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I rh The 'i.tr of Hi
' R!l-Hllin I sf by Wright 1J.m-.iiii-
"mini , h-n ihrapor Una Meat.
j iuu;u main) ueparimrm 01 ng
f ulture, believing that the reople of
iftio l'nitcl States do not know how
,inl fur them are ckrs uh food, has Is-
''1 Furmcru Hulk'tin No. 12S. entitled
and Their Uboh as Food." It
j by C. F. Langworthy. I'h. D.
Mr. langworthy in his introduction
jiuinfrutea the Borta of crrs from
joao ckks to Khad roe, Btatca the Now
. 'i'k Sun. Attention is called to the
t that there are two broad uubli-
dona into which eggs may be dlvld
, ; thoRe from which the infant bird
Jinca partly fledged and to a degree
Jo to care for itself, as do chlcka of
jo common hen, and those from
b h the babies issue , naked and
jlpless against the assaults of hunger
d cold, exe pt as they are protected
f their parents, as in the cane of
irrows and most ol the smaller birds
the air.
More nutritive material Is needed
j the first sort of eggs than in Ce
ond, of course, because a great deal
(re of the younster'a life Is devel
id inside the eggs.
Recording to the best information
thc author, there is very little dlffer
ji'e between the eggs of different
ods of chickens. The color of the
shell, notwithstanding a decided
iinlon to the contrary, has nothing
fiatever to "rio with th rnntpnta In
jny experiment stations there have
j n careful analyses to show that
lte and brown shelled eggs have the
jnc nutritive qualities, if the hens
flch laid them have been equally
ll fed.
j'ggs are classed as among the most
ritious of food stuffs. They con
;a more water than cheese, but are
ire concentrated than milk or oys
It is true that the flavor of ejjgs
affected by the food of the hens
some such degree as the flavor of
k Is affected by the pasturage. That
the reason way eggs that are per
aly fresh may not seem fit to be
jd for any other purpose than the
jishing of the soles of shoes in fao-
pxperiments in the digestibility o!
's show. that hard boiled and fried
is require 3 1-2 hours for digestion
st boiled, eggs required 3 hours,
jSted eggs, 2 1-4 hours, raw
3, not whipped, 2 hours and raw
s, whipped, 1 1-2 hours. It has also
n established ,that from 93 to 97
?ent of an egg that is eaten is di-
tl. Hard boiled eggs will almost
ays produce more disturbance of
even tenor of the way of the di-
Hve organs than soft boiled eggs.
, coffee and cocoa retard the dlges
i of eggs, but coffee retards the pro
,i less than the others.
the bulletin the following direc
ts are given as to the preparation
;ggs aa food:
The following methods of prepar-
soft cooked and medium cocked
a have been found to give uniform
Jilts in laboratory tests at the Uni-
lity of Illinois: Using a granite
ve stewpan of one quart capacity,
pint or water was neatea over a
flame; when the water boiled the
was turned off and an egg which
been kept in a refrigerator was
ipod Into the water. Without dia
ling the vessel it was covered
ply and. the egs allowed to remain
lie water. six minutes. It was then
cooked. As shown by tests when
egg was dropped Into the water,
temperature fell almost at once to
hegrees Fahrenheit, and then slow-
i 170-171 degrees Fahrenheit. If
g remained eight minutes it was
jium cooked. In this case the tem
'ture of the water at the end of the
ing period had fallen to 162-164
oached or dropped eggs are re
nd from the shell and then cooked
ater. Thudichum recommends the
lof salted water to which a very
i vinegar has been added. The
im for this is perhaps that acetic
j (vinegar) tends to precipitate al
pn; that is, to prevent a loss due
lime of the egg being "dissolved in
!vater. Flavor may also be one of
jbjects sought.
Iried eggs are generally cooked in
, pan in a little hot fat, oil or but-.ind-
may be cither soft or hard,
j ding to the length of time era
d in the process.. Eggs are also
ionally baked in much the same
jier that they are fried. .
he omelet is generally regarded
ie of the most appetizing forms
hich eggs can be served. It cou
j of the beaten egg with a little
water or cream or melted but
j.d&ed, quickly cooked in a little
!r butler in a suitable pan and
!d over so that It may be turned
ht the pan in a half round form.
