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VOL. XXIV. NO. ;t.
(!A.M I ) I :. T ION M ISS Kl
JANTAKV 17. l!Ki.
r v4 TT
The exported has happened, and
Camden has severil nti-i'Huf hiiimII
4 Juix. The announcement Saturday
evening that there were three cases
of smallpox at the Mellon Hotel
rented general consternation, and
there WR3 a rush to be vaccinated.
At first it whs thought that the
, "disease which has been gradually js
of the town will co-operate the an-
thoritiert do not apprehend a fur
tliur spread of the disease here.
Mi:i:ri.Nti oi- iin.KSs.
preailmg here whh clncken-iox,
and several persons in town and
Vf surrounding country contract
ed it, hut th disease- is probably a
mild form of Biv.allpoi: and none of
the cases have proved atal or even
-e rious.
A meet ing f t he cit i.eim of Cain
den was held Monday night at tlto
store of St infill tV l'otts for the pur
pose of discussing plans by which
to prevent the further spread of the
smallpox. E. (J. Flowers waselect-
ed president and W. 1). Cooper was
elected secretary.
A motion war made by Henry 1
Stigall and seconded by Bertram
Johnson, to nk the board of health
to quarantine r11 houses in or near
town that aro or have been affected.
When the disease wns declared jie lotif,n XVH8 j)nt in the form o
to bo smallpox, the Melton Hotel
andeveral houses where it exists
have been placed uuderuarantine
restriction ami every precaution
wH be taken to confine it to the
families and localities where it is
now found and prevent its further
spread if iKissible.
While the statement that there
cs smallpox here is rather startling,
it is nothing new, as it Iirs been in
the county every since last suuiwer.
It was first brought to the negro
settlement in NYy-lys Bottom by a
? i egro. No prec a u t. i o n a r y m e as u r es
'tie then taken to prevent a spread
of the disease, and it has gradually
spread to town through the negroes,
who said nothing about it. Its ap
pearance in town has been so grad
al, many thinking it was chicken
)ox, that no alarm was felt and
those who have contracted it were
endisposed only . short time.
There are less than a dozen
cases in and near town, and nearly
-9,11 of them are over it. Only one
a resolution and whs adopted
A motion was made and adopted
to request the town authorities to
insist that there be no public gath
erings, such as church and Sunday
school, etc., for an indefinite time.
It was also recommended that all
parents keep their children off the
streets; this to apply to children up
to the age of 18 years.
A motion was made and adopted
to furnish a copy of these .proceed
ings to The Camden Chronicle
for publication.
E. G. Flowf.ks,
V. D. Com Eit, President.
Thef ragile babe and the growing
child are strengthened by White's
Cream Vermifuge. It will destroy
worms, gets digestion at work, aud
f,o rebuilds the body. Price, 25e.
Sold by all druggists.
We will send The Cmroxico:
and the Memphis Weekly Com
mercial Appeal one year for $1.00.
pew case, Mrs. Q. C. Hudson, has This offer is for a limited tinie only
N-ieen reported since last week, j
leveral new cases have developed hen in need of nice stationery,
in the country, but if the citizens send us your orders.
St. L,ouits and the Work of Preparation
for the Great World's lan
of 1903.
ho tjf 1 nine
The Great Republioan
Paper of America.
The Geat Newspaper
of the World.
DAILY GLOBE-DEMOCRAT is without a rival in all tee West,
and stands at the very front amon the few REALLY GREAT
newspapers of the world.
There Bi en few cases of pneumo
nia in and near town. '
P. J. O'Heilly f.pent a few days
at McKwen this week.
Eugene Travis has gone to Hen
derson to spend a few Weeks.
Frank Holland is convalescent
after an illness of several days.
Mayor Tom C. Llye is sick this
week and confined to his room.
II. Ii Pyrn and family of Pig
Sandy visiU'd relatives here Saturday.
The residence being built by U.
A. Potts will soon be ready for oc
J. II. WhitfieH and wife visited
relatives and friends at Ilolhiday
this week.
Allie V. Bowles left the first of
the week to spend a short time at
The handsome new two-story res
idence of Dr. P. G. Hudson will
soon be -completed.
Alma Fry of Cox burg and M. A.
Pry of Lilburn left Monday night
on a trip to Missouri.
