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... .. A,9y' Aopttit.
Aw, .lid t!i boy, -I don't ieo why
ou won t let me nt ns much on Sun
day at on the other days of the week,"
'My only t.bje.-tlon." the dy
Kptif and unsympathetic father, "li
that you want to eat an much on Hun
day n on nil thf other h!i."-ln-dlannp'.IiK
Johnny's Foresight.
"Will you give in a kls. Johnny?"
asked a spinster of n fiveyear-old.
"No, Indeed," replied Johnny.
"Why not'" nhe iibked.
"'I'hum' If I did, the noxt thing you
would be asking inc to marry you."
was the unexpected reply. Buffalo
Tlte lle.t l'reiu ription for ClillL
and Fever Is r bottle of (inovK'g Tastklkm
mil, Toxic. It l simply iron and quinine in
Uiaieleaa lonu. No trure no pay. l'rl: .
Ill Arrnjunrn,
11 has a Terr
tyrannical mm! overuarlnir way with his wife."
"es; he hatdtually tresis hor wlih sb much
arrogance a if h m h s partner In a, game
of wluat."- I'm k.
Have you ever experienced the lovful
Huiatioii of a kooJ appetite.. You will If
youcucw AUdtiih I'rp.xia Tuttl Fruttl.
Or Near It.
Mini Wuiidi-r "(i, captain, do men ever tee
tue serpent when ttiev are Intoxicated?
Captalu Hotmtay Not unleHs they Rets drunk
on water, Miss.- lialllmoro American.
FITS permanently cured. "So fits or nervous
ness after Drat day's nu of Dr. Kline's Great
Iserve Hestorer. $'J trial lo!tleand treatise free.
Or. It. li. liusK. Ltd.,'.l Archr-t.. l'nlla., I'a.
l'rocrain Cut to Fit.
"You've got your candidate billed for short
speeches everywhere, 1 sen.
"Yea; what he says always brings out such
prolonged cheers, you know.
Canctri, uleera. old Bores, scrofula,
bumpa and rUInga on th akin, pimple,
bolla, catarrh, offensive truptlona,
achfa and pains, eating aorea, blood
polaon, eczema, acaba or scale, and all
blood troublca cured forever by taking
1 to 8 bottles of the famous it. It. li.
Thoroughly teated for SO years. It. R 11.
hcala every aore, atopa every ache and
tnakea the blood pure and rich. li. H. B.
curea obstinate cases after all eh:e falla.
Curea guaranteed. Druggists, Jl. Trial
treatment Bent free by writing Blood
Bulm Co., 1 Mitchell htieet, Atlanta, (ia.
Deacrlbe trouble, and niedkaladvlccfree.
Sweat and fruit acids will not discolor
goods dyed with I'ctkam Fadeless Dies.
Sold by all druggi&ta.
A Tax Off Ilia Mind.
"Didn't you feel dreadful when you lost your
gold headed umbrella?"
"No: I'd expected to lose It so Ions that 1 was
Klad when 11 was gone."' hioago ltecord,
I'iao's Cure foe Consumption is an infatllbls
medicine for couirtis and odds N. V. Samiei.,
Ocean Grove, N. J., Teh. 17, l'JOO.
llrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for chlldcen.
teulhln?. hoflfliis the gum, reduces iuUainma
noli, ullays paiu, curea wind colic. 'i:o. a bottle.
You're Held Itesponslble.
Don't seek to give advice, for lo!
The n.an who takes it. you know.
Unless he sees his scheme go through,
Keiurnsand makes It hot tor you.
Chicago Record.
1 y yiLL
If."" . .U.I1,
I fill
a a hr .u f
fiT':; -ft-:''- "H-
Price, 25c.
t I
T.nrceat Mnker
tof Mfirt S3 and a'l.SOl
snoeH in t lie worm, w J
tell more $3 and $5.yi
tnoea man any otncH
the United States. 1
The Icensoninorel
W . U l)oul K$.'! 3.wii
other make i beauiwi
Made or tlie hurt Tin."
ported and American
leathers. The workman-'
ihluHutiexficlled. Theslvle
1 ... M 1 ...( f 1 ..d
other make. Tliey fit like ru-
ninmadeslioei. They willontwearW
two uairxof other makesat theutine
urice that have no ronutatlon. You it
n tafr v recommena them lo Tour -
friends: they pleatu everybody -.Bl-
hat wear tueui. r.BO-?
