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Y.'lu) I: Cor.iin;;
&f!osl Popular Man in (lie German Royal Family.
!' .J .. Vs.. U. WW V VV.Aa.Vl.a.kl..C.Ai.C..VV.l.Wl.iC.iC.C.xCj
must 1 id; 1 ui;i r ;md (lie l.n st
lN'iril (if tln 1 l(i'il('ll.u',l( Tin
In a I'i'V.' wriks to l-it
A i.i. iii'a as tii:
gurst (if the
iresen! a t i ve
mnl (lie iHTsuiial re
of II 1m
Imperial .Majesly Wiliitmi II. of (br
many. I'liiire Henry of I'm--la, the Kids
cr's only brut her, is indeed i.ii:- ol the
few p-inees in Fiirop,' who i'llbill tin'
roliunlie Ideal ef Win! the '.ik. o!' a
royal household liacM !.'. A iavi;;a
tiir, a scholar, a mm e ian, liindi;r.o
mid digulllt d in ap",
hie i'l persenilllty, lii.-
wlil d : ( ldedly he the
visilor the I'niled ,' .1
nuiiy ,i urn. And Hi
liili to helieve l!i;U t If
pence wliii h it is bis
ranee ai.d lov.i-H-yal
Hi 1'ii- ss
most hi'en slln;
lies has seen hi
re is every I'ea-
olive hraileil ol'
nii.-y'di !o o!T( r
111 afresh will hi1 extended l:y a j.iovt
gr.'Kcfid havd.
Ue;,ry, the s:iihr p;i:nv of (IciTiany,
"I'pstr I lchirleh," as he is affection
ately culled, !s now forty years old.
liavin;,; born horn on August 14, ,S('.2.
Amc.ig (he many points in which he
offers a striking contrast to his broth
er, none Is more signiiicimt than the
fact that he was the favorite son of
both his mother and fa" air. and thai
lie was loyally devoted to them both
at a time when William, I lira frown
Prime, was pursuing a decidedly in
filial course. Personally Prince Henry
is a little less tall than his brollr
but is far more symmetrically propor
tioned, and bo -well have his twenty
years of seamanship agreed with him
that he pives an impression of perfect
health. He has a handsome face and
head, and wears a close-trimmed blond
beard and mustache, after the fash
in of the present Prince of Wales, his
Whi'f Wilhelm's various, remarka
ble, r.J.irming and erratic attributes
aad acts have earned for him all sorts
of t'tles among his loving subjects,
from War Lord down through all the
degrees of Ieh und'Hott. Wilhelm the
Kr.udcn, Williehu the All Kiuiwrag.
jack cr All Trades, tlr; Mr.llyphisf, the
1 is !hc
J mmiup
P who 1;
L 1 1 1 I I . i ! H ! ' ii C- S. 'J
1 '"ft Cl
0 f r i f r e'f r f 1 1 ' I ; ' r ' t 0'.
r -v
to VI' 't T'j,
k i'Ih:i ultc, iiml William I In Vain.
Prince Henry bus made lilnisel' mi
weil beloved union;; the (lenuaiis that
Uie.v have lini:rcd hii.i as tln-v did his
faiher. They called that good
man "I'iimt Fritz," mid they call his
younger Hon 'Tnser llcinrhh."
lie has earned their love by
(I) Keeping his mouth nhnt (ejocpt
once In Kiel):
(' Ih ariii', the hard lot of a younger
luiie'e without expectations and with a
n;ailyphl..t brother, In silence end with
From the New Y'ork Tribune.
(3) Minding his own business;
(!) Selecting for that business thai of
Every nation with a crowned head
demands a sailor prince, and the sailor
prince always is the favorite. Henry
is a real sailor prince. There wasn't
any fooling about it. Few admirals in
any service in the world have seen as
much s"a service as he has. He
worked his way up and served as a
captain so long that all Germany be
came excited over it, and insinuated
that his imperial and absolute brother
never would let him advance.
P.esides being able to steer a ship or
get up steam in her or paint her or fire
her guns or scrub her decks, he can
make excellent clocks.
If there ever should be a revolution
in Europe that would make it desirable
for the Admiral to emigrate and begin
life over again in a free and easy coun
try, he could hang out his shingle in
Maiden lane confident that the merit
of his goods would bring a reasonable
amount of business to.
