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Kd Jjind.M'y of JJig Sandy win in
town Wednesday.
Jj. 11. Wutsmi wont o Iig Sandy
Saturday on buincM.
T. K. Ellingloji is moving to the
Luwis laco, on I'arU street.
AV. K. Mdtao of Niihlivillo was
in tho city onti day this week.
Miss Charlie Evans attended the
ecliool exercises hero hint week.
T. W. Floyd of iig Sandy at
tended the reunion ut Memphis.
Sidney L. l'eehr attended su-
prenio court at Jackson last week.
Next Sunday is the appointment
of liev. W. K. Bush at this place.
Mrs. Mike Fry and child are vis
iting relatives at McKenzio this
Hugh MoGill visited friends in
Humphreys County the first of the
The new dwelling house of J. l.
Hudson in Soutlt Camden is about
Dud Hickman of McLemores
villo is visiting his sister, Mrs. II.
L. Bridges.
J. T. Town send and family have
gono to McKenzio to spend a few
weeks with relatives.
Miss Kertha McElyea left the
first of the week to visit relatives
in Humphreys County.
Miss Lizzie McCullougti and
Prof. AV. D, Cooper went to Fleas
ant Ilidge last Sunday.
Mrs. AY. S. Corbitt and children
Iiave gone to Ralston to spend a
ifew weeks with relatives.
We will exchange subscriptions
-to TnE Chronicle for a few loads
of 20-inch wood for stove.
Mrs. D. B. Thomas and child
went to Jackson the first of the
week to visit relatives and friends.
Alonzo Barker and wife of the
Iu,diau Territory are visiting rela.
tives in .the Middlebrook comma
The school for teachers opened at
Benton Seminary Monday. About
sixty students have been enrolled
this week, and the number will be
increased by new students Mon
Miss Annie Doty of Hollow Bock
attended the school exercises here
Thursday and Friday nights of last
week. She was accompanied home
Saturday by her brother who has
been attending school at Benton
The Camden and CoweJl's Chape
base ball nines crossed bats here
Friday afternoon. The score was
29 to 27 in favor of Camden. At
the ninth inning the game was a
tie, and ten innings were played
with the above result.
J. R. Hudson and Charles Atkins
have the contract to make the brick
for the new Methodist Church
building. We understand it is the
intentfon of the .church committee
to begin work on the building by
the first of August if not before.
Walter, the 12-year-old son o
I). J. Allen, died very suddenly
Tuesday morning. Ho attendee
gfirvicea at Cross Roads Sunday
but complained of not feeling well
A physician was called in Monday
but he could give no .relief, as th
boy had brain trouble, and he soon
nassed away. The interment was
fit Cross Roads Cemetery. AV
extend sympathy to tho bereavet:
Camden was well represented a
Men-mhis this week. Anions those
x -
who attended the reunion were
T. J. Lowry, II. F. Stigall, S. II
Hall, S. S. Clayton, J. M. Lashlee
G. 0, Camp, Dr. F. G. Hudson, A
It. Morris, AV. 15. MeCullough,
Ii. Yickrcy, J. M. Gillespie, R. AV
Spencer, Jim Hicks, R. G. Hudson
Roy Melton, AValter Hudson, Yir
ml Holland. John ISP'feli an
e -
Hies Ren and Hester Bell.
The directly of lh' ( " a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Telephone Exchange will be ready
ft r dis! ribution to-morrow.
County Out Clerk G. B. Giver
has i.sj-ait'd n marriage lid-use to
John S. Lindsey ami Clem Eovvry.
Circuit Clerk L. R. Watson will
pay to tlm following parties fees
duo them in his office if they will
call and receipt for the, same: J.
II. J Idlings worth, AV. W. Homes,
J. F. dribble, Sam Thomas, G. W.
IluU'inrm, Dick Morrow, Tom Win
field, R. 1). Lansdeu and C. F.
Tho oath of oiTico was adminis
tered to the newly elected board of
mayor and aldermen at a meeting
held Saturday night. Immediately
tho board went into the election of
a marshal ami recorder. Mr. Cor
bitt was not an applicant for re
election, and R. F. Haley was chos
en recorder. E. G. Flowers was
re-elected marshal.
lln Aniintl rxerrlur T i U Tlnco tit the
1,'iMirl-lnHino l.H'K VirtU,
The old adage, "one thing leads
to another," is a truoone. One new
industry started in a town is soon
followed by another or many oth
ers. The success of the first makes
tho second necessary; or if it be an
independent concern, encourages
io establishment of others of like
character. The rule has been
)roven often and in many places
)ig and little by many enterprises
and little. It is well to get out
of tho old rut at any point and at
any time and in any way. There
not a town or village in the
country that can nof'make a break"
in some direction if its business
men and progressive men will get
together to start some new enter
prise of some description, if only to
utilize tho wasted resources of the
ocality or to supply the home de
mand, the coilntry demand, for
some products that is now purchas
ed abroad. A canning factory, a
furniture factory, a cotton factory
in fact, there is a long list of in
dustries that would pay a profita
ble dividend when once established
lere. All that is required to so
cure these enterprises is for some
of our progressive men to "make
the break," and the rest will follow.
ii. r. m io i i.
