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Curios l'inley wis in town lnt
H. Iv. PaiTord of Wfiy was in the
city Tut'Hilay.
Aeklin l'ra.ier of Lexington wnti
here this week.
Alum Try of Coxhurgh was in the
city WtnlnoKday.
J. A. Clement was at Dickson
tho fuist of the week.
Tom JJoinnr of Manlcyville was
in the city yesterday.
Prof. A. A. Lindsey returned
from 'Texas yesterday.
The teachers' association meets
at Chalk Level to-morrow.
A. J. Fuller has gone to Boon
ville, Ind., to visit relatives.
Eugene Morris of Nashville is
visiting homefolks this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hall visited
relatives at Huntingdon Wednes
' It. S. Tonkins and wife spent
Sunday with relatives in Flat
woods. Senator K. II. Fryer accompani
ed the Huntingdon ball team hero
Carl Mcllae and Eugene Travis
went to Huntingdon Saturday on
Mr. nnd Mrs. Claude Hudson of
Hollow Hock spent a few days here
this week.
Azani Burkett of Hickman, Ky.,
13 visiting his cousins, John and
Sude Naifeh.
Tom C. Hye nnd D. G. Hudson
went to Huntingdon Wednesday to
hear Dob Taylor.
j" A. It. Drought on of Garfield left
Una week for Carterville, 111., to
reside in the future.
J. G. Robins and wife attended
the burial of J. Dascom Itobins at
Manlyville Wednesday.
The commencement exercises of
the Southern Normal University at
Huntingdon will begin June 1.
P. W. Harris, merchant at Hol
laday, has 'made an assignment.
His liabilities are about $1,500.
U. D. Dond is named as assignee.
Miss Lela Travis of Paris is
spending the week here with the
family of her uncle, Dr. It. D.
We learn that T. J. Dodd lost a
car-load, of corn by the sinking of
the steamer City of Padncah Sun
day night.
George Chambers, Huntingdon's
tinner, made a trip to Camden on
business last week. Huntingdon
S. L. Peeler of Camden spent a
couple of days in Huntingdon this
week on legal business. Hunting
don Democrat.
Miss Fay McDaniel a charming
young lady of Hollow Dock was
the guest of Miss Pearl Mcltae
Sunday and Monday.
Miss Eva Deazley, assistant post
master at Brownsville, visited rela
tives here Sunday night, returning
home Monday morning.
Mrs. Emma Williams and daught
er, Miss Mnrrell, of Mansfield mov
ed here this week, and have taken
rooms at D. F. Brown's.
Mrs. S. J. Travis has moved her
stock of millinery goods to the
house formerly occupied by The
Chronicle on the northeast corner
of the public square,
Dr. I. J. Anderson and wife,
Brice Brevard and W. Pi. McCrack
en left yesterday for Tennessee
River to spend a few days fishing
with some Benton County friends.
Huntingdon Democrat.
The steamer City of Paducah of
the St. Louis and Tennessee Biver
Packet Company with an excursion
on board struck a snag and sunk
above Cairo Sunday night. The
s first report was that thirty-five lives
V were lost, but later the loss of life
ia estimated at about fifteen, the
majority of whom were deck hands.
) The boat will be a total loss. The
f boat was in the Tennessee River
trade as far as Florence, Ala.
A Big Handy f-prid of May '.)
mk: J. Tonilin, m ho lives 15 niih h
south of Rig Sandy, lost his house
by tire yesterday morning about 1
o'clock. The burning is supposed
to bo the woik of a firebug.
Maninge licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk (1. B. Greer
to Y. R. Hicks and Jennie War
mack, J. L. Maddux and L. A. Ad
ams, J. V. Hall and Minnie Wil
liams, Ed Furnir ami Bertie. Law
rence. We had the plea-tiro of a call
from (Jen. W. AY. Wade of Trenton
Saturday, who is a candidate for
attorney-general. He is a very
pleasant gentleman, nnd if honored
with the position ho Peeks Benton
County will have a fearless and
conscientious servant.
Travis Davidson, one of tho old
t pioneers and a highly esteemed cit
izen of the county, died at his
home near Claud last Wednesday
morning. He was between seventy
and eighty years of age, and had
been in bad health for some time.
We extend condolence to the rela
The exercises for the close of tho
public school will bo Thursday and
r riday nights of next week. The
program will consist of recitations
songs and drills for the primary
department and two dramas (one
each night) for the advanced class
es. The exercises of tho graduat
ing classes will be deferred until
June 18.
By a clerical mistake of tho re
porter of the proceedings of camp
No. 1014, United Confederate Yet
erans, the article published in last
weeks issue of The Chronicle stat
ed that Miss Ida McRao was elect
ed sponsor for tho camp when it
should have stated that Mrs. Geor
gia Anderson was elected sponsor,
Mrs. Dora McMackin was electee
maid of honor, and Miss Ida Mc
Rae alternate.
The Nashville, Chattanooga am
St. Louis Railway will sell tickets
to the reunion of the Confederate
Veterans at Memphis at one cen
per mile traveled. The round trip
fare from Camden to Memphis wil
be $2.90. Tickets on sale May 27.