AH ' I l Wiih on lb i.i y lb. I,, ii .'in a,
1 oi i,i i ! Mi m! rr a i !n' I i nil i
W'lili.im II. ll.n,o:i .1),
Js ow .M ' n u ; ii 1 .i ; i I i ! ( 'hi. ,
Tor l'linee
Ill II! v learned loe!
miiKl'ii: as n tra.
de, ft-llowitr; the
hi n. iliern i nMniii of b'.n h!im eac h
child n manual nit. Wilhelm the
Ml;;hly Is a i:iovemaker by trade mid
Is naid Is to be as ood at ll as In- Is
at eiiipernrim,'. nadptiire, HtaleMiiaii
siiip, matoiy and poetry. Whatever
c!-e be Is, he Is i, 'i shim h, but does
everytiiin with all bis i.ii;dit.
The Imperial yacht I loheiizollern,
which will sail over h re. Is the niest
powerful prlvale yacht hi the world
wllh the 'exception of the Siandart,
beloiijrin'; to the Czar of I'm-.-ir.. Li!'
that vessel, the 1 !oheii;:ollcrn really '
a warship. She is well armed, ami
capable of hrin iii nii d far more
heavily than she Is. Hot sides are
armor pla'.rd and she has a ram. In
fact, in all essentials she is a cruiser
of no mean strength.
Her crew is unit'ormcd, and the dis
cipline aboard is that of a naval ves
sel. Her interior is as lavish as her ex
terior is grim and threatening.
Miss Alice Roosevelt, who will
christen the schooner yacht that is
now lying ou the ways at bhooter s
Island, in the works of the Townscnd
& Downey Ship Building Company, is
a tall well-built girl of the modern
athletic type. She is the daughter of
the President by his first wife, and
was cared for by his sister, now Mrs.
Cowles, wile of Commander Cowles
of the Navy, until Mr. Itoosevelt mar
ried again. She Is in her nineteenth
Frlnoo Henry's Itinerary.
This program of Trince Henry's
American tour was submitted to Em-
(Prince Henry's stopping place while at
the JSational Capital.)
peror William and the Prince, and has
been approved by them:
February 22 The arrival of the
Trince and his suite at New York.
February 23-Tlie official welcome
by the representatives of President
Roosevelt, the Governor of the State
of New York and the ?.iii..r of N.-.t
Yoil; City.
1 ( bruary "I Th, lii'.n. b'n' of 1 1 1
yio lit at Meinii-r's Island mi I a tluur r
to be e.ivell by l'linee Ileiny.
l'tliruaiv L'.i-A iieeiiiion m boimr
of rriuee 1 h in y, a dinner in his b mr i
to I
.iin by tic Mayor of
I 'urns.
-Islent Willi
a leecptioil by the
l'i brm'i y "Ji'. - The Pi ine; and his
party wi.l proceed to Ya -tl.intea.
Where the Prime will reit!" at the
Cerman lhi.bassv. lie will exchange
calls wiih Prcshlciit Itoosevclt mid be
cnieriaimd by a d:ii:u'i at tlc While
II on si'.
February 'J7-Ollicial receptions and
visits mid a dinner nt the Herman
1 j ibassy.
February US- The Priixc ami his
party will start for Chicago.
Th' apiioiutment of the Prince's
time between Chicago, Milwaukee,
Nhi-ara Palls and I'osten. all of which
he will visit, has not yet been pre
cisely made. In fait, any part of Hie
on eiai iiiot-ram may lie nmi.iiicii.
l!el'ore sailins for lionm Prince
lienry will send two or time days in
New York, visit hi:? the city's oljecis
'of interest and receiving p:iiiti!j
Home of Ni w York's notable citi.ciis.
Something; New niel ()ill in lie Vny of
This unique furnishinj; piece, the
combinaiicin chi:':r-la'i!e, is (lwi';ned
csp.'cnuiy lor pia.za or niwii use; uui
it is cpiite attractive enough and suf
ficiently linished to form a decorative
addition to a;.y room:;: Ni:io!c;n;n' or
louniii'' rooms especially, or where
T- -mrrZ
economy ol space is a consideration.
