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cam dex, ti;xn l innAV, Arc,i;sT ;u, 1000.
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Ard Sinnlard rJiut:vt MvAklv.cs.
('MyjciAf:':' Pr.-src .;.-nr.Na a Srrc.iAi.-j .', ;o -,iLi.a Dr c ? Night
'v a n:c!5ir.i?rD r'H.rr.icir.T.
v K1 1 f ? ; J s j t I i i
LEAD 3 Tilcr.1 ALL!
Only :;i8.o' Id .fo.oo!
-wi r i'.'v
i ' :? i diikh
4 I i t.
, nmm
'iiio itMHl You llavo Always
' v V
Via anJ
,siiu vit.is. it. i Aetcner, una is Dcen liiaao n:Kici Ins
forsoiial 8Uicrisioii for over HO years. A How iso ono
4o deceive you iu this. Countcilbit.s, Iiiiitalions
Jii.st-as-i?ood, are hut Experiments, and MKlnnrer tlo
tealtli of 'Cliiidreu Kxiiorioiico asainst lixperinient.
Wh lev CANTOR 1 A
Castoria is a harmless " snbslituto for Castor Oil, Pare
goric,. .Drops and Soothinff Byrnps. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opiunj, 3Ior,nhino nor other Xnr-oiic
S'ahstance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
nnd allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Col.Ic,1 relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and l latuleacy. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Woraaeh and I3owels, giving healthy and natural slccn.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears tlio
In Uco For Over 30 Years.
TwrrrNTHun company, 7?
Tbo "X" on yonr paper indicates
tliat jTour time of subscription to
TnE Ciikontcle has expired, raid
your pnper v il l:e stopped unless
renewed at once. V'e bopo our
subscribers, upon fiiidinsj; t3ie-"X"
on their paper v-'ill kindly reue7
their bak-criptiona )romptly.
low Club Knto liH WHii Tho Camden
Cli ronie'fi.
Tlio fvowtb of the Con f-.HUT.ite Vet
eran, juMi-slie.l by B. A. Cnmniighnm,
at Na-.hvi.lki, TV-tin., i.; remarkable. It-;
circukuio;) of ?;:,hf y-foitr is:;;, iDonlh
ly, ag(-related to .laimaiy, l'.-C-), 1,195,
452 ee;)ii-:i. Averutf for 1 -.'..., 7,0-S:;
ISOi, Ii,bI7; l.;-"5, ,PIG; lKjOjin.-lll;
lfeOT, If., 173; l.'A I'.'.IOO; lS'J'.i, 2(.ir.n.
Haiisriij.'ioi-- fur tho Yc-tt i an -will bo
receive,! r.l tlils oJUoc. It r.ml Ti:
CuKuXuTK -.vill b.i vit fr-v i year nt tho
clnb ri'tn cl C-XX.'.). i'y nin.b'cutir.r, tr:
Tin; (' . c-m i.s i-r (ho Y, iri-.a
will bo 'at to e:u- vetv-rac iiiouJs v,ho
n-; ihihLIv to .Mlisen!.:.
"i '
i - iy ,
;l ablets
Mgpj2. N MPLE n (jKf A N!TE.
I EJtifci, udhu niiiia
C cite in 3 und Fixtures,
i, -s
fiil liooseliold iIoGfla.
West Sido, Camdsn, Tenn.
i ' A
inn frv
i fc.AjJlu.lfc J-AVa.. .V-V .iTwAJikJ
Bought has homo the signa-
MYe Always BOU
Signature of
'innr.v nrprrT, wnvvonH city.
Piie&ident SIcKir.LEY naturally
is anxious to divert the attention
ot tho people from his policy of
imperialism. Uuc;:?y consciences
aro niultiylyi:: in the Eepublican
party. Bei)-tor James H. Joues.
All agents of The Chronicle aro
required to remit tho full amount
or oar club rate subscriptions.
