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HnwIii, rrri,oijitciir.)
Bud McConl, of Holladny,
nero yesterday.
s"" Hra. ). A. Gossett i;j on tho list
of sick this week.
H. J. Fry, of Sugar Tree, was in
our midst Monday.
Tho Methodist Church hero will
soon bo completed.
It. T. Merrick, our local butcher,
s supplies our town with tho dainties
' of tho Benson.
Joe Johnson and family, of Mur
rfty Ky., are hero on a visit to rel
atives and friends.
We regret to learn that AV. L.
Box's foot is no better and is still
causing him troublo.
It is estimated that tho yield of
peanuts in this soction will hardly
average a half crop this year.
J. A. Cain eays ho knows what it
takes to "stand in" with tho girls.
Well, Jimmio, get a broadax and a
maul and you will bo nil o k.
Some of tho boys who feel rather
blue sinco tho marriages which took
place Sunday talk of contesting tho
matter; they insist that fraud has
been porpetrated.
,We understand that Enloo and
Sims both claim the nomination for
Congress. The committee, may set
tle the matter, but we don't want
a repetition of tho rough-shod ac
tion of the committee of four years
7 ago.
S. J. Wesson and Miss Dora Wal
ker were married at Sugar Tree
Sunday evening, and B. C. Flowers
and Miss Addie Hatley were mar
ried here Sunday morning. They
bad a nice time in the morning and
in tho afternoon they went to Fola
- Camp's. Here's wishing them all
- .happiness and prosperity.
) McIllwain, September L
Kegular correspondence.
John Lindsey, of Faxon, is here
on a visit this week.
n. W. A. Totty, of Hustburg, was
liero tho first of the week.
Horace Hargis lost his fine mare
last week. Her neck was broken.
Farmers have lost a great deal of
hay on account of the recent rains.
Miss Tonnie Bush is very low,
and her recovery is regarded as ex
tremely doubtful.
, Those who anticipated a wedding
ta this community last Sunday are
nursing their disappointment.
Elmer Vick has dismissed school
and i3 attending the meeting here.
Flatwoods is well represented here
in the meeting.
The protracted meeting is going
on this week, and fairly good in
terest is manifested. Rev. W. A.
Watts is expected here to-day to
assist in the meeting.
Liberty, September 4. v
Befcular correspondence.
Rev. Columbus Cooper has been
very sick, but is some better.
Tho Sunday school at Oak Val
ley is progressing very nicely. J.
C.' Wheatley is superintendent.'
John F. Lashlee and family, of
Eva, returned home Saturday after
spending a week at the springs.
There has been a good attend
ance at the school here up to tho
'time of its temporary dismissal
A new dwelling is being erected
near the school building for the
convenience of Elmer Vick and his
Wmin? vouncc wife, who have
charge of the school. All parents
should take an interest in the edu
cation of their children, and now
is a good opportunity to begin by
son ding your children when school
' of ens-again, and send -them regu
larly, for when they become men
and women they may not have the
opportunity or tho mean to nttend
a college or a seminary, and cor
tainly tho opportunity and na nus
to acquire an education can not be
obtained by your children after you
have reared them in ignorance.
Wo have a good teacher, and he is
a christian gentlemen. Now, par
ents, put on your thinking cap, for
you are guardian of your children,
and it is your duty to think and
plan for their future as well us their
present welfare, and now is the
timo to begin tho foundation work
for their education, for without an
education tho man and woman of
the rising generation can not hope
Sulphur Swungs, September l
ricoat UARFILXU.
Rt'Kuliir correspondence.!
C. F. Craigg has gone to Arkan
sas to visit relatives.
Tho infant child of John Doug
lass is a great 'deal better.
AVo think there will bo a fow
caso of matrimony here soon.
J. J. Cole and son, Herman, have
returned from a trip to Nashvillo.
Walter Elmore is repairing the
roads this week, for tho first time
this year.
Some of the young folks had an
enjoyable time at -boating on the
river last Sunday.
Farmers are busy saving fodder.
The cotton crop will hardly produce
half an average yield.
Dorsey Carter will complete his
new dwelling this week, and says
" She must come home."
Ollie Nance has returned from
the swamps of Arkansas. Ho says
there is no place liko home.
G. W. Presson and wife have re
turned to T. II. H. Presson's, and
they say that old Tennessee is good
enough for them.
Little Dave 'Presson greeted his
friends with a happy smile Thurs
day morning. Its a girl, and she
arrived in time for breakfast.
Garfield, September 3.
Special correspondence.
Frank Watson will go West, we
understand, tdis fall.
Misses Jennie Nance and Dora
Elmore visited here last week.
Dr. J. T. Bray is sick with fever,
lint, is rennrtfir! bfiff Ar f!na mnvninrf
we are glad to learn.
There is a very good attendance
at school at this place. Miss Flor
ence Nance is teacher.
A good meeting is in progress at
Cedar Grove this week. The is a
good attendance at each service.