'Mulium in parvo" might well be used
to describe it, as it combines a morit
comfortable chair and convenient
table,, with large drawer, in one fur
nishing piece. It may be bad in sev
eral designs in ash, dark green OP
dark brown, or finished in weathered
ash, as desired. It is covered witl.
waterproof, varnish to withstand
moisture or rain when used out-of-doors.
Its attractive appearance,
convenience, substantiality and very
reasonable price (from $S.u() to $11 in
different sizes) will commend this
piece to many.
ItaLici the l'astiion.
The rrinccss of Wales has made
babies fashionable in England. Chil
dren are supplanting lap dogs and
silken coated cats as drawing room
pets. How long the babies will rule
no one can tell, but at present tlr.y are
wearing the crown of popularity. There
are three bright children in the palace
of the Princess of Wales two boys
and a flaxen, curly-headed little girl.
These tots were left behind when the
Prince and Princess went on the great
colonial tour from which they but re
cently returned. And when they came
home the glad welcome the royal
mother received from her children was
so touching that the whole nation was
put into a .sympathetic mood. JNovr
the Trincess is rarely seen without
having one or more of her babies jrilh
T The Iortor' Circle."
Each physician in the United Statea
has G.")." persons to look to for his sup
port, for one to t!o5 is the proportion,
according to the latest (lovernmeu
statistics. California stands at thv?
bottom or Itop, depending on the view
of the list, for there are only 41G ac
tual and prospective patients for each
M. !., while in Alaska -3-TJ persons
have to depend on or take chances
with one doctor. New York Is near the
average, with (503 persons for each phy
sician to look after, and Pennsylvania
comes nearer the average than any
other States, with W2. Lying partially
between these great Stales comes New
Jersey, wln-re the number of medical
practitioners rails off until ou has to
care for CSO persons.
0 :
Mi.u.i: M'iric.
"A rre:it inany nnnnnii cxpr I-.
are (!( i,i.. ! y wn
"Am to which, for la. tam e?"
"Tlie one that ! y s that boys w
bt bovs, fi,r ( xai'i le. rverjbo
knows that tiiey will bo v n when
they ktow e;i."
mrrrl Air For Mrfi-t ( ni.
r..vr rtM i-li'.l'ii t lint f" mi n " i .1 1. 1 r v.!!l
OVeiit ll.llly lie till' po'Vi r of t.! fi.tnr", Mie
phthlliit: Ik. tli tln en!.!" end hn trolley m.
t fin m. In nil lines of Industry we fee ron
f'aut bnprove '.iciil . I ut In mm'iII -Imm He ro
is fiii'1 rciiu'iiy that e;oiiioL lm lni roved op,
n:"t tlwit is llest.'tter'si Moaiiicli l i'ti r-.. It
is foiniilcil i n truo i:h rit, runl will eiirn iie'.i-Ki'.-lloll,
ilveKpl. ili!ien.'y, eolixl i put loll
and I'ervoHsness. nlso preveiit ini'.liirta, fever
uiid li 'lie. Try a boliiu ami satisfy yourself,
Onl of l.'ll.iH.') hou-ci or tlatt in C'ni.' OW
."".HID wrt I'. mail to have Let one room,
7 O'j.J bat two rnoia '.
In tl) lllu li i r.rglun,
I t:i': off my but to a TO,-. Pox of Telt'-r-It
has riireil me of si, in ill' ease wl.i.'li
hx-toi.s III nev"ii Mnt -'H failed to curt'."-- ('.
W. Ciint.ri'11, I.iii!l:.ville, by. () . a Pox by
mail from ,. '1'. hlniiifriae, Savannah, tbi.,
if your (Ire gir. don't Lcp It.
The chilli that rj-iiM fur the moon r.iy
r;iow up and want tic; mill.
Tyrrr'u Iyii epski
btoiaa.di iin.l 1! end ; !)
Ileiiii'dy Cures s'.our
'. At l'ii-a::,.:i:s, Me.
Soiiri coaipiir.tcr.td fall llat, and o'JutJ
'I tin Kml ar I Alr-lln Kiillway's
Cnfe 1H nl in; ( 'n r K'M-vl . Ih m -tn-i!:il.i iohI h:i n.
r'.le.l villii nl tli" (le'lc'i, 1" til" neii ket ii f'C lis.