Tin: CiiRONicLS will bo mailed
to any fldreps for 50 cents a year,
payab!o in r.;Ivanco. Subscribers
will pleuso promptly notify us of
any irregularity in the delivery of
The Chronicle.
Tun C:RON-fCLE and tho Iloma
and 37arm will ba n:ailcd to you
ono year for of) 'eeuts.
JHr: Ci!i:oNi-:x nud St. Louis
fie:ai-V'eekly . llcpublie, one year,
Tho rit i tiir4 at Morris Chnpi 1
eiii;;. . in.,; we.- -
fl.'.inei It. Hudson v.'U i at Melll
wiiu lit X Suiiilay.
'. l. lbtlx r, of Huntingdon, was
in tho eity .Monday.
T. h. Lanier, of Waverly, w.is in
the eity Wednesday.
n -. Clara. 1'inley returned to
Nashvillo this wcclr.
11. II. Fryer, of Huntingdon, was
ia tlio eily yest erday.
Dr. IJfley, of Murray, Ky., wns
in tho eity Saturday.
Ahx iJivenn loft Monday to join
his wife at Uakervillo.
Jasper Prince waa interviewing
our merchants thi, v.-oeli.
J. J. Cole, of Garfield, was in the
city the Jirst ot the week.
Mrs. L. M. MeAuley and child
ury viutiug at U:i Simdy.
L. II. V7atson and A. J I. Gibson
went to Holhday yesterday.
Guy Hall of Huntingdon, was in
tho city t!io lirst ei tho week.
Will M. Itobiny, of Nashville, ia
uown on a visit to boraefolks.
Prcf. W. D. Cooper has returned
homo trom a trip to Kentucky.
Mrs. J. W. Batenum and Master
Adrian aro indisposed this week.
Mh:u Bob Pivens is confined to
her room, and h very ill with fever
A largo delegation from Camden
spent Sunday at Sulphur Springs
A good meeting ia in progress at
Union, lli mile i south ot this place
It. L. Phillips and family have
returned home trom Hollow llock
Howard Pason and Mr. Consine
of Huntingdon, visited here this
T. J. Dodd and J. M. Whitfield
wcro at Springvillo tho first of the
. Eugeua Travis, of Petros, spent a
few days here with homefolks this
Walter Castile has gone to Nash
ville where he has secured enjoy
ment. R. D. McCord and R. II. Hil-
liard, of Holladay, wore in tho city
The family of W. L. McElyea are
spending tho week at tho Sulphur
Travis Brooks, who ia teaching
on Pagle Creek, spent Sunday with
J. G. Robins has commenced the
ere"ction of his now dwelling on
Paris street.
J. Xf. Saunders, of Nashville, was
down on a visit to relatives the first
of the week.
Misa Clarice Greer, daughter of
County Clerk G. B. Greer, is very
sick this week.
Mrs. J. G. Tresson and children
have returned from a visit to rela
tives at Bevider.
Mrs. Josephine Arnold and Miss
Pearl Arnold have returned from a
visit at Tullahoma. .
The contractors began the work
of building the dwelling of Joe J.
Wcatherly Monday.
Judge Joe R. and Capt. S. WT.
Hawkins, of Huntingdon, were in
the city Wednesday.
Miss Daisie Christenberry, of
Nashville, iavisiting relatives and
friends at this place.
John Webb und wife, of Jones
boro, Ark., are here on a visit to
relatives and friends.
Miss Mattie Clement ia teaching
at tho Farrar School-house. She
opened school Monday.
Mrs. Tennio Williams and son,
Harrison, of Manleyville, visited
relatives hero Monday..
Mias Lou Clement went to tho
ninth district last week where she
began a school Monday.
Mrs. Lou Hudson and children,
of Huntingdon, aro spending the
week hero with relatives.
D. G. Hudson returned homo last
Friday from East Tennessee and
Virginia, where ho has been spend
ing a few weeks.
School will open at the Bouton
Seminary next Monday. All the
patrons of the school aro invited to
bo nrosent at tho cponbsr.
