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Modera E&icsfciona! Needs.
Iiy Hon. Polos Tall, of Michigan.
. ... ...... .,....,1 nml imnortant change In cur m1ik'H-
, I1M,h.K csp.-ehUly those whirl, ni.,;ly ;-d. -()M.e
l-ui-ils !u our rural communities. Hi,. 1.mpu h bo
vnK .. in the thought that, unless h, tnl.rs mlvn.ag, -i"ai
a Sl !'-l,'- h" Y'm ,'" K",ly ":,li,,,,'a:,1" ,1
''ta'C-iH,,, tothis ld,a,h, fru,r
c1BVt year 17.77- of their sons nn. daughters :, i .
this ainoimi in---, '' . , . , ., ., , 111;lUk.g
cost of transport. ion, , .... .
, -.tin-- r.i-a:-v a nullum dolbu-, .am
IH'IUUI 111 ' "
It I
ll a extra x-
this after these fanner
.. ,.,,1 .i-iliii'ii'v m-hool taxes.
Vaid nirir ii'K - ' ,., rh-urv villi the ut-unr.i:- of tl.f
The clnu-aotor of our - J'- " ! ' , ; , au'l the mind to think 'a,,',
years of tins highly piacll al a,.. V 1 or.t tt-. or
-iTtir1rH'i;;;:;: t r u ,,,
expresses his tnomi.it bj the t.aa.i i -mi . ,i to
ii,.. .illiii- nml Li'ior r the rarpeiiior n ml the a. Ml t u r i w
Hi., caliui .tn-i " . , u l ur ,,1(i( ni h -liool must th. In ti,.
lenity of that u th.e l.n.ju, 11 1 1 . , j in.h for i.oi.er
ivon'H mamial training must .eeupy a hu.'. l-lau in o i
ISlonal methods with v,-hich la meet the .lenmul, o, ,l,.s .u-
Hrl.l In a i:.n'.' ' ' r
vrtril Mm ti ' -
There U $-m safely l
vaults a! the tJciinaii Siv.i . 1-.
IhN ehy nv.-aliliu th- i rl '
nnionn seven of th" oh!- niw...
f llo;.e AsM-mhly. Ki.: f
The saui will he s '1 tJ (h-i'tay H e
funeral er.pnes of th- io-.t in ' '
None or tlie survivors is jiniuns u,
(laim the amount or to have the hen
or heln- laiil away hy the six vh sm-
v'.ve. ,
Tip- (-.-eat Ion of the fuml Is envoonl
vlth an intere..tin hit -f lalr uni..n
!,'.i,.,-v It was estahi;,: -! ahotit ten
years'ae. wlnn Hop.. A mhly v:as
ilisbamh',1 uvA all lis u.eii : rs alhha!
e.l with raltiteiV I nieii 1 of t. e
l'.rolherhn.Ml of l'alnters :u -1 Derora
irs of Ameriea. At Hint ti:.-' lillllt:
her of the member of Ho;e A 1 ''-X
were too ohl to heeome elititleil ' 1
iK.nehts in the painters' union, an 1
n ,.-. .1,.,m.o-.! to set asi.le the lia'.ar.-
in the treasury of the nssem
iy. wh
Fibroid Tumors Cured.
A distressing case of Fibroid Tumor,
which baffled the skill of Boston doctors.
Mrs. Hayes, of Boston, Mass., in
the following letter tells how she
rurerl. after evervthinir else failed,
Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
TJrs. Hayes First Letter Appealing to Sirs. Pinkham for Help ,
"Dear 31 ks. Pinkiiam: I have been under. Boston , .Joctors' treat
ment for a long time without any relief. JJey toll ino Ive a Jbad
tumor. I cannot bid (town w utioia giuuo i.un, ui y v " f oh
T ha.vn lioarin-down mina both back and irot.i. iuy 4
J&q BeaEty of Ugliness,
By Winifred Oliver.
True it is i-i lilVs hamlieai) she is some m.le rests ulnuljiu
lovc-lv Ulster, hut that very fact is her salvation h ho reaor.es
Nature Las boon nidly In her Kills, am she her.e
must "make Rood." She knows she cannot sit hack comlcl, . t
in her beauty and let other qualities rust for want of use 1 ae
pvotty woman is apt to place too muel, robance on her 1 ' s ; .
,as n-lievetl her of all responsibility by Kivii.S her a loyely ace. I p to
tain point she is correct. The lovely face ta nttr-c-t. hut .It must he followed
hv couallv charming ehavaeteristics or even loveliness will pall.
