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Till- CIIR0N1CL1",
A CllCN I V N V. ' I' l K II.
I"rL!.iH:;i u Wruav at V,kv, n, T..:t.
I H I I Mf 01 t! AW 1)1 H At fc( f(lNf( I AhSMAIl MAT Tt H
110I.M.SS ANNOt Nlf.MI.M T.
Till' HIlliK-l llll pi lee lit I 1 1 K 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 I K ll
I! ' mi M til ; "hi cent ui tx iniml lit ; Hi
f"l tllll-f llllllllilH, Which pllsllHllV lllllsl 111' pa'd
til aiU.inei", All hi 1 1 tsc 1 1 1 1 1 1 iii Mill Im I I inn I'l ly
hliiM il ,il r V i i il Inn nl t.nif i;n'l lM.
Hnl ii. 1 1 hi nl tun i l,i i lull irr will I if rlirt ri'ril fur
HI !ln i.ilo nl ;i ri-iiit per 1 1 lit. We will lurnlsli
r ilr-t ti iIi.hi iy iinil im ul ii'l vi-1 1 ising nil Hl'plii'.i
timi. N v h in lit 1 1 ti leu I ion Hiiil in tii'lim mi n, nest Inns
l plllille llllel est II 1 1 Sill II-III ll, I III HI' HsHUIlie I II l
l spun Mill Illy n I III' I'X i 'ii ill I II 4 (I III I II I Mill In nil
Mull fiillllunillcalliius till'! ,11 I lilt's published.
heinltf.inces run In' In, nil' In NiH hnii u :i s I l:;il
an- m-i li'i lly safe, imt all ti'iiiillaiii f sent meat
rlk nf I In- Hi'iiilrr,
All ti'iiiilt inn's mill business riiiiimiiiilciilliiiin
Sliiinlil In- si'iil to JKAVIS HUMS..
Telephone '.H. Camden, '1 1'lin.
Fill I) AY, OCTOMIU ?.0, VMl
1 i
I'nr ndveitisi Hunts niulrr lliiy html mil prices
m e cash in iiiUhhre.
t O K TlU'riTKK.
KKYWe mo authorized to am, ounce K. I
'KV as Hcamlldale fur ilrrtlnn ti I In efliceof
Trustee f Kenton County, sul ji ct In tlx-action
f the Deinociatic I'liily. 1'imiai (let tuili Sat
i.rd.iy, December in, l'.u.t.
KlhS- We an' it til lini ied to announce A
K. 1'. HonhH its a candidate fnr election to the
iilliee of Tmstce nf Kenton 'until), subject In
: lie action of the Democratic parly. l'rlinaiy
lection Saturday, December l'J, 'Mi.
LASIILl'.K-Wu are authorized to announce
VV. A. I.ashi.kk as a candidate for election to
'. lie o Mice of Trustee of lienton County, subject
to the action of the Democratic party. l'riinary
i lection Saturday, Iieeemlier Kl, Mi.
run SIlKHIKf.
McCOKD - We are authorized to aiiiiniinee K.
I . McColm as h candidate for re election to the
.iflice of Shell!! nf J'.enloii Cn.ildy, subject to t lie
action of the Democratic parly, I'rimary elec
tion Saturday, December 1!, HUB.
' ... . . i
A' St
' ..',' lit.:
r tt
I 1
'i f You limy I.mvc lunj I.lver or
J li t.- i.l, ,., t , I ;, ,,f nii.i t-i-riuiia
' i'1 lli i.:il'ire fur .ve.ir.-iHliil Utinwuiilli'liU f.
Jt'i'lv yc.nr us nil 'turns
i .'t v IiimkIiwIh' ish'l 'u.it u lii'inliicho
noli fnr ti e ci'ih.i'. f-iiino vvny
. . I it
til I w.
i: ln'i
I 'mi
w .rli I'oiisin ui ion. unfiM umlrr
I', tl.eeyes. p::':ior. In a im tic, tli.zi-
y Inss, kivolii'ii naii'H noil ii-v,
1 l,i rumsiii'-.i, ili'iijc.'.h.on. auJ h'.ih
1a cnlnrrii urlii''.
You bav-! Hver cr kidney
fc troubles ili' :iv t-t caiu'crniis.
i ... .i . . .i t- ... ... ..
