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CI runy,
Ancient and Modern Ideas on the Subject
Time and Disease the Effacing Agents
of Beauty. What Has Science Dono
to Restore tiio Liiy and the Rose?
mU-MM Is km H V ii &ih0
liiisaiiiilaaanaiiafjS!IIHI11yalllAalHiiaBiikiisii aaaaanaa J a a
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;oi i-'M: ri:i:m.; thci:s.
Polish In vh1 ashes Is coiisl'lcrid
t sjicc!:!ly oi...l for f. oiling trees. Ap
ply In liilo winter or In soring. Mr.ny
on -hnrdisls nlu i iiatf between barnyard
iv. .mire ;:nd -.iuiil ashes, or ciiiiinKTcL'.l
fi iiiliz rs t.;- some Uiiul. Thin Is a
t,O0d p'H'l !''.
:::.ij: aitli:s noxr.r.TiA.
J. i t those who l;:invl apples hear In
M-.'.:u thai it docs nut pay to mix in
1'. v"V grades with better stock, and
Iry to pass them oft' in the middle o!
barrels. I'tu t lasers arc much more
uat.-hftil limn fonntrly, and your
v. hole stock Is liable to le gi'aded clown
to the lowest.
Orchard cultivating can ho done to
advantage In winter. Surface so!l
should bo stirred and made line to ad
mit air and moisture readily Iti tlio
;;roviiis season. Summer cultivation
must necessarily bo rather shallow,
for fear of disturbing the feeding roots,
which arc rather near the surface.
The danger is not present In winter,
nrA it Is a good time to break up the
fail deeply. The surface may first hav
its coat ins; of manure and thou he
turned lightly under. It need not Le
harrowed smooth the rains and frost
will do that to perfect ion.
A simple device is shown in Fig. 1
to save aa axe handle from wearing
out at the weakest point, and is very
easily made by taking the cud of a
f";i can, bending it at the dol.ert line
and tacking it on the axe handle at
letter A. It is easily and quickly dor.o,
and will well repay any one lor the
time and trouble. K. Jarred, In The
woman from Worcester, Ohio,
V wishes to know when to plant her lily
Nbulbs and how to pot h;" hyacinths
' for winter bloom. The only rule about
lilies is to get them into the ground
as soon after digging as possible. Most
of them should be planted five or six
inches deep; auratum and others
should go eight Gr nine inches deep.
Candidum must be set just as it comes
out of the ground, with the new green
Yaaves spread ever the surface. The
cJJp secret about hyacinth potting is
to have plenty of charcoal or broken
pottery in your pots, and fdl up with
peaty soil and sand, or with old sod
well rotted. A housewife who wants
good soil for her plants should keep
a little pile of sod in an out of the way
. corner, rotting; then mix with it foi
t Ti,Sa some n'(v' leau- sand, about one
. '- rhird. Hyacinths, when potted, should
be set in the cellar or some dark rcoir
for about three weeks. Bring then tc
the light throe or four weeks before
they are wnnto'd. Where thestalhs
begin to bloom too low down, wind
about a funnel of paper, and crowd it
tlfiwn into the dirt. The stalks will
fn climb up through to get light.
.V'W York Tribune Farmer.
No insect Is so destructive to the
foliage of walnut and butternut trees
as this. It is a large blackish, hairy
caterpillar that attacks the leaves dur
ing summer. It is the larvae of a good
sized moth that makes Its appearance
vjfrom the middle of June to about July
Land deposits seventy to 100 eggs
OHiho under surface of the leaves. In
a sluut time the larvae hatch and begin
feeding upon the foliage. They in
crease rapidly in size and in a few
weeks attract attention on account of
tl defoliated iwigs where they have
bia at work. These caterpillars are
gil'irions in habit, and at the time of
moiling or casting of the old skin
to give place to a new one, they mi
grate in. a body to the trunk of the
tree, frequently descending nearly to
its base. Piling tiiemsclves one upon
t. t'lnt- re inn in in n mnst nnril
"VI, It" , . - . .......
"IK'ccess is completed, then they
wl back to the twigs and begin feed-
When fully grown the caterpillars
go into the ground and change to the
pupa state just beneath the surface,
llere they rem a in until early the fol
lowing summer, when they emerge as
motbs to lay eggs for another brood.