' clmshtnces :ue hind to the plain woman in forein, her to ose a .rlf
eonsciousnes. She is so occupied in try to make up tor he la h h .u
aud to cultivate all her oilier qualities, that sue loses sight of scb, thus bahi
ins that most charming of all UU:d;ties--mconseiousness
She is generally unseltish. M.e ts h i u . . . - -
nesr inai is i..i .
was J V-
up my spine. 1 have 1 taring-down pains both baeic ami nui.u " Sho is gomn-aiiy imseinsn. am; is
it cvaHoh nii.l I ltavft had llowine spells for three years, -ly ap j . s listens. pi,e brings out tne
petite i.s not good. . I cannot walk or bo on my feet for any -ength ot time, lJt invavlably Blle dn-cs well.
"The symptoms of Fibroid Tumor given in your little book nc- h hcr (1;U.k 1;ou;.Si fo, wiiat wou,an .iocs not 1o:ir for lea.tty. It a
curately dScribe my case, so I v;rite to you for advice." -(bigned) .Mrs. )(? t of the g0ll, and to bo desired by all, but she has ,arn 1 1 to o pmlo
E. F. 1LVYES, 252 Dudley St., (lloxbury) Boscon, Mass. 1)bical, and emerges from hcr depression more tnau ee. tumh.ul to
n nor
amounied to about S7(M. for tlie csia.
i;.-l;ment of a fund for the betmlit of
these ohi memliers.
There were nineteen of the;.i at th"
time. Trusters were appointed, and
the a-.:i)ii;it deposited in an en elope
Willi the bank instead of in the usual
way, so that there would ho no pose
bili'iy of it being diminished in any
way except by the amounts drawn
from it t.n the death of a beneficiary.
From time to time the fund was
drawn upon, until now hut is left.
If the fund had been placed o:i interes t
it Is thought it WnUHl imo J,'H .mi
large enough to 'defray the expense;
of all the beneficiaries. The even
i. .;...;! v.-l remain are all ovcT
H 1H imtv.. ..... .
seventy years of age. Cm-
. i i i 1 tlii ' t lure W :1
sam hmi-iii'',! in... ,
lio jealousy as to the eventu il HUpo ',, '
sit ion of tlie balance or a-ja v : '''
relatives may receive it. Til ? e, .;
ticn is regarded by loe.il union re; :
unique and hilcresting. r.al:iir.-!e
of them j
ri):,lute!4 '
Mt, ifvsfiif ri Mrc. Pinkham's advice rJ
though she advised Mrs. Mayes, of Boston, to take
her medicine which she knew would help ner
her letter contained a ma3s of additional instruc
tions as to treatment, ail of which helped to bring
about the happy result ,
"Dear Mas. Pinkham:-Sometime ago I vrrote to you desenb-in-
my symptoms and a.ked your advice. ou replied, and I followed
all your directions carefully, and to-day I am a well woman.
"The use of Lydia 12. Pinklmm's Vegetable Compound entire y
expelled the tumor and strengthened my whole system. 1 can walk
mUCLvd'ia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is Nyorth five dol
lars a drop. I advise all women who are afflicted wi h tumors or
Safe troubb of any kind to give it a faithful rial." -(bigned) Mns.
E F. Hayes, 252 Dudley St., (lloxbury) boston, Mass.
Mountains of gold could not purchase ?"m1
the Place of the health and happiness which Ljdla L. 1 inkiiam s
.,i,ir nnmnoimtl brouffht to Ij.rs. Hayes.
"such testimony should be accepted by all women as' convincingf
evidence tha TydVE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound stem
thout a Peer a9y a remedy for all the f
ovarian troubles; tumors; inflammations; ulceration, falling ana ais
? acement of womb backache ; irregular Buppdpf ul
rnonqfruation Surely the volume and character of the testimonial lei
Srwere daiis -printing in the newspapers can leave no room for doubt
Mrs Haves at her above address will gladly answer any letters
v-hich si "women may write for fuller information about her illness.
IfaJ erSitode to . Mra. Pinkham and Lydia E. Pinkham's A eatable
Compound so genuine and heartfelt that she thinks no trouble is too
m S for her to tab in return for her health and happiness.
T -Sy Sit said that it is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetab o Com
pounu thaf is curing so many women, and no other jncdwmo; don t for
get this when some druggist wants to sell you something else.
Onn cnRFEIT if we cannot forthwith produce itio onBiui "
00 EESfiLnUU, wUioU win prove Iiynn, Mass.
k McMillan, fe WMm
51 and 58 S. Forsyth St.. Atlanta. Ga.
t vXt . ,.IT.... b w.-. o
Our money winning books,
written bv men who' know, tell
you all about
KyJm Potash
..- -"rrrrir t ! tu,, aw npeded 1V every tn
r,.i ...-.!.. Prirk Undines. Boilers, '
n;;ntui'- -
all Sizes. Wheat Separators.
c!l Sizes.
, ,a,l hv rvcrv man
l icy aic ntv-viv. . j - ' ,
who owns a held and a plow a m
who desires to get the most out
ui' them.
