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I wcuul say a wonl in Muil of
the little oiu-h, the coming nifn anil
women; tho advancing j)lialanx
which is to leave its impress! on
time. I would help to place this
coming pmemtion one ht'cp higher
thnn the lust that it mny lie loosed
from tho trnmels of past ngcH.
That its pathway may bo along a
broader road, though that road may
le but tho lengthening, broadening,
brightening of a pathway prepared
by intellects who fought the good
igbt and laid down their lives,
paying only progress R3 their herit
age. It is by reaping the benefit
of past intelligence that progress
in one generation leads to higher
progress in each succeeding gener
ation. Through the mistakes made in
the past many a lesson has been
learned, and indeed it is through
mistakes alone that new lessons are
learned. Seeing this, therefore,
and seeing a remedy is needed it
it m.ufit bo- looked for far beneath
the surface.
Let us come to the root of the
matter: In times gone by the
maxim that "children must be seen
and not heard" made them utterly,
absolutely subservient to the ruling
powers with no say in the matter.
Now I suppose some little indig
nant soul said to him or herself,
"When I'm grown up I won't treat
my little children that way. I'm
going to "let them do just as they
Just so a new thought is awak
ened, as a pebble thrown into the
water ihat widens its circles until
lost to the eye. So that little one's
declaration of independence, its
proclamation of freedom, made its
impress and parents and teachers
have felt its influence and have
been roused to study the best meth
ods for guiding this republic of
little ones that is in future to form
ulate the laws of nations.
Children are not reasonable, but
reasoning beings and that reason
ing faculty should be cultivated
from its very first inception. On
this subject I speak advisedly.
Now the usual way of punishing
children, by whipping, is atrocious;
it is barbarous, a relic of ages of
ignorance. A child treated so
grows up in fear, deep rooted fear
that blasts i.ts very life. It culti
vates a self-consciousness, a fear of
w.hat this one or that one will say
or think. It leaves no room for
freedom of thought.
Well, their instructors, be they
at home or at school, are not really
to blame; they are following in the
old ruts. Only a few have cut a
new road through an uutrod jungle
and found a path leading up to a
brighter,, sweeter life.
Make companions of your little
neSi Make them feel that father,
mother, teacher are all with them in
interests. Extend always a guid
ing and helping hand that the little
ones may fearlessly grasp it and
they will quickly acknowledge the
love prompting the action.
Wherever it is possible to do so
give them a reason for your demand
for obedience. Where it is not
possible tell them when they are
older they will understand. Stim
ulate always to purity of motives
and desire for knowledge by plac
ing before their minda the sayings
and doings of pure men and women.
Moral and ethical training may
be justly termed tho higher educa
tion of man,, for it applies to the
development of those qualities
which make manhood lovable, he
roic, sublime and whick gives to
life its. richest; aiaicauee-, ite par
psr, rovs-.
j Saying this is riot desparnging
, Wellectual culture. But intelleet
'tial culture alone can not give hap
piness or iuculcate virtue. The
greatest scholars, the most purely
ulivllechud figures in history have
been far from tint happiest men;
nor have they been conspicuous
for virtue or moral culture.
Never admit for one moment
that a child is beyond your control.
Every human being has a will, and
a mighty engine is that will. It is
tho bilent inl'uet.eo belonging to
each individual. No one will deny
that the presence of one person
will be very irritating, whilst that
of another brings peace and rest,
and yet another is like a tonic,
bi 'acingasa fresh mountain breeze.
Now that inlluence is what par
ents and teachers wield ad libitum.
If they would only realize it!
That wonderful, silent inlluence;
that still, small voice so penetrat
ing it can till a wholo big room so
that each littei child can feel its
influence, which it will most surely,
and will slowly but surely acknowl
edge it. Untiring patience and
self-control will make it plainly
Let them see that in reproving
you are only seeking their best in
terests. Show them to what sad
consequences such faults may lead.
It may be very discouraging work
with many subjects, but one can
never tell how much good soil lies
beneath a hard crust into which
some little seed may penetrate and
take root to bear abundant fruit.
So let us never despair.
Never make them afraid to come
to you with all their little troubles.
It will save many a heartache in
after life.
In the home and in the school
let each little soul know that it
wields a wide influence for good
or for evil.
1 would plead, too, that each bo
taught that it is a responsible be
ing. Many and many a life has
been wrecked by reason of having
grown to maturity without know
ing a sense of responsibility.
Join interests with theirs and
make them feel that they are as
sistants in the home and in the
school room.
