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V., Cut cf a Difficulty.
' v.uinan died in Nnd.
'" . . . r . i.lly nnd I. tt
! 1 I. iin.T i,f i-ovcntc.'ti cowti.
' " 1 ! Kill t li beqilenth ( l(.
'. i." -r h.-coml h i;i one-third, and
" i- i "mm n tfirj cic ninth, (if tin
,M;'t". ' iif pxo utor were Hon')
U : xcd i,. to low to divide the ns.
At liit t pomp one 8tn;ceHtod thnt they
lx.rrnw a co.v from a neighbor. Thin
v;u done- j rul tho rstntc was thus
i:id r i lchf,.'. n vowh. Tho first eon re
clvo.l oncl.air, (,r nine; the second
f cm Ms cm- third, or kIx; tho third Hon
hla one nli'th, or two, making seven
teen rows? hi nil. Tho neighbor's cow
'as thoa n Uirn.fd with thanks.
1 l-ru-iii Almmiae,
1 he have alrc;uiV been tmppiicd
with Pet-una almanac. There is Mire to
b" a jU.it demand for tlii'Mi' almanac on
if'-i'iirit of 1 1 io article on astrology which
i ....... 'i'i . .
m'-y coniHiii. i tic Humeri n nxtrniocv IS
a very attractive one to most people. The
article on UHln.l.y in the lVruna al
manac have boi-n furnished by n very com
petent uslreloniht, and the mental charac
teristic ,f each ni(n is given, constituting
almost a complete horoscope. A list of
question. and answer on iwtrolosy sent
free up.m request. There will he a great
rush lor thene bo;kn. Ask your druggist
for one early before they are all gone.
Whc n i man is forced to choose between
two evil he is apt to choose the one lie
hasn't tried before.
Vhc!:-:a man pavB as lie goes he always
get. a -welcome back.
Hair Splits
"I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor
for thirty years. It is elegant for
a hair dressing und for keeping the
hair from splitting at the ends."
J. A.Gruenenfelder,Grantfork,lll.
Hair-splitting splits
friendships. It the hair
splitting is done on your
ownhead.it loses friends
for you, for every hair of
your head is a friend.
Ayer's Hair Vigor in
advance will prevent the
spotting. If the splitting
ha. begun, it will stop it.
$1.?0 a tottle. All d-njgists.
j 1 If your drnc-pris' ennnnfc eupply you,
y send us ono dollar and wo will express
I' you a bottle. I'.o sure and ivo the name
fi of your nearest express office. Address,
j. v. Aitu cu., ixiweii, mass.
We Manufacture the Most Complete Line
of Cotton Gin Machinery of Any Company
in the World, namely, the
We alco make
linters for Oil Mills,
Engines and Boilers.
We also soil everything necessary to comple'.e a
KorJarn Ginning Outfit and furnish our cus
tomers with full detailed plans and ma-
- fterlal bills for construction of necessary
houses for our plants without extra charge.
The Continental Gin Company,
Birmingham, Ala. .
VV. L. Douglas makes and sells-moro
men's $3.50 and S3.00 shoes than any other
two manufacturers In the world, which
proves their superiority!
they are worn by more
peoplo 1ci all stations of
lie than any other make.
istig- urgest man uiaciun 1 i
tin Rji lmw cheaper arid I, 7
proifuce Lis shoes at at,
lower cost than other eon-
cerns, which enables himV
to sell Sllirt" lor mm
s.i.ou aim f k
S3.00 equal in
wav to those sold
where for St ami $5.00 Pr -
and tlhoesarevrorn by thousandsof menwho
hiivi been pavingS and S5,not lielievine they
coufal et a first-class snoo nr o.ao or m.w.
-4'(e has convinced them that the style, tit,
and wear of his and ?:i.00 shoes is just
as good. Placed side by side it is impossible
to seo any difference. A trial will convince.
Kotlrf tnrrcKM fiwo SalM:
iu llnim-i i I'.Krt sulci: .i!40,0
A pan of a,H0.4..71 in Four Uar.
Worm S3.00 Compared with Other Makes.
rvVtt hinnrtei an1 American leather. Hcyl'
Pat': ill'. Enamel, B x Calf, Calf, Vici Kid, Coram
-, C ilt. ,nd Na'innal Kanuaroo. Fast Coor WWs.
