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i 1
VOfi. XXIV. NO. .
cam Di iX. ti:xxi:ssi:i:.
MAY Hi. V.H)2.
Ii !J
f I i , I ! ! 1
1 1
r f
i We are
J the only
i Merchants
In Camden that have contin
a lied in business for ten yeats.
- Every business in tho town a)
$ save two have either failed,
f quit or died, and we att ribute
t our success to the correct wnv
in which we treat our custom-
a era. Some of them have stuck a
r 119 ro,n "e beginning, and
are still with us. f
J 17.8 gel! Goods Ri.lil
fVe Bdi; Then Ribt.
We study your wants, and
buy accordingly.
Q'j Wvhen you want your clock,
( watch or jewely repaired, you
t know where to go.
If t your telephone gets on t
oi suape, oriug nio us. a
C . 1 V. .. 'Ml T
i If you want to sell what yon A
-"ave n the produce line, we f
want it.
4 We thank yon for the past &
f favors shown, and ask you to f
continue with us.
Mrs. Edna Collier visited at Big
Sandy this week.
E." V. Allen has- been sick, with
measels,. but ia improving..
John II. Rushing went to Big
Sandy on business last week.
L. E. Pierce returned yesterday
from a few days visit at Paris.
Rev. Dock Hawley preached a
Bairview Sunday at 11 a. m. to a
f toll housa.
The pulpit at Crooked Creek was
occupied last Sunday at 11-a. by
E&v. William Halliburton of Hous
ton County and at 7.30 p. m. by
Rev. A. II. Wheatley.
H. L. Lowry found a. large rat
tlesnake in his smokehouse Sunday
evening. The rattlon escaped in
the darkness, . bat Jin Lowry se
cured seven rattles-and a button as
it made its escape.
Faxon, May 13.
Bogular cerresfwndenee.
Sunday school was well attended
1 Mrs. Minnie Phifer is abl& to be
out again.
The health of Miss Joe Farmer
is on the mend.
Miss Lillie Farmer visited at Big
Sandy Thursday.
The farmers aro about through
with the work of planting.
Aunt Vinnie Cherry is the guest
of Miss Liilie Farmer. Aunt Vin
nie is 73 years old, and can walk 2
miles any day.
The many friends of Uncle Lige
Holloman will regret to learn that
ho has suffered a relapse, and his
life is despaired of.
Claud, May? 13.
Alvin S. McGill was at Nashville
Jesse 1 f nil has returned from a
rip to laducah.
Alma Fry of Coxburg was in the
city last Saturday.
Percy II. Lowry returned from
Puducah- yesterday.
Willinm Howard of Milan wns
in thfl city Tuesday.
lob Holers, of Dixio was over
tho first of the week.
J. E. Mfum of Nashvillo was ia
tho city Wednesday.
Dr. E. M. McAuley is spending
tho week at llolladay.
Luther Hollingsworth visited' at
Big Sandy last Sunday.
J. M. Bates and eon of Nashvillo
were in the city Monday.
I. WT. Gidson and A. II. Gibson
are at Paducah this week.
bom fmm n viit f Wnvarl.v
"j wnio m.o wuiwtu
. . ... ...Li m 1r
several localities of the county.
D. G Hudson went to Nashville
on business the lirst ot the week.
B. F. Brown and Bertram. Ser-
ratt are at Sugar Tree this week.
Bud Fry spent a few days last
week with homefolks at Coxburg.
Miss Ada Fry of Coxburg is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. E. L. Hudson.
Joseph Wesson of Sugar Tree
1 I 11 - X" . -VT 1
uus reiurueu lrom a irip 10 iasn-
W. E. McRae of Nashville was
ii . ,i i ii i e l i
in the city the latter part of last
ar , ' 1
Miss Ben Bell spent a few days
BS d
.Lorn Ji Dodd and J. H. Ahn-
held were down from Westport the
urst ot the week.
lnenewnomeoi n. u. Mciiyea
ease or town. win soon complete
i A Ml 1 111
ana.-reaay lor occupation.
