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rul.llslug (cKlj at Caimlon, Trim.
I'utered at Camden sh btcoinl-ClasH
TUAYIS liltOS., i'ul)H
Camden, Tenn.
Norway now has a law permuting
the conditional dlschaw of a convict
for pood behavior, after ho has served
two-thirds of his sentence.
It Is now Intimated that. ti-lerdiontiiK
Without wires is anions the possibili
ties". Tho rumor Is not sufllch ntly tan
Clble to cause any r:hictlon of rates.
A needle machine turns out 1,000,000
needles per week. Now, if only the
seamstresses of the country could use
them, at a proportionate profit with
that derived from tho machine, there
would be many more happy homes.
There will come a day when the
people of the close of a century will
look back at the close of tho 19th and
smile at the unique absurdity of the
Ktoveplpe hat; but make no mistake.
J.Ian Is wedded to his idols. That time
.13 yet a long way off.
In time Alaska may be counted In
tho agricultural belt of the United
States. Her season is short, but the
soil in her valleys Is rich beyond com
prehension, and the sun. during his
reign, is hot. All that is necessary
Is to know how to utilize locations
and conditions.
Through the efforts of its state
board of charities, Illinois has made
a beginning toward the establishment
of a suitable institution for its de
pendent epileptics. The institution
will be a genuine colony, planned on
the cottage system. There are 3000
dependent epileptics in the state.
Cold storage has made Australia,
next to the United States, the largest
source of dressed meats. Wheat-importing
countries usually look to her
to supply a part of their breadstuff s;
and between the Transvaal war and
the vast development of gold mining
in West Australia the southern conti
nent in 1899 led the world in produc
ing gold. Australia is a great country,
even though two-thirds of it is desert.
When all freight traffic has been
banished to underground railways and
the automobile has displaced the
horse for surface travel, nearly the en
tire street between the pavements can
be devoted to green turf muses
the St. Louis Globe-Dispatch. Cities
of the 20th. and following centuries
tnay be free from dust and the vile
odors arising from animal traffic. The
automobile mowing machine may be
substituted for the sweeping machines,
to the great improvement of health
and increase of enjoyment of citizens,
the St. Louis Globe-Dispatch.
A writer in the Yale Review esti
mates that the United States is in
debted to foreigners in the sum of
$3,330,000,000 and that foreigners owe
us $500,000,000. This writer is of the
opinion that this country began the
20th century owing not much over
$2,000,000,000, with a net annual inter
est of about $90,000,000, Americans
traveling in Europe spend $50,000,000
annually, and the loss by expatria
tion according to this writer, is
$10,000,000. Cut in a few years the
United States will have wiped out its
entire Indebtedness, provided large ex
ports and small imports continue.
An article in Harper's Weekly con
tains some remarkable figures on the
iruit growing industry in America. In
1814 only one-half barrel of raisins
could be found in New York City to
caake pudding to celebrate the peace
treaty. The previous year California
alone shipped ever 100,000.000 pounds
Cf raisins. Only 20 years ago all the
strawberries eaten in New York City
were grown in Long Island and New
Jersey. Now the strawberry country
includes Florida, and the strawberry
season begins in November and ends
in August. A single Georgia peach
orchard numbers as high as 120,000
trce3. The government has never se
cured an adequate census of the entire
fruit trade of tho United States. Tho
thrr of the article in question thinks
$1,000,000,000 a year a moderate
Conferees en War Tax Redaction
Measure Fcach Agreement.
Mill Is to Take Hffect July ist Next.
Partial List of the Reductions
Made By Conferees.
A Washington special says: The
conferees of tbo senate and houso up
on tho war reduction bill have an
nounced the result of their delibera
tions upon that measure. It shows a
compromise all aloug the lines of the
bill, tho changes in the present law
being as follows:
Tobacco Twenty per cent discount
of tho original tax of 12 cents per
pound as against twenty-five per cent
reduction as fixed by the senate and
none as the bill passed the bouse. The
rate agreed upon will make the tax
S9.00 per 100 pounds.
Cigars On those weighing more
lhan three pounds per 1,000 the house
rate of $3 per 1,000 was retained as
against 83.30 as fixed by the senate
and ?3.G0 as in the present law. On
those weighing less than three pounds
per thousand tho senate rato of 18
cents per pound was allowed to stand
againBt the rate of $1 per thousand as
fixed by the existing law, which was
not disturbed by the house.
Cigarettes On those weighing not
more than threo pounds per thousand
the senate action fixing the rate at 18
cents per pound prevailed. The house
did not change the existing law.
Beer The house rate of SI. GO per
barrel and repealing the 7$ per cent
discount was retained.