J3 $3 $3 3$?-
The Real Worth of Our $3 and $3.50 Shoes
mmnaroa w in oiner maKei is at iu 3.
Flartnu tha larn-est $1 and $1.60 shoe bosi-
neia in me wonti, anantn'rifci By.rifi VI t
higher griirta ai.oo anil S3.fr suoes innn
can n eisewiieri. i uur uwm t
should keeptliem; we give one aeaier
.CJiciueivo aato in encii iuwu.
Title no iihitltulet Inlt
nn iv!mrtV.T..lKmiiias shoes Willi ,
11 yonrut'Aierwiimui Kr
you, Bno oirccv n iiy-ivi j. u-v
closing vri'' i"i c.Mi. .
tor rumairii. (miu rhhiui
leather, isize, and wMth, y
.1 U'
"Well, I say that the very
best of men don't know the
difference between their souls
and their stomachs, and they
fancy that they are a-wrestling
with their doubts when really
it is their dinners they're a
wrestling with.
"Take my old man. A kinder
husband never drew breath;
yet so sure as he touches a bit
of pork he begins to worry
hisself about the doctrine of
Election, till I say, " I'd be
ashamed to go troubling the
minister with my doubts when
an Ayer's Pill would set things
straight again."
J. C. Ayer Company,
Practical Chemit, Lowell, Mas.
Ayer'i Sarsaparlll
Ayer's Pilli
Ayer'i Ague Cure
Ayer'i Hair Vigor
Ayer'i Cherry Pectoral
Ayer'i Comatone
Travels of a Hobo Cat
A hobo cnt, -which likes to ride on
the trucks beneath a parlor car, and
which has covered In that way more
than a thousand miles in the last four
days, Is being petted here by Parkers
burg, W. Va., railroad men, with a
view to inducing It to give up Its
i tours. Within the past four days It
j has traveled on the trucks from Cln
I cinnatl to Pittsburg and return on
j the Ohio Valley express, and has come
j as far as Parkersburg on Its second
trip. It Is believed to be the same
i cat which recently journeyed In a sim
ilar way through Pennsylvania.
Washington Post.
Seaboard Air Line Kail way.
Arrangements have been effected by
which 1,000 mile books, the price of
which is $25 each, issued by the Sea
board Air Line Bailway, are honored
through to Washington over the Penn
sylvania Railroad; from Portsmouth
to Baltimore over the Baltimore Steam
Packet Company, and between Clinton
aud Columbia over the Columbia, New
berry & Laurens llailroad. This ar
rangement includes the books issued
by the Florida Central & Peuinsular
and Georgia & Alabama Railroads.
Her Reolv.
The Husband (sourly). You ought to
know better how to use money.
The Wife (sweetly). Perhaps I
could learn If I had a little more to
practice with. Puck.
Cobb "I am building a new house."
Webb "Why didn't you have your
old one remodelled?"
Cobb-"Couldn't afford it." Harper's
Deafness Cannot lie Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one
way to cure deafness, and that Is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an in.
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or imper
fect henrlng, and when It is entirely closed
Deafness Is the result, and unles the Inflam
mation can be taken out and this tube restored
to Its normal condition, bearing will be de
stroyed forever. Nine cases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which la nothing but an In
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. Ciiknbt 4 Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family I'llls are the best.
When You Take
Chill Tonic
U S,H- YV .... -,
Hi 1
II !
m k-.i . .. .