Miss Cora Maiden left Monday
to visit her sister, Mrs. William b.
Weatherly, at Hardin, ky.
E. L.Hudson returned the latter
part of last week from an extended,
trip through Carroll County.
Mr. S, Ji Travis was at NaRlwillo
the first of. the week aud'purohased
Qw. lir.a rwf
uv,- .mvv.mm.uw; bWUD,
Tin m .vf lolr; KrA,ta
jvu vvx.v, nhulo
the town? it so,. go to the meet-
. i f -- m . . t
ing at the court-house to-night.
TlT,n T Ti M-,r.Vr ,1i;tl
daughter are spending a few days
, .. .
,;i. tt,,;.,i.,
with relatives at Huntingdon this
Rev. J. Mi Pickens and family
went to Woodvdlle, Ky., tho first of
the week to visit the brother of Mr.
Misses Lillian and Nannie Odle
of Sugar Tree attended the carni
Val at Nashville, returning home
, -
The Fry Drug Co. have received
their new soda fount and are now
i . i ( i
prepared to serve cool, refreshing
summer drinks.
There has been a delay this week
in the work on J. F. Beaton's new
dwelling on account of trouble in
getting material.
A. W. Presson and family, who
have been residing at Alamo, have
moved to Camden. They will re
side out on Paris street.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hudson. H.
u. xiuuson ana iamny, xurs. uora
rt TT. 1 . . 1 J. T-w
McMackin, Miss Bessie Hudson,
Li. ii. Y atson, liud U ry and others
whose names we did not learn, are
attending the carnival at Tad ucah
this. week. .
In the i publican convention at
Huntingdon Wednesday it devel
oped that the Evans faction is on
Marriage licenses have been is.
BWt )y County'Cleik 0. 15. Greer
to Franklin Wiseman and Daisio
Dudley, Bert Jackson and lilount
Mrs. W. II Mcllae and children
of Nashrilla, who have been spend-
iny Bi?veral weeks here and in the
country with relatives aud friends,
returned home this week.
Bo suro nnd go to tho debate at
tho seminary to-night. Tho pro
gram is. good. Bertie Thompson
and Barney Holland will see to it
that the hall is in readiness.
Mr. Carter of Dickson was here
this week lookinc fnr a location for
the estftbUBlimpnt of a slack barrel
K,. s , rntprnr;Rf,s
should be encouraged by our citi-
,r.. 1 , r T I tt , ,
iUr ana xurs. ooun iiai ev 01
T .. ... n. ....
first of our citizens to report hav-
"UJ finished planting peanuts and
A fishing party left here the first
ofi the week for Tennessee River
depend several days h-shmg and
hnting- They returned yesterday
and report a good catch and plenty
of fun.
James B. Tickrey is attending
K0 "IDl
ing of the grand lodge of
Knights of Pythias of Tennessee
at Memphis this week. He is rep-
resenting Bavham Tjodfre. Tvniflita
o j o-j o
of Pythias.
Acting Attorney General Tom C.
Ryef wll0 is fl31ing the place of At.
t0l'Uey General J-V. Lewis, is at
h8 now giving his undivided time
to his canvass.
m u.. en i i .it
ordinance that it is unlawful for mi-
nors to play (pool): a game where
a cue and ball are used, without the
written cousent of their parents,
1 '
under a penalty of $j to $50.
M.uie buvers have been here this
week, and though the supply has
been greatly reduced since last fall,
they succeeded in. getting a few
i i
mules. Fancy prices were paid for
" -
"scrubs" and any old thing in the
form of a mule that was offered for
I ! 1 1 m I J 1 1 11.1
lvauer o; Ayrea leciureu at me
seminary Tuesday afternoon to a
large audience. HIS SUDjeCt Was
1 XT' 1 i
..ii n i i
UimuiU11'' ttllu 1113 waH
pronounceu one oi me uest ever
,. ,
delivered on that subject at Ben-
ton Seminary. Mr. Ayres and his
J , - , .
family left Tuesday night for their
home in Iowa.