Wfevcr the lier.ns of mouking larvae
an 'accessible they shovd.l be crusned.
If tiii? is not practicable on account of
the height they molt, a charge or two
of small-sized bird shoe can be f.red
into them with g-od e.Tect. They may
be killed 1-y spray iir: with th :ir
tenltc but ibis is dltiier'.t on !arg
. P
..in a
liljl'l "
t ON (J 11LSS.UA N
I ii fi a mrt aoaaaaanan a
a a a a aaaaaana ha abaaBaaanao
Hon. David Meekn-on is y.ell known, not o:iiy i;i his own Stutc, but throuzhout
America, lie began hi.-t political career by wi ving four consecutive terms its Mayor
of the town in vhieh he lives, duri'i which time lie became widely known as the
founder of the M 'ekison Bank of Xapoh on, Ohio, llo was elected to ttie Fifty
tifth C'ongrtfs by a very large majority, and is the acknowledged leader of his jwrty
in his section of the State.
Only one flaw marred the otherwise complete success of this rising statesman.
Catarrh, with its insidious approach anil tenacious grasp, was his only uncoiuiucred
foe. For thirty yeans he waged unwieeessfui warfare against this personal enemy.
At last Peruna came to the rescue, ami he dictated the following letter to Dr. Hart
man as the result:
"I have used several battt.eof
"m ) ' thereby J rom my cniarrn me fttau. I jeel encouraged to bc
k" licve lliat If 1 use it a short time longer luill be fully able to crail-
icate th3 disease o thirty yearn' standing.' David Mcekison.
Member of ong resit.
Viiniaaajiiioioi V 0 " nrr a aTqunaanartavaaanaapc
can a a a a a a an BaaaaNatfQMaaaauBjjyBCKiiaBaBaauaaBauBaBaai
flIlM season of catching cold is upon us.
JL The coufth ami the sneeze and the
nasal twang are to be heard on every
hand. The origin of chronic catarrh, the.
most common and dreadful of diseases, is a
This is the way the chronic catarrh Ren
crallv begins. A person catches col d,
which lianas on longer than ujual. Ihe
cold generally starts in the heal and
throat. Then follows sensitiveness of the
air passages which incline one to catch
cold very easily. At last the person has a
cold all "the while seemingly, more or less
discharge from the nose, hawking, spitting,
frequent clearing of the throat, nostrils
stopped up, full feeling in the head, and
eore, inflamed throat.
The best time to treat catarrh is at
the very beginning. A bottle of Peruna,
Dioncrlv used, never fails to cure a com-
Ask your druggist for
h?JJJ . ) : v.
r fit
Cotton Gins, Feeders, Condensers, Gotton Presses,
n a
asm yaiiers.
We also manufacture " 3
riioii-anzs.iDE: iiriTEits for oil mills.
Wa also sal! everything necessary ta ocmplete a modem Ginning Outfit and 'urn'sh our custom
ers wilh full detailed plans and materia! bills for const uc'bn of neaessary houses
for our plants withojt extra charge. Writa for catalogue and prices.
(I io c.vs' t;.eatke;;t free,
Tv TT i.T
rt j.YO iziuuu Aiupr jf ut:u is i;iLa
Til i( a T inn a n. tlliTl 1 17 fn imhnt'J
i tiio cost voadertill
V aad cases.
lex b Atlanta, Oa.
to MlijiTJi tiiryTtr. Alr-o Rul.lipr" Addi
tional nii-,-!.?ei t ! frflit. Wr'tlf 111 ttt Oui.
H.AkK U. Iu-uU, P.O. Lui Hi, Dea(.-, Colo.
.11 a l rSO X
of oaio.
I'. rnnti and 1 Je-.'l greatly benc-
n:on cold, thus preventing chronic catrrh.
While many people have been cured of
chronic catarrh by a stogie bottle of Pe
runa, yet, as a rule, when the catarrh
becomes thoroughly fixed more thai: jiic
bottle is necessary to comph'V- a cure.
Peruna has cured cases innumerable of
catarrh of twenty years' standing. It is
the best, if not the only internal remedy
for chronic catarrh in existence.
But prevention is far better than cure.