They are free. Send portal card.
. -. f r Yvm? i:
. . . , u n,. ...mriiia rvllieb t llO
T4- ,.f nocv ivmt ir.i- nn woman is uoia wnu .m v......,,
Lin wotnnn is obUffrd to strive tor. Envy, hatred and raalice must bo un
known quantities to her. She dare not let torsi r .r. n ,.n n ,
not know hatred, and she is too w.se io ui- u - ,
. . .. , .!. nf ; 1 nnalities. tact. It sbc i
plain woman iiossi-fM-h uuu ii.u.-l ....t....- .
tactful Phe is ahead of all competitors; even beauty is distanced &o do no.
lot the' plain women feel 1hat they are out of it In life's color scheme ltaey
may, if they care to exert themselves, be a very lovely touch of brightness
In the general graynees. New York Evening Journal.
JE? .? JS?
Uftromantic Lover;
Good and Bad Points
By Harriet A. Armstrong.
i. .1 M.nf fi, nmptieni lover is a u excellent evea-
ture- hut he is apt to wax monotonous. If a man is bounded
- t ... . ...1 ..i.,i,.iinlo Mil
north outh, east and west witli levei-ncaueu Vii
can scarcely he relied upon for much else than cast iron
dUl"leS'ia probably well meaning-practical men usually are
am! you can safely pin your faith to his dogged devotion It
would be incompatible with his admiration for consistency
; ..." .... n.,., tn vi.ii, nw..i- the next. But he is not one
of those charming sweethearts who are always Pnnmg sweet little surprises
tn nlp'iso their sovereign lad es, tor it is not m ms ua... -
to piease n-i" , .VIM,r iutl.. emhroidenes of
fr. nvimnlp tells him that a muioiinouiv i i '"v..v
Smch oM-tote? so he purchases the former instead of the latter when he
Ses to I e tew a. gift' upon his iiancee, and offers it to her with a ,ell-
i ,.,, ... tn its utilities and capacities lor endurance.
CT 1 - c te to him that a girl likes to have llowers given
to ner hecause she can read from them a hundred messages o love, and
lecause t o she can treasure the withered ashes long alter hie has lied
' om hem as a memento of the sweet hour in which they beauu, hm, he
i n,. H tniiipthin''- lie (IOCS HDL uuui-iM.m.
WillrS ti S-k U ak a intelligibly a, a ilowerV he will demand,
r- j. !p course it cau as a matter of fact. But there is a world of d tference
i f J . " of the two dumb things, and it is just this difierenee
between the lan.ui.i-x oi im. i ff!l,r!s:;v sweet-
ti.or n, ni-ietical man cannot compreneiui. nn- -
Ilcsses o existence llnd no part nor p,reel in the program laid down ey Uus
01 C ds want romance during their wooing. They know full well that matvi
noi v s no ike v to prove altogether a gilt-edged affair for them, so win o
v "e mwod thJy desire with all their might to see the sun shine wdh
",irvu brilliancy and to hear the birds sing their very louc.cst.
1 W " i h.e lev." ounces of chocolate far more than on a four
ni l U thou-h a' few moments' sensible eontemplatien would, o, conr.e,
pound mar, n.oi. . , n-.o ln-ead. and better value tor
assure them mat uieiv is mun: muhv ....... v ... ... . -
the money cxpem'.ed t.ncn it. than tne cnucui.ne . u
lut ilium j ! ..i.hmi .ur . inn n nvndCMieo T. lill
Then a"'ain f.iev resent uie consume .... ... ... ,
which the practical lover lards his cour.s.no. um.., ul ..u y
knows no such foolish restrictions as .mum...,, j- - ,
tben that there is no such thing as solnl sense-um.v uuv, .um -
W8 Imnany. Surely no one would grudge them so mueh tairyland in
a world of stern realities.
is rich? He vno ha:
Co to sleep without supper, hut ri4'
without debt.
Wha.ever is hateful to thee, do not ;
to thy neighbor.
Hold your neighbors honor as sa
cred as your cwn.
Hear sixty advisers, but he guided
by your own conviction.
One enemy is' too many, a thousand
friends is none too many.
If the thief has no opportunity he ,
thinks himself honorable. '
He who teaches his son no lradih
as If he taught him to steal.
The noblest of all charities is in en
abling the poor to earn a livehnood.
How may a man obtain greatuess? ,
By fidelity,, truth and lofty thoughts.
He who has no inner nobleness has
nothing, even if he is of noble ' i th.
i mfin i known bv three th. Is : hy
liis conduct in money matters, "ri.he
liavior at the table and his demeanpr
Unfortunately, even this much
Large Engine. anQ Boilers PP"d
promptly. Shingle Mills, Corn M.lls
Circular Saws, Saw Teeth, Patent
c.r, r.nrnor. full uno
UUS, villain
glne3 and Mill Supplies,
free Catalogue.