"Busy work" has been found for
the school room, so that no child
should be allowed to sit idle. When
at home let their interests be found
in the home, not away from home.
Throw some responsibility on each
one. This partnership business ia
productive of great good to both
Let love be our guiding star.
A. B. C.
The following has been going the
round of the press, and credited to
"Onward, roll onward, oh time in
thy flight, and make me a woman
that's clear out of sight; give me
bloomers, the pants and shirts, and
let me get out of these horrible
skirts. A whisker-producer invent
if you can, give me a head that
grows bald like a man; grow a to
bacco that won't make me sick and
teach me to chew, a la man, very
quick. Let me, oh, let me drink
whisky and swear, bet on the
chickens and back the fleet mare.
Stay out at night, hold office and
vote, take in the town and a six
shooter toat; sit on the buzzard
roost if I choose, play base ball and
wear spiked shoes. Onward, roll
onward, oh time quickly fly; make
me a man or help me to die. This
world as it is fills me with woe, but
if I were a man 'twould be a heaven
Cyclists should always- carry a
bottle of Ballardr&Snow Liniment,
in case f accident, if applied im
mediately, it will subdue the pain,
prevent swelling and discoloration,
and quickly heal wounds. Price,
25 and 50 cents. Sold by all drug
gists. Send on your communications.
We want the news from every com
munity m the county.
Tho following stury is given in
nn exchange: It might bo worth
somo of our readers' while to try
the sain? experiment. Surely there
is aniph opportunity these hard
times. A pastor had preached nn
eloquent sermon about Heaven.
A wealthy member of his church
met him tho next day and said:
"Doctor, you told us a great many
grand and beautiful things about
Heaven yesterday, but you didn't
tell us when? it is."
"Ah," said the pastor, "I am glad
of the opportunity of doing so this
morning. I have just come from
the hill top yonder. In that cot
tage is a member of our church.
She is sick in bed with fever. Her
two little children, are sick in the
other bed, and she has not got a
bit of coal, or a stick of wood, or'
flour, or sugar, or any bread.
"Now if you will go down town
and buy fifty dollars worth 6f
things, nice provisions, and send
them to her, and then go and say,
'My sister, I Ihiyo brought you
these provisions in the name of our
Lord and Savior,' ask for a Bible
and rend the twenty-third Psalm,
and then get down on your knees
and pray if you don't see Heaven
before you get through, I'll pay
the bill."
The next morning he said:
"Pastor, I saw Heaven, and I spent
fifteen minutes in Heaven as cer
tainly as you are listening."
Here is another item credited to
A Dutchman with moro or less
philosophy in his make-up address
ed his dog thus: "My dog, you
have a schnap. You vas only a
dog and I'm a man, but vish I vas
you. Effry vay you half the best
of it. Yen you vaut to go mit der
bed in, you shurst turn 'round free
time und lay down. Yen I go mit
der bed in, I haf to lock up der
blace, und vind up der clock und
undress mine self, und my vife
wakes up und scholds me, und cler
baby cries und I half to vawk him
up und down,, then by in by ven I
shust get to sleep it's time to get
oup again Yen you get oup you
strech yourself a coople f times-
und scratch a coople of times und
you are up. I haf to dress mine
self und light der fire, put on der
kettle, scharp some mit mine vife
already und den maybe I gets some
breakfast. You lay 'round all day
und haf plenty fun; I hab to vork
hard all day und haf trouble plen
ty. Ven you die you still haf der
best of me. You shust lay still.
Yen I die I haf to go to hell yet."
In the chancery court of Kenton County, Ten-nessee.-Jolm
A. Klancliard ct als. vs. Timothy
In this cause it appearing from the statements
of complainants o'bill, which is sworn to, that the
defendants, James Pettyjohn and Artie Petty
john, are residents of the Indian Territory and
are non-residents of the State of Tennessee, it
is therefore ordered by the clerk and master that
they enter their appearance herein at the next
July rules day of the chancery court to be held
for the county of Kenton at the court-house in the
town of Camden, Tennessee, on the tirst Monday
in July, next, and plead, answer or demur to
complainants' bill, or the same will be taken as
confessed as to I hem and set for hearing ex parte.
It is further ordered that a copy of this order
be published for four consecutive weeks in Tmc
CAmdkn Chkonici.k, a newspaper published
in the town of Camden, Tennessee.
This May 21, 11)01. A. G. MeDANIF.L,
J. G. Komvs, Cletk and Master.
T rr v rs et r i it hi r c
4 I KMUc. niftnna
Copyrights 4c
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ml i
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