The protracted meeting will be
gin at Mount Carmel next Sunday.
Everybody come, and bring a has
ket of "grub," for it is going to be
a good old-fashioned all day meet
ing. Come, everybody.
Death has entered the home of
A; C. Bushing once more, taking
his aged mother from him. The
body of this noble christian woman
rests at the Cedar Grove Cemetery;
her spirit has found rest and peace
with the blessed Father. How sad
it is to part with one we all loved
so well. But to her children and
relatives and friends we would say,
grieve not as those who have no
hope, but let us all so live that
when death comes we may be pre
pared to die as ehe did in tho full
hope of everlasting life.
Garfield, September 4.
Thousands suffer with torpid liv
er, producing great depression o;
spirits, indigestion, headache, con
stipation, etc. Herbine will stim
ulate the liver, keep the bowels reg
ular and restore a healthful buoy
ancy cf spirits. Price, 50 cents.
Sold by. all drucgisb.--
fl. I. Jordan, cf Zach, was in the
city yesterday.
Mrs. A. C. McRae is visiting rel
atives near Pari:,.
Eugene Travis returned to Po
roa last Saturday.
1). (!. Hudson has returned from
a trip to Nashville.
Tom C. Eye was at Nashville a
Cow days this week.
W. F. Baber, of Huntingdon, was
in tho city Wednesday.
Miss Pearl McBao is visiting rel
atives and frhnds at Big Sandy.
Capt. S. W. Hawkins, of Hunt
ingdon, was in the city Wednesday.
B. F. Brown left last Monday for
Sugar Treo to instruct tho band at
that place.
T. E. Ellington and wifo.of Nash
ville, are hero on a visit to friends
and relatives.
James Vickrey and family visit
ed relatives and friends at Nash
ville this week.
Hon. J. A. Clement has sold tho
property known as tho Bursoy place
to B. F. Brown.
Mrs. Nannio Goodin, of John-
sonville, visited relatives hero the
irst of the week.
II. J. Brown, of Britts' Landing,
has been down on a visit to Benton
County relatives.
Miss Lela Maiden has gone to
Big Sandy this week to visit rela
tives and friends.
Bev. N. R. Waters has returned
home from an extended trip to the
Indian Territory.
Misses Dozie and Verna Fry, of
Coxburg, left Tuesday to re-enter
school at J ackson.
Sheriff E. E. Fry, Mike Fry, W.
E. McCullough and Elihu Hudson
went to Paris Wednesday.
Carlos Finley, of Hollow Rock,
spent a few days here last week
with relatives and friends.
J. S. Yarbrough and family, of
Huntsville, Ala., visited relatives
and friends here this week.
B. C. Hushing moved his stock
of merchandise to Zach this week,
where ho will engage in business.
Miss Bettie Carrington, the mil
liner, and her sister will leave this
week for Nashvillo and Louisville.
The band boys went down and
treated the inhabitants of South
Camden to a serenade Saturday
A good meeting is in progress at
Liberty, and the daily morning and
evening services are attended by
largo crowds.
A. C. McRae left Wednesday for
Paris to attend a meeting of the
Democratic Congressional Execu
tive Committee.
Deputy Clerk and Master A. V.
Bowles attended tho marriage of
his brother, E. B. Bowles, at Mc-
Kenzie Monday.
Lieut, and Mrs. E. B. Bowles, of
Big Sandy, came up Wednesday to
spend a few days here with rela
tives and friends.
The little child of J. W. H. Pres
son died last Tuesday. The inter
merit took place Wednesday at the
Mount Carmel Cemetery.
Sis Newman died at the homo o
James nicks, near Devider, Mon
day, of dropsy. The interment wa3
at Cross Roads Cemetery.
E. S. Cowell and family, of Cov
ington, .Mo., are here on a visit to
relatives and friends. Mrs. Cow.
ell was taken very sick while cn
the way here, and her condition i
J regarded as extremely critical
7, 11K)().
Tho 11. L. Bridges Ht.
of 11!
chandi.se, which We're (-old to '.In-
lighest biddrr Tuesday, W"iit lo.l.
5. Bowles A'. Sou, of Big Sandy.
Tho infant child of J. B. Ai.d.-r-
soii and wife, of Devider. died 1 -I.
Sunday and tho remains were In id
to rest at (Y a Roads CV:i: ;, i v.
James ():rle;i and Millard Mo-
)aniel contributed to the rollers of
ho city for th privilege of n littlo
sticutt exercise Monday owning.
Trusts George AV. E. Ifenin
ami .Sheriff Enut E. Fry and the
magistrates and other district of;--
cers of the county were duly qual
ified for odico Monday.
Tho query is often made "Yd. at
ins become of tho Benton County
Teachers' Association?" AVe ro-
er tho matter to tho county super
intendent for an answer.
Mrs. S. S. Clayton, whoso health
las been on tho decline for some
imo, has been very low this week,
and as wo go to press wo aro told
hat she is slowly finking.
