes et als. ; continued upon ap
plication of complainants.
Bullock & Rushing Bros. vs. V.'
VY Nichols; retired from docket.
E. J. Nunnery vs. George Nun
nery; sale of land ordered.
Guy Hall, administrator, vs. S.
TV. Bullock, administrator; order
ed that insurance company pay the
money into court; all other ques
tions are reserved.
J. L. Thompson et als. vs. Frank
Thompson; decree to sell land.
U. It. Harris vs. J, E. Holmes et
als. ; decree to sell land to enforce
Capps et ala vs. Meyers et als.;
plaintiff's bill dismissed.
11. L. Nance et als vs. IL W.
Akers et als. ; decree to sell land.
J. F. Stockdale vs. Sallie Stock
dale; decree for divorce.
R. L. Mitchell vs. Waverly Bank
and Trust Co.; pro confesso taken,
and cause continued.
George W. O'Bar et als vs. J. M.
Spicer et als.; order. pro confesso
W. T. Morris vs. Warren, Neeloy
& Co.; cause tried, and receiver or
dered to pay amount in his hands
to complainant less receiver's fees
and cost of suit.
E. M. McAuley et als vs. Horace
Rushing et als.; judgment on note
for $17.90 against F. P. Wheatley
and decree for sale of land.
A. H. Pritchard vs. G. C. Coun
cil; compromised and dismissed at
cost of complainant and security.
L. E. Davis vs. J. Townsend; the
cause dismissed, etc.
M. S. Holland vs. J. B. Florence
et als.; cost paid and bill dismissed.
W. G. Roberson et als vs. W. II.
Hyatt et als.; continued by consent.
Sol Barnes et als vs. E. G. Flow
ers et als.; decree for sale of laud.
J. R. Hatley vs. A. Adams et als.;
continued on affidavit of the com
plainant. Addie Barnes vs. II. G. Barnes;
decree for divorce; complainant's
name changed to Alice Nowell.
Lawrence Lauier et als. vs. the
Camden Bauk and Trust Co.; the
motion to appoint a receiver was
disallowed, and the assignee, D. G,
Hudson, will continue to collect as!
- V
? LI
Signature of
fast ns possible. It was further or
dered by the court that the clerk
and master shall in CO days take
and state an account of all uncon
tested claims against said bank and
of all contested claims separate and
make his report at the next term
It was further ordered by the court
that the assignee at the expiration
of said GO days will pay on the un
contested claims only out of mon
eys then on hand such prorata as
the funds may justify not to exceed
25 per cent; before such prorata is
paid, the clerk and master will sub
mit to the attorneys in the cause
the account of the uncontested
claims; the assignee will tako from
creditors to whom he pays prorata
a receipt and obligation, then to
pay back such amount as may be
paid to them if necessary to equal
ize all conditions.
The bank order was modified so
as to permit parties, where the jus
tice of the claim is acknowledged
by the assignee to be just, to file
their account without filing peti
tion to make themselves parties, etc,
One No. 12 lG-inch disc harrow.
Will sell cheap for cash only.
PniLLirs Gp.oceky Co.,
20-13tf Camden, Tenn.
We have just niado arrangements
with B. F. Brown, the celebrated
photographer, to make you one cab
inet riiotograph which we will give
you free every time you spend 5
cash with us; or, if you want three
photos, buy 10 (cash) worth and
the pictures will cost you nothing.
This will only last a short while.
Come early.
Sticjall k Potts,
. Camden, Tenn.
M. C. Taylor has located at Cam
don, and is prepared to do watch
and clock repairing. Satisfaction
Children often inherit feeble di
gestive power and colic of a more or
less severe character results when
food is taken which is at all difficult
to digest. White's Cream Vermi
fuge acts as a general and perma
nent tonic. Price, 25 cents. Sold
by all druggists.
TnE Cnr.ONiCLE and St. Louis
Semi-Weekly Republic, one year,
P.J.O'K. illy left .forCelitervillo
I "I
yesterday morning.
(1. C. Camp, of Eggvillo, was in
tlio city Wediies!tv.
Jno Huhhs and fjnuly arc all re
ported nick this week.
