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The Camden chronicle. (Camden, Tenn.) 1890-current, July 24, 1903, Image 7

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r v.r i
i. , l!i Tierplo v)i'
J t nii'l lieeoim. euinl
i ttii-y dmiM t 1 1
, io rii,i' ri;i iiin
Arlili't' I win lire oionl.
, IIm, Ii ;' -ii, iiml I ii'i i.iiii.s
fiVrr.'iiuif hM'i-Ultii; of tli"
lim'ii it :i-1 tl rn,y h -i.h
v.11,1 I,
They v rivet. urlriK w Ith
Ill'k dust H-illllfl:t. ll t (.' Il
"f I n r .1 , mi in jiuMiij.',
IriMilin,', lri-in-ti."v, b.-.
Welling. l.,,Tl'H Klil.iey 1 itW
ri'tlUiVrt Calculi 111! I ;T'li I.
Iti'lifVH brut p'lli.llah.m,
slipli-juTi.'NH, headache,
' "iil'l Villl-.!l"'iH l!il'irm.
t Tvi..nvii.i.i:, .(Ins. "I
tried i'i-.ti t r 1 1 r i vf fur u v ik
'Hi ! rani v-it M i r'-'i' f iintd 1
a.j.l I)oiui'j 1'iils "
J. !. I.t'w:
K: J Dean's):
P. O.
I'.-r fi'-" trt.il t"t
Kl. r MiHnini I .. , I
'I'.M'I 1 1 .lilMKhfM'Ilt, Y
rule i"l ik
CE3T F3?;
t A
tWTKii.iii.iiaj .iA...., I
. f
vjvux' v vi vt?;y
C'- GUARANTEED CURE for all bnwe' trouble,
blood, wind on the stomach, bloated oo'vHc, foul mouth, h'ndnche, indigestion, pimples,
piin nfttr eatini;, liver trouble, utillow skin end di7ine-.s. When your bowels don't move
k -- iy ynu arc sick. k-inHtipaiion Kins more peopi man c:i ctner ciseasca toReiiicr. it
Btnr'.s cbmn'c ailmenti and lon( yenrs of ufTrine. No matter what oils vou, atart takin?
CAAfETS today, for you vill never get well and stay well until you pet your bowels
right. Take our ai'vice, Btart with Caacarts today under nbsolute guarantee to euro or
mcn?y refunded. The genuine tablet stamped C C C. Never sold In built. Sample nni
oooiuet tree. Anrk3 uie'iin Kemeny i-ornpnny. t-nlcnt" or INw York. 5"J
Natural Flavor
ti rTi jt We tnke our choice rornrd lu ef. cool; it ar.d ren'on
H .OIT'SSi &Cn. rf.PW it all Uonebv experts t.ctt-r tiia:i is rossiUc at
it right until you want it.
Keep it in the bouse for emergencies for suppers, for sandwiches for any time when
you want sometliint; pood ati'i want it quick. Simply turu a key aaJ the can is open. An
toppetuitit' lunch is ready iu aa instant.
McNeill 8, Libby, Chicago. S'm-JeV oJiS'xhISS'ti
Straw Hats are here
ffc Rootbeer
I t'y Hec-in now and rtrtnk It ail
m eaiiniitT; it i-im.I.s iui1
live trillions, ...ni every
where, or ny rnaii, n:r .
mtlU E. Klf-LSt
Saltlrg, fa.
Tnlane University of Louisiana.
Its advuntnue fr praeticnl instruction, both in ampin
lnboratoiits und nlnin.ia'.t bniliiii n ari.iih tira :imb
qaHMHd. Fr'je i-vivhs is givn tulhe pie.it t'har tv Hi
liital with IHHi bi(!K nud Ivi.iHii. p"ti"tiirtii'iiiiilli'. S(icinl
inn ruction ih given di y nt 111" lednnl ut the hick.
The next ?eiHin bi-yinis Ocr.il -r ti:d. Hi'3- F.ir catii
'it Ilcnii. I. O. Iruwer '.HI, N. wlirmim. Ls.
Idl! I A fmall Mills
?i i 1 for Farmers ;
iill I b Lar'-''''' -Milis
if a S EalUU for Lumber
men. Ail our
..j..-r(iie fitted with the famous Ileaeock-ICiiic
T'Vui. Yarinl.l Feed Works; the simplest, most
'I ''durable and lift fe?.l up the market.
r M A N I" F A ( T t ' Ii K 1 BV THI-
fay Gives
B & M Quick
Jf Relief.
Ke'novcs all swelling in a 1020
dr. F ; effects a permanent cure
in 10 to fcodays. Trial treatment
jflAV in joto fcodays. I rial treatment
t& :WT given free. Not hint; can be fairer
K'?.r7': V. m Wr-te Dr. H. K. Green's Sons.