""" "!,ii'!
kocsuso Vio formula Is plainly printed cn czch bcltlo,
showing what It contains, Imitators do not advertise
their formula, knowing that you would not buy their medi
cine if you knew its ingredients. Grove's contains Iron
and Ouinine out uo in correct orooortions. and is in a taste-
less form. Grove's is the original Tasteless Chill Tonic
and any druggist who is not pushing an imitation will tell you
that all other so-called "tasteless". Tonics arc imitations.
Grove's is the only Chili cure sold by every druggist in
the malarial sections of the United States and Cuba that is guaranteed to cure any
i case of malaria, chills and fever, or money refunded. Price 50 cents.
This Do( Died Heartbrokea.
"Toots," the beauUful black collie
dog, whose young master, Albert
Serle Johan, ended Ida life three
weeks ago, at Evansvllle, Ind., be
cause he thought his sweetheart had
Jilted him, is dead of a broken heart
After the young man's body had been
burled the dog was kept closely at
home, and when allowed to leave
would dejectedly make the rounds of
the haunts of his master when alive.
Charles Johan, the dead boy's father,
tried to carry out his son's last re
quest to "be good to Toots," but the
collio became more listless each day,
until one day last week ho went out
In the back yard, where he used to
romp with his master, and, turning his
sharp muzzle Bkyward, he gave vent
to a weird, dismal half-bark and half
cry, and dropped over dead in tho
grass. Indianapolis Senutlnel.
Cenerous Impulse Thwarted.
"What a lovely fan, Clara!"
"Isn't it sweet? I bought it for
Julia on her birthday and liked it so
well that I kept it myself." Chicago
g An expensive " 1 lp . g
p Is the one which you cut off and p
throw away every time that you
O smoke a rive Lent cigar, lnere is o
P nearly as much labor in making this g
p end as all the rest of the cigar, and p
O yet every man who buys a cigar cuts O
O it off and throws it away. You get q
P all you pay for when you smoke P
o Old Virginia Cheroots o
P . . O . p
q Three hundred million Old Virginia. Cheroots smoked this Q
P yeir. Ask your own dealer. Price, 3 for 5 cents. 7 p
Not Too Lonely.
'Didn't you hate to co away and leave your
japa so lonely in the hot town.'"
'IxnielyT Papa always spends more money
while we're gone than wo spend on our trip."
He thinks he lives, but he's a dead
one. No person is really alive whose
liver is dead. During the winter
most people spend nearly all their time
in warm, stuffy houses or offices or
workshops. Many don't get as much
exercise as they ought, and everybody
knows that people gain weight in
winter. As a rule it is not sound
weight, but means a lot of flabby fat
and useless, rotting matter staying in
the body when it ought to have been
driven out. But the liver was over
burdened, deadened stopped work. There
you are, with a dead liver, and spring is the
time for resurrection. Wake up the dead!
Get all the filth out of your system, and eet
ready for the summer's trials with clean, clear blood, body, brain free from bile. Force
is dangerous and destructive unless used in a gentle persuasive way, and the right plan
is to give new strength to the muscular walls of the bowels, and stir up the liver to new
life and work with CASCARETS, the great spring cleaner, disinfectant and bowel tonic.
Get a box to-day and see how quickly you will be
10c. te;Srli"llr SSSk5
25c. 50c.
To any netdy mortal suffering from bowel trouble and too poor to buy CASCARETS we will tend a box free.
Sterling Remedy Company, Chicago or New York, mentioning advertisement and paper.
Keeping Even.
"Why don't you economize 7 asked
the pedestrian indignantly.
"I have economized," answered
Meandering Mike. "I started out wit
nothin' an I've helt right on to it."--
Still One Point Ahead.
Briton Don't be so rabid in dislik
ing us; your country was settled by
the English.
American Yes; but look how you
improved after you got here! Puck.
h iMtSStilrit ALL tLifc f AilS. V
t J Best CouKh feyrup. T&ntea Good. Cw V i
Ixl In time. Sold br niemn. f'l
Tfcal HHla P-V Fr I
ALICE MABGH, Bochkstz, H. X.
X i I . 1,3
plain or rap tte. our
U I " u U ft
aliociwtil reacuyou
1 $

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