Every person subject to catching cold
should take Peruna at once at the slightest
symptom of cold or sore throat at this
season of the year and thus prevent what
is almost certain to end in chronic ca
Send tor free book on catarrh, entitled
"Wilder Catarrh," by Dr. Jlartman.
"Health and Beauty" sent free to women
a free Pe-ru-na Almanac
repeat. They don't jam, catch, or fail to extract.
In a word, t'r.cy are the only reliable repeaters."
Winchester rifles are made in all desirable'
calibers, weights and styles ; end are plain,'
partially or elaborately ornamented, suiting every
purpose, every pocketaook, and every 'ste.
made for all kinds of shooting in all kinds of guns.
ppj cr rrScnd name and ,ddres on Postal
rl'c,L- forour 164-page Illustrated Catilog. j
, , r
i.'"1 .'m9 ''. ' -
Hi tuiits WHUt all tut f ails. r;
4 ot tou-!j Syrup. 'Xu tea Goml. Use V
I rA lati;i: S.,lrt liv (1niL'ciitt. it-
Fcm Telegraphy,
I.oalRVlllc, Ky., (founded til 1HC4), will toa'b
ou tli9 pvofes-tion quiclynd serai e position
.it you. URiiJiii'nie o&itilotiUB H'.iB.
IWr TVS fiWQ Cherokee Remedy of Sweet
Udll I hi L'Jrt h Cou-hs, Colds, lGrippo
cnllfd lanty a nhort-ilved
tyranny, l'lato n ir!vll pe (f tiatiiro,
TlieotTitUM a delightful jirt-Jtuli',
Tlii-oplirustus a HUititclx nt., Cut nciuli's
a solitary kingdom, IIorinT a glorious
gift of littturi', Ovid a fuvor of tlio
g'xlH. Aristotle affirmed tlmt lit jiuty
wus l)"ttt-r than all the letters f rrcom
Mcnilatlon In t!;e vorld, and yi t nor.o
of th"sc distinirul.slied anthontk-s lias
left U3 oven n hint or how heauty is to
bo perpetuated, or tins ravnges of up;.
nn I ('l-'e.T'H defied. Time soon blends
thii lilv and the rose Into the (mllor of
nL", disease dots the fulr face uhh
cutaneous dirtllgr.ratlona and crimsons
the llonv.n nose with unsightly Hushes,
moth, if not rut, corrupts the lory
of eyes, teeth, and lips yet beautiful by
defacing the complexion, ond 1111s the
6cnnltlvc soul with agony unspeakable.
If such be the unhappy condition of
one afflicted with Might skin bletnlshen,
wliat must be th feelings of those In
whom torturing h'iniors have fur
years ruu riot, covering the skin with
scales and sores and charging the
blood with poisonous elements to
become a part of the system until
death? It is vain to attempt to por
tray such sufll-ring. Death in incny
cases might be considered a blessing.
The blood and fluids seem to be Im
pregnated with a fiery element which,
when discharged through the pores
i upon the surface of thi- body, Inflames
I and burns until, In his efforts for relief,
ijj jj patient tears the skin with his
nails, and not until the blond liows
does sntficient relief coruo to cause him
to desist.
Thus do complexlonal defects merge
Into torturing disease, and piqued van
ity give plsco to real tuf!Viing. A
little wart on the nos3 or cheek grows
to the all-devouring lupus, a patch of
tetter on the palm of the hand or on
the limbs suddenly envelops the body
in its fiery embrace, a bruise on the leg
expands into a gnawing ulcer, which
reaches out its fanys to the sufferer's
heart in every paroxysm of pain, a
email kernel in the neck multiplies im
a dozen, which eat away the vitality,
great pearl-like scah'3 prow from little
rn-di-liko inflammations In such abun
dance F.s to pass credulity; and so on
may we depict the sullcrings to which j
poof human nature is sulijcct, all of
'Which involve great mental distress i
because of personal disllgurations. j
If there were not another external I
disease known, eczema alone would be
a sulflcienl 'nf.lctlon on mankind. It
pe?vr.,ies all clasHcC. and descends im-
" partially through generations. While
some are constantly enveloped in it,
others have it , confined to small
patches in the, ears, on the scalp, on
the breast, on the palms of the hands,
on the limbs, etc., but everywhere its
distinctive feature Is a unal! watery
blister, which discharges an acrid
fluid, causing heat, inflammation, and
intense itching. King-worm, tetter,
scalled head, dandruff, belong to this
pcaly and itching order of diseases.