Tinl'irni T'io (T9nuri have W. l. DOUOLa6
jdaaSiil nHrae nnd vice stampeit on bottom.
k ;..,..,.,. .,!,, Ihi,. ri!i'h,a fjt-t.
XV. 1
-!.. -in Kt.. (Touiiau
tn W.t). will tea.
v',Hi tb p-o'i-" qui.-kty-lKl 9em l.8ltlOD
To Cotlon
I j, II If
L. 2
- -.If j AFFAIRS
To Clrnn mlimcie.
AV:ish ciishincro in p. oil hot rr.il:; i;i
wlih h a little luuax 1ms In en dissolved.
IlIiiKi In Ktroii;: blue wnter. D.t not
wrin; It, but lmiiK tut tlrlpnln, anil
Ihen Iron while damp. If this U d'j:u
Ibo nialt ilal will bmk lil.; new.
Tiililo Decora! lon.
Tlio ('iM't'ne Is once more In favor.
I'or several years iast table decora-
tloim lirivc be n m low that the I
cpei''iie has been rt les;itc(l to the back
of the Kilvc;- closet. -Now 111? undu
Inm has xwini;; to the other extreme,
lilh table deeoratloin are popular.
ATT f ltlnsr Flour.
Looli at Its color. (1.) IT it Is white,
with a slightly yellowish, or straw,
color, that is a ood sign. If It is
very white, with a bluish cast, or with
black upccUs in It, tin? Hour Is not
piod. (2.) Examine Its adhesiveness.
Wet and knead a little of it bclwcn
the lingers; If 11 worUs dry and clastic
It is good; if it works soft and sticky
it is poor. Flour made from Kprini;
wheat is likely to be sticky. (I!.)
Throw a little lump of dry Hour against
a dry, smooth, perpendicular surface.
If it adhere in a lump, the Hour has
life in it; if it falls like powder, it it
bud. (4.) Squeeze some of the flour
in the hand; If it retains the shape
given by the pressure, that, too, is a
good sign. Flour that will stand all
these tests is safe to try. They are
simple, rough and ready methods
adopted by old flour dealers. mcr
icau Queen.
Laundry Hints.
Wash day is the bete noir of many
a household. There is really no reason
why it should be. The results of the
day make everyone sweeter, neater
and cleaner. Here are a few sugges
tions that will make the day easier
and happier.
Fine clothes need no rubbing. They
should first be wrung out of cold water
and theu boiled fifteen minutes in
water in which plenty of soap has
been dissolved. Two rinsings should
make them pure and white.
Clothes look bettor from which the
water is dripping when hung upon the
line than those which have been
tightly wrung.
When clothes are very soiled the
spots should be rubbed with a fibre
bristle brush.
An excellent Avashing fluid is made
by adding to the water in the boiler
one tablespoonful of spirits of turpen
tine and one tablespoonful of am
monia. In washing curtains put thom in the
tub and wet them with coal oil. Then
pour hot suds upon them. They
should be drawn many times through
the fingers to strip them of dirt and
then rinsed twice.
Ginghams soaked in salt water will
not fade.
Silk handkerchiefs should be washed
alone in luke-warm water and rinsed
three times in cold water. Then blue
them and iron them before they are
Dainty doilies, tray cloths and centre-pieces
should be washed with cas
tile soap. Always iron them on the
wrong side.
- -
Cheese Toast-
Cut stale bread in
and toast a golden
with butter and
with grated choose;
thin slices; dry
brown; spread
sprinkle thickly
dust v.lih paprika; lay in a dripping
pan and place in a hot oven until the
cheese melts.
Cream Pudding rut three cnpfuls
of milk into the double boiler; beat
four eggs; rub half a cupful of Hour
in one cup of cold milk; add to it the
scalded milk; when it thickens add the
eggs and cook live minutes; add half
teaspoonful of salt and pour into a
dish; sprinkle one cup of sugar over
tho top and pour over any fruit juice;
serve cold.