Work on tho streets has been
postponed on account of the dry
eat her.
J. B. Yickrey ban removed his
law oilieo m .stain (in tho Bliei-ifl's
oilico) at tho court-house.
Denuiv Clerk and Master A. V.
Bowles is bu.vy takiiu; deposition
and ( Uin:' ready for the Septem
ber term of chaucery court.
R. L. Bridge?, general merchant,
nado an as? hrnment Wednesday.
namim' A. V. Bowles an trustee.
Tho liabilities aro paid to be about
1-1, 7iK). Tho asseta are not known
An en iovablo dance took place on
tho lawn east of the residence of
K. L. Phillips Tucsdav evening. A
s'ood crowd was present, and the
merriment continued until a late
l - - - 7 -
Cv houses are troinr? nn in our
midst, but thero is a growing do-
maud tor more, there have ben
threo applications this week for
dwelling houses, and they have not
been supplied.
Sunday, October 14, has been set
apart by Boat oak Camo. Woodmen
of tho World, for iho unveiling of
tho monument to bo erected by tho
Woodmen to tho memory of Dr. C
S. (-handler, deceasod.
There nro so many conflicting
reports of tho primary Saturday
that the result in tho dist.riot will
not bo known until the returns have
been canvassed by tho Congres
sional committee. Luloa carried
this county by a majority of 125.
Col. J. W. Rosamou. of Gadsden.
president of tho West Tennessee
l armers Institute, was m the city
last Fridav. lie was hero for tho
r ' '
purpose of arranging for Benton
County to be represented at tho
meeting of tho institute at Jackson
in September. This county is en
titled to twenty delegates.
Yesterday was moving day with
somo of our citizens. T. J. Lowry
moved to his now home, tho Bil
McRae placo. W. S. Corbitt went
to the Adams place. Joa Hnbbs
and his mother moved to the old
Hawley placo. Mrs. Nannie Biv
ens will move to her home, and wo
understand A. J. Fuller will move
to the Bartlett place.
Mrs. I. R. Ilubba, of Hamilton
Mont., who has been visitinc rota
tives in Benton and Henry coun
ties, camo over from Manleyville
Sunday and left Tuesday to join her
nusoanum Montana, fohe was ac
companied by her brother-in-law
Bird Hubbs, who has gone to try
his fortunes in tho great Northwest.
May success attend him, is the wish
or his many iriends here.
The citizens of Johnsonville ar
nicuviuy ji uut pii-jjaiuuuua lur )l uig
barbecue at that place Friday, Sep
tember 14. Tho list of speakers
who have been invited to take nn.
in t he program on that occasion in
eludes Governor McMillin, John
Wesley Gaines, C. W. Turner, some
of the electors and other m-ominent
speakers. The railroads will give
reduced ratos, and the occasion
promises to be a big event.
Tho dwelling of Price Oxford
about twelve miles south nf fkm
den, was burned last Monday night
witn tne entire contents. Mr. Ux
ford and his children were attend
ing church at the time, and every
thine: was burned. Tho loss fall.
heavily on Mr. Oxford, who has
been seemingly unfortunate in re
cent years. It has not been a erea
while since he lost his wifo.--n.Tirt
since that time he has been living
nln i.: i.:n
oiuuB iv j m jlus uuuureu.
luarnago licenses have been is
sued by Countv Clerk G. T5. ft rppi"
to N. T. Baggett and M. J. Haynes,
x. jl-. uariar and llora Utley.
The Democratic executive com
mitteo of this the sixteenth fioterial
district, composed of the counties
of Benton, Decatur and Henry, are
hereby called to meet at Paris on
Monday, September 3, 1000, for the
purpose of declaring the nominee
for Heater. Robert Tiiari-e,
S. L. Peeler, Chairman.
V. AMl-.n-ITon,"ct man or woman to trawl for
i;.r:" house. Mtiary 53 nioiitl-.lv ami MrxMiwn,
v. i'.Ii ilicreavo; i)ii:,'iioii iici niaiii-n! r sn.f .
r-uU-fis.'.! siaij.it.-ii ftitvch-.iiC. JA;Uf-;H. S3J
: a.ytni-n'iO'-. , O'-'e
FtiOM GULtNCiniib
! jn'ar cifiiiiHie ).