Psoriasis, our modern leprosy, with
its mother-of-pearl scale, bit tinted on
a reddened base, which bleeds upon
the removal of the scale, is to be
dreaded and avoided, a of old. Im
petigo, barber's itch, erysipelas, and a
score of minor disorders make up ia
part the catalogue of external diseases
of the skin. Thus far we have made
no allusion to those nfilictions which
are manifestly impurities of the blood,
vis. : swelling of the glands of the
"throat, ulcers on the neck and limbs,
tumors, abscesses, and mercurial
poisons, with loss of hair, because
tho whole list can be comprehended in
the one word scrofula.
It Is in the treatment of torturing,
disfiguring humors and affections of
. the skin, scalp, and blood, with loss of
hair, that the Cuttcura remedies have
achieved their greatest f uecess. Orig
inal in composition, scientifically com
pounded, absolutely pure, unchangeable
in any climate, alway s ready, and agree
able to the most delicate and sensitive,
they present to young and old the most
successful curative of modern times.
This will be conslde ed strong language
by those acquainted wilh the character
and obstinacy of blood and skin humors
but It is justified by innumerable suc
cesses where all the remedies and meth
ods in vogue have failed to cure, and,
in many cases, to relieve, even.
The Cuticura treatment is at once
agreeable, speedy, economical, and
comprehensive. Bathe the affected
parts freely with hot water and Cuti
cura soap, to cleanse the sur ace of
crusts and scales, and soften the'
thickened cuticle. Pry, without hard
rz'obing, and apply Cuticura Oin truent
S .2Cr S RspCy?" jfJtiClJ iS?'-"?
m res raeh,J.5j3i;fif
1"- . Ji r-Kxvi
SAtZER'S EZF.n-i wr.vPTf r Arrf
i r ucicst m-ora of r.i-.v i. ilmia: oncurth.
on.i irt we aw reaclnnuoul lor more. V,'o
di-f.re. I.y July i,.t j,io,ooj uiyiu r.ud hernia
tins uniuen-Uuntaa olitr.
BIO.GO for iOe
W will mail unon rovrlpt of inr. tn suunp3
& our m-at entji.oL'ui-, woriU $ni.( to ui.v J
:ii!u.c lnrim-r or (.'-o ili-rier tu
, P'Owr vit!i iiijuiv farm hnl kui.i.Ik
i . nuiuu'SS loo lev, e.ioiiiuti,
rw i;t'-m. nt,. ( -.i.
n ' io vi a nun wit li, Sh'lT y
,tU it II ""t. -
"Hil-T.' f.T.TT"'?-,- .WfiJ" clou. (:
':id r.t ,
ffGive the namaof this paner when
wriiins to advertisers- Ai. 6. '03
to allay Itching, Irritation, and In;.-r
liiutlon, and soothe and heal, aud, lastly,
take Cuticura Uesoivcnt, to cool ntui
cleanse the blood. '1 hU treatment ci f
ford Ins'niit relief, permits lest aiid
sleep la the s-verest forms of iczema
and other lichlng, bt.rnbig, and s aly
humor, aud point. to r, ppeedy, pernuv
Kent, arid econ omical cure of tort ui big,
disfiguring humors, ccemus, rashes,
and InfltmmailoiH, from Infancy t
age, when all other ri medics and" the
best physldarn fail. The remedies con
btitut tig the Cutlt ura system will re pry
aa indis idual scrutiny of their remark
aide properties.
Cudcura s,np contains In a modified
form the niedlciti ii properties of Cuti
cura (Miilment, the great skin cure nnJ
purest and sweetest of emollients, com
bined with the most delicate and re
ficshiig of flower odors. It purine
tnd invigorates the pores of the skiu,.
and imparts activity to the. oil glands
and tubes, thus furnishing an outlet
for unwholesome matter, which U re
tained would cause pimples, blr.ek
beads, rashes, oily, mothy skin, irndl
other complexioi.al disfigurations, a
well as scalp off 'clions and irrli.it ions,
falling hair, and baby i ashes. Its gen
tle and continuous action on tliCi.titnral
lubricators of the skin keeps the bitter
transparent, soft, flexii.de, and healthy
Hence lis constant use, assisted by ou
occasion ii use of Cutlcuia Ointment,
realizes tho fairest complexion, thra
toftest. whitest hauls, toid the nwwt
luxuriant, glossy hair within the do
main of the most advanced scienUflc
knowledge to supply.