The municipal Aboard will, no
doubt, act favorably Upon any rea-
sonable proposition to furnish the
fnwii witli frond lirliTs Tliia ia ft
... i i ,
matter in wnicu every citizen ot
nom,lon ia inferno,"! nnd nr.- rr..
p0rtunity will be given to-night at
the courthouse to know just how
tbe peopie gtan(1 on the question
Rev. S. G. McClliney preached
at Pleasant Yalley last Sunday in
the forenoon and at Camden Sun-
day llight. His eermoil here Was
. i i in
well taken and received the ap
oroval of the large congregation
which assembled at the Cumber-
land Presbyterian Church to hear
Mr. McCluuey left for Mc-
t r -i
Have you tried a Milk Shake at
Tucker's? They're "out of sight."
Ice Cream every Saturday night,
at Tom. Tucker's..
Thero was a meeting of citizens
at the court-house Tuesday night
to consider the question of electric
lights for Camden. A stock com
pany was proposed, but no deifi-
nit" 'tion was tuken. Mr. J. U.
Hudson asked for time to make
fno estimates on the plant, and
the meeting adjourned to meet
again to-night. We aro led to be
lieve that if the citizens of the town
nre in earnest about wanting lights
and tho town council will be as gen
erous in making contracts for lights
ns they have in the past, Camden
will have electric lights.
On Friday evening, May 2, a
very iutercstinS Program was ren-
dereu at Urandon Hall. 1 lie prin
ciple feature of the program was
tho recitation contest between Miss
Neppie Hives, of the Gladstone so
ciety, and Miss Norn Bob Ayers,
of the Bismarks. Both young la
dies acquitted themselves in a very
n.iui.i i n i i
n 1 , TT
W6U U0 prOUU 01 litem. 11011
MauiCB KJ' yeiOLi, ju ma ubuai
hnnnv manner finnnnnfort tho
f i i t 11
to Migg iUve's.Tullahoma
There will be a meeting of the
koar(j Df
mayor and aldermen to
morrow night. This will probably
be the last meeting of tho old
board Kecorder R p Haley and
Marshal E G. Flowers will hand
hn their reports at this meeting.
The financial condition of the town
h8 KOOa. The report of Recorder
Haiev wjn sOW tiie amQUnt of th
uiuuiiiiiiivi iuuu uuw UU 11H.I1U lO 18
, , . ... .
about $75o.G3, of winch $312.30 is
school money. Marshal Flowers'
reporfc will probftbIy show that all
funds due the city have been paid,
yesterday to be collected
ciuldukn's dav.
Children's dav will bo obsorvpd
with appropriate exercises at th
Methodist Chmvh nk S,lv
1 --w r-.y v. . , t
The children have been carefully
trained, and those who attend will
be well repaid for going. The ex-
orcises will begin promptly at 10
o'clock, a. m. The following is the
Soi,k. "(Morions ThhiRs of Theo are Spoken
I P.,.,.ai T?rt T AT li,.l-,..ln
sos, l,'un-iam Arnw."
Ajlll'ss. A- V. Bowles.
Souk, "Doiir to the Heart of the Shenherd.'
llecitation, "A Welcome," Orrin Lee I'eeler.
Recitation. "An Ideal Preacher" Lillian John
. ' . ...... '
I Kecltation. eihtl.ttle boys ana Kills.
ueBLuuion, "iwo rnnces' Ktxiel fliooill.
imitation, "it Must be settled night," Adr
Recitation, -An objw
Recitation, ."Death's f
ct of Pity." Newt Clement,
Scene," Moral (Jillespie.