' t 1 hi i ir
Capsicum Vaseline :;j
Send for
- J tt o nv i-r., Pisr.v lOUJ It S
Put up in Collapsible Tubes.
rinr to MuMtftrd or
.nrotl.ori.Ustr. and will not blister the most
deficate skin. The ,,vln allaying am curative
! SuMWha-'arailaiieve head-
afhe alia BiMttLU . , .
V C ICt'OK' llirm . - - - -
trrnal counter-irritant known, also as an ex
ternal remedy lor 'mina in tne tursv
a,tl ana a . . ... ; - ; . or U.
our trepRiauiis.
1 T j.antd T a 1 fin ' "Llici vi
1 It" W ' " . . ... I
Or flUtllli; : -- i
' :ll .... 1 . till .A I itf t M ! '
Ui same tames inn i--t.,
make-believe the practical lover cannot
. .... ; .ri... ,-;.i,,,w...
comprehend. To hin. cx.sicnee is niwa :
of this eonviction that is more limn oraim.n.A ..u, . . ,- '; ; -
is her lqver's consir.nt allusion, in cue way or auo.uei, .o u.u -
3 controlled by dollars aud cents -
Yet it is often a pity when, alter an. me ru,:usa.. i ';"-';
nth hour. For the man who has been disagree:. oiy iuik.u an .muu.,u
. .... ... 1..... liilltr.il nll'i.nilv nllt.
the courting days, usually alter marriage, as ........ ....... ... ....
snines his more frivolous rivals as a ggusrai'iorj uu.n.,-.u- x.u.
when angry.
Tiirno names are siven to a man: on
by his parents, another by the world
and the third by his works-ir.e o'
which is written in the immortal Ui
of his fate. i
Do not worry thyself wth the trol.h.'e
of to-morrow; perhaps thou shalt hae
no to-morrow, and why shouldst thu
trouble thyself about a world Hiatus
not thiuo? I
AVhat to Learn.
Tnovn Innfrh. A TOOd hlUgh IS
better than medicin?. 4
Learn to attend strictly to yvjj own
business a very important poii.
Learn to tell a story. A well-tohl
story is as welcome as a sunbeam in
a sick-room.
Learn the art of saying kind and en
couraging things, especially to the
young. ""v '
Learn to avoid all ill-natured re
marks, and everything calculated to
create friction.
Learn to keep your troubles jT) your
self. Tlie world is too busy V -re
for your ills and sorrows.
Learn to stop creaking. If yo;i can-,-not
see any good in this world, keen
the had to yourself.
Learn to hide your nc.ies :i'.il r-cans
under a pleasant smile. Xo ", cares
wheiher you have the ear;v head
ache or rheuniatiiT!.
Learn to greet your frit-mis with a
smile. They carry too many frowns
in their own hearts to hi b ithercd wiih
is inn '.iie.
..Ll VJl. '
An Kplcureati Gec-Gre.
Horses, like ostriches, are not usually
iM.nnsed to be omiiiverous. but one
that died suddenly near Melbourne the
other day was found to nave swal
lowed six pounds of lead, a wrro ua.l.
three pieces of steel wire, fragments
of glass, small stones a:ul a hairpin.
The animal was allowed to graz;
around a rifle butt, and llms acquired
a fatal taste for bullets and mola'.lie
"i.fVs :-.nd ends. It would be Inter ?s
among the horses in South Africa.
Loution Daily Chronicle.
Tlie Original of Mailt Twa'n.
It is a common lie lief that Huck'e.
berry I-'inn i-i Mark Twain himsrlf.
Even Punch published some verse? not
lo.ig since which wore fouinu d on th.?
hlea. But it is not so. Marl: Twa'afs
original in his bocks is Tori fhr.vy?r.
A Four-Cornered
Jim and Lou Smk:er. of y r rarif,
killed a bald eagle under v...; ..'::! cir
cumstances a few d:'ys ago. It at
tacked a big turkey. While it : n d tha
turkey were lighting, some crews at
tacked the eagle. Tlio eagle clur.g to
the turkey with iis talons while it be-u
off the crows with its back .a; d wi
The contest was cettingf l'1"'
when on? of the tfinlzers lire'.U)
tlutcrlng btuu-li and killed tli(cag
1 It measure,! seventy-eight, inches fr
tin to tip. Kansas City Journal.
no. liuc-k Finn, ana Mr. CI
The 1
Tlie llc-nt Iiive,tm-i
est inves'.n.e-.it an;
a T.iVa-h.us co-.i.'.'i
( . n.t i'Hiui ue
b:g to I::;?".- if the Kr.n-n
:!--ir "s l "- r.u. !l.v .".r

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