Cuticura Ointment Is the most ?r,c
cesful external curative for torturing,
disfiguring humors of the skin er.d
sc. dp. inciudiim loss of hair, in proof
of which a single anoiniing with It,
preceded by a hot bath with Cuticura
So ip, and followc I in the sevei cr cases
by a full dote of Cuticura Insolvent, is
sufficient to afford immediate relief In
the niOiit distressing forms of itchin:
burning, and scaly humors, permit rest
an I shep, and point to a speedy c;:re '
when all other r nn dies fail. It is espe
cially so in the treatment of infants
and childien, cleansing, soothing, and
In aling the most distressing of Infan
tile humors, and preserving, purifying,
end beautifying the skiu, scalp, end
Cuticura Ointment possesses, at liter
same time, the charm of satisfying
the simple wants of tho toilet of all
nges, ia caring for tho skin, Fca'p,.
Injir, and haiids far more eDectuarlyT
agreecb'.y, and economically than iLc
mopt expensive of toilet emollients,
while free from tvery ingredient of a
doubtful or da-'gerous chiracter. Its
" One Nl-ht Treatun nt. of the Hands,"
or '-Kirglc Treatment of the Hair," or
use after athletics, cycling, golf, t ca
n's, riding, sparring, or any sport, each
In connection with the use of Cuticura
Soap, is sufllcient evidence of this.
Of ail remedies for the purification
of the blood and cbculating fluids, nono
approaches in sptcitlc medical action
Cuticura Kesolv nt. It neutralizes and
resolves away (hence its name) scrofu
lous, inherited, and other humors J.i
the blood, which give rise to swelling
of the glands, pains in the bones, and
torturing, clisflgurii.g eiuptions of tLa
skin and scalp, with lo-s of hair.
Cuticura leso!vent extends Its puri
fying influence by means of the pores
to the surface of the skin, allaying;
irritation, inflammation, itching, and
burning, and soothing and healing.
Hence its success in the treatment of
distressing humors of the skin, scalp,
aud blood, with loss of hair, which fail
to be permanently cured by external
remedies alone.
The grandest testimonial that can
be o He red Cutieuia remedies is their
world-wide sale, due to the personal
recommendations of those who have
used them. It is difficult to realize the
mighty growth of the business done
under this name. From a small begin
ninginthe simplest form, against prej
udice and opposition, against monied
hosts, countless rivals, and trade In
difference, Cuticura remedies have be
come the greatest curatives of their
time, and, in fact, of all time, for no
where in the history of medicine is
to be found another approaching them
in popularity and sale. In every clime
i;nd with every people they have met
with the same reception. The confines
of the earth are the only limbs to their
growth. They have conquered the
To the test of popular judgment aU
things mundane must finally come.
The civilized world has rendered ia
verdict in favor of Cuticura.
Capsicum Vasalin
Put up in Collapsible Tubes.
A Subftltut for and Superior to Mustard or
any other plaster, and will not TjlrSter the tuoa
delicate Bkin. The pr 'n allaylntr and curatW
qualities of thU anieu are v. onderful. It will
slop the toothache at once and ndiev head
ache and sciatica.
We recommend It as the best and safest ex
ternal counter-irritant known, also a an ex
ternal reni(!y for pains in the chept and st nv
f .0)1 and all rheumatic, neuralpic and cmity era
plaints. A trial tv ill prove what we claim for It.
and It wul o found to be invaluah.'o in tb
household. Many people say "It is the U it oi
ah your preparations- I
l'rire 15 cents, at all rtrut?i?lst, or other leal-
r.,,.,.. i,, ni.iu:; tins amount to us in p.,
rumps we will send von a tul hr r. ail
no article should tie accepted hy the h
M'r"luy a::ie curries our label, as oth
a oth iwito
lb livn , riiuj oe
17 state Street, Nw York fit;
Gum and Mullein
ratarr f ,, ii

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