1 . a. roi TH.
A big Fourth of July celebration
should be worked up for Camden.
it a very small expense a big
crowd would be attracted here
Something like a basket picnic
could be provided, with good speak
ing (of which we have a good sup
ply of home talent to draw from)
crames and other amusements ant
at eight a fewT fireworks iu cour
square or the suburbs of theiown
AVe make the suggestion in time
for ample preparation for a cele-
. -9 t T 1 1 11 l
oration, we would liko to see
some of our enterprising and patri
otic citizens take hold of this and
let us have a Fourth of July cele
bration that will be a credit to
Camden. Other towns are doing
this. Huntingdon, raised nearly
300 last year in a few hours, and
they had a grand time. People
from Camden attendedbecause
we had no celebration at home!
Must we let the great American
bird which typifies liberty soar al
around us, leaving us sitting iu the
shadow of his wing? Get up a
celebration, and the crowds will
come. Don't delay. Call a mass
meeting, appoint your committees.
We can have a big celebration and
patriotism will flow liko water.
Besides, it will do tho town good.
The annual cloning exercises of
'the public school took place Rt the
ourt-house Thursday andrnday
nights of last week before audien
.11 iii
ces mat completely imcKeu ma
house, many being turned away
after vainly attempting to get n
footing even in the hallway leading
to tho court room.
The program Thursday night
was greatly enjoyed, especially the
drills and recitations, and tho dra
ma, "Driven From Home," came
in for its shareofapplau.se, though
it was evident that those who took
a part had not given much time or
rehearsal to the play. ,The drama
was repealed on Saturday night,
and was presented with more snap
and animation than on the first
night, and was enjoyed and appre
. Tho program Friday night in
cluded a fan drill and tho drama,
"Uncle Josiah's Courtship," which
was keenly enjoyed by tho large
audience present. Especially was
it appreciated by young America
who wa3 largely in evidence cud
very noisy.
The musical development of the
children drilled for the occasion
was strongly evident in the pro
gram Thursday night. Singing
ias been a part of the daily work
of the students since last Septem
It was first intended to have only
two nights of tho entertainment,
but in order to defray the expense
incurred in building a stage, etc.,
tho two dramas and one of the
drills were repeated Saturday night
and a small charge was made for
tho above purpose.
In summing up the program num
bers it would be difficult to in Ji
vidualize, even if we were eo inclin
ed, where all was so well done.
Professors Cooper and Lindsey
and Mrs. Lindsey deserve much
credit for the successful termina
tiou of the school as well as the en
joyable exercise closing the same,
and if the question is left with the
patrons of the school they would
bo promptly chosen to teach the
school for another year.
Those students who expect to
graduate have several weeks of
study ahead of them before the final
commencement exercises of Ben
ton Seminary.
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Groceries Hardware, Queens ware, Tinware, etc., etc.
You arc invited yon to call anJ inspect our new Roods and
get our prices before buying elsewhere.
larJnare. !' Jswelrg.
J'lown, Corn Drill,
Oliver, Volenti mid IS
V, Avery Itcpali. mul
anything you need in
ttlielf good.
Sola Leather, Hume,
(nlvHiii.ctl Wire) uml
Colts r lulling Tuckle.
(3ilil Watch t Com
plete, !oliI Cum-, all
kind of I'lii ami Mut
ton, Soldi (iold Collar
Kill ton, (iiilil Fountain
I'chh, Clock, He. Al
all kimU KepaiiTni;.
All work (iuarunteed.
Ot.r 7i.jt.wn Trpwrt
inent a good t,
town nfl.iiiln-Hotlery,
HundkerchloiM, NerL
ware, Collar and C11JT',
Fan nil prion - Trim
ming, Mutton, and all
the little, Notion.
gfioss end Hats.
"We are selling a line of Shoes that will do you good to see.
Some bargains 2 and ' Shoes for SI and $1.25.
Slippers and Up-to-dato Shoes for men, ladies and childr-ri
at bargains.
Men's Hats, in the latest styles, at prices that aie sure io
open your eyes.
Bra Goo3s.
The bent thing; In Cmixlen Is our
Ilece Roods. A nice Scotch I. awn
at 3 1-2 cents per yard. Prens Oliiy;
IiauiH, 0 cent per yard. Kverything
that Roes tn make a pretty Waist or
Dress -we iiave it.