Ejiui no iiin, oii'Hii, i"; "ii"
n Mire. 8i le unil nix-edy rurn in
- Iw I II Xl't.l'HIl'H I.ilfl'
anil I4lilne.v tSulm the only
Uuown rciiiedy for ttiese Ills.
Jit Your Vrugzltt'i
If be doesn't r.cll it, scud ii
.10 una nann', imii.
H express you a bottle.
f II. oO ar.u l,!s nann
St. toiils, Vo. Z
nd vu will
I'jr booklet
1 1 I . '
' f I1 ' : Pi " f I'1 Ti f. ;
Puksident IiOOskvklt's scheme
for n "iion-partisnn" finnncinl hill
ii mm it i ic i-uni uv i:i m i.
I'l' 't i'i -i, he! I'V tl.o l"iu "Tufic I', x
iilitHO C'Oininil !'.' f I'u'l.t'ili (iiiiinty,
'I'eiiiiessi'i' -
I. Tli.lt A I'lilti-'ry fieri imi In- i;mv call
ml illn I h. l'I I'll S.itunl.iy, llie I'.'ili ilav i f
IVrelnlier, l'.M ir. nil llie Mil'ilif 'l'i
limls nl hai'l county, I Lie jiulls n.i'iiii
:it '.I n. lit. it i i I rlnviii at l p. in. id au
il;i for the j'iUio,-e i iiuininal in' n cni -ilidatc
f i' ( utility tiuslee itn.l a i iuii'.ul.tle
fui s!u i i.l".
'J. Tliat all in.iU' citi.i ns nf I'.eiiti.ii
jointly w ho nro -I ears nf nc, nr w lm
will he nt tin regular Auru-t 1-t i-n
I'.Mll. fltnl W.'i'i ill'' l in w II tu he Pel I'r
t-i at h. :it:u lu.' imt kiU'V.ii I ei'Hiiii".!!!
or l't'l'illi-ls, hhall he llititleil t-s Vide ill
H.iiil I'liinaiy.
I!. That h a i l iiiiimiry I'lccti'it; be hi.'lil
in each I'lceinct hy thn e jii'lep, two
cleiks nnil an olliei r, to he :ipoiiitel hy
thirt eonmiittee.
I. That Hii'.il (d'ici'is hliall J n v i 1 1 hal
lot huxwH into which the vot s shall In
plaeeil hy n:til olliceis hohlin ! eii'e
titui, and hlmll keep two pull lists of nil
parties Vutiii'' i:i BaM tlectioii ninl two
tally sheets of all votes cast in simp.o, aiol
after the lose of the pulls inn! the count-
mu ot sum vote, cerliiy to mo saine, seal
up ami deliver to the ( hainnan ami sec
retary of thiseoiimiittee imt later t! ;iu the
L'.'-th day oi lVceinher, VMl, uho shall
keep the (-..!,,e sn urely sealed until the
first meet iiij: of thisconnnittey on the first
Monday in Januaiy, I'.'Ol, when said re
turns shall he opened anil canvassed in
the presence of this committee.
5. Unit in said primary election, the
person or candidate receiving the highest
iiumher of votes cat in the said flection
I - ...
' n d
' I
Mail i.U.i -k..V.. .V ia.V.U. UAA.V.i-V -',V iJ. fcAAi - fc. .
Tli KIihI You II;iv Always P.Mti-ht linn luirno tin
lnro of Cltas. i;. IMrtclu r, jukI lias Imtii laatlo iimlcr Mi
IM Tsonnl Mtpci ision lor o it :? rears. Allow i ono
to ilcrfivo you in thi. ,otmf rrlVils, liitltntioii-t nihl
.liis(-as-'ool" arc but I! prrininit:, tui'l C'iidan;;T tho
lualtli of CTiil!ron lIiM ii in o :r4aiiiNt l,.priiii''ut.
t'astoria is ji htirinb'ss Mibstitufo for Castor Oil, laro
fcorie, Drops mul Soothiii": Syritps. It is 1'loasant. It
oittainH neither Opium .Morphine iiur other .Nareolly
Mibstuueo. ltsjttriH its f;tiaiantee. It destroys Woriff
nml allays Vv erinhness. Jt ernes Diarrhu a and Tml
Colic. It relieves. Teetliinr Troubb's, cures Coti;tipatyin
iintl l'latuleriey. It assimilates tho l'ooil, regulates fho
Momaeh ami howels, j;iin:; healthy aiul natural fdeep.
Tito ChiUlren's rauae a-Tho Mot hi r's l ricnt!.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
yy Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Non-Resident Attachment Notice.
