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nn ITT iiTi
c a Mi) i :x. t i :x x l :ss i : i
SIJTM.M Willi HO. i;xn.
NAIFEH BROS., Proprietor
i 3 mm J a n
Our Mr. S. M. Naifth has searched tho markets for
all the latest and most FaJ.ionaLle Goods of til kinds,
which are now on display at the New York Store. You
are invited to come and examine them and net prices.
We are satisfied that we can please you in any line.
Ladies' Capes.
We have the largest ami best line of
Ladien' Capes ami Cullaretts that waH
ever brought to Camden, from To cents
to $7.50.'
We also have a nice line of Mist-en'
Jackets, from $1.50 1 3 $:5.00.
Dress Good
All the latest styled in Ladies' Dress
Goods for Fall and Winter, at a very
low price.
We have an extra nice line of Shirt
Waist Flannel, all colors.
1,200 suits of Men's Fleeced Lined
Underwear, going at a bargain.
If you need anything in this line,
,u should call and see us and get our
2 prices before making your purchase.
Ladies' Skirts.
You should not fail to see our line
of Ladies' Skirts, most any style and
price, from $1.00 to $0 00.
Shoes! Shoes!
Our Fall and Winter line of Men's,
Ladies' and Children's Shoos is tho
most complete ever brought to Cam- t
Don't fail to come and see us when
you want Shoes. Wo ran certainly
please you in style and price.
400 suits of Ready Made Clothing
for Men and Loys.
1,500 pair of Pants.
Knough for every man and boy in
the county to get a bargain.
We guarantee a perfect fit to every
one. It you want a bargain in cloth
ing, call and see us. v e guarantee
to save you money.
I!)mlntlii Ail"il(! t Mif mrrlnl
Sen ! IIHil llr Vt-fttrrility,
As a folvt-n of rosp.'ct. and Chlin.i
for 1 n.hldcnt MeKinb-y !!ici;ui
WlUCt'H WVli) llelU Jll I IP 1 1VM
'-iivuhal ixij Luvnu imcvvo, ino piar route niaiid irom me
South was cut oil Sat unlit v bv tin
wesioy jjpgnn ol 15ig bandy was swollen breams and did not arrive
m tho city yesterday. jicr0 xmt Monday, lor tli mn
Mike Fry was nt Nashvillo tho reason mail from Wyly and Uristow
latter part of Inst week, (tri-woeldy service) was delayed
Tim 1.-. 4 !.w. 41.., !..,., I ...4 ..! . I nnfil 'I'm-cilnv
'!.. 1 ? j 1 1 I ri'i ti i ... . i "M 1. ... . . i
vuurcn in Biiu in !)ro."rt'Hs. i no ram r ni nv ni" nr. wonoim v m-'-iuui v,unn:a vcsirru.iv no iiin---.
i j . - j
IIrs. I!ary Ilen in 1ms roniovod intorniptod work on the brick yard.-! ndiool and alnut all th" bun
to tho Liberty community.
Ilugh McOill and vvifo of Plant
are over on a visit this week.
Walter Stionp and Guy Hall of
Huntingdon visited here this week.
Mrs. S. II. Hull is spending a few
lays with friends at Nashville this
mm immm i
rr. b v u. ' ii '
f N Of all the good things you ever bought, they are now on
r exhibition at
For Cash you can get some Bargains that will pay you in
Slippers, Shoes, Lawns, Calicoes, Trimmings and Men's Shirts.
Reduced to 50 and 75 cents.
Reduced to 75 cents.
Reduced to 4 and 10 cents.
5 Reduced to 4 cents.
Remnants at any price to pay for wrapping them.
We are closing out our piece goods, and bargains are yours
if you want them.
of . E. MeCullourh and Thomas inew houses were clorvd i;isd Him
II. I'ateman. Mr. Jiatemnn lost 'wcli was wi ll filled at the hour
about 20,000 brick, and Ir. JIc- of fifrvico.
