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Camden's Great Bargain Place
NAIFEH BROS., Proprietors.
Furnishings. ISSt
tlie pick of the market. Wo aro always the first
tu li'ecivo conseyvritivo new styles. Our line of
aro of the newest palli-riis and made up in the
latest styles. Trices range from 20 cents to $1.
New Spring Styles Collars, Cuffs,
Ties, Handkerchiefs, etc,
are also the Yery latest things out.
Our line of Summer Underwear,
Prices ranging from 25 cents a garment up, ia
the best we ever owned.
VAlVIVWl Sugars and Coffees,
"Y aie maVwg & specialty of sugar and coffee,
and can furnish you paokago coffee, bulk coffee,
green or roasted, and white and brawn sugar.
Our prices on these will interest yon.
AVe will pay the highest market price for all
your barter and country produce.
C I nf" h i n o ero 3 011 fin
wIvlLlIII 1 i very newest novelties
in Men's, Boys' and Children's Spring Clothing,
up-to-date in Style, down-to-date in price.
You can find just what you want
Don't have to compromise with Style, Quality
or Price. Lookers will have the same courteous
attention as purchasers. AVe want you to post
QllfVPC AVe think the new Spring and
OiIUCD Summer styles in Men's, La
dies', Misses' and Children's Shoes and Oxfords
are the prettiest shown for several seasons. Have
you seen them? You want to, don't you? We
are anxious for you to see the new styles in foot
wear. We prepared ourselves to furnish foot
wear to one-third more people than ever before.
Our shoe trade is increasing rapidly. Are you
one of our regular shoo customers? You ought
to be. Cocae and try us we will add you to the
Granulated Sugar, 15 pounds for $1; Brown Sugar, 1G pouuds for $1; Arbuckle and Lion Roasted
Coffee, two packages for 25 cents.
Our goods are all new, and the above are just a few of the attractions found in our matchless stock.
NAIFEH IIROS., Southwest Corner Tublio Square, Camden, Tenn. Telephone 19.
Frequent inquiries have come to
the TJn,iver,sity this spring about a
whitifik woolly substance found on
the roots, and, sometimea in the
bark crevices, of apple- trees, Tfhis
is the woolly aphia or apple root
louse and it is liable to become a
serious, pest in apple orchards, es
pecially where the trees are not
making a vigorous growth.
Being a sucking insect it is not
affected by arsenical poisoning, and
as it passes part of its life below
the surface of the soil it is difficult
to overcome. The aerial form does
not do much damage, but below
ground it causes swellings of the
root, the injury resulting being
similar to that caused by phyllox
era in grapes.
Hot water, at nearly the boiling
point, applied round the collar of
the tree after removing the surface
soil, is an inexpensive remedy.
Enough must be used to soak into
the soil for a depth of a foot tobacco
dust, from two to five pound per
tree, scattered over the main roots
after removing the surface of the
soil, is reported a remedy, and is
also a preventive,, while being a
good fertilizer;. Tobacco dust can
be bought at $20 per ton of the
larger factories. The division of
entomology has issued a valuable
circular on this insect.
Charles A. Keffer,
Tennessee Experiment Station,
Don't despair because you have
a weak constitution. The vitaliz
ing principle of Herbine will as
suredly strengthen it. In every
drop of Herbine there ia life.
There is a stimulating, regenerat
ing power, unequaled in the whole
range of medicinal preparations.
Price,. 50 cemts. Sold by all (hug-gists.
Children who are weak, fretful
or troublesome should be given a
few doses of Whites Cream Vermi
fuge. They will then become
strong, healthy and active, have
rosy cheeks, bright eyes, will be
happy and laughing all the day
long. Price, 25 cents. Sold by
& druggists.
One black and on& bay horse; black
horse has cut on right hind leg by barbed
wire and foretop is cut off; the bay horse
is very old and anatural pace?. Will py
reward for their recovery or for any ia
formation leading to the same.
0. A Ri ff,
Sugar Tree, Tenn.
Mrs. A, Y. Brown, Administratrix, vs.
George Gaddy.