I cooks insist that the best ome
ar made by using hot water in
j of miile or cream. The hot wa-
i stirred into the egg yolk in the
jirtion tf one tablespoon to an
' rambled eggs resemble an omelet
' thod of preparation, but no effort
,de to preserve the characteristic
form and app-iranc rf th omelet.
Generally speaking, l!ghtnee;i in de
Hired in the omelet and thorough mli
lng In Kcramhlt-d ega. The former l.i
teemed by boating, the latter by gtlr
ring. OtneMa are o!ho made by tlm
n'MUion ;f viir'o'iH materials, Burn as
pnmley, juruM, etc
"Tin UBcg of eggu for other pur
poses thun food are numerous. Iarga
qnantitlcH of egg white are used in the
manufacture of albumen paper for
photographic purposes, and the egg
white and yolk and products made
from thnn are very important In the
manufacture of many different arti
cles." The washing of new laid eggs great
ly impairs their keeping qualities. Ac
cording to Solbel a new laid egg
placed In brine mad? in the proportion
of two ounces of salt to each pint of
water will at once sink to the bottom,
while an egg three days old will swim
JuBt immersed In the liquid. If more
t.han three days old the egg will float
on the surface and if more than two
weeks old the (shell will barely dip in
the water.
As to the methods of preserving egg
the only one that the department
seems to think worthy of any great
attention Is that of coating the eggs
with water glass. Waterglasa is the
popular name for potassium or sodium
silicate. It is a thick syrup, in the
form for which it is sold for commer
cial uses. It is sold wholesale for as
little as 1 3-4 cents a pound In carboy
lots. One part of tho syrup is dis
solved In 10 parts of water. The eggs
aro coated with this solution. There,
Is also a water glass powder soluble in
wat;T. One gallon of the solution Is
sufficient for t0 dozen eggs if they are
properly packed.
The statement so frequently made by
housekeepers that eggs at 25 cents a
dozen are cheaper than meat is true in
one sense. Not, of course, with ref
erence to the total amount of nutri
ments obtained for the money expend
ed, but because a smaller amount of
money Is needed to furnish the meal.
That is to say, whereas at least 1 1-4
pounds of beefsteak, costing 25 cent3,
at 20 cents a pound, would be neces
sary to serve fiva adults, in many fam
ilies five eggs, costing 10 cents, at 23
cents a dozen, would serve the same
number and probably satisfy them
equally well. If the appetites of the
family are such as to demand two eggs
per person, doubling the cost, it is
still 20 percent less than the steak.
Many persons eat more than two eggs
at a meal, but the average number per
person, it is believed, does not gen
erally exceed two in most families.
A hotel chef is authority for the state
ment that at least one-half the or
ders he receives are for one egg. Fre
quently when omelets, souffles,
creamed eggs and other similar dishes
are served in place of fried, poached
or boiled eggs or meat less than one
egg per person is used.
Is is suggested that the most needed
reform in the egg business is that the
eggs should be sold by weight and not
by number. Eggs vary so much in
size that the numerical terms of sale
often are unjust to either the merchant
or to the consumer.
Consider the Unler Dog.
There is a man in New York City
who is a real human. His name is
Griffiths Dr. H. C. Griffiths. Two
boys stole a diamond pin, which was
his property, and to secure its return
he had them arrested. Now he has his
pin back he isn't going to prosecute
the small thieves.
'Why not?'' asks Justice, stern, cold,
stony. "They are enemies of society.
They have robbed. They may rob
again. Punishment would deter others
from following in their steps. Re
member, 'An eye for an eye, a tooth
fr" a tooth.' "
Remember, also." says Mercy, speak
ing through the man whose diamond
was stolen, " 'let him who is without
sin cast the first stone, Remember
what a course in a penal institution
means to a young man. It sends him
in defiant and it brings him out de
praved. If, by showing leniency, the
under dog may be made to become the
top dog, show leniency."
The respective adherents of Justice
and Mercy, are requested to make
choice of the varying views. New
York Telegram.
Great Uenianil for Vietorlnn Coini.
There is a great demand in England
for Victorian coins during the present
year. In the dockyard cashier's offi
ces at Woolwich Arsenal and else
where large quantities are being put
in circulation, and it is believed that
the men employed In government es
tablishments will make a profitable bar
gain by selling the coins received iii
payment for thodr services to the
bidders. New York Sun.