. SpecUii3is, Box B Atlanta, G.a.
' . , , ,
Do lou Want Your Money
lM'll AX.M'.tl
WriV i( for pnrtieiilars of a nl, senr invest.
mi-v wier even fer e-rit. on Hin..unt ut one
LU. l.UilUr r 11 1 - r: l:-nk 1 frrw.
, i I U . II. 1IOKI., York, l'eiinn.
jf .
'Ci ve the name of tins paper when
writing o advertisers- (At. 27. 'C3)
HLUKtS Wr.thc ALL tLbE fA'LS. UA
'J Best UuU jiyriip. Tastes Gih1. Use fH
J In tune. s..'d bv ririi-,'sf- "i
k m
l li Li a w n n k
H 11 i! H B
Tlio rniMMii jnii inn ; I
till lilnl flee It ) :n-
lln-V cure. Kidney II'. ui. 1
will pro vt It ti J ml.
W tiT I'll r ' ', M
I io.iu'n K M:n' f 1 i:'.n I ii tt
r hi. Ii m.h mi I ; ei., 1
til" It f- t I III lll.'llf - ,, "l
ll(i lieol M . tltl'OSol II I' u; . I .
1 I i.i:ii ill ilirli s n n. well n:i
iliT iv, t:-i. (''i t a ii iciU.i
MV.'lll'd 'I il. , ( V ll'i IIM p.
t ' -ii -J- I' I'll I'l tln :i'i I t.io
In . it i.f v.lil.:i vnii! 1 li e! -
ii'itui, ; o.v s hand iii) t.i a
Limp i hiir.i.i v. I have uii' I
t 'i- fill- ti i:l nil. I i , i f I'll
tin -sof iKi.h.'k 1Y1.J n !!'
Mli-.ftii'tlo:i of fi-clitc tii:it I
inn i-ih-.mI. T!i-v aii't:.i' n-j.i-fiy
pur t-lri :; :( "."
I:. 1". I!au.wb.
null Ci. r.T:H.a to
i" 0", N V liu'nivr
.U. U4 ! 1 1 1 :1 nil JiV
i....VJ uumtil urn n I linn i m
nrnendicitin. biHounco:. bai breath, bed
The Grcwls of a Grizzled Bachelor.
Old bachelors know a great, deal
abotfr women. If they did not, they
wouldn't be eld bachelors.
Nobody knows why a woman when
she trips over a rocking chair always ,
blames her husband for it as soon as j
he comes home.
During courtship, he talks and she
listens. After marriage, the order
ia reversed, or else they both talk, and
the neighbors listen. July Smart Set..
To the Potrait of a Brunette.
Hair as dark as night, and eyes that
beam afar
With the clear splendor of the? evening
Lips where a smile, half-hid, begins to
Soft as the light on seme Italian lake.
VVm. H. Ilayne in July Smart Set.
To nil who tmffer. or to the frieinls of tliose
who srffcr with Kidney, l.ivr. Hear., l'.l.-ulcier
or lihiml Iiisoase. a sample bottle nf Stuart's
i in and Kuchu, the irrcat southern Kidney ai.ii
Liver Medicine, will lie sent absolutely f roe of
eo-t. Mention this paper. Address STUART
UIwUG M'Fii CO., 2i Wall St., Atianu, Ga.
A fcw VcsjetdUlo Remedy.
Cure Gtieranleod inLvery C;;.e Treated.
Austell t'.uii.inu. Atlanta, On.
Al't O reintilo Tills
strotiLr and delayed pe
riods easy. F.very paek-Bi-reiiaiHiilei'd.
Hy mail
for '-'f two-cent stamus.
lain wrapper, w rtte tor
00k of valeaHe inform
ation for both M'xes. Ad-O'-e-
' feo i h-iile'il
Com puny, i'. O
f iSfLaoy are 11
i-ix i, .JjcUhoii vill e, l"ta.
ni!:'i-l 1.1 every town .""tiil
i P II 3 rn without nnv diBTLro:-Hb'e $
V UUntU results by dose or two of
5 At All
M Orus Stores.
Ml I I I 1 f k kM
ti 1
! i-.M"ia.; t
', Jf fcSSSsXS&lTj.-.rtft.ili:i5l
. .
j Thcnpssn's Eye Wd?r
'ir a Clear Head
i;i:i:m.:i:m; i;.mui.siox.