Bankers' Capital Preseut law re
tained, tho senate recediug from its
Commercial Brokers' Tax Repealed
in accordance with original action of
both houses.
For Certificates of Stock Transfers
The rate of 2 cents for each $100 is
retained and the senate amendment
making the law include the transac
tions of bucketshops was accepted by
the house conferees.
Bales of Products at Exchanges
The senate amendment exempting sales
of merchandise in actual course of
transportation was accepted, but the
rate of 1 cent for each 100 as fixed by
the present law was retained, the sen
ate amendment making the rate $2
being disagreed to.
Bank Checks Eepealed in accord
ance with the house action. On cer
tificates of deposit, telegraph and tele
phone messages, express receipts,
money orders, promissory notes, char
ter party, bills of lading for export
leases, manifests, mortgages, power of
attorney, protests, warehouse receipts,
perfumery and cosmetics and chewing
gum, the tax is repealed.
Bills of Exchange, Foreign The
rate fixed at 2 cents for each $100 in
accordance with the senate amend
ment. Miscellaneous bonds tax re
pealed, except upon bonds for indem
nity. Certificates of damage and certifi
cates not otherwise specified repealed.
Conveyances, exempted below $2,500;
above $2,500, 2o cents for each $500, in
accordance with senate action.
Insurance tax repealed on all kinds
of insurance in accordance with the
action of thelhouse, the senate conferees
receding on all senate amendments.
Steamship passage tickets exempted
below $50 in value, and the rate fixed
at 50 cents for each $50 in cost for
that price and over.
Proprietary medicines tax repealed
in accordance with the houso action,
the Benate amendment being disagreed
Legacies law modified so as to ex
clude from taxation legacies of charit
able, religious, literary or educational
The total reduction of the revenues
as agreed upon aggregates about $41,
000,000, as against $10,000,000 as it
passed the house, and $15,000,000 as
amended in the senate.
The provisions of the bill as agreed
upon wi.U take effect on the 1st of next
Kumor Siiyi Tliat Kitvhner nnd ISotha Mot
to Arrange I'l-acf Turin.
The London Daily Chronicle pub
lishes under reserve a rumor that Lord
Kitchenor has inet General Louis
Botha to arrange terms of surreuder
of the Boers nnd that an armistice of
twenty-four hours was grauted the Boer
commander general to enable him to
consult with the oilier commandants.
Wenllby Xcgro .Viissinj:.
Carnesville, Ga., has a sensation in
the mysterious disappearance of Tom
Daniel, a negro of considerable prop
erty and the father of thirteen children,
lie left home just after Chribtuias.
Noticeable- Among tho
Weak and Ailincr.
Esatl Reaps Its
tat EarvesL
Thcra Is a Way of Eluding tha
Grim Destroyer.
Every Spring it Is noticeablo how
many people are taken away that we
have been accustomed to seo In our
daily life.
Statistics show that at no other sea
son of the year does so many deaths
Especially large is the mortality
among weak and sickly people.
Tho reason for this is apparent. The
body that is weakened by age or dis
ease has much to contend with during
the Winter months. Insufficient exer
cise frequently has been taken. Too
much starchyand fatty foods havebeen
eaten. The system has been allowed
to become run down, and when Spring
comes with its bright, sunshiny days,
older people will begin to realize that
their vitality has become very low.
The samo thing is true of people who
are naturally sickly and weak.
This is the season of the year when
even a etrons person feels at his
worst. That tired, restless feeling is
experienced by too many.
There need not be as many deaths
this year as usually take place. A lit
tle care will ward off many Spring fu
nerals. If one is weak or ailing they
should take time by tho forelock and
take Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and
nerve remedy. This great medicine
has been in many cases, and will con
tinue to be. the means bv which tho
black angel of Death has been driven
from the threshold. It dispels the
grim destroyer in a scientific way, for
it purifies the blood and give3
strength and vitality to the nerves. It
tones up and restores to a healthy con
dition all of the great life-giving or
gans of the body.
Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and
nerve remedy will enable those who
take it to throw off little ills that
prove dangerous only when they at
tack a system already wasted and
From many people, who have ex
perienced benefit from this greatest
of all life-lengtheners comes the fol
lowing from the famous General Long
street of 1217 New Hampshire avenue,
Washington, D. C. He says:
"It gives me great pleasure to add
my testimony with many others for Dr.
Greene's Remedy, which I have used
with highly beneficial results and I am
able to recommend its virtues from
experience. I have used It for catarrh
and have derived help."