Man; Governor In Her Fa in fir,
Tho mother of Governor Beckham
of Kentucky has a remarkable record.
She has the unprecedented distinction
of having been the mother of a gov
ernor, the daughter of a governor, the
sister of a governor and the cousin of
a governor.
Hie Vanity of Man.
When some men make money, their
first evidence of it is a visit to their
old home town wearing a stovepipe
hat. Atchison Globe.
When WaehinKton -m niguing iU
And all the Und waa new,
I)id trump romii o'er the rountrjuiaa
A modern M nnd'rers do?
If (), how hrd it mut have been
To trump in olden dnyn,
Ilefore invention lainu'to ni l
Thr tramp in divcrj way! ,
No graded railroad mile on mile,
W'n to pare at r.iNC,
Willi oven tien und gentle (dope,
Soft halm to we.ny knees;
Hut over pike and utony path
lie nought bin nimh'HH wnyx;
Forsooth, no joke it wan to bo
A tramp in other daya!
The luxury of modern tramp
l!y him wan never known;
He never culled a whirling trurk
Or empty frieght hia own.
The niealn he not were f.ir apart,
lU'cailKP in dayn gone by
The town were carre, the dwelling few,
And people kept their pie.
So. raise a nong of hearly thanks
Ye tramtiH, n-trarniiiinf now;
For tramping: in not half as hard
An once it was, I vow.
And when a brakeman flings you oil
From nome half-laden car,
lie thankful then and fancy how
Much better of! you are.
Harry Hamilton, in Tut!:.
"T-ook here, fdr, who gave you per
mission to kiss my daughter'" "It
wasn't necessary, sir.'' Detroit Free
Press. "Singer's quarrol with the Foprano
Fcems to have disturbed the even ten
or of his way." "Yes. he's clear off hie
base." Indianapolis News.
Tourist "How long does the sheriff,
hold office In this county?" Native (of
Fdoody Gulch) "Just ns long ns he
continues to draw first.' Puck.
Householder (to suspicious charac
ter) "What do you want?" Suspicion
Character (thouKhtfull.v)-"Well. I
dunno; what yer got?" Harlem Life. J
lie was a very fresh young man;
Yet when he told a tale
It seemed a paradox that it
Should be so very stale.
. Philadelphia Record.
"How did Dabster become famous as
an artist?" "lie did a painting so
cleverly that none of the critics could
tell what It was."-Oh!o State Jour
nal. "See that magnate over there?" "Yes.
What of him?" "Well, twenty years
ago, that man arrived iu Nov,' York
with only a million dollars iu his pock-et."-Life.
She "I wonder, Harry, if you would
marry again if I should die?" He
"You little f-illy, don't you see that I
couldn't marry again unless you dIT
die?" Boston Transcript.
n cleaning house from year to year
A woman's ways are wondrous queer;
She wails o'er rubbish; then, .-.lack,
'Tig dusted and put safely back.
Chicago Record-Herald.
Pig Sister "Dick, I think it is time
little folks were in bed." Little Dick
(on Mr. Nicefcllow's knee) "Oh, it's
all right. Mamma said I was to stay
here until she came downstairs."
"Did they make you feel nt homo
over at Mre. Smith's, Johnny?" "Yes,
ma, Mrs. Smith told me t' wipe m
feet 'n' not muss the tidies, 'n didn't
give me but one piece o' pie." Phila
delphia Evening Telegraph.
Men's interests Bhow a difference wide,
By Home eccentric trick.
If half the world iu satisfied
The other half must kick.
Washington Star.
Mike (opening his pay envelope)
"Faith, that's the stingiest mau I ever
worked for." Pat "Phwat's the mat
ther wid ye; didn't ye git as much as
ye Jxpected?" Mike "Yes, but I was
countin' on gittin' more than I Ix
peeted." Tit-Bits.
"Reynolds," said the old member of
the firm, "how do you spek 'which'?"
"W h 1 c h," responded the other.
"That's what I thought," rejoined the
older member, covertly scratching a
"t" out of the word he had written.
Chicago Tribune.