Mrs. J. D. Crocker aud little eon
are spending the week with -relatives
at Hollow Itock.
Uncle Asberry McElyea, who
has been in very feeble health for
some time, is quite sick this week. '
O. B. Bonds of Holiaday came
down this week to assist his broth
er, B. Bonds, in tl9 grocery
H. W. McGill and wife were call
ed to Plant the first of the week by
the serious illness of -relatives of
Mrs. McGill.
Dr. Albright, of the State board
of health is here, and he will adopt
such measures asare deemed ed vis
able to curb the smallpox.
The Ciiromcle wants to ex
change subscription to the paper
for a few loads of 1G inch wood for
heater. Apply 'to this office.
Miss Bobbie Bushing Iirs been
very sick at the home of her sister,
Mrs. W. J. Hudson, with pneumo
nia. We are glad to learn that she
is better.
AM communications for publica
tion in The Chronicle must bear
the signature of the writer. We
hold au unsigned -communication
from Holiaday.
Through an oversight we failed
A Big Sandy sp.vinl Saturday
says: Charh s Stitts, w ho redden
in tha ninth district, l4 his life
in an accident a day or two ago.
Young Stills took an old wagon
skein, drovo it dvtwn over a stuall
stump, and filled it with powder,
raying lie was going to fire a big
Mm. W hen t ie "truii wtni ou
two of th Uyir.g pieces went
through Stitt'ti body, hilling him
almost instantly.
rjion ri.Ai u'oi:.
Sin-rial poiti'sihiimIi'Ihc.)
A cordial invitation is ez tended
to all to join our Sunday school.
Mrs. Mary Warrick visited her
sister, Mrs. Martha Pairord, last
A monument was erected here
Friday in memory of J. C. Vick,
The friends of G. W. Toliver
will be glad to learn that bo is
thought to be some better.
The home of Mrs. Malissa Cuff
was thw occasion of an enjoyable
song service Sunday evening.
There was a well attended ami
enjoyable song service held at the
home of W. E. PaSTord Saturday
W. E. PfliTord ami Miss Fleta
Cuf were happily .joined in the
bonds of wedlock at the home of
the brides father last Wednesday,
Ilev. W. A. Watts officiating. We
wish them a long and happy life.
Flatwogds, January 14.
Regular rorrpspoiidiMioe.
S. A. Byrn is moving to tine
Several from here went to Cam
den Saturday.
Ilase Brooks and wife of Paris
are here on avisit.
There are several cases of pneu
monia in this localit-y.
Lem Thompson of Camdeu was
mingling with friends here last
J. W. Byrn and family and Dock
Baker left Saturday ior (Lake
A great many people took ad
vantage of the fine weather last
week to kill hogs.
January 14.
In all probability Camden r iJL
enjoy a building boom during th
present year. Ah -m well Known,
a good Ftart was made last, suiumw:
and fid!, rnd at one time there wa
as niRny as nine buildings goin
up at one time, and tho mechanics
have not lost any time tdnce thou.
Aside from this there is already
a bug" amount of building contem
plated, and much of it is already
contracted for.
Then there m the proposed new
Baptist and Christian churches.
which will l,e a great addition tr.
the town, and the new Methodist
Church will be -completed as fcoor.
as the weather will permit.
More than this, there is the pro
posed hotel building and four new
briuk business house in prospect.
Several fine residencHi are also
being considered, and some smaller
ones will be built.
There is a movement oil foot to
establish a -cannery here. This U
not an idle dream, and wj -confi
dently predict that Camdeu is-ou
the eve of enjoying a building boon:
unrivaled in the history of the town.
In this connection it would be
well to again call atteution to the
fact that dwelling houses are con
stantly in demand. There has been
a number of people here looking
for houses, but thety are all occu
pied and some of thetr. by two fam
fdea, which is -not conducive to
good health.
Camden being already en educa
tional and business center, it seeme
to us that more money eonld be
well iRvesled'in euitable residences
to accommodate a desirable -chat-
ecter of citizens.
One year.
Six mouths ..... 3.00
Three months
One year ..$400
Six months... 12.00
Three months 1.00
40 to .CO pages.
