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I, on Oliver of Wuverly Hpent
Sunday with Camden fricmls.
Miss Dlfinclio Melllyea of Plnnt
fame over JWHlny to visit rela-
Mhh Fk lft Quill in of Wyly is
visiting friends ami relutives here
this week.
County Clerk 0. 13. Greer has
issuoil a nmrriatre license to W. II.
W. II. MelUo of Nashville was
down Saturday.
Kogusler II. C. Vnffoid was taken
seriously ill lust week.
Minn Jennio Nanco of Kgvillo
viaitcd hero last Katurday.
T. C. Craney and W. H. Arnold
of Danvillo worn hero Tuesday.
Miss Cora Maiden lias returned Gibson and Maedo Ilollowell
iiomo iroru a visit at JJig handy. After a len-thy visit with rela
Kev. J. M. Youreo has been tivos here, Harry Uartlett returned
BptiuliiiK a few days here this week, to his homo in Texas this week.
Urnut Llerk Ji. K. Watson and Misses Pearl McElvea and Ethel
n ... - I
lorn lucker went to Holladay yes- plant of Plant carao over Sunday
lerday. u0 vj6u relatives aud friends, re-
Miss Ida I5ruuimap;er and II. A. turning homo Yesterday.
Caraway of JJig bandy visited here Yanco J. Ifes and Miss Sallio
Sunday. Brewer wero married at Huntin
A hue boy arrived at the homo don Tuesday. Wo congratulate
of Charley Atkins last Saturday
T 'til m r i "v i ti
jjiino miss jJociiie bnipp is
spending a few days with relatives
in Dickson.
Mr. aud Mr. J. II. Whitfield are
our old friend, and wish that all
his troubles and cares may belittle
There was a good attendance at
the teachers' association at Cowell's
Chanel Saturday. Jackson Allen
spending a few days with relatives was elected president of the associ
at Holladay. ati0u to succeed Prof. A. A. Lind
Lawyer AV. W. Patterson of Erin Sey, who resigned.
lias been here taking depositions Tom J. Dodd left Monday to
in chancery. travel for the T. M. llyan Tobacco
liev. W. R. Stockdale and John Co. His field includes North Ala
Askew of Enloe were hero Monday bama and Mississippi. J. H. Whit
and luesday. field will be in charge of their
Allie Bowles of Paria was over grocery business here.
bunday and Monday to see friends prof. Sam Cooper and sister
and relatives. Miss Ardella. Mr. and Mrs. J. F
liobert L. Phillips of Camden Dowdy, Mr. Schoening, Edgar
was in the city Wednesday. Mc- Clement, Miss Sophia Garner and j
Kenzie Herald. others of Biir Sandy attended the
Marshal E. G. Flowers spent a commencement exercises.
few days on his farm in the eighth a team from Plants livery stable
district last Week. rn mj of. fliA drinf. Frir1nv,
The stockholders of the Benton while the driver, "Chronical" Bran-
County Telephone Co. meet Mon- jon was leading. The team came
day at Big Sandy. through town at full tilt, but was
Miss Dora Carrington of Hunt- stopped a mile or so north of town
ingdon is visiting her sister, Miss by two negroes. Strange to say,
liettie Carrington. no damage was done to team or
Mrs. Hawkins, wife of ex-Gov. WflfmT, Minimi was nnt. in th
Alvin Hawkins, died very suddenly
at Huntingdon Monday.
Little Miss Myrtle Alsup of
wagon at the time.
Old man Spence Kennedy died
at his home in the tenth district
Clarksville has been visiting her Monday. His death was very sud-
eister, Miss Allie Alsup.
Chancellor A. G. Hawkins of
Huntingdon was shaking hands
with friends here Monday.
Mrs. Stella Denton and little sou
of Waverly came over last Saturday
to visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. John W. Maiden of Cam
den is visiting her sister, Mrs. I.
J. Anderson. Huntingdon Demo
den, and probably resulted from
blood poisoning. He was about 72
years of age, a good citizen and a
hard working man. The interment
was at Bethlehem Cemetery. Ilev.
J. W. Wardlow conducted burial
services. The bereaved relatives
have the sympathy of a host of
friends. '
During a rehearsal by the semi
nary students at the court-house
Prof. J. A. Baber and wife leave last Thursday night considerable
this week for a visit to their uncle, alarm was created by some one
E. F. Baber, at Holladay. Hunt- overturning a lamp. In the ex
ingdon Republican. citement an effort was made to
Mrs. W. P. Redick aid child of throw the lamp out. It struck the
Big Sandy are spending a few days railing on the veranda and explod
here with her parents, Capt. and ed. This added to the excitement,
Mrs. W. F.. Maiden. which almost led to a panic among
Mrs. Will S. Corbitt and children the students, but the work of cooler
have returned home from Ealston heads prevailed and no damage re
where they have been spending a suited.
few weeks with relatives.
Summer complaints are preva.
lent to a certain extent among the The commencement exercises of
children of the community, though Benton Seminary began Sunday
Victoria," by Mini Alma Grwer;
'Greatest American Statesman,"
y William J. Allen; "Tennessee,"
y Clifford H. Batemau; "Tru.sU
and Combines," by Isaac N. Law
rence; "Realism in the Present
Period of American and English
Literature" and valedictory, by
Miss Lucas Wyly. The essays
showed careful preparation, aud re
flected as much credit upon the
faculty of the seminary ns those of
the class of 1001.
The graduates were : Bertram D
Johtwon, Miss Alma K. Greer.
William J. Allen, Miss Paulino
Brooks, L. Horace Pressou, Elbert
II. E. Florence, Miss Allie Alsup,
Clifford II. Bateinan, J. M. Lock
hart, Miss Lucas Wyly and Isaac
N. Lawrence. The diplomas were
preceuted by Dr. W. T. Hubbs,
president of the school board.