Cullonh'8 loss is about tho same. The services were simple but.-.!..-.-
If not hindered they will both ?l Fessive. Hev. J. M. rickona lead
through making brick this week. au npprojjriale passage of .seri)turo
J. W. rateman, who has had his 011(3 k f-'('Hng to
stavo factory overhauled and new Snouted 1 n-snlent.
umchinerv tmt in. let tho wnrl- bv Mother T'ckens was mr.de c!i air-
Rev. J. M. Tickens assisted in a con(ract. ,,.1,1. was RornnMi i)V iw " of tho meeting, liesolutionn
revival meeting at Decaturville last Poria tt..i,;. i.., rri which Bneak in kindlv terms of the
panv is ranidlv fonrinir to the front Resident and offer condolence to
Miss Mollie Hudson has gono to ami has already acquired consider- Mr9' JIcKillltT, woro read by May-
Nashville on an extended visit to able reputation for efficiency and or lom U nnd ndoPtod as fo1"
friends. nrnmnfnoHs. Wo nrPilir-f. for tbom 'ows:
MissLanieee Napier of Waverly the future which they deserve. The fnpcr f'f U' Almi-lltJ' G,n 1a
is epending the week hore with AVith an eye to the economy of states ami he sleeps. U, ftB his man
friends. snace and io hot. for nrosorvA im. trvinen and citizoiiH. ro?Mnlh nf nuv
I-A - J.' - ' v - - r j
port ant records and papers, Circuit tinf .f PohtivalBPiitimcnt, deeply monrn
e is visiting tho family of W . b. Cleik L. R. A atson is replacing in2 thfi . mni.K.rril,v1Ilf
Corbitt. the old clumsy cabinets in his office memorial nervi .ipmliled nin.r it.i.
Hon. J. A. Clement has been at with ucat inexpensive shelving for following resolutions:
Danville this week on professional tiling records. One entire side of
busuiess. "i-u is gn en 10 sueivmg. as han.,a of a b!o0(Uhil,,v flsaflRKin in
Mrs. D. Pickens of Decatur- 3ie c'ltS is veiT lljSn' ttiere mfty of hi!3 manhoo.l and while enjoy-
villa is tho mpof nt lht nnrsonao ue OLCas,ns iur- aiSOll Will i-..u u. ivlnM- m a nueeess
iiie is ine ,utst at me paisonae f j stration. lovd nn.i r.rui
ln'a TfnV unu ii necessary xo use a uanoon. , .. . '
ills wees. J bv Ins coantrvmen. rernp-nizml nt hnmn
XV V TTnrrisnn nn1 A FT Vrifeli Guy Laslllee, SOU of J. M. Lash- and abroad as one of nature's noblemen,
ard of Ilolladay were in tho city e of the tenth district, had a very life TMM u
vPcfnW narrow escape irom drowning iasc , , rr. . . ,
jesteutay. Ilesolved, That ve tender that noble
ii x , n1 , . n , oatunmy. ne auemptea to tora wonian jIra, Mt;Kiuicyi whose lf(. hii3
Hon. J. A. Clement of Camden Creek h WM fillen , n . con . . 5.. . ...
was here Wednesday. Paris Post- by the rains QU(j jlis mue ref use(i aljove and to her home and her husband,
intelligencer. I v,n ip,i "ur uearueit condolence and kcenlv-Iolt
uu ooiin. xiii.-j ttio ciiuiifti in (jyinu'ithv in this hour of 1 t IH'
J. J. Bateman has returned from the raging waters and were swept turn, and mav 'L'ZvZSZZ
a visit to his eon, G. F. Bateman, downstream. Two neighbors wero U'-rt her which moved her husband to say
at llohenwald. on the ormosite side of tho rrppk. m Iast hours, "It's God's way, his will
Prof. J. A. Spence and W. S. but they were powerless to render
Morgan of Ilolladay were in the assistance, and mo doubt the young ,,,,,,,,,,,,, f !t ..
0 J i. J 0 00 long 1 liy power hath blest mo., sum it st 1 1
city Wednesday. man owes his life to his presence wmiuad me on
Cyrus B. Harrison of Jeannette "ind. Coming to the surface, lS:sm"M'm
returned this week to enter school almost strangled and his mule gone, Resolved, That as our grief is commingl
at Benton Seminarv. e caught to a limb and held on un- ed with that of a mourning nation we know
. ...... . . ....
On ..nnnnt t r; lncfXJo wloJ tlA could remove Ins clothing so 1088 ls immeasureabie, whether wo
On account of rain lastSalurday " consider him a8 Uie etatef5inan, wise anJ
n i J ' i i i ' 3
$13 to $20
West Side, Camden, Tenn.
"0f the Best Quality American and Italian Marble aud Granite.
Carpets, Rugs, IVlatting,
Wall Paper, Curtains and Fixtures,
1 Household -Goods.
i inc., riSourf
M til
the good roads meeting at Cowell's
Chapel was postponed.