Wvvlll fit Clauses to your eyes
tkaV will make you feel jimnp -KiuJ.
will he n pleasure to wear.
AVe fiii nibU any kind of i rair.es
you desire.
Our itock Is complete.
For Infants and Children. .
The Kind Yoa Hays Alvs Bought
leieta's ifonv'
ai eta'e intra"
Sameteait's ineeo"
Three of the best Cigars in Cani'den.
Cigar for a nickle. Sold exclusively by
.A Ten Cent
Picnic and Regular Lunches, Fresh Bread, Cakes, Wafers,
Deviled Chicken and Turkey,
Bears the
Signature of
Naifeh Bros, are offering some
rare bargains in pauts. The pants
were slightly damaged by rain last
week, and they are offering $2,50
pants for $1.00, and $1.00 pants for
50 cents.
Rheumatism is conceded to have
its origin in a poisoned condition
of tho blood, aud to be most suc
cessfully treated by Herbine, which
acts upon the liver, kidneys and
other blood purifying organs, there
by divesting the system of the of
fending agents. Price 50 cents.
Seld by all druggist?
Piles are not only most painful,
but also very dangerous, as the in
flamed nodules are very apt to take
on malignent action and cancer of
the rectum is produced. They
should be cured. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment will cure the
most obstinate cases. Price, 50
cents in bottles. Tube3, 75 cents.
Seld by all druggists.
A GliliAT NKWSl'Al'EK.
Th SiinU:iy eilition of the St, Louis Republic
is a marvel of iiimluru newspaper rnterpn
The oi 'nanialimi of its news serviee is work!
wide, complete in every department; in faet, su
perior to that of any oilier newspaper.
The magazine section is illustrated in daintily
tinted colors and splendid halftone luetureu.
This section contains more hlj;li class literary
matter than any of the monthly luaaines. The
fashions illustrated in natural colors are especi
ally valuable to the ladies.
The colored comic section is a pMtuiue latih
inaUer. 1 lie funny cartoons are by the best ;ir
tits. The humorous stones are liih elas by
authors of national reputation.
Shed music, a Itiyh class popular sour, is fur
nished free every Sunday in Tne Republic.
The price of The .Sunday Republic by until one
ear is J o. Tut sale by ail news deaieis.
. .The Celebrated...,
Gltsss-Finisli Pictures EoIanieiL I
in all grades of work. Low prices. Good work. FRAMES for all
kinds of Pictures. Come and see them. Pictures under our sky
light are far superior to work you get out side.
NorUiwest Corner of Public Sq.iis.rc,
Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis
Trains arrive at Camden daily on the Nashville,
Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway w follows:
Xo. l-ex press
No. 3 mail
No. express
No. lj -accommodation iniixed).
No. 2-ex)ireis
No. 4 mail
No. 5.' express
No. U-&ccommodatinii .niixedi.
laiiy, except Sunday.
Paris SJaeiiiiia
. G.s air.
. 5.47 pm
. ::.r."am
.11.J5 am
. lo.ot pm i
. 9.n:i am 1
. 'i.:,: am I
. .V) pm
La: lie, engine, and boiler wot k a specialty,
make smoke stacks, .vll woik uuHi.tt.teeil.
keep all kinds of suppie-i. ami
u.a' liliiery . Telephone '.
:aus ot ; J. A. I
A. V. Bowles, Administrator, vs. W
C. Berrl&n et
On Monday, the ,;;ru day of June, next, at the
east door of the court-boure in C'amdeu, 'l enneti
see, I will sell to the highest bidder at public sale
tiie hi acre tract of laud owned by 1). W. l'.entoti
at time of his death, lying near the town of lii
Sandy, in the eighth civil district of T.entoii
County, Tennessee.
The sale w ill be made under decree of thfl
county court of said county in the cause of A..V.
Rowles, administrator (.'ID. W. Rent on, deceased,
vs. W. C I'.eniou ct als. to pay debts due fiom
said estate, and said sale w ill be subject to tho
homestead and dowry rights of Lliza Reuton,
w idow of the said 1). W. Rcnton, deceased.
TtllMS OF SALi:.
Twenty per cent, cash; b.k'ance iu two install- i
l'-'en's, p iv.V. le at sh' .ana te. uKniths. Tito
purchaser will be rcjuired toenecute not-s w i'J:
ood personal security for !efcnvft tyiaentti
and as further security . lien will ke lttained ot?
the said land.
Tiie lauds will be fuky uesriibed by meets am(
bounds on dav (if mi'c.
Til's Cie lull day of May, p .!.
,, R. lR .:: R, t ieik.
.t.,I KNT
ci.ur f,,i comp',a!ti.int.

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