Oyster Rarebit Cut off the m un
tie from one cup of oysters; put
them in the chafing dish in their
own Honor until the edges curl;
then turn them into a hot bowl;
put in the chafing dish one tablespoon
of butter, half a pound of cheese,
grated, a pinch each of salt, paprika
nnd mustard; beat two eggs slightly,
add the oyster liquor, and when the
cheese is melted add this gradually,
then add the oysters, nnd when scald
ing hot pour over hot toast.
Rice Wafllcs To two cupfuls of
cold boiled rice add two cupfuls of
sifted Hour; beat two eggs; add to
them one cupful of milk; pour this
over tho rice and Hour and b.at well;
then add one tablespoonful of butter
melted and ;wo level teaspoonfnls of
lmkiug powder and one teanoenfi;l
of salt; bake cn a hot waffle iron; sour
nii'.k may be used instead of all sweet
milk; in that cae omit baking powder
and we half sweet mil half gour mill;
and one teaspocnful of sudr..
Si i$f
Not Due to Training, Duo U a Natural
Prof. Cunningham jointed out how
It Is old"nt that as fnr back as we can
tinen man he wus preferentially rkht
handed. Thiu Dr. H. Dehmann
Nltsche had examined the bones of
prehistoric rn. n from southern Pa
varla and had found that the clavicle
nnd the long bones of the right upper
limb were distinctly heavier and more
massive than the corresponding bones
'if the opposite idde. All the evidence
at our disposal roes to b:iow that rinht
liandedness Is due to a transmitted
functional pro-c nilncnce of the left
brain, and this functional pre-eminence
was net a haphazard acquisition which
had been picked up during the lifetime
of tho individual, it rested upon some
structural foundation which transmit
ted from parent to off opting. Modern
science, then, if we hav? correctly In
crpreted Prof. Cunningham's meaning,
v.'ould seem to show that there is a
distinction In nature of the right hand.
It Is indubitably the one by which
most delicate manual actions are per
formed, with one marked exception
namely, the fingering In the play of
stringed instiumer.ts which are jiayed
with a bow. If, as Prof. Cunnirgham,
In referring to the crossing of the
motor Impulses, says, "It thur, came
about that the left cerebral hemisphere
controlled and regulated the muscks
of the right side, and lt3 functional
superiority over the right hemisphere
w as indicated by the subservient posi
tion which the left hand held w''h
preference to the right, and the rr
ner In which all manual acts wl, .i V
require precision and skill, all tlV
movements which specially requin
the higher guidance of the brain, w
performed by the right hand" If Oi3
be so, how comes it that the fingering
of a violin, which surely Is an ae re
quiring the higher guidance of he
brain, is always.
fo tar as we i
performed by the left hand? I .
Lancet. X'ial
Alice (looking at her pot '
nont you tnintc that Van Uro .ias
managed to make a rather preu pic
ture of me?
Edith Yes, he really has; vhai u
remarkably clever artist he Is.
He How did you come to get Inter
ested In that story?
She I liked the way It ewded.
Detroit Free Pres3.
100 KevrRrri. 100 .
The readers of this paper wil'he PHd to
learn that thero is at least onej; reiied dis
ease that science has been able dre in all
its stage, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
stitutional disease, requires a constitution.il
treatment. Hall's CaturrhCure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system, thereby Uestroy
ng the foundation of the disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in Joins its
work. The proprietors have so much faithiu
its curative powers that they oiTor One Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure,
fcend for list of testimonials. Address
i'. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, 0.
f-'old by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family fills are the best.
Bread as a daily article of food is u?cd
by only about one-third of tha population
of the earth.
FITS permanently cured. No ilts or nervous
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's (treat
Kerveltestorer.r'2 trial bottleand treatise free
Dr. 15.11. Ki.isi!, Ltd., 031 Arch St.. rinla.,ra.
alike i"
chance of two finper prints being
not one in 61,000,01)0,000.
Mrs.Winslow's SoothingSyrup for children
teething, soften the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic. 25e. abottle
It is said that Texas alone markets
$50,000,000 worth of cattle annually
Putnam Fadeless Dyes color more
goods, brighter colors, with less work
than others.
The number of lepers in the Philippine
Islands is estimated at about 12,000.
1 do not believe Piso's Cure for Consump
tion has an equal for coughs and colds Joirs
I'.Boyek, Trinity Springs, lad.. Feb. 15. 10'JJ.