The Brownlow and Evans fac
tion of the Republican executivo
committee of Henry County which
met at Paris Monday could not
agree on a candidate for floater.
The infant child of J. S. Pink-
slon, of Zach, died Tuesday. Tho
child was probably a year old, and
had been in delicato health since
its birth. The interment was at
Mount Carmel Cemetery.
AV. T. Morris, J. B. Vickrey and
L. R. AVatson left AVednesday for
Paris, but were turned back by a
wreck near Mansfield caused by a
collision between a freight and tho
construction train. No one was so
rionsly hurt.
AYalter Elmore died at his home
near Zach Tuesday morning. He
was a young man, about 30 years
of age, and was apparently in the
best of health, but about ten days
beforo his death he was stricken
down with fever. He was buried
at Mount Carmel Cemetery
The Democratic Congressional
committee, which met at Paris on
AATednesday, did not declare a nom
ination. As the vote of the conn
ties wore called a good portion of
it was challenged by Mr. Enloo, and
a committeo was appointed to in
vestigate the charges of fraud
Miss May Hudson, daughter of
P. AV Hudson, who resides in the
Postoak community, died AATednes
day, and the interment took place
at Postoak Cemetery yesterday af
tornoon. ' She had a violent attack
of the grip last spring, from which
she never fully recovered. Miss
Hudson was nearly 2"2 years of age,
and was a general favorite among
a largo circle of friends.
Lieut. E. B. Bowles, son of J. B.
Bowles, a prominent merchant at
Big Sandy, was married at McKen-
?q Monday to Miss Stella Pierce,
the charming and beautiful daugh
ter of tho late Frank Pierce, of Mc
Kenzio. The happy couplo return
ed to Big Sandy, tho home of the
the bridegroom, whero they were
given a reception and supper pt the
residence of Mr. Bowies' parents.
The CnnoNiCLE joins in extending
congratulations and best winhes.
Per Infants &r.d CLildraji,
T!"i Mr, Vrn l?vt I. I'lT'.-n
us rim. li-u iais ramta u
r$t& L 'lis
Bears tha
Cicaatura of
WANTED -ll'-icst tnr.n or woman to trawl for
l ino house, salary nonuiiy ;ui;i exsrn-; s,
wi'li increase; i.iti.n vrtiiaj'M : Jnci-xe sWf-
.mures'i! m;iiumi-u !. clone.
cavtaaauu.i!-v.ciicx"o. '
l i.
I, IV r... ri'
11! I 1-. fl
and mi! :i''a!ii.
.; iVtlie
.i vi.-i ii..; re!;:
ip, uf y i-.f fin i,
uvts and uunieroun
I'rien. !,
j. '
il Ml.l
;.d Monday,
'i he lain -i last wee, were hi neli-
cuu lo LTowniLr nnws and a mo In
em ral h--alth.
II. L. Pierce and family, of near
Claud, vii.iteil relatives here tho
first of tho week.
J. AY". By rn and wife and John
Can troll have gone to Lake County
to fcpend a few weeks-.
Tliero will be Sunday school at
Baker's Chapel next Sunday at D
a. m. and preaching at 11 a. m.
Horace J 5 rooks went to Paducah
and Paris last week, and will prob
ably go to Texas beforo returning.
If all reports aro truo there will
bo a contest for tho Democratic
nomination for Congress when tho
committee meets at Paris this week.
AVhilo this is to bo regretted, all
fair-minded Democrats will demand
fair, complete and impartial in
vestigation of evory charge of fraud.
AVo don't want any more foolish
ness. Tho action of tho committeo
four years ago was a bid for frauds
and ballot-box shilling, etc., and it
would be folly to deny that frauds
have been committed or refuse to
investigate such charges.
Greenkrieb, September 4.
Special rorreipoiidimoe.
G. T. Sarrett has erected a large
stock barn.
David Davis was at Hollow Rock
last AVednesday.
AV. G. Robinson has been on the
sick list several days.
The protracted meeting begins
at Chestnut Hill next Sunday.
Several cases of chills and fever
are reported in this community.
Farmers have been busy saving
hay and fodder the past two weeks.
Tho Democrats of this neighbor
hood are anxious to know who is
the party nominee in this district
Mrs. Mary A. Davis, of Martin,
who has been here on an extended
visit to relatives, returned home
last week.
Beaverdam, September 4.
Regular correspoiiilenef!.
Constable J. C. Parker was at
Pace last Friday.
R. L. Nan co went lo Claud on
business yesterday.
AVe aro glad to see Allio AYilsou
able to bo out agahi.
Quite a number of our citizens
went to Camden yesterday.
Rev. Jesse N. Farmer, of Claud,
spent Saturday in our midst.
The lino of the, Benton County
Telephono Company to Danville is'
nearly completed. This lino has
been merely an experiment, but it
will no doubt prove a success.
AViieatley, September 4.
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the most of all circumstances, but
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HiOiv, c;

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