Mr. Wellington Hynes, Elizabeth
town, N. Y.. writes:
"I feel it my duty to tell how much
good Dr. Greene's Nervura has done
me. I was so run down that I could
not sleep at night and everything wor
ried me. I had no appetlto and could
not work, my head ached all the time
and there was an all-gone feeling in
my stomach and I was always looking
on the dark side of everything. I be
gan to take Dr. Greene's Nervura
blood and nerve remedy and In less
than three weeks I felt like a new
man. I can now do as much work as
13 expected of a man my age. I advise
any one who is troubled to take Dr.
Greene's Nervura. Do not go to a doc
tor, but get a bottle of Dr. Greene's
Nervura. It is cheaper than a doctor's
The latter part of Mr. Hynes's ad
vice might be profitably disregarded,
however, if you should feel you would
like the advice of a physician. You
can have such advice and have It free
if you will write or call on the great
est known blood and nerve specialist,
Dr. Greene. 35 W. 14th St.. New
York City.
"How do you like your new teach
er?" "The one who came from the West?"
asked the little Boston boy.
"Oh, I like him very much. I haven't
had an opportunity to test his know
ledge of mathematics. But the way
he pronounces such words as 'rrass
and 'pass' is very amusing." Wash
ington Star.
was during the natural
"Give me," asked the teacher, "an
example of the alleged deceitful char
acter of the cat."
"In restaurants It is sometimes said
to pass itself off for a rabbit," an
swered the head boy. Philadelphia
She would not, though I coaxed and
And begged of her my bride to be,
She said she'd marry whom sho
Yet Goodness knows! she pleases
Catholic Standard Times.
"I wonder if there's any lazier occu
pation than fishing."
"Well, yes looking at people Dsa
ias." Brooklyn Life.
According to 5enate Amendment
He Alone Can Direct Phil
ippine Affairs.
A Washington special says: The
debato on the Philippine question
Wednesday developed unexpected vig
or in the souute, the feuttiro of it beiug
tho hpeech of Senator Bacon, of Geor
gia, ugaiust tho Philippine proposi
tion and sorno sensational declarations
by Senator Pettigrew, who Asserted
that the inspiration buck of this par
ticular legislation was the desire of
certain people, prominent in tho Ite
publican party to g:it hold of tho good
things in the islands.
The amendment as finally agreed to
is as follows:
All military, civil aud judicial pow
ers necessary to govern the Philippine
islands, acquired from Spain by the
treaties concluded at Paris on the 10th
day of December, 1808, and at Wash
ington on the 7th day of November,
1900, shall until otherwise provided
by congress, be vested in such manner
as tho president of the United States
shall direct, for the establishment of
civil government and for maintaining
and protecting the inhabitants of said
islands in the free enjoyment of their
uoerty, property and religion.
Provided, that all franchises grant
ed under the authority hereof shall
contain a reservation of the right to
alter, amend or nppeal the same.
Until a permanent government shall
have been established in said archi
pelago reports shall be made to con
gress on or before the first day of each
regular session of all legislative acts
and proceedings of the temporary gov
ernment instituted under tho provis
ion hereof; and full reports of the
acts, doings of said government, and
as to the condition of the archipelago
aud of its people shall be made to the
presideut, including all iniormation
which may be useful to congress in
providing a more perniauent govern
ment. Provided, that no sale or lease or
other disposition of the public lands
cr the timber thereon, or the mining
rights therein, shall bo made; and,
providing that no franchise shall be
granted which is not approved by the
president of the United States and is
not, in his judgment, clearly necessary
for the immediate government of the
islands and indispensable for the in
terest of the people thereof, and which
cannot, without great public mischief,
be postponed until the establishment
of permanent civil government; and
all such franchises shall terminate one
year after the establishment of such
permanent civil government.
After the vote on the Philippine
amendment was annouunced Mr,
Piatt offered the committee Cuban
amendment. Mr, Jones moved to
strike out the third condition, that
Cuba shall agree that the United
States shall exercise the right to in
tervene to preserve Cuban independ
ence, but later modified it to strike
out only that part providing that the
United States could intervene "for
tho maintenance of a government ade
quate for the protection of life, pro
perty and individual liberty."
Mr. Morgan, of Alabama, contendod
the amendment amounted to proposing
an American suzerainty over Cuba.
Mr. Tettus, of Alabama, declaired it
was a disgrace on the American peo
ple. Mr. Jones's motion was defeated-43
to 21.
The Cubau amendment was adopted
43 to 20.
Coroner Jury Investigates tho Klo Dis
aster at San Francisco.
A San Francisco dispatch says: At
the coroner's inquest in the matter of
the wrecking of the steamship Bio de
Janerio Wednesday, Pilot Jordon
again shifted the responsibility for the
disaster to Captain Ward, who went
down with his vessel. Pilot Jordan
stated that it was a rule of the port
that all captains have power supreme
to that of the pilot and that Captain
Ward had ordered him to proceed.