One year. $2.00
Sirx months... . . 1.00
pj The "Twice-a-Week" issue f the Globe-Democrat at $1.00 a yeer
'Aa the greatest newspaper bargain of the age. It, is almost equal to a daily at the
yriee-of a weekly. It gi-ves tlw latent telegraphic news from all Hie world -every
lETuesdy and Friday. Its market reports are complete and correct in every detail.
" It has no eyal as a home and 'family journal, and onght toie at every firt-tiide in
'ithe land.
V, Two papers every week.
Kight page? or mure every Tnesdy and Ti uUy.
One dollar -for one year. Sample copies free. Address
. V'
-.4 t
y J. R BEATON, auest Camden, Tenn.
f or GEO. A. DICKEL & CQ., Nashville, Tenn.
to mention the election of II. J.
liomar as county -surveyor in out
report of the proceedings of -quarterly
court last week.
The churches here have agreed to
have no services of Sunday school
for the time being, and all lodge
meetings have been postponed -un
til it is deemed ,prudeut to meet
d. M. Herri n and family left
Wednesday to make their home in
the Indian Territory. They are an
excellent family, and -carry with
them the best wishes of a host of
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to M. J. Berry and Mary It. Mer
rell, ft. E. Kowlaml and Martha
Pierce, Bruce Farmer and Sopha
Garner, J. O. Markham and Qnilla
At a call meeting of the 'board of
education and .faculty of Benton
Seminary Monday morning, it was
decided to suspend school for a
short wh-ita until the small ox ex
citement is over. We think it will
be but a few days anyway until the
advanced classes will resume their
IK-cial correspondence.
There was a good attendance at
Sunday school Sunday.
Dock Benton has moveojto tins
community. Wo nave a weicome
for all wheelers.
Thad Fnrgason and family have
gone to Hock port, Ivy., to live.
May they prosper iu their new
home, is the wish of many friends
Uncle Lige Holloman -preached
here Sunday. Uncl Lige is an okl
servant of the Lord, but at present
he is so feeble that he gets about
with a great deal of difficulty.
Bruce Farmer surprised 'hie
friends last Sunday by marrying
Miss Sopha Garner, daughter of
of Bii.' Sandv. The
harmv couple has our best wishes
for a long and happy life together
Claud, Januaiy 14.
lor Infants and Ciuldren.
The Kind You Keys Always -Bought
Bears the
One -cf the eaddest thing3 ve
have to realize is that the world is
full of dishouest people. We do
not refer to those people whose dis
honesty takes the form of stealing
your money, your watch or other
personal property, but to those mis
erableUriah Heaps whose thievery
consists of relieving you o your
peace cf mind by a pretence of
friendship in your presence and e
corresponding amount of enmity
when out of your sight There Rre
few places eo favored as to escape
the contamination of these wolves
in sheep clothing, and it is ft matter
of deep regret that some of their
victims are created so unsuspect
ingly as to never discover their
truile and deceit.
If the country editor was-to enap
at all the great inducements held
out ho would soon l3't millionaire.
If he ran a paper according to the
popular notion he would be in the
poor-house. If ho published one-
lialf the items sent him he would
ein jail one-half the time and'in
he hospital the-other half.
Whosoever 1ms suffered from piles
knows how painful and troublesome
they are. 'fabler's Buckeye Pile
Prir-P HO rents in bottles. Tubes
75 cents. Sold by all druggists.
Uenton Gountu
itt Close of Eu(inM I)cm'ier.Al,ilSMll.
JtilW rweivMe 'K3a,930.'4r.
Kenl estate, furuiter Jd Sx- '
ture 8,S91A
Casli on hand and wltii oHir
hnk .1:004
Kxpeaee -JlSlT
Capital tock paUl in S10.060.OC
K'rliiis SC2.X2:
DUoouiit .558.07
KtirpltM : -ji.OJ.I.
XpokHs - :38,9(K..Ct
f tate ! Twuimw, I. 1. W. I.. Morris, casta
IScntttJi County. '1 i-ref h a5j-er.i.Hi
teuton Cnint.v Eatik.do k-Mi!y jswr.vrtliat ts
above staVfmint is tnw U the oi my kTl
edp:e and foi-lit-f.
Subsi-nbcd und sworn i In Sore me, Deef :iH,-r
31, i-nl. J). G. lll'DSON,
.'-tuiy Tvllv

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