Mrs. Williams aud eon, Ephram
Williams, of Manleyville visited
relatives here this week
that he could swim. The mule was
rescued in a drift.
just; the citizen, honest and patriotic, or
tho man, generous and kind. We mourn
him alike as statesman, citizen and man
and wish to add the expression of our
The public school opened here sorro anJ,onr lribute to the memory of
last Mondav morninf? with a larp-ftr
Miss Bettie Carrington has re- attendance than on anv former oc- MaTr Te Paicl the martyred
turned from teaching: at Sawyers Lomrm fm-vonro bo prrnllmont 1iq resident the most beautiful and
..... . . . . I w ' I J 1 . 1 , 1 . . - .
Mill tor a few weeks' vacation. 131 loucning triouto one ever listed to
Miss Kate Johnson lias accopted There was a largo attendance of and tbe silence blowing was im-
tliA nnBitinn na snlPKwnmnn nf. tlioUho frrmC 41,0 oM.nl ot iha preSSlVB. lllS reference in tender
store of Messrs. Stigall & Potts. opening. After a song-, in which terms to tlie grief-stricken widow
iTrc n n TTwia da nu i.n all nroRfint ioined. Eldr John W. brought tears to many eyes. Rev.
ah j. u v . w uiiu viiuu iviu j. i 7 " " IT TTT t r 1 1
the first of tlie week to join her hus- AVaters offered a prayer in which u' "uimow- ' M' "ufe
band at Slough Landing in Lake he feelingly referred to the inesti- i G; rTesT0U' Dr' E' McAuley,
f!nnntv. wlipm tLpv will tpbiMp. mable blossincs wo eniov at the r101' vv u- 00Per 1. J. Jjowry,
j, ......... u ti n rn rt nr.n...:. 1 t
Mrs. Hubbs and daughter. Miss 'ii, so to speak, of the twentieth .
o 1 - i .
tti.: t TTn.i.. w i centurv.
Spvfirfl. np.rsnns nrnspnt, wpta m. -.- i,, uiiao iu ma
vitedto address the assembled stn- ueuLabtJU "acesman'
dents, patrons and visitors, and "Xev, My God, to Thee," the
among those who responded were worcls of wlnch were whispered by
.. E1(Jer Wate Kev& M Webb iur.xuciviuiey in nis last conscious
1 he docket shows about the usual , T ,T , mnmpnk Bnn n,Q
ana j. m. lource ana u. u. nua- " "v V11UU
son the congregation joining in. The
The success of Camden's school cholr Kemce VVM excellent, and
m AssmWL What wp impd Unrl it other appropriate hymns were ren-
Presidmg elder J. W. Waters -n cnnn h n nPOCB:ftf ;a n w dered. lhe services throughout
held quarterly conference at Lib- , commodious school were eiguificant of the genuine sor-
erty last Saturday and conducted buildi Xhere are in Cftmden row and grief felt by tho people of
services there ounaay. ne win I - . A:0.r: , the entire community.
hold quarterly conference hero this jcia(jes iie fown and jts envirous) ServicC9 closed by prayer
mnrn inin I '11 T T T T' .1 . i i
nearly 200 children of school age. u ivev' ' iU- icitcns, in wnica
Marriage licenses have been is- The citizens of the community can ie Inae touching reference to the
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer afford it. and thev should see to it late President, and asked God to
j TT Tl IV IT' ' ! ' " l.i , . , . ...
to iienry rox ana uena numg8, that larger buildings are provided, pleas and guide l'resident iioose
J. M. lowers and 1-londa Uarnes, Lct us l00k after the comfort and velt
J. II. Jackson and Jennie Cravens, heaith 0f lhe dxiiaren.
J. II. Ferguson aud Dora Johnson,
Colonel Nowell and Bertha Oxford, If the party to whom I was seen f ! t P 1 A
day to visit relatives, after which
they will go to Lake County to re
Next Monday is chancery court.
number of cases, and Chancellor
Abernathy will be able to dispose
of it in short order.
Finis Anderson and Dora Councel, to hand my watch at Cowell's Chap
John F. Dortcli and Bell Foster, el August 21 will return the same
C. A. Pace and Fannie Tatom, Scott to me, nothing further will bo said
Wheatley and Sofrona C. Brewer, about it. Otherwise legal proceed-
Colored John Walker and Jennie ings will bo instituted
For Infants and Children.
Th3 KirJ Yen Kav3 Alwsys D::ht
Bears the JJT '
Signature cf lizfyj& fcJU tC
Mcdlock. Lr-M Thompson.

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