The jury held an inquest over the
eleven bodies recovered from, the
wreck of the steamer Rio de Janeiro,
returning a verdict charging Captain
Ward, who was drowned, and Pilot
Jordan with criminal negligence. The
Pacific Mail Steamship company is
censured for having had a Chinese
crew on the steamer.
Admiral's Letter Concerning Ounner Mor
gan lilasts His Chance of Promotion.
A Washington dbpatch says: Ad
miral Sampson will not be made a vce
ad miat, as proposed by the nf.ry de
partment. His letter about Gunner
Morgan has blasted his hopes of pro
motion. Sampson was bitterly hated in con
gress before this letter was written.
Now his enemies declare he has shown
such a contempt for the men of the
navy and the people of America that
he is deserving of no consideration
even if the Schley-Sampson controver
sy is settled.
"Now. Johnny," hbi mother v-l- nn
they started for church, "1 u;i:t you
to behave like a r."l little boy."
"I can't!" blubbcM-l Johnny. "I rton't
I now any good little boy!" (,Mi :'.;,'
I'mpoxetl Allinm-c n il li l lnlniid.
If thrt I'nlteil Ftiiti-s find r.fiKlnml slmuM
f irm mi nliUti', tho conil.iiioil KtreiijM'i
would ! ho Kf'fit that Hiiro would lo M'i
ehimei) for inmlen t, ovrcomn un. fn a
llkn milliner, when men n:i wo'iu-n keeji
uji their l.odily htrentrth with lloMelter'n
Moinaeh Hitters, therein little ihHIi' 0 ,f
fittaeks from llsi'ft.i The old time remedy
enrlehes tho Mood, stead le t), nerve, nml
lnereaseH the appetite. Try it for dyspepsia
aud ludit;ostloii.
1 Iib l'rrviiillni; Men.
I.ttllo Jeff -rami IUvtn HoKl.ii' k (nn Arkansas
lii'l) -I'nw. li.nH an enterpi liln' rlti.-n?
Oi'l Miui fi'Kiniek (hU talliei ) w! A yml
ken or b other Hol t of durnml toreliriH !
"I do not feel very well, I am so
tired all the time. I do not know w hat
is the matter with mo."
You hear these words every day; as
often as you meet your friends just so
often are these words repeated. More
than likely you speak the same signifi
cant words yourself, and no doubyyou
tlo feel lar irom well most or the tune.
Mrs. Ella Kicc, of Chelsea, Wis.,
whose portrait we publish, writes that
she suffered for two years with bearing-down
pains, headache, backache,
and had all kindsof miserable feelings,
all of which was caused by falling and
inflammation of the womb, and after
doctoring with physicians and numer
ous medicines she was entirely cured by
Mas. Ella Rice
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. If you are troubled with pains,
fainting spells, depression of spirits,
reluctance to go anywhere, headache,
backache, and always tired, please re
member that there is an absolute
remedy which will relieve you of your
suffering as it did Mrs. Rice. Ti'roof
is monumental that Lydia E. 'ink
ham's Vegetable Compound is the
greatest medicine for suffering women.
No other medicine has made the cures
that it has, and no other woman has
helped so many women by dn-tct advis
as has Mrs. Pinkham ; her experience
is greater than that of any living per
son. If you are sick, write and get
her advice ; her address is Lynn, Mass.
f,CSM:; 3
To produce the best results
in fruit, vegetable or grain, the
fertilizer used must contain
enough Potash. For partic
ulars see our pamphlets. We
send them free.
03 Nassau St., New York.
Succumbs readily to the easy remedy to take
A natural nrMicinal
x ate r o mr n tra t r A .
eruMit. iix.uiv tonk. A fveciltc for ill
Fr, kidney, n'miiicti ani bowWiiir-ord'-.
ova " Torpid Mwr, KHiou ao J hui-
rlep, 'hfuiiu l.'iitu' ol (lie Kl'tm?,
lT,epli lilirt'turii, M?U llcHtluvfae,
l)Htit itv " iiittffl'i. I'.ie.
ril Ofchiii'd W:ler m Uip most ffll
caclo'ii of th n it iral lumt'ral watt-re; iiut
conveii'f-it t la1.: i:,-t f -'T
economical to bay. ' 'V?
Tho c-mi!n is -eiM 'iv v. ) V''"
all ilnii.'u'i-'s Willi t.'rb i
Ad1 trxlu mark on TArf .V.?3
very :!. jfc ,
. w w -,j
4 w P
lutitS Wtitne AiA Ui rAiLo. t
Rest lou.-a cjrup. Tn
o fx V v 1 v Vt ''la
b 3 !;y .six .1 . -i-'j (I

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