Robert Warniacl'.
'arii on bushier.
Thero i ji e;i'c!it deal of siel;ie;.:
I his community.
iianien i ab'H and lamily, ol I ai i
ut ! hero last week.
J. P. Baker and wife have b er
dsiting in Lake (bounty.
J. H. BrtHiks, of 1'ariH, visited i:
his community Sunday.
Bud Barnes and wife isited ii
tho vicinity of Camden Sunday.
I ho eiiects of J. A. Larnc;?, do
ceased, will bo sold September ( .
Will Barnes, who has returnee.
from T'ias, says there iu no plar
like home.
Mrs. W. II. Hudson and Mux
Alice Young, of Paris, visited rel
atives here last week.
After a week's vacation, M. 1..
yrn returned yesterday to ' h'::
school in Henry County.
Greenuriek, August 20.
Kog;uIar corrc'S()oiid,iio.-1
Mrs. Schnck, of Paris, ia visiting
relatives here.
William Bntlor went to Paris to
day on business.
II. A. Caraway, of Big Sandy,
was here yesterday.
Miss Daisie Vynn, of Big San
dy, is here on a visit.
II. E. Wyatt, of Camden, is vis
iting old friends here.
John S. Davidson has gone to
Big Sandy on. business.
The protracted meeting, is now
in progress at Crooked Creek.
Mrs. Johu Snyder, of Paris, is
visiting relatives at this place.
Miss Mary Graham, of Big San
dy, visited relatives here Saturday.
Miss Clem Lowry, of Big Sandy,
spent Sunday here with her sister,
Mrs. A. L. Hassoll.
Zaeh Goforth and wife, of Big
Sandy, spent Sunday here with
their son, D. M. Goforth.
The Benton County Telephone
Co. stretched a line across Teunes.
see River lit Danville yesterday.
Faxon, August 28.
ruoM miwoons.
RoRiilar corresionuen;G.
Charles Bevell, of Big Sandy,
visited hero Sunday.
W. H. Evans and wife, of Lib
erty, were guests of the family of
W. M. Cuff Sunday.
We would suggest that a debat
ing club or a literary society be
organized at Old Farrar's.
The protracted meeting at Wes
ley Chapel . has been postponed
until the fourth Sunday in next
Lookout for a matrimonial event
on Beaverdam--that is, all indica
tions aro favorable for such an al
liance. Flatwoods, August 28.
'.---A new line of stationery, such as
tablets, writing paper, etc., just re
ceived by the Fry Drug Co.
Formosquito bites, bites or stings
of insects, animals or reptiles, apply
Ballard's Snow Liniment. It coun
teracts tho. poison in the wounds,
subdues tho inflammation and heals
the flesh. Price, 25 and - 0 cents.
Sold by all druggists.
J. W. Ray born, of Bristow,!wili
fill orders for 2 and 3 foot boards,
pailings and slats on short notice.
Only the best material used, I and
prices reasonable.
A complete assortment of Ready
Mixed Paints can be found at the
Fry Drug Co. Don't fail to get
their prices when you need any
thing in this line.
Extreme hot weather is a great
tax upon tho digestive power of ba
bies; when puny and feeble .they
should be given a dose of Whito'c
Cream Vermifuge. . Price, 25 cents,
Sold by all druggists.
Fresh paints, oils, and varnkshec
cf all kinds at tha Fry Drug Co.
For digestive weakness, nervous
ness, paiu3 in the side, flatulence,
dizziness, wakefulness, headache
and other annoying Rcompauimentc
of costiveness, Herbine is a prompt
and uueoualled remedy.- Price,
c.ntr.-ScJ4 by el! driwk't.

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