By virtue of a venditioni exponas in my hands
issued by L. It. Watson, clerk of the circuit court
of Benton County, Tennessee, I will on
Monday, the 3rd Day of June, 1901,
expose to public sale to the highest bidder, for
cash, at the court house door in Camden, Ten
nessee, the one hundred acres of land of George
Gaddy, the same being situated In the ninth civil
district of said county and bounded as follows,
to-wit: On the north by Frank Cheatham, on
the south bv Berrv, on the west by Cheatham
and Garner and on the east by Brown. The said
laud wiU be sold, subject to homestead rights.
The s;ue was comtewned as the property of
Georg Gaddy and ordered to he sniii hv n.D nir
ctiit court of Kenton Coinitv. Tennpsspp. at tim
April term, vm, to satisfy a judgment in favor of
airs. a. i urowu and against tlie said George
Gaddy for tlie sum orSSi-w and al cost.
J. HIS April 23, 1001.
22-18 E. E. FRY, Sheriff.
The Sunday edition of tlie St. Louis Republic
Is a marvel of modern newspaper enterprise.
The organization of its news service is world
wide, complete in every department; in fact, su
perior to that of any other newspaper.
The magazine section Is Illustrated In daintily
tinted colors and; splendid, halftone pictures.
This section contains more high class literary
matter than any of the moathly magazines. The
fashions illustrated la natural colors are especi
ally valuable to the ladies.
The colored comic section is a genuine laugh
maker. The funny cartoons. ai!e by the best ar
tists. Tlie humorous stories, are high class, by
authors of national reputation.
Sheet music, a high class popular song, is fur
nished free every Sunday in The Republic.
The price of The Sunday Republic by mall one
year Is. 32.00. For sale by all news dealers.
WANTED To sell or tent Columbia Grapho
plione. A fine fifty dollar outfit including
27 records of l!p-To-I)ate selections. Address
ARTHUR FRINGE, Chaseville, Tenn.
and State Warrants for sale at The Chhon
iclb oftlce. Other blanks printed to order.
Paris Machine Pops,
Lathe, engine, and boiler work a specialty. We
make smoke stacks. All work guaranteed . We
keep all kinds of supplies, and sell all kinds of
machinery. Telephone 12G.
Rheumatism, is conceded to have
its origin, ia a. poisoned condition
of the blood., and to be most sue
s cessfully treated by Herbine which
vacts tipon the liver, kidneys and
other blood purifying organs, there
by divesting the system of the of
fending agents. Price 50 cents.
Sold by all druggists
(No. 879.)
In obedience to a decree of the chancery court
at lamuen, leiuiessee, March term, 1901, in the
case of W. G. Robinson et als. vs. W. II. Hyatt,
administrator, et als., I will on
Monday, the 6th day of May, 1901,
at the east door of the court-house i 11 the town nf
Camden offer for sale to the highest bidder two
tractioi land, S. It. Harris, deceased, died, seized
and possessed of. the court having n nrmint ail
commissioners, to lay off dowry and homestead
lor j, a. Harris, sue beinir the w dnw nf s ti
Harris, deceased. That part assigned by com
missioners win De sold subject to homestead and
dowry; that part of the said tract tint.
as homestead and dowry will be sold In bar of the
equity oi noniestead and dowrv. A cnmniptoH,..
scrlption will be given on day of sale.
oaiu tracts 01 land w 11 be sold on n. pruiii nt c
and 12 months, In bar of the equity of redemp
tion. except 20 ner cent. cash, ami interact
tug notes taken for the two deferred payments
approved personal security thereon and s
lien will be retained on said land as further s
curlty. The purchaser can pay cash and save
This April the 8th, 1901.
Clerk and Master
ft" I . N
Turstiant to a decree of the county court of Ren
v" county, leiuiessee, will on the 3rd day
, June, next, at the east door of the
said county offer for sale at public outcry to the
highest bidder five tracts of land lying priucipal
. ly on Eaule Creek and Tenn
i first and thirteenth districts of Benton County,
: i-uiiKuiiiiiK in me aggregate something like 1.
acres, being the lands owned by E. T. Woods
the time of his death, to n
creditors of the said E. T. Woods and for parti
tion among h.!s heirs unon terms f,tiinwa.
r Ten perceut. cash the remainder in two equal
luLuiuieiusi auu payaoie at nine and eight
months, and free from t,ii rwht
aad encumbrance except that the 144 acre tract
s"! ieeK is encumbered with the dow
ngiiioi Amanita Jiutton.