In n::i',.ir:: liio well l;tiuv.-;i l:n-(!'i)
u;ul-iii!i ii is :im ctsy mat tn make
:i !:iil;:kc, s. tli.-.i t!a Kci'd.-ciii' sr'ntr
iii's friini tin ivihit. KiTif-ciw wl'.l
mix wiilt null. ir s apsus, but In iii!;
inu (he riuiil:.; ,n :. nty of s :i;i slimiM
Usil, ;;s i; v.-;'.l In' ('.il'.i'ai it t' lihX
il::; Mi')st::ii . s r.!:!css 1;; Ii is tin.- ens:'.
two xi;y sprays.
t!il!ifi:l:y of killin-j; i-lant msl
tree liiv wiih ill!' u-ual spray liiixttiics
i Wf'l l;n jv.'ii. (loi'.l results r.rc re
liortctl frcai tlio u-c rf a new n.ixluii'
K.ntainin;- one -kv.'A lianl snap, oil"
quart casior oil, om'-l'diirth p.iuiiil cai'
l)nu;i!(' of S"ila, oni- gallon wattT. 'I'l-1'
soap aial acid v,'c; Lolled in v.-at el
and mixed with il:-- rastor oil -vhi!c
heated; the lKiximv was then diluted
viih ten to tweiiiy per cent, of water
for spraying. In htiiu: tree lice it in
Important t. apply tlie li'Miid u-.ed be
1'ore the liaves -in to c;iil and en
close the insects. 1'or scale insects a
mixture reported ns s-itisfactory is irp.
pared as follows: Ten quarts IkmIIiil;
xvater, one ;'.:-;rt (arliolic acid, one
ituari soft soap. The mixture is stirred
until an ehiulion i fori. led au.l i.s ap.
plied ly means of a brusli.
A suitable device for treating prnir
R'.i'.ut by spraying is hero shown. I'lax
s;'ed plaids treated wiih this snrayei
are also pictured. The two plants in
Fi,-. 1 were thirty uavs old from sound 1
fe.ds, but the se. d from Avhich tht
larv plain srew war, twice as lieavji
FiC' 2.
r.s that which prcduecd the small plant
'ih nllro is ono-half siz?.
jjs. -j si;0ws two wilted plants fro;i
internally infected scaly seeds.
Fi?. 3 shows the typo of pump on?
fdiould have to treat grain with by tlu
spraying and shoveling method. The.
nozzle may be fvt 10 throw a spray of
jiny degree of fineness. The plants ii:
Fi?. 1 were regularly sprayed. In Fig,
2 the pktuti were neglected. Indian
apoli.s Xtws.
No garden c.".:i be considered at nil
complete Aviihout a good collection of
flowering shrubs, and plans should be
made to introduce a few even in the
smallest garden. The earring? drive
may be bordered with dwarf growing
sorts, but they should never be planted
so closely as to give a brushy, neglect
ed air to the lawn. In order to em
ph.'isi..' the green of the turf a llower
bed of set design may be introduced
in ihe turf at one side. Its position
hero must be calculated with mathe
mr.fJcnl precision. Scarlet should bo
the predunuiiatirg color. A fin? 0 fleet
iv. ay be 1 rod need by usi'.;g eaunas for
the centre of the bed. Italia is a fine
sort for tills I'urpos.e, having scarlet
and yellow liowers. Next the broad
band of scarlet may be preduootl by
salvias, which may be purchased or
grown from seeds started in March.
Scarlet geraniums also give a line glow
of ctlor. For the border sow seeds
of dwarf sweet alyssum. which will
give a broad ribbon-like bort'K'r of
foamy white and cause even a faded
turf to look normal by eontr.T-t. A
carpet-like bed of red may be obtained
by the use of co'eus, but will lack the
air of tropical luxuriance of the othor.
These set d sisnis may be varied inde'.i
nitely, but it is to be remembered they
are for effect only, and do not admit
t'.v cutting of any flowers for vases.
Philadelphia Telegraph.
''Hills of gold" are reported to have
In'en diseovtrjd at Arliunga, in Central
One of IiuiinnaV. Ur.cful Educator:; Say::. :
44 I Feel Like a New 'Man."
Mr. John V. Men.'. ."4 Jc'Jerson Ave., Inilianapo'.is, 1ml., State HeprcPfntativo of
Indianapolis liusim ss College, writes:
"1 firmly believe that 1 one my fine health to Vcruna. Constant travel
and change of food and water wrought havoc with my Htonwch, and ov
month 1 sufl'cred with Indication and catarrh of the stomach. I felt that
the "1 " ' " ' l'' dn ,f7 ,s to a'v ' vp m'J
tanf (o do. S? lay an ad. of I'cruni
(live it a trial, and usvd it faithfully or sir week1, when 1 found that my
troubles had all disappeared a nd I seemed t ike a new nnn. 1 have a Lottie
I'ernna in my a rip all the time, an t occasionally take a few dozes which
beep mc tn excellent health." John. W. jleng.
rpiIK most conimoTi ph.isos of suimner
CfitaiTii are catarrti ot tno sunnacn
nnd liowe'.s. l'erima is a .pcciiie fur hiiin
tner catarrh.
I Ion. Wi'.iis r.rcwcr, 11' preset: tat iw in
roti'jri'ss from Alabama, writes the follow
ing letter to lr. llarfinati:
House of Representatives,
Washington, I). C.