Recitation, "A Prayer," Myrtle McKa
Recitation, "AlJoy Who Laughs, llclei
len O'Reilly
Recitation, "A Friend," Dovie Hursey,
Recitation, "Help the orld Along," Annie Mai
Tt:"- ir n,
Recitation. "A Pew irvmn." Sain C mud or
Recitation. "The Spirit's Eye," EiUUi Gillespie
SonK ..je8us Will Xever KorKot
I Recitation "Legend of the Lillie ."Louie Pafforcl
Recitation, "The New Kingdom," Mattie Chan-
Recitation, "llioughts at Baby's Grave," Zula
r V i-kens
sonK. -seeds of rromise."
1 cSv"' "T"
of Iteaven," Elba
Recitation "Entering In" LUIio Melton.
Song,. "Xever Alone."
UiUUion, "The Sins of Omission," Lnciie Jolm-
Recitation, "The Yearnings of. Mother'sTIearV
;'ffHVIcK:in, P n . UT, t
Recitahqn, "1 rials of Home," ,)ewclHatenian
Recitation, "Don't," ClaraSailllvan.
nee uauon,. dames Mt'inouism." jjocsie s n pp
- L ..1Ieisvllln AiitoMe."
imitation,. "Asou c Throng Life,- Liiue
Recitation, "A fluid s Prayer' Mary D. Fryer
T0S' J-A-.cu.ment.
son-r, -runve ." fee t Again. -
i. !.:....
Try a Cold MUk Shake at tho
Fry Drug Co.
Go to the Fry Drug Co. when
you want Soda Water.
RfUiil;ir rnrrcsiiondi'iii'"'.
Wheat hCf-rus to bi hcailing low.
Good rains fell hero hist week,
and corn and grass are both grow
in ".
Jesso Herrin will leave for Mis
souri in a few days, going through
in a wngoiu
S. A. By rn failed ia go to Big
Sandy last Saturday for the first
time since February.
Mrs. E. J. Byrn, who has been
visiting at Camden the past week,
has returned home.
It is with sadnes.'i wo are callod
upon to chronicle tho death of Will
Barnes which occu rred May G. As
reported last week he had been at
home only a few weeks and was not
thought to be so bad until Monday
when his condition became worse.
He was 21 years of ago, and pro
fessed faith in Christ. His last
words were: "Oh, take me, Jesus,
take me; I am dying." The inter
ment was at Baker's Chapel Cem
etery on Wednesday.
Greexbriep., May 13.
Go to Tucker's, on the south side,
for a cold Soda. All flavors.
Special correspondence.
J. M. Perkins of Enloe was here
on business Friday.
Ploughing and planting is the
order of the day in this localitj'.
Granville Collier of Faxon is
making a crop for J. W. Brnmager.
Wesley Leegau returned homo
Thursday from a visit to friends at
Mrs. rmdolph, who has been ill
for sometime, is reported to be a
little better.
John Clement, who has been at
tending school at Camden, has re
turned homo.
Miss Cora Pierce of Enloe is vis
iting her cousins, the Misses Stock-
ale, this week.
Miss Ronie Brewer and Miss
Delia Cooper visited Miss Lillian
Brumager Sunday.
Will Bowdeu of near Springville.
who is in very, bad health, visited
lis sister, Mrs. Ed Perkins, near
Enloe recently.
SiJiON, May 13.
"Icq Gold Lemonade" on tap at
the Fry Drug Co.
When in need of nice stationery,
send fts your orders:
"Pepvito," "Cococola," "Celery
Cola" and other refreshing drinks,
at Tom Tucker's' on the south side.
Bring or send us yur news of
general interest, and we will pub
lish it with pleasure.
Regular correspondence
Farmers are almost done plant
Misses Delia and Lena Cuff were
the guests of Columbus Arnold
Monday. '
The family of J. W. Lawrence
has been indisposed for some time,
but is improving.
There was a large crowd here
Sunday and plenty of dinner for
the crowd. Singing began at 10
o'clock and Rev. W. A. Watta
preached an interesting sermon at
11. Then on account of a majority
of the Chestnut Hill congregation
being; present, ho called in his ap
pointment at that place and remain
ed for singing in the afternoon.
Flatwoods, May 13.

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