ThoiiKis, Lucas
TI..Noble Mneliine Co
f .1. C.
ltd iiJ-.ni,
lifts stttlertHl ft humilintinp; ileteat shall hedoelaird the nomineeof the De:ii
nml its imprnctioilnlity lins com- ociatic party for the olliec for which he
j)t'lleil its alifuulomnent. There
i , t. . .. . r , .: " "'
wits U) u pom kju hi.ipuMiiiu. uin ouvr another primary election and To riiK.Noii.i.. M.m iiinkCo :
lllO Democratic Donkey WflS to let said candidates so tieim; run the race 1 piirsiianoe o an nnl'.-r licictofmcinad
. .1. A T..t ,,r ami ili.lortiilnii u li cl.'ilM.u linn.. elltllClt ll.V llie, J . ( .ll.'l'lll
Ku auu wiiu me itpiKini. xui ivi,,""v- "' .......
ho lfBt n,1 ,ncf. ontl,n,.;fniva iee,nndersiH.l.nile,s and regulations as
, ll J Kill llll'l lUlUU ll.Ul'fcH...Vl ., , ,
1 llnu r'nnilnllti.n Innvi nilitiit
- in- wimiiiiivi ,i
news trora uyster liny mm l rovi
j. r.
ithe m mi m
The grafter is beginnintj to gel
:a his work."
"Teddy" certainly has thecour
r.qo of his convictions.
Colomlia seems to really ilesiro
a canal treaty with a "string" tied
to it.
Anyhow, your fat friend, Tom
Johnson, is gwine to give'em a run
for their money.
If the Canucks will let us annex
them there will be a happy ending
of all boundary squabbles.
'An Indiana farmer has succeed
ed in raising tomatoes on potato
vines. Another tale of graft.
Anp now the Canadians are so
mad about not getting our back
yard they refuse to play ia it any
The late Indianapolis election
is an augury of a good old-time
Democratic landslide in Indiana
next year.
n, a .Inst ice ol tin
l'cais of IJeiilon County, Tennessee, in an at
Wiciii.icni suit, wkci cui i nomas ix i.uras are
plaji'-t ills and you are defendants; you ;,ie lien
(. Unit before enterniL; upon tne dis- byno'jjted mat upon iiie miuiavit of ,j. li. i iiom
deuce, the home of Senator Al- charge of their duties as ollieers of said .""'. I'lauditr.invUHcii it isaiv.i
, ,',, .-i ..!.....: i i...n ...i I. . . i i iii,ii .T.'ii. ..i.i' iimii i
llriCll, IS tO tlie elleCtliat nope Ol eu-cuou, u.e mmu iuku u uain 10 i, on- SMi(l -r. ;,.; lV Lueasiiithesuiiiofloui huiidieil,
,1,.F,;,w fl;l bJll nn wl.w.h esly antllaitlitully aiscliar-etlieiriinties liveauiti; 100 i?io;vo;.d,.ll,iis due i,y accom.tfor
"""""S " J",,. , .anil make a true return of the votes cast n.o..ey ).ad and reeved and for work and ,
even the UepubllCail leaders 01 :n iholr t,U'iivi. ,,,,,;,,. pairs to inacliinery, and tliat the claim is usl:
i ,1 i ii li , ;iiu l nai, yoi ' ie sail uiu .mpiiic .Mac tine ( o, is
l-.fl. itnr.nn zinii n,,HAA linn hnntl fl I T nl.i ...-.i 1:1.1 I J '
uuiu iiuuBcauiiiuijifDiiiia inai no person, exee;i camnuaies, H ,,on.rcsidei,t of t lie late ol Tennessee, a w nl
but abandoned and the 'President shall be permitted to vote in any precinct of aiuichmciit was, on tiie3ni day of October,
l!Ki;;, issued unamst you by me, a. lust ice ol I In
R Tlmt Ihf. f.cL-ots h. siiii' oloptim, 1 'CasauMCS.uu 01 j.c,unn i ouu.y , nu n
nf .mitiiin onv cnorifin i-oemiiniDii. .... . ..... came into till' hands of .1 , r. Cull, a Constable ol
".'"""" ""j i " Bnaiiuesuen as .ue. requiieu uy law in
dations atlecting financial legisla- lejxal elections and to he furnished by the
tion in his message to tho Congress candidates
i i .:n i it., i : ,.:! