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Mm. GroweHii My lnuhand U con
tSfHKilly quart -l!nic about trlfla.
Mrs. llow.dh WVd, my !ca,r, tho
1' on" hnj, to quarrel about tha but
ter. Chlruo Newu.
S t 1 1 brings It up t' ltil' without i-hiiiiicln
i'H nnM!il:u'. Thim (ir tli.iianil;i of pnoj.li,
liowrv.T.who n iil alwiyit j r fr t ht old orig
inal cij.y without liny moiliMi'iUlorw. ThTt
am uNo th )i,-:Lfi ! of people, who lotv i;itr
(iii-ti um'nI Il.t'-tttTH rHomaoh lUUm, will
ni'vi r u'ln ittiy (.tlicr im-dii'ino, Lh. huhjj they
Know ItsvaUn luetic ofnli'L-lii'tkltti lif, iht
vou.iiics :, lii h'i Htl hi, ilyxj .'j miii or liver and
kl liu'y troubl'. I(j mire to try it.
In niiui of the tjiv.it riticj (if the Uiutcd
Stales there art- ), 1UJ telephone.
Tettrrln Carr Quli kly.
"Only two nnrUiatloita of Tettorino cored
a I. ad cano of king Worm from which I luui
BtilTi-rtiiL" Julluu M.Soloinon.HavdXir.iili.llii.
toe a box by mull fron- J.T. Ktiuiitrino.&.vJi
Ufth, O., If your druKl.st don t liet'p it.
An ordinary railroad engine will travel
about l,(XW,uoo rmk'u before it wtaxa out.
The jraMe9 of punlbhini? pui!a by dfi
durtina credits frr ttcholarship haa beca
forbidden in tho San Francisco echoo.n.
FITHrorrnanontlycuwd.Nofits ornervoufl.
nfFs after nr.nt (lav's use of Dr. Kllno'H Great
N'rvflUtor'r.C,2trlalbottlnuud treutiaofreo
Dr. 11. II. Kukk. Ltd., 'JiilAxuh Ht. I'tlla., va.
Kir Thomas Lipton auva there arc "no
girls like American girU.
Mrs. V'Idh1jw'b Hoot hlnSyrup for eldldrea
teethlm;, soften tho pruni, rednwa umauimiv
tlon, allays piUn, cures wind collo. 2&e a bottlo.
No large comet baa appeared within our
environment since mat 01 iss.'.
I'Iho's Cure ts the bft medicine wo ever tl4
for all atfootloua of throat and lanmv. at
O. Lxublky, Vanburop, Ind Feb. 10, UJU.
The bide of the hippopotamus ia acme
parta w fully two juclie tuicfc.
"""'TulYritiM III MM" '' VI
I Hair Splits
" 1 have used Ayer's Hair Vigor
for thirty years. It is elegant for
a hair dressing -nd for keeping the
hair from splitting at the ends."
J. A. Gruenenfelder, Grantfork, 111.
Hair-splitting splits
friendships. If the hair
splitting is done on your
own head, it loses friends
for you, for every hair of
your head is a tnend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
advance will prevent the
splitting. If the splitting
has begun, it will stop it.
1.W a fcotlk. All druntsts.
I'kIiiK tlinOlil Miuwlimrjr lied.
n excellent location for a garden
ne.t j ear is im old strawberry patch
plowed under. Straw berry bctln are
usually well manured, and the leaves
uulo the hull In HUiuiner; lienee there
l.s more or les Inereasc In huimw.
The lied idiould be plowed under very
early in the sprlns "'id the plot well
covered with line Ktable manure,
wbk h should be worked into the soil.
The nbt of tho wajp fchowa a do
ireo of englneorla? akill and adapta
tion of moans to end wlJch rival the
aame taloiits of th bee.
Ail goodj aro alike to PcTi.M Frri,E9
Dyh, us th'iy color all ulxirn at one UdHuK.
tiobl by all drutftflta.
Tho average annuHl amount of cwvl
mine.l in r.n"land from lttl to 10-JO in 130,
OoO.UU) toua.
Obtiilnlns a, t'i-ruiaiii-iit Sod.
On a Held which it 1 desired to get
Into a permanent sod, we would uot
how oats at all. As the result of ob
servation we are sat is lied that It Is a
mistake to seed a grain crop with grass
needs; and we are Katislled that this
Is especially ho In the South, where
the object is to get a good stand of
grass. There may be some excuse
for it when the grass crop Is the prime
consideration, drain seeds shaded by
n LM-aln ron. csneolallv if the crop is
heavy, are to much shaded aud bo
weakened in their growth by the
stronger root growth of the grain
crop, that at best, they make but a
poor showing when the grain is cut
off. In the South the harvesting of
the grain crop is done at a time when
the power of the sun is greatest, and
tho result too often is that the grass,
deprived of shade and In a weak con
dition, is burnt up. Seeded alone, the
grass seeds make a vigorous growth
from the start, and are Inured to the
power of the sun, and able to with
stand its scorching rays without suf
fering. We have seen a crop of grass
so raised that made an excellent crop
of hay the first year, and went Into
the winter able to withstand the frost
without damage. The Epltomist.
If your drofrtrtet cannot umly yoa,
aend na one dollar and vr will eprl
you a bottle. B aure andjrtTa tb mm
of your nearest express office. Address,
J. O. AY. EK CO., Lowefl, Maafl.
Wild Grass.
What is enclosed grass? It must
have come In with grass seed last year,
aud this year has come up since hay
ing, and Is now dry and blowing over
everything. There are many acres of
it. Answer: This is Pa.r',cum capil
lare, commonly called witch grass. It
Haw's Ttils?
Wo offer One Iluinlrud Dollars Howard for
r'iy nann of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by
Hull's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chknev A Co., Prop?., Toledo, O.
Wo, the undersigned, have k nown V. J.Che-n-y
for tho hint lo years, and bellve him pcr
f aly honoralilo In all business transa"tiona
nnd lUiaie'liuly able to carry out any obliga
tion made by tholr firm.
West A Tuuil, Wholesale Druftfista.Toledo,
Waldino, Kisxas AlUavis.WhoWale Drug
Cists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la takon lnturnally, act
ing directly upon tho blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Price, 75o. per bottlo.
Bold by all Druggists- Testimonials free.
' llaira Family f lua are tho bent.
The population of the German empire
includes 3,000,000 who use the Polish lan
guage. Vet For tba Bowels.
No matter what ails you, Iweadache to a
cancer, yon will nover get well until your
bowels aro put right, uasuabits noip nature,
euro you without a gripo or pain, produce
easy natural movements, cost you lust 10
cents to start gottlng your health baok. Cas-
CA.nnT9 Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put up
In metal boxos, every tablet has C. C. C.
atamped on It. Bewaro ot Imitations.
, ' .,i .- - :
f & i M"BBaaBaa.
I 'f I c?f? '
I l, .i .'. ' . 1 .:., i , :
We ca'l attention to Holmes' advertise
ment of Farm Level In another column. It is
llrst-elass and every farmer should have one,
The shark holds the record for long-dis
tance swimming. A ahark has been known
to cover 800 miles in three days.
Sen advertisement of KE-M Cntarrh Cure In
another column-ttie best remedy made.
in va n in m in
. K 7 J I I ii', n all : i
V;STi j !! '.'
Ixve letters are eagerly acanned by tho
male inspectors.
Freo I-llvery of (iardn. Kl. bl and Flower
Seeds; fresh, uuar inieeda-id especially nd;ip'
ed tocllm-ito, at bottom prices. C.,taloue f rt e.
i irderg $1 or over delivered free In On., Ala. or
Fla lr. pavs farmer to secure the bent. Agents
wanted. Paul Toland & Co., Battle Hill, Ua.
Rev. Marguerite St. Omer Briggs, 35
Mount Calm Street, Detroit, Michigan,
Lecturer for the W. C. T. U., recommends
Lydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Compound.
Dear Mrs. Pinkham : My professional work has for the past
twenty years brought mc into hundreds of homes of sickness, and
I have had plenty of opportunity to witness the sufferings of wives
and mothers who from want, ignorance or carelessness, arc slowly
but surely being dragged to death, principally with female weakness
and irregularities of the sex. I believe you will bo pleased to know
that Lydia E. Plnkkains Vegetable Compound has cured
more women than any other agency that has come under my notice.
Hundreds of women owe their life and health to you to-day, and, there
fore, I can conscientiously advise sick women to try it." Marguerite
St. Omer Briggs.
When women are troubled with irregular or painful menstruation,
weakness, leucorrhcca, displacement or ulceration of the womb, that bear-ins-down
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache, flatulence,
general debility, indigestion, and nervous prostration, they should
remember there ia one tried and true remedy. Lydia E. Flukham's
Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles.
No other medicine in the world has received such widespread and
unqualified endorsement No other medicine has such a record of cures
of female troubles. Refuse to buy any other medicine.
Mrs. I'inkham invites all sick women to write her for advice.
She has guided thousands to health. Address, Lynn, Mass.
I Small crops, unsalable veg-
: ctablcs, result from want of
I Fotasn.
1 Vegetables are especially P
fond of Potash. Write for j
our free pamphlets.
33 Nawau St., New York.
ja.wrwiim.Tin'iBHtiijmw"' 11 "' """s.