The exercises closed with a liter
ary address by Hon. Tom C. Rye.
Aside from its literary merit, which
was of the highest order, the ad
dress was a masterly effort and was
full of poetic thought as well as of
good counsel. Mr. Rye was givqn
fln!A nffAnilnn rlnrlnrr ita rial t impir
and more than sustained his repu
tation for oratory and eloquence,
which is co-extensive with the
bounds of Tennessee and the South
mi i i i
ine graduating class gavo an
entertainment at the court-house
Tuesday evening to a crowded
house. The program iucluded the
class drama, "Because I Love You,"
and recitations by Miss Bessie
Bowles and Miss Joe Sullivan.
The drama was full of romance
and thrilling climaxes, the comedy
element being particularly strong,
and was presented to an audience
whose appreciation was not less
than their merit. As the gypsy
waif, Miss Lucas Wyly was charm
ingly good and she won new lau
rels. Miss Alma Greer succeeded
admirably in the role of a wilful,
wayward heiress, and Miss Pauline
Brooks and Miss Allie Alsup es
sayed their parts in a manner which
captivated the audience. Messrs.
M. Lockhart, Horace Presson,
Bertram Johnson, Clifford Bate
man, Elbert Florence, Jack Allen
and Isaac Lawrence (Lige) were
equal in every way to their special
role and deserved the applause
which was tendered them at every
climax in the production. The
recitations of Miss Bessie Bowles
and Miss Joe Sullivan were deserv
ing of the praise and applause re
The climaxes of the drama were
entirely new and excitingly effect
ive. The costumes were elegant,
and the staging was much better
than usual.. The acting was next
to perfection and would have done
credit to professionals, and the
largo audience was united in pro
nouncing it one of the best enter
tainments of the kind ever given
in Camden.
The drama will be presented at
Big Sandy Saturday night.
ii. r. n hi ail,
i. a. runs.
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Holts, fishing Tackle.
we know of no serious cases.
Hon. and Mrs. J, A. Clement re
turned home Monday from a visit
to relatives at Bedding and Dick-
Daniel Clement of Enloe return-
evening when Rev. J. M. Pickens,
pastor of the Methodist Church,
eacned tne baccalaureate ser-
n in at the court-house, lhe court
room was crowded with students
and relatives and friends of. the
ed here from Dickson Saturday, seminary. The sermon was one of
and Masters Newton and Willie the most impressive and schollarly
Clement accompanied him home heard here in years, and was lis
on a visit I tened to with great interest.
Mrs. C. IL Bomar, who has been The graduating eiercises took
visiting relatives and friends at place Monday evening, and the
Camden for two weeks, returned audience was one of the largest
home yesterday Paris Post-In- that ever gathered in the court
telligencer. room on any occasion. The stage
John "Webb and wife of Jones- was tastefully decorated, and June
boro, Ark., and C. II. Webb and flowers of every sort in artistic
wife of Hustburg were called here abundance gave to it fragrance and
this week by the death of their beauty.
mother, Mrs. Dodson. lhe program included severa
Terrell Travis of Nashville has excellent essays by those elected
been down several days to relieve for the purpose by the class of 1901
Aent W. A. Yarbrough, who is They wero delivered in the order
confined to his room because of a named: "TheProgress of Science,'
Si vera attack of rheumatism. by Bertram D. Johnson; "Queen
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Northwest Corner of public Square, - , -
In the chancery court of reuton County, Ten-
. Miss Mary Collins died about
10.30 o'clock Tuesday morning at
the home of her father, Mike Col
lins, aged about 22 years. She had
lon eiVIr o In nA W nesseo.-John A. Ulancliard et als. vs. Timothy
lu this cause it appearing from the statements
of complainants o'bill, which is sworn to, that the
defendants, James Pettyjohn and Artie Petty
john, are residents of the Indian Territory and
are non-residents of the State of Tennessee. It
is therefore ordered by the clerk and master that
death was not unexpected to rela
tives and friends who had watched
at her bedside for several months,
Her character was a beautiful ex
emplification of a christian's life, en,ter fe,r ;p herein at the next
c ' July rules day of the chancery court to be held
and she Was loved and esteemed by lor the county of Beutoo at the court-house In the
n 1 TiU : 1 i town of Camden, Tennessee, on the first Monday
all that knew her. Death is sad at lu Ju!y, .MXtt and pleadi or uemur to
times, but it IS peculiarly Sad when complainants' bill, or the same will be taken as
., a j i confessed as to them and set for hearing exparte.
It Comes tO taking away a young It is further ordered that a copy of this order
lady in the first bloom Of woman- bP"Weu tor tour consecutive weeks inTi.K
. CAmdkk CiiKON iCi.E, a newspaper published
nooa. 1UE lHUONICLE Oilers 81- n the town of Camden, Tennessee.
cere condolence to the bereaved
ones. The interment was at Cam
den Cemeterv "Wednesilav after
noon. Burial services were held J' B. VICIRIY,
at the Tresbyterian Church and LAWYER.
v t x ir I
were piesiut-u over uy xvev. . iu. camdex. - texn.
Pickens. i okfici; at thk court-h oust.
This May 21, 1901.
J. G. Koisinb,
Clerk aud Master.
On the iet Iloadiy va July, cer
the court-houae door in the county ol
Benton and town of Camden, I will offer
for public sale all the real estate belong
ing to delinquent tax payers for the year
1900, a description of which real estate
can be seen upon the books in my office ;
and if eale is not completed on the eaii
first Monday in July the came will con
tinue from day to day until complete J.
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Address Tun Chkomjs, Cac.Cc

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