28, 29 and 80. On May 27 there
will be a through schedule, trains
leaving Camden at 9.53 a. m., 10.01
p. m. and 2.55 a. m.
schedules on other days.
The Jolly Sisters were entertain
edby Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hall Mon
day evening. Those present were
Misses Mag Melton, Lizzie McCul
lough, Bertha McElyea, Pearl Mc
Rae, Bettie Carrington, Zula Mc
Elyea and Joe Sullivan, Mrs. Dora
McMackin, and Messrs. W. D.
Cooper, W. T. Morris, L. R. Wat
son, Roy Melton, Rudolph. Good
man, and W. M. Robins. After
spending a delightful evening to
gether the members, by vote, agreed
to disband for the season.
The new firm of Hudson & Travis
make an announcement in The
Chronicle that will interest the
public.' They have purchased the
soda water fountain and appurte
nances of T. J. Dodd and will open
up a business at the stand formerly
occupied by Mrs. S. J. Travis The
firm is composed of It. Garlon Hud
son and Eugene E. Travis and will
deal in fancy groceries, cigars, to
bacco, etc. They will be ready to
do business to-day. See advertise
ment in another column.
Children's day will be observed
at Liberty next Sunday.
When tho liver fails to secrete
bile, the blood becomes loaded with
billious properties, the digestion
becomes impaired and the bowels
constipated. Herbiue has a direct
action on tho liver and excretory
organs, and a few doses will cure
any case of billiousness. Trice, 50
cents. Sold by all druggists.
Ila.el, the little four year old
laughter of Mr. nnd Mis. J. B. Yick-
y narrowly escaped drowning in
th creek near h basn ball ground
a.4 Friday afternoon during the
irourcssof the match iraino between
luntingdon and Camden. While
laying on the bank she accidently
oppled over in the water. Orville
Travis, a fifteen year old lad, who
was near by, heard the fall and her
screams and promptly waded into
ho, water and lifted tho littU girl
out and carried her to tho anxious
mn.mtKv.s day.
Children's day will bo observed
at the Methodist Church next Sun-
lay morning. Tho exercises will
irgin about 10 o'clock. Following
in tho program:
Sonr, No. '.'.'-"My Fiiitli Looks Pp to Thee."
Prayer, hy I In i:isor, Key. J. M. l'iekem,
Kceiliitlon, by Mamie lel!;ie.
Souk, No. 118-"l.ead Mo (iently Home, Futh-
AiMresm, liy fey. .1. M. Pickens.
Peellaiion, liy MHton.
Son;;, No. !H-"Keutitiful Holies."
Recitation, by Myrtle MeKae, Allio P.. Combs.
l.ueile .loluison, Anna .May Johnson. l!os;t P.ea.
ton and Clara Sullivan.
Recitation, by Ooekie Sliipp.
Recitation, by l'l ie P.ridp s.
Sons; -"!,( t I s Crown Him."
Scripture mulniK, by the superintendent and
Sunt;, No. Sfl-"Weloonic For Me."
Recitation, by (ins AYeathcrly.
Recitation, by Maude Weatherly.
Recitation, by Ruell McCill.
Recitation, Wade I.owry, Newton Clenient.Or-
ville PulTonl nnd Sannnie Chandler.
Son;, No. r.0-"Tcll It Again."
Recitation, Fiba Carney.
Recitation, by Morial Oillespie.
Son;;, No. 4:i-"Tw ililit Shadows."
Recitation, by Adrian Patcman.
Recitation, by Znki Pickens.
Recitation, by Jennie 1 'reason .
Son;, No. ,o.
Collection Misses Cora Maiden, Clor Clement
and Jennie Pre.sson, Tom Melton, Alvin Lashlee
and (ins Weatherly.
I'.shers-Sude Naifeh and Clifford F.ateinan
Regular correspondence.
The farmers are needing rain in
this locality.
J. L. Holland i3 making needed
improvements on his dwelling.
Several from here attended the
old time singing at Flatwoods Sun
Aaron Farrar of Paris was here
Saturday and Sunday visiting rela
tives and friends.
J. F. McKelvey has taken the
contract to build the new schoo
house on Harmons Creek.
B. F. Davidson and D. B. IIol
land are through cutting ax ban
dle3. They have about two car
loads on the yard.
Rev.. W. A. Watts failed to fil
his appointments at Flatwoods anc
Chestnut Hill Sunday on accoun
of tho sickness of his little girl.
John Vick, an esteemed young
man of this community, died last
week. He had been in bad health
for a long time, yet he never com
plained, and when the end came he
passed away peacefully and happy
The interment took place at Flat
woods Cemetery Saturday. Servi
ces were conducted by Uncle Tom
Pafford and Rev. Jesse Farmer,
The bereaved relatives have the
sympathy of the entire community
Way, May 14.
Regular correspondence.
A good shower would be good a
Farmers are about done plantin
corn and cotton.
S. A. Byrn and S. C. Madry were
at Camden Tuesday.
