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t- rr-:
CAMi) i :x. t i :n n i :s s k i :.
FMIJUUAKY in. 1001.
P- E
33 J
T. J. Dodd returned from a trip
to St. Louis Monday.
John F. Naifeh has been on the
list of ick thia week.
V. J. Higgs of Huntingdon was
in the city last Monday.
See our "Miscellaneous Adver
tising" in another column.
E. E. Thorapeon went to Ilunt-
ingdon Monday on business.
4 Mifta Clara ITiid.qnH Attended the
Good White Suaar 15 pounds for $ I i L.u.l4;., i,n ic. ;il4.
1 loll nAi.iM nU AaJ C.t. in iAiinrl. Ftm l I 0
i-iy ill ui uvr ll vidimcu ouy d ...... ...... i u puu uw iui m i
Marriago licensi-a havo btvn in
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to E. D. Goodman and Lillio Hill,
William Treason and Lavina Francisco.
Regular rorif npnnliH'o.
W. C. B. Lewi is confined to his
roora with the grip.
Kit Wood, esq , went to Lak5
The degree of page wnsconferred County this week on business.
upon Eugeuo Travis at the meeting Mieg Ada Malin of Coxburg haa
of Bayham Lodge, No. 8(5, Knights returned home, afu-r a vitit to rel-
of Pythias, Monday evening. Rev. atives and fiieudd here.
J. M. Pickens wus advanced to the Mrs. S. A Fowler has been very
rank of esquire, and N. J. Cutf was sick for some time past, but is bet-
made a full-fledged knight ter, we are pleased to learn.
Rev. Mr. Hoss, an evangelist, of
Obion County, has been preaching
3 1 1 I
Two Packaoes Arbuckl8 Coffee 25 cents N. l liarnson ot iioliaday was
nts t in rsashvu
Lion Head 14 . 25 oe
Two pounds Soda 5 cents
I Large Irish Potatoes 80 cents per bushel
ille ouo day this week.
i Bacon and Lard . 10 cents per pound i
k Pure Apple Vinegar 25 cents gal.) 1 5 cents per gallon
Heinz's Best Apple Vinegar (30 cent gal.) ....20 cents per gallon
nion T
p Louisiana molasses 49 cents per gz
Fresh Cabbage 2 cents pound
Fresh Navy Beans 5 cents pound
i Nice Evaporated Peaches 10 cents pound
Three pound can White Heath Peaches 1 5 cents
Two cans of same, 25 cents.
Three large boxes of Brutton's Snuff. 35 cents
'j Qpu Ooois? lotions, Poos, Hats and Fine Clofklij. j
a We can save you 20 ptt cent on your purchases. All kinds of
J Patent Medicines at ACTUAL COST. Grove's and Rich's Chill
f Tonlo, 35 cents per bottle. All other patent medicines in the same
1 Remember, we are at the Camden Depot for the present. Ye
invite you all. Come and see us at
I am selling goods at tha lowest at d ille rent .places iu this locality
prices possible to be Trinde rm b the past wee.
strictly cash basis, and find it im- Mrs. Lizzie PatriJk -tiii3 Bon of
This is the last winter month, possible to hold up and give any Sulphur Springs has been spend-
and an early spring is predicted. credit. , ing a few days here with her daugh-
Tom C. Rye returned home last I have, therefore, fully decided to er, Mrs. E. E. Thompson.
Monday from Washington, D. C. adopt the "Spot Cash" system. I Hurrah for Mrs. Carrie Nation!
Mrs. Williams of Mansfield was will reduce the price on goods when Maybe if we had & few more like
the guest of Mrs. li. F. Drown last possible. her there would not be bo much of
Friday. Tlease don't ask credit, and thus this drunken howling on the public
A valentine ball was given at the force to rellS0- highways.
lours, anxious for cash and bar- iiev. J. v. ardlow preached to
ter trade. T. J. Lowry, an attentive audience at Shiloh last
Camden, Tenn. Sunday. The theme of his subject
was "A Purpose in Life' -SbiloU
is in need of b good Snndaysdliodl.
Speoial oonespondence. Who will be tha first 'to cnmn'ta
Plans are being matured for the thef, anJ th Bilonlflflf.
shaking hands with old friends on purpose of building a new church Q Q wheel" in this direction?
our siveeia last oaturuay. ai mis ptace. GlSMONDA Fbruarv 12.