Mrs. l'urah.'e Kmvc hris been on
the list of sick this week.
Tom V. Floyd, of Big Sandy,
was in the city yesterday.
J. J I. Whitfield has moved to the
McElyea place, m-ar the Melton
AW A. Yarbrough and family are
visiting relatives and friends at
Nashville this week.
Several of our citizens will at
tend the meeting of the Hopewell
presbytery at McKenzie.
Chancellor Abernathy was not
very well yesterday, though he was
able to preside over court.
Terrell Travis, railroad agent at
Kingston Springs, is here during
the absence of W. A. Yarbrough.
Wb congratulate our neighbor,
Itov. N. It. Waleir, on the arrival
of a fine daughter at the parsonage
last Friday morning.
Those of our town citizens who
put garden seed in the ground last
week aro now reminded that they
were a little previous.
Since the arrival of a new baby
at his home, Isaac N. Wilson is one
of the happiest men within the
confines of this municipality.
T. J. Dodd, who purchased the
McRao place, near Benton Semi
nary, move over from Springville
last Saturday. We are glad to have
them with us again.
Hon. R. H. Fryer, of Hunting
don, will address the Benton Coun
ty court at the quarterly term at
Camden on Monday, April 2, 1900,
on the subject of cattle quarantine,
The farmers of Benton County
are buying an unusual large amount
of farm machinery this year, and,
we note, they are getting the very
best on the market. This speaks
well for our. farmers, and we hope
they will reap abundant crops next
The following visiting attorneys
attended chancery court here this
week: T. L. Lanier, of Waverlv:
W. W. Farabough, of Paris; James
and George McCall and Joe R., A.
and Leo Hawkins, of Huntingdon;
Mr. Dunbar, of Erin; Mr. Biggs,
of Jackson.
Hon. W. L. Morris, who has ac
cepted the appointment as clerk
and master to succeed D. G. Hud
sou, whose term of office has ex
pired, qualified yesterday and will
take charge of the office The ap
pointment of Mr. Morris meets with
general approval here, and wo ex
tend congratulations. Mr. Hud
son's time is fully employed in set
tling up the affairs of tho Camden
Bank and Trust Co.
My son, Willie Pafford, under le
gal age, has left my home to do for
himself, and this is to notify the
public that I will not be resposible
for any debt, debts or contracts he
may make. . J. F. Paffohd.
Camden, March 20, 1900.
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to Eb Davidson and Ila Hudson
David Love and Vinnie Earp, R
P. Kirk and Minnie Barnes, James
Greenhall and Jennie Swindle, W
R, Greerand Fredona Barnes, John
Bell and Dora Wilson, Franklin
Prince and Allio Pierce.
A girl in this Sfate j;dvt i t L.'d for ;
a hiisb'uul and got him, sas tl,ej
I i : i ti i i ii-i i l
vert i H" in ii t, 'tin I weddinLr outfit co -d
irr 1:1 1 , and insid of n year lie died
and left her j;'"),0'K) insurance. And
Honm people t;ay advertising don't
The Delineator, tho favorite mag
azine of the ladies, is k.sued by tie'
unions fashion publishers, tho But
eriek Publishing Co., (limited) at
7 to 17 wt ,st loth j-treet, New York,
nt the remarkably low rate of 1.00
per year, or 15 cents per copy. Of
dl family magazines it is the great
est caterer to domestic needs, and
can bo recommended for its cheap
ness, usefulness, beauty, freshness
and utility.
W. M. Moss, postmaster at Jack
son, was removed from office last
Monday. Misconduct as custodian
of tho building were tho charges
preferred against Moss.
Tho State Democratic Executive
Committee met at Nashville on the
15th and issued a call for a Stato
convention to meet May 10th to
nominate candidates for governor,
ail road commissioners and Presi
dential erectors. Tho convention
will also nominate delegates from
the State at largo to the national
Democratic convention at Kansas
The action cf the committee was
harmonious throughout, there be
ing no dissenting vote to any prop
HeRtilar correspondence
Mrs. R. I. Ilargis is on the sick
list this week.
Farmers are forced to take a rest
on account of snow and rain.
John Smith has gone to Deca-
turville where he thinks of opening
a barber shop.