The IVriuia Jledicine (.'o., ('ohmilnis, 0.:
( ientletr.en "I have used one bottle of
lYi'iina for lassitude, and I take pleasure
Malsby & Co.
A I Sca'.lt Forsyth St., Atlanta, Oi
Portable ami Stationary
Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills
Complete line carried in stork for
IZIMEDIA TZ shipment.
Beat Machinery, Lowest Trices and Heat Term
Write us for catalogue, prices,
etc., before buying.
to keep the natural channels of the
body open. It prtven.scois;afi(i,
biliousness, headaches, refreshes
ihe stomach, aids digestion, eoos the
blood, clears the brain. Contains no
narcotic or irritant drug.
Used by American Physicians
neai ly (o years.
50e. and 81. OO.
At Druggists or by mail from
The Tarrant Co., 2V,J
R1PANS Tabu!
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind.
The B-cent packrt is enou-h for
ao otdm.iry occasien. Tl'.e
fjinily Ivatla (price e.O centj.)
CuDUiins a s-r;..y i-.r a y.ar.
AV-i'VVf r.
Ill Hot Weather !
fl HuRinera ertr.nl Wied Is.".:.
Y'. 31EX.
occul"1 ' lon "'t''4 ' fclt vcrV reluc-
an a ti pec I fie lor citarr i I decided to
in recommending it to those who need a
irood remedy. As a tonic it is excellent.
In the short tir.ie I have u -ed it is h is
done me a groat deal of coot." Yiii:s
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factoiy results from the ire of lYru.ua,
write at once to Dr. U.irtmati, jrivirt a
full statement oi your ease and he will be
fileased to give you his valuable advico
Ad-lress Dr. llarttnan. Pre;
it of The
i llartman Saiiitariiim, Colomlais, Ohio.
: rap IPIIOTi
I Uljl h6 WWliUfe
Faug!i TlEi Ever Worn
Desires ta Know
fiboul Ssnalive Msep
lie Ciepnsing
Add &&ouT tha Caro of tlis Sk!sf
Scalp, Heir and Hsnds.
Too much stress cannot be placed en
the great value of Cuticura Soap, Oint
ment and Resolvent ia the antiseptic
cleansing of theraucou3 surfaces and of
the blood and circulating fluids, thu9
affording pure, sweet and economical
local and constitutional treatment for
weakening ulcerations, inflammations,
itcliings, irritations, relaxations, dis
placements, pains and irregularities
peculiar to females. Hence the Cuti
tura remedies have a wonderful Influ
ence in restoring health, strength and
beauty to weary women, who have
been prematurely aged and invalided
by these distressing ailments, as well aj
such sympathetic afllietions as p.nxmia,
chlorosis, hysteria, nervousness and
Women from the very first have fully
appreciated the purity and sweetness,
the power to afford immediate relief,
the certainty of speedy and permanent
cure, th-j absolute safety and great
economy which bavo made the Cuticura
remedies the standard skin cure3 ami
humour remedies of the civilized world.
Millions of the women use Cuticura
Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment,
lor preserving, purifying and beauti
fying the skin, for cleansiu? the fcalp
of crusts, ncales and dandruff, and the
stopping of f.dfmghnir, f r softening,
v.hr.ei.ing njcl soothing red, nugh ami
tore hands, for annoying irri'aMons,
and ulcerative weaknesses, and for
main sanative, antiseptic purposes
j which readily suggest 'thcm"elv'.:j, as
y ! "veU an for all the parao-rea of the tol'e!:.
Hi bath and nursery.
Si.lu Itiroci-hrntrte world Cuticrr-rtt H'-lltant fe .'in
r.,im ct ( !,o-..!alo ( oalvl I'ill. ..V. iktvuI , ,,, i,;n..
P:,'r e- 4 '""! In I an; B-KI..1.. I ; i clutabu AvJ.
lu-tir Drue 1 hem. torn,ff.!e It. ..rV-.
:a.iti for V.'m.n-n.'"
iiEii mmm
i1 j J. II. ILittnx. of r.'ii, V.i.. tP n f.dji.r:
j Mnel.ine tlmt would ouul the 'i.bi.i" At iiehir:.' 1'. .r
1 tl.i 1 art i.l the rorntrv. 1 1 is t: lustest n.. -e i.il"
! la e:T'ii or r..i:l: that I PVi r s's-n. i-mi 1 ma ell
I I 1 . ' i .1 V. Till it T 1... llu.l .... I.... i.-,. I. -
1 i.i , in, 1 iiiiv. i'.vr we 1 a 1, im: if . oitrjir
I . 1 B'-IIT.-C II."
i i'tr.n - wi-lti-,? to 1 nv ! k i-eb .? Wi 11 Meetiucry

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