Elihu Hudson has returned horn M- liusning ana uaugnt-
from a pleasaut sojourn of several r have returned from a visit to
mnntlient AronnlmP f)ll relatives at Box.
residence of Mrs. Harriet Farmer
last night.
Jeff Whitfield of Pavatt was in1
the city Tuesday shaking bauds
with frieuds.
lion. J. E. Jones of Dresden was
mow sAtvvEirs iwitx.
Special correspondence.
rri in. t ji i I lnm whPRt in l.his inm h v i
WTT T? .,oV,:.,. .i I)- inere is lain, ui a new leifuiiuuo j
. II. Rushing and Wife of Big I . 4 ric ,, HT looking virv nrntYiiR?i,r.
o i i. it i. mi. ... line iroiii uero 10 uuiueiu. jjuls o j i o-
f i t t tit j i . i , have it bv all means. I neumoma and grip are almost
Claude Hudson a Conpans, proprietors.
f j , .t , i, . Pneumonia and grip are t
were ;g o J. J. WUrl,d " llZt to Pari, this i " locality.
f ' weekfortheDurnose-ofcreanizinir Landon Preeson, who happened
r . . . . , ... i
Several. couples went ont to the
a churcli at that place.
to a serious -accident by cutting hia
i entertainment at Henry Hudson's, wm Turner VreBsm and m leg with an ax, is some better.
j where tney passed .a most enjoy a- . Franc:8CO were united in Aunt Susan Catgg, fatherly
ble ereulug.
marriage Monday evening, at tbe aint. whose'healfli'has'been-on-fhe
pfc flew R031I gccrlBji IJuliliic
$1$ to :$2G.
West Side, Camden, Tenn.
VysSj Mil
There will ba regular fiervices at ilomeof J. Douglass, Rev. R. H. -decline for some time, peacefully
the Presbyterian Church next Sun- Elmore officiating. We wish the dropped to sleep in death Friday,
day forenoon and evening, by Rev. h&ppy couple joy and happiness. theSth instant. The interment waa
E. M. Youree., pastor. Sawyer's Mill, 'February 12. at Mount Carmel Cemetery. Fun.
Regular services will be held at Tftl services were .conducted by
the Methodist Church next Sunday ROM Rev. G. W. Florence. The ear
forenoon and evening, by the pas- Regular correspondence. old mother faithfully lived up to
tor Rev. J. M. Pickens. Elmer Vick of Harmons Creek her duties as a christian, and died
Among the new students entering vieited here Smiday- , ith lw?r clear Peacef ul and
Benton Seminary this week were J. Bae11 Vick is etl11 81clc' but not hVW' ThmiSb er-children and
M. Lockhartof Wyly and Miss Liz- seriously so, we hope. grandchildren are .cast ..down ia
zie Utlevof Hustlefown ' M An(J:kr80n ve&r Buena grief, her spirit is aiow.-et.re4i.
m n r n tr i vista visitea nere onnuay. uabtiels, ieoruary iz.
' 111 aiq tt-i I I o oiiiiH-oin ravrvT 1
J. UCIO IT 111 IkW Uil vil V"t Jlllll'U U'W I
nn m 1 1 ni r MTO THRIDO fJ TADI IT TG hp t-o.,; w....i..
4YIUIN U IVI CIN I O, I KJIU OO, ! nuil- ! VJI "u - etakdal Saturday night
uue8uay 10 take aepos-iuons in T. oaamm . . n ... f. iiffimiU frt
Of ihe Best Quality Amerioan and Italian Marble aud Granite.
Carpets, Rugs, Matting,
Wall Paper, Curtains and Fixtures,
I a cause in which Messrs. Rye f
Hudson are employed as attorneys.
gt p a dance iu this community.
Carlos Finley has recovered and
Special correspondence.
Miss Lizzie Utley entered school
at Camden last Monday.
Farmers are making some prep
arations to begin the spring work.
OAVflllflnArf.K,in,i(,.,,fiK m . . .-. LJertram v. jonnson uas raovea
w "v ' j "" uou t iorget tne appomimenc 01 , p
T?ov Tr Tinea la Rfota uvo tirraKcf I t t tit ttt h . i I tO v
. ... iiev. o. v. waraiow ai mis piace
11 . i' 1 r .1 f ll
01 ine jongregauonai xaeiuoaist neXt Sunday.