If she is frugal even
husband her resources.
the old maid c,
disguise the taste. Fool
offensive to your taste or
m - 1 r - -v4. 1 1 1
jSmcS Phew!- Salts mid Castor Oil!
iiiatvca cciuun mings repulsive, so you win noi taKe mem. rorcc
yourself to nauseous doses, and you ruin your digestion, weaken your
bowels, destroy your health. On the other hand see what a delight
ful palatable, perfect modern laxative, liver regulator and bowel
tonic you find in
Eet for the Bowels.
Genuine tablet stamped
inpie ana ooomei
n ia no a on nTT
y &s u4j
Rev. H. Vubenvoll. of Elkhorn. Wis.,
uohn'sChurchl that place. Kev. btubenvoll is the possessor of two iiiblos presented
to him by Emper William of Germany. Upon the fly leaf of one of the Bibles tha
Emperor has writNm in his own handwriting a text.
This honored pa, tor. in a recent letter to The LVruna Medicine Co., of Columbus,
Ohio, says concerning their famous catarrh remedy, Peruna:
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen: " I hal he unrrlixjsH ot fie lumt for a loin time, and all
lemalred of vie. 1 to k I'erunx and w:w cured. It aave me strength a nd
courage, and made healthy, pure blood. It increased my weight, gave me
a healthy color, and 1 eel well. It is the bet medicine in the world, ff
everyone kept. Peruna in the house It would save many from death ever
yea r. II. S T V It K .V VO L L.
Thousands of people have catarrh who
would be surprised to know it, because it
has been called some other name than ca
tarrh. The fact is catarrh is catarrh wher
ever located; and another fact which is of
equally great importance, is that Peruna
cures catarrh wherever located.
Ask your druggist for
New Rival" Leader" Repeater"
point your gun,
F you are looking for reliable shotgun am
munition, the kind that shoots where you
Loaded Shotgun Shells: "New Rival," loaded with
Black powder; "Leader" and "Repeater," loaded
with Smokeless. Insist upon having Winchester
Factory Loaded Shells, and accept no others.
200 "SToxxxis Men
At once to qualify for foid poultlons which w
will guarnmoe In writing under a $5,000
Ueixislt to promptly procure Uiom.
The Ga.-Ala. Bus. College,
Sick Hesvdacho, Nervoviorvess tnd
Feverish ness.
Sold by till Druggists. f
Why take sickening salts or repulsive castor oil? "Goes through you
like a dose of salts" means violence, grips, gripes, gases, soreness,
irritation, and leaves your stomach and bowels weak and burnt out.
Might just as well, take concentrated lye. Then there's castor oil,
disgusting, nauseating truck that vour stomach refuses unless vou
your own stomach, eh? Don't ever believe that anything
smell is going to do you real good. Nature
1 i ; i i ,i
Ml druggists, joc, 95c, 50c. Never sold in bulk.
C C C. Guaranteed to cure or your money back.
iree. naaress
Kemesy Company, Chicago or Hew York.
WQ Cherokee Remedy of Sweet
ill 0 Coughs, Colds, LaGnppc
who was nnFmnnnnn
em? -non
nil n,r
I ':. S V ! ill
W u it L
is nastor ef the lOvnmrelicnl Imtherun St.
II you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use oi Peruna. write
at once to Dr. Ilartman, giving a lull state
ment of your case and he will be pleased to
give you Ins valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President of The
Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
a free Pe-ru-na Almanac.
buy Winchester ractory
iosiiM to soldiers of (my vi or. Also PoWIitS Audl
ticual Honirvteurt t ij.'htn. Write mo ut mi'.
illAMK H. KiLOi.K, P.O. Box U8, Deiivor, Colo.
Mmy Savin' Catalog
for a Postal
tuntjj Kvnf.ttt fliL tLbt talis.
!--;.! "est t ough byrup. Tuotvn Ocxxl. Ueo
111 m time. Sold by dniPKists.
ir"Give ttie name of this paper when
writin;? to advertisers- (At. 4, 'C3)
' 1 1 jv.
Gum and
r1? '.rirc'.i G"-i
tpjpiy 'FTTff 'f7f!W". "y
all Three; end Lc.n- Troub'.-i T'i
tcr tJ years. AH l.ru::pst.-. :,. f.-i

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