The Young Mau "I suppose, sir, that
when I become formally engaged to
your daughter you will admit me as a
member of the firm." The Father
"Well, I don't know. I don't feel as
if I could afford tho expense of both
of these things Just now." Detroit
Free Press,
Our Trade XVlt Europe.
In strong contrast with the almost
stationary condition of our commerce
with the Central and South American
States for the past ten years Is the
great growth of our commerce with
Europe during the same period.
Within that decade our total exports
of merchandise to all European coun
tries increased from $704,798,017 to
?1,010,1G7,7(J3. Tho total of our Im
ports from all European countries is
another story. It actually diminished
from $459,305,372 in 1S91 to $440,507,
314 in 1900. It is our export trade only
with Europe that has Increased. Tho
exact net increase, including both im
ports and exports, of our European
commerce was ?31G,031,G58 during tho
same ten years in which our trade
"with all the States of Central and
';uth America has Temained at a
standstill. Mexico alone of all the
American countries to the Kouth of us
shows an Increase in her commerce
with the United States iu the same
period, amounting in round figures to
?21,uU0,000.-New York World.
k z Slsrn, er fcy !':!! f:r l. prlsa. Ull 5 ni'CUL, to Ycii.
I TIT) A 7) y Q'
! i iJy 0 j,-. i " i it,-.
m - :
i&A ' - tf:J'.'?,'V
- r r : 1 -s
To) a Yf TL57'
. .
For preserving', purifying:, and beautifying- the skin of infants
and children, for rashes, ftchings, and chafings, for cleansing
the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stopping of
falling- hair, for softening-, whitening-, and soothing-rca,roug-h,
and sore hands, and for all the purposes of the toilet, hath.
and nursery. Millions of Women use Cuticura Soap in the j
form of baths for annoying- irritations, inflammations, and
excoriations, for too free or offensive perspiration, in the form
of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative,
antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselves to
women, especially mothers. No amount, of persuasion can
induce those who have once used these great skin purifiers
and beautifiers to use any others. Cuticura Soap combines
delicate emollient properties derived from Cuticura, the great
skin cure, with the purest of cleansing- ingredients and the
most refreshing of flower odors. It unites in ONE SOAP
at ONE PWCE, the BEST skin and complexion soap and
the BEST toilet, bath, and baby soap in the world.
, Jt Z Conaiat ing of Ccncinu. Soap, to cleanse the tit in of crnsto
I Ii 1 1 IT 3 tta1 cle nd soften the thickened cuticle, Cuticdra Oint
L&W UH (UL mbnt, to instantly allay i teniae, inflammation, and irrita-
t inn &n1 cnrif h anil Viaal anH irmtrrta a T7-Baa'iT vwtrr tn
IHr t oooi ana cioaime tne Diooa. A Binolb Bet ia often tum
I II k OL I clent to cure the moat torturing, disfiguring, itching, burn
ing, and scaly it in, tsalp, and blood humors, with loss of hair, when all eUo fails.
Sold throughout the world. British Depot: F. Newbirt ft Boksv 27-2S, Charter
house So.. London. Pottkb Dsua xkd Cheu. Coar., Sole Props.. Boaton, U.S. A.
khe Cable Company
' High Grade PIAN05
Over 250, 0C0 sold. Writo us f -r uatalogae und prices. We make easy payments to suit you.
America's Greatest Piano House, 9698 Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga-
Ability, Knerer und Confldrnte
can take the plate of Experience aud make
you worth
Cr rrC Per Year Abo?e Tra?
vpZ,UUU ellng Expenses.
U IV V k VJ I quick rltf and curas wont
m. l'oo of (inniooinlt nrt 1 U dfi trvaMucut
1 r. r . Dr. H. H. eBEEV S SOXI. Ez B. AtUaik. .
?.vU0U Ulia 1 iltl ASD-Twenty e ght IM.
Constipation I
I is easily cured and the bowels restored
f to a healthy condition by the use of
the natural remedy tor all utomach,
bowol, liver and kidney troublpg. By
our method ci concentration each 6 .
bottle inequiralent to three gallons of
the spring water.
Sold by all drug
gists. Crab apple
iraae nn on e
i 1 tunti fcrttut Ail tUfc fAilS. I i
' i
i- time. Stlrt by 1rea-'.
I evVy bottle: A

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