Zeb Hudson is all smiles since
the arrival of a fine new boy at his
home yesterday.
R. W. Ay res is making repairs
on his steam house preparatory to
putting up tobacco.
Robert Florence has returned
home from Huntingdon where he
has been attending school.
Those who have had measles are
reported better, and wo rejoice that
there are no new cases to report.
Dr. Florence is putting up a line
from his office to intersect the Big
Sandy telephone line at Eggville.
As spring is here and the measles
have subsided, all who are interest
ed should come out next Sunday to
Sunday school and get literature
for the next quarter.
Liberty, March 20.
Kopilar correspondence.
' Wheat in this locality is looking
We are sorry that the Parker's
Branch young man broke his leg
a few days ago.
G. W. Davidson, who located in
this community a few weeks ago,
will keep books for W. M. Blanks
this summer.
We guess the Flatwoods reporter
will summer at Bay Village. The
Way' reporter should be satisfied
with tho answer concerning the
Bluegrass Stato.
While driving to Eva Saturday
Jack Melton's mules ranaway and
his buggy was almost completely
demolished. Mr. Melton was fortu
nate in escaping injury.
WnEATLEYViLLE, March 20.
All agents of The Chronicle are
required to remit the full amount
of our club rate subscriptions.
i:,-, ,..!. .!.!! ! I
Aunt Polly Gidhri'r.lh h.-n n
tuni'.'d from a vi: it at Eva.
Mr:, 11. D.iWm ;, who has b-en
in bad health t i t awhile, is some
Mrs. Ida Lnnkford and children,
of Eva, have been visiting her fath
er, T. T. 1), ato::.
There was a very good hit -ndanco
at quarterly conference de.-piio the
bad f tate of the weather.
John Patrick and wife, of Sul
phur Springs, Kpcnt Tuesday with
Mrs. Pairidv's father, J. M. Wiv
man. Eh Davidson nud Miss 11a Hud
son were married lust Sunday fore
noon. We extend best wishes to
the happy couple.
Postoak, March 20.
Special orre.Npoinh'iuT.j
Ask Dock Wyatt if he has talked
over the telephone.
G. W. Bucy and family, of Jlenrv
County, are visiting here.
W. E. Wyatt has gone to Holla-
day where he will enter school.
O. P. Lashleo and wife and child,
of Morris Chapel, spent Saturday
and Sunday hero with relatives.
It began snowing here Wednes
day evening of last week and con
tinued about 21 hours. Everybody
will wait a few days about planting
We hope that every one has read
the recent speech made by Gov
ernor McMillin at Pulaski. He
show our State to be in a better
financial condition than it has been
for a long number of years. W
hope ho will be re-elected and in
tho future represent us the remain
ing years of his life in the United
States Senate.
Gkeekbrieis, March 20.
Special correspondence.
Jack Austin smiles behind hia
ears its another boy.
A dance was given at the home
of Toad Hardin Saturday night.
Billie Bomar lost about fifty pan
nels of fenciug by fire one day last
"Miss Effie Holland, of Camden,
is visiting her brother, Lamdon
Miss Mattie Barker, of Gardner,
is visiting relatives and' friends in
this community.
Buck Barker is preparing to put
up a dwelling. You can't hold old
Chalk Level down.
Homer and Jim Holland think
of engaging in the mercantile bus
iness at Cooley's Landing.
Miss Jennie Swindle, one of our
most charming young ladies, and
James Greenhall, were married at
the home of the bride's father, Asa
Swindle, on last Sunday evening.
They are both popular young peo
ple, and we join in wishing them a
long, happy and useful life.
Chalk Level, March 20.
No one knows the unbearable tort
ure one undergoes from-piles unless
they are so afflicted. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment is a quick, safe
and painless cure. Price 50 cents
in bottles ; tubes, 75 cents. Sold by
all druggists.
If you agree with your friend ho
has a good opinion of your judg
ment. Couldn't help get ting a cold never
cures it; but carrying home a bottle
of Ballard's Horehound Syrup and
using it ns directed," will cure the
worst kind of cough or cold. Price
25 and. 50 e-wts. Sold by druggists.

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