Said lands will be offered first in five tracts
aescrioeu in tins cause and then as a whole,
we uiu or uius accepted which brines the
price to the estate. The imi pha
will be required to execute notes with personal
aecui ny xor me aeierred payments and a lien
ue reiameii on uie land to secure the same.
The lands will be fully described by meets
uuuims on aay oi sale.
This the 15th day of April, 1901.
Jo R. Hawkins, . B. ORKER. Clerk.
Solicitor for complainant. a; 13
II. v. mm; A! I,.
I . A. I'OTTH.
1 will
i and
IE.tt.F.l:i IN
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Groceries, Hardware, Quccnsware, Tinware, etc., etc.
Vou are Inv ited you to call and inspect our new Roods and
Ret our prices before buying elsewhere.
riown, Corn IrlllM
Oliver, Yulcnn and II.
F. Avery Kepnlm, and
anything you need In
ulielf good.
Sole Leather, Hitmen,
Galvanized Wire and
Hulls, tuning Tackle.
Gold Watches Com
Ilete, Gold Cane, all
kind of ritm and IJut
toim, Solid Gold Collar
Mutton, Gold Fountain
l'enk, Clock, etc. AUa
all kind Kepuiilng.
All work Guaranteed.
Our Notion Depart
nient li a good a the
tow 11 affords- Hoilery.
Handkerchief, Neck
ware, Collar and Cuff,
fain-all price -Trim,
mlng, liuttuu, and all
the little Notion.
Sboes and Hats.
"Te are selling a line of Shoes that will do you good to see.
Some bargains-S2 and $3 Shoes for i?l and 1.25.
Slippers and Up-to-date Shoes for men, ladies and children
at bargains.
Men's Hats, in the latest styles, at prices that are sure to
open your eyes.
Drj Goods.
The best thing; In Camden Is our.
piece good!). A nice Scotch Lawn
at 3 1-a cents per yard. Dregs Ging
ham, 6 cent per yard. Kverythlug
that goes to make a pretty Waiat or
Lre-we have It.
will fit Glae to your eye
tUt V.U1 make you feel young and
will be 11 pleasure to wear. '
W turuiiU any kind f Frame
you desire.
Our at oik 1 complete.
The n
The Chronicle is devoted to printing all the county news of inter
est that can be gotten together. It is all-home print. It has more
colum,BS,devoted to reading matter than it has to advertising. It may
not pt&ase you in all things no other newspaper does. It offers no
premiums, not even wtwo pape'ss at the price of one," but its publish
ers use every effort to give you a reliable county paper well worth
the price asked for it.
Are you a subscriber? If not, you should delay no longer, but
subscribe at once.
Onfl Year Ji nn 1
1 .
papie m Advance:
Six Months
Three Months....
i TRAVIS BROS., Publishers.
F. G. Hudson vs. J. H, Combs.
By virtue ol a venditioni exponas lu my bands,
issued by L. R. AVatsou, clerk of the circuit court
of IVenton Coainty, Tennessee, I will on
Monday,, the 3rd Day of June, 1901,
expose to public sale to Uie highest bidder, for
cash, at the court-house door in the town of Cam
den, Tennessee, the undivided interest of J. II.
Combs in the following tract of land lying and
being in the liftli civil district of Benton County
and State of Tennessee and bounded as follows:
On the north by the lands of Frazier, south by
Hudson.'east by Evans and west by Sparks, the
said land being in the name of O. G. Combs heirs
and contains 3-'0 acres. The same was condemn
ed as the undivided inteitst of J. II. Combs and
oidered to be sold by the circuit court of Benton
County, Tennessee, at the April term, 1901, to
satisfy a judgment in favor of F. G Hudson and
against J. II. Combs for the sum of $43 and cost.
This April 23, 1301.
2vM5 E. E. FKY, Sheriff.
Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
Trains arrive at Camden dally on the Naihvllle,
Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway as follows: '
No. 1-express 6.38 am
No. 3-mail M7pm
No. 53-express 2.55 ara
No. 15-accommodation (mixed) 1 1.43 am
No. 2-express. 10.04 pm
No. 4-mail 9.53 am
No. 52-express 2.55 am
No. 14-ftccommodation (mixed) iao pm
Daily, except Sunday.
OCR job printing facilities are first-class, and
our specialty 13 pood work. Est! mates (and
samples where tmssible) will be furnished on au
iicatiou. Address The Chronicle, Camd
! t
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