' Z-X. - ; - "'''?'.i. '
!! . ... ii. ... 1. M
'. r ..-
H r ,
irj ' r j v , v
has also received the name of "tumble
weed" in some places, In allusion to
the method of its dissemination, the
stems breaking from the root and
panicles tumbling and rolling about In
the wind, scattering their seeds wher
ever they go. It ia a late grass, and
a common oiie in cultivated fields and
in gardens. It is also very variable
in size and in its degree of hairiness
and general appearauco.--The Country
Hoi men Lrttoxt Improved
Is 1 lie best flrft
l.efore s.ild !or
rod and target,
lar to W. C.
Knnyth Street.
Level "Kcllonfl"
ScIhw Leel ever
" M) caU. wl U
CZ--" V5 Write for c4ru-
-V -.1 HnliilM, ia .
AjJ AtlmtH. Ga.
J O 1 'V"Ct r.-iiBf null oui-m worst
i nto- 1 OU ol tetnnMll: anil 1 O d 11 r M-hmuuiiu
J r. e. Dr. B. H. KON8. Box B. Atlt.
Hold H!plat at t uHiUo I lpoittlon.
Save Your Own Seeds.
Whv not save Tour seeds? It is
wiser, better, cheaper, and adds ma
terially to the pleasure of gardening.
You desire the best. To secure that,
select the best of that which suits you
the best There is a great diversity
nf taste: Rom nrefer one form or
color, another quite a different one.
This is an . individual matter, and In
nn will n ffpcts thn nrinclDle. We all
have 'our preferences as to species.
Wo nil want the best defined of a
given type. To secure this result, se
lection is necessary, and selection
means choice. It means tho most vig
orous plant that produces the flower
or vegetable best suited to your taste.
Save the eeeds from such for future
use. Great care is required to make
the selection valuable. After a choice
of plants Is made, the first flowers
should not be allowed to seed, as they
wo mn-pr so perfect as those that
come later. If the second flowers are
S all that can be desired, if they are im
provements over those of previous
years, carefully remove all the un
developed buds on the plant so as to
frK-ft thp blooms tho full strength of
the plant for tho ripening of their
seed. This is the way all new varie
ties are produced, and the way that
others raav be. If a flower snows the
slightest change of color or marking,
it is a sure indication of a new variety.
From this plant save the most marked.
even though tho flowers In other re
spects may not be desirable. Save
the flower for seed that shows the
and do not trust an
other to bloom until that seed is rip
ened. Follow this up for a fe,w years
and a variety may be produced ef
isore money value than the cost of the
whole tardea during those years.
The Distinctive Value
of Syrup of Figs is due to its pleasant form and perfect freedom from every
objectionable quality or substance and to the fact that it acts gently and truly
as a laxative, without in any way disturbing the natural functions. The
requisite knowledge of what a laxative should be and of the best means for its
production enable the California Fig Syrup Co. to supply the general demand
for a laxative, simple and wholesome in its nature and truly beneficial in it3
effects; a laxative which acts pleasantly and leaves the internal, organs in a
naturally healthy condition and which does not weaken them.
To assist nature, when nature needs assistance, it is all important that the
medicinal agents used should be of the best quality and of known value and Syrup
of Figs possesses this great advantage over all other remedies, that it does not
weaken the organs on which it acts and therefore it promotes a healthful con
dition of the bowels and assists one in forming regular habits. Among its many
excellent qualities may be mentioned its perfect safety, in all cases requiring a
laxative, even for the babe, or its mother, the maiden, or the wife, the invalid,
or the robust man.
Syrup of Figs is well known to be a combination of the laxative principles
of plants, which act most beneficially, with pleasant aromatic liquids and the
juice of figs, agreeable and refreshing to the taste and acceptable to the system,
when its gentle cleansing is desired. The quality of Syrup of Figs is due not
only to the excellence of the combination, but also to the original method of
manufacture which ensures perfect purity and uniformity of product and it is
therefore all important, in buying, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note
the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co. printed on the front
of every package.
San Francisco, Ca
Louisville. Ky.
New York, N. Y.
l,."'' - 1 1 I If
are made on scientific health principle.
Ask dealer to show them. Accept
no other just as good.
R )yal Worcester Corset Co.
The EEM Catarrh Curt
A iileamut smoking preparation which pofi ,
tlvoly curt-s these dlfie8R8. The greatest m(
lenl dlsixm-ry of the ag. Warrnuled to cui;
inUirrU and the only known posttlva rfmnn,
tir liny Fever purely vetrntablo. Smokers 4
lolnux'o will find Uits a aatlaracttu y Biit.Mtltuti
For i e:ia wbodu not use tobaeeo the eon;
poutid without tohaieo is prepared, carry!)
sumo medli;al properties and proiluctni: san
results. One Box. one month's treatment, (lit
Dollar, postao prep ild. t.t:-M M'K'O. CO:
57 n. limit j Mifct, Atlanta, G:.
y-eaticn this Paper 1,1 VS I
"ft,,: -at
1 J IJe?t (tniuh yrl;. 'i'a.noa Good,
i J In tnniv Kulfl 1rurLMiT.

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