UllUrCll. Tlltt frlona f Mi'oa Tlnro P.l.
Jl U V A. & t Vv J V A V M A-a
Rev. J. 0. Rosa of Tiptonville returned to hia work at Hollow
will begin a series of meetings at Rock.
Camden, where he will make hit
Rev. J. W. WaxdJow -preached a
WW I Thnoa a? ah n Han n,l,n nn. Ml V 1 1 1 it, i I "
nousenoia uooas, . v't ., , . , p" icaiu iutit Sunday.
of a corporate government, will be Liberty, February 12.
51.00 A YEAR.
waited on by Marshal Flowers who
10 CENTS A COPY receipi yu or municipal tax
ror tne year lyuu.
;0. A. -Utley will preach at Mis
sionary Grove next Sunday, at 11
Tfcsbest Illustrated Monthly Magazine
of tho Vmd published.
You c&nlielp anyone whom you o"610' a- m
find suffering! rom inflamed throat; ,Ml9.3 Ha Stephens of Union
i 1 1 li i i.:: Citv is visitinc friends and rela-
mr -i m , , . mrv U tlctVl ll UU Ul?, UlUUCilltlB.CUlUa.
Blarshal E.G. Flowers brought 3 . ' .. . ' i tivpa in thU pommnnit
A. . . .. j coughs, etc., by advising the use of uv 68 1U 11118 community.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup the Bertram D. Jonnson closed tis
great remedy for coughs and colds, school at Missionary Grove last
Price, 25 and 50 cents. Sold by all Wednosday, to the regret of all
Hustletown, February 12.
I his artillery into action Monday,
and the dog population of Camden
lis now shy one midnight howler.
A good beginning, but if he keeps I druggists.
ii up ub uas au txiurmuua iu.ua. ou
by a brilliant array
his nanus. Tiadiea. von will find bflrp-ains in
4 V J O
Alvin Rushing, wbo resided in Dry Goods aud Notions every day
the twelfth district, died last Mon- at the New York Store.
. .. , T, day. He was taken violently ill
ot writers ana arusts. iiBaumoruauve , , , .
Pox Infant 8 iiad hildre
one dav last week, and trrew raoidlv Wlien P.aia or irrltat5on exists on jri-g v.- Ugm Pf
j ij ai M,r;-. f JXlra Plnv. . Mnaift und Arf. ii.-.i i t.: any partof the body tha application " 1 9
. . , Uf- t;i.: 'ffl:..j - Uf Ballads Snow Lmimetit gives Bears tha
its clever stones, strong special articles, numor ana verse, -- s riu,7. u" 11 womnfc relief. Price. 25c and SOc atureof
. , , ... i it malady wincn was -incurauie. tie ,,r , . .
with fine illustrations, make it a necessity in everj anteUi- h&d agykm for Sold by all druggists.
Nervous childreu Are almost aL
. . mi i i oi rr . . .
geatliome. ine wrj ww mmou ynw-w . ,nMBe tor treatment twice during Don't let the hand of time paint waysthinchildren. The "out-door.
... .... .If. Jl .ll l', ll ... . I
puts it witbiu tbe roacii of all. Reliable agonts wanted ns me.Hnu nau ueen uiscnargeu wrinkles on your fac. Keep young boy" is seldom nervous. W.hite
in every town. Extraordinary inducements. Write for par- f 3 7 ,He.w" J. ten by keeping the blood pure and the Cream Vermifuge ia ILe beet pre-
J mna ana uevoteu to nistamilv. ana rHrPRtiv onrans in a haAiUifnl con- vont
I 1 O O .M..ww.,wMV. (fcWUO V'fc.&
ticulare. Write to-day for Bansplacopy. through energy and industry had dition. Herbine will do thia. Health ens the svetem aud aseists toilet
accumulated some property and a isyouth, disease and eicknessbriugs sort of flesh, which creates strectU
good home. He will be missed by old age. Price, 50 cents. Sold by aud power of endurence
41 East 21 at etreet, Nw Yoik City. bi3 neighbors aud a host of friends. all druggists.
Price. 5
cents. Sold j all drugiisU.

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