I I'l'I H M 1 O M'.'IKelt'lllie Mini III" llS II M'I'VI'il
e hi mi tf jmy ier vvlial yiuonler. No e n n neil
jSxhIs. .Mentu ami v . ctiil'leH 1 i en'.i.
No-.v tliry fin- iwiij a gras-cutting
toiiiohilc in Hie
See niiven lneiii' iit of KK M ntnrrh (-'urelu
i iiuilii'i' coliiiini - Inn bent leiiifily iiimln.
Xo natter where a man was born, he
rwo'.ls u;i and elaiins to be proud of it.
ad troughs
" I had a bad cough for six
weeks and could find no relief
until I tried Ayer's Cherry Pecto
ral. Only one-fourth of ths bottle
cured me." .
L. H?.wn, Newington, Ont.
l lin ln 1
Neglected colds always 1
lead to something serious.
They run into chronic
bronchitis, pneumonia,
asthma, or consumption.
Don't wait, but take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
just as soon as your cough
begins. A few doses will
cure you then.
Tirce sizes: 23:., 50c , $1. Alt drnjjtsts.
Consult your dootor. If lie says take It,
tlieu do at lie snye. If lie tells you not
to take it, thon don't take It. Ho' knows.
Leave it with him. Wo are willing.
J. 0. A Kit CO., Lowell, Mass. Ef
alsby & Company
41 S. Forsyth St., Atlanta, Ga,
Engines and Boiler
Menni Water llcntcrfl, Su-nm I'umpg ami
I'enliertliy Injnvtor,
Slauufaetui era and Dealers lu
I urn Mills, l eeil !M Ul, Cotton Gin iUar.Mu
ery and Grain Separator.
SOLID and INSKUTED Saws, Saw Tenth ami
1 ecUs, liiiiclit's Talent lpr, I5irdall Saw
Mill anil Kiiplne IleimirK. I.i) vernoi , Grata
liiir aud a lull line of Mill Supplies. 1'rlee
anil quAlltv of (.'(Hxls guiuanleoil Catalogue
Ui-e by mentioning tLle paper.
r'hti r iM-iiiMrfi
It is a fact that Ralzor's vppetabln and flower
Bceils are inuiin in more (.'aniens
ami on more farms tlian any oilier
In America. Tlicre i rcupun for tli
) We own ana operate over wnm acrcn mr - ',
the production of our choice seeds, in dj,?
onicr io iniiucc yni m iry tncni r A j i
ve make the following unprec- fy' .,,(
caented oiler : ym
For 1G Cents PoslpaidJlf
SO ktnd of rrf t Intrlirai radlslwa, r,J
Id Biaffitillrppt earliest melons,
1(1 hurlR glorlent tonmties
ii peerli-NS letlnre viirlctleB,
l'J iilendlil beet sorts
in alllM) kinds positiTely fiirnisliinir 'i-:
lOsitiTely furniiiliinir .. ,
.rnamr llowers and
clioice TeBetal'les.J ki
nr prcat calalotiiiey'l
Tfointa and l'ca Vvr
lunet oi cimui.
Ir.ts nnd lnla (if i-
toirether with onr prcat calalot!iiey'i i
leutnuaii aooin icusinic nnu m
anil nrumua anu i-iu, .nuv.n
seed at lioc. a pound, etc., all only v,-
lor l ur. in stamps. rue vo-uay. &
La Crosse, Wis.
E. J. Vawier's Carnalionsare the Best
C HOICK From tie famous ' Vawter
.ii ON1 A faruatioii l-ields" Ocean
AkNATIONSCiitunp, pronagated with
out art nVial beat. ent pi"t)ald, on receipt
of prire. 5 riiatloii FIhiiIh fr 'iac;
l'rlnceof Half" 'lollforlt5r;3 amia
iiinnfor2S ; ;n'n y f 'ras
(.rdi-ra llilrd in rotation. Orrtprnnw. Adilreas OrKAK
Pa.k FumAi. Co., ine J. Ocean 1'ahk. C auFlRMa.
;ld !lr,l.
Mb 11 H
wcnU ce, ur i.t... ..il tj- s.UlCl

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