Wheat and oats are looking fine
There is the largest acreage plan
ed in cotton this year than has been
for many years. There is an abund
ant peach crop this year.
Yes, a poor dog law beats no law,
though there are, we fear, some
children yet that will go hungry on
account of the mangy canine. Now
let us have the no fence or stock
law, and see how they would work
Smitii's College, May li.
We will exchange subscriptions
to The Chronicle for a few loads
of 20-inch wood for stove.
T!ii new f.i tn (,f Unison Turns will lio ten ly for n-in s
t )-!ny at tl stan-1 funnily orcuj-iu,! by tin; iiiill.net y linn i f
Mri. S. J. Travis.
Soda Water and Soft Drinks,
Picnic and Regular Lunches, Fresh Dread, Cakes, Wafers,
Deviled Chicken and Turkey,
Tobacco and Cigars.
"iSo'lu Water like iK-moviHe nukca." Cotno mi l pee us.
o f) 11 f m a p
.Tho Celebrated....
PlatiDHB M (Sloss-Finisli pietares Enlarged.
in all grades of work. Low prices. Good work. FRAMES for all
kinds of Pictures. Come and see them. Pictures under our sky
light are far superior to work you get out side.
Northwest Corner of Tublic Square, ... CAMDEN, Tl'.SS.
VTooilmeu of the World Honor the Mem
ory of Sov. I.. J. I. eland.
The order of Woodmen of the
World of Camden on last Sunday,
at 2 o'clock, p. m., nnveiled the
eautif ul monument erected to tlie
memory of Sov. Louis Jay Leland,
The ritualistic ceremonies were
eautifnl and impressive. Profes
sor King, South African War Lect
urer, made a few remarks eulogist
ic of the dead sovereign.
Mayor Tom C. Pye also made an
address commenting and showing
the nobility of tho deceased sover
Sovereign Leland was the organ
izer of Post Oak Camp, No 47,
Woodmen of the World, and at the
time of his death, which occurred
in Iloilo, Philippine Islands, was a
member of that camp.
The members met in the forest
and accompanied by the Claude
Hudson Concert Band, marched to
the cemetery where there was quite
a large crowd in waiting. The day
was very beautiful and pleasant.
B. F. Brown had his camera on
the ground and photographs were
taken of the monument, and the
Woodmen of the World and also
of the band.
A sensational and very mysteri
ous affair occurred in this city at au
early hour Sunday morning, th
particulars of which disclose either
the thwarting of a bold attempt to
rob the Bauk of Huntingdon or an
effort at a practical joke on the part
of someone, savs a Huntingdon
special to tho Nashville Banner.
Vance J. Higgs, a young attorney
of this city, has been sleeping at
the bank and states that ho was
awakened about 3 o'clock yesterday
morning by noises in the rear of
the bank. He arose and dressed
himself, and securing a revolver, he
began an investigation. As he ap
proached the door a shot was fired
through a rear window, the ball
burying itself in the wall uncom
fortably close to Mr. Iliggs. lie
hurriedly made his exit out the
front door, falling down the stops
in his haste to get away. Mr.
Iliggs then started across the
square to Hotel Olive in search of ! suddently cool and his wife started
help, and two shots were fired at a fire. Asa result t300 of his hard
him as ho ran. Au investigation ; earned savings went i;p in binc-Lii.
W turn' J U
failed to determine whether it was
an attempt at robbery, a practical
joke or an attempt upon the life of
Mr. Higgs. Nothing was molested
at the bauk. The shots were heard
by others and the holes in the win
dow and wall show for themselves.
On tho whole the affair is a very
mysterious one. A rather peculiar
feature of the occurrence is the fact
that when Mr. Iliggs appeared at
Hotel Olive at 3.05 a. in. he wag
fully attired, even to a standing
collar, tie and carefully brushed
hair, which give the occurrence tho
air of a joke. J ust where the joke
comes in is not plain. Mr. Iliggs
is a young man of unquestioned
veracity, and the citizens are at a
loss to understand tho cause of the
mysterious pistol shots.
Express Company Will Hnndle No More
ia "C. O. I." Way.
The local oflice of the Southern
Express Company has received or
ders to decline all c. o. d. ship
ments from this date. No expla
nation of the causes loading up to
the order is given, but the nature
of it is to prevent any persons from
points out of the city from having
whisky sent to them without send
ing the cash in advance.
It will be remembered that Judge
Clark in the United States circuit
court recently decided that the
whisky was sold, or the trade made,
where the money was passed. This
would cause all c. o. d. whisky sales
to be made in the various places
whence the orders emanated.
When the order of towns with,
stringent liquor laws is contem
plated it will be seen at once that
c. o. d. shipments of whisky would
lay the express company open to
constant indictments for sales of
whisky, in a legal sense, at the
various offices in the State. The
person or company that delivers
whisky in exchange for money is
legally the sailer of the article. It
is therefore necessary, to avoid
trouble, that the express companies
should not so deliver such goods at
their offices in the various towns of
the State.
A Chicago man who was afraid
to trust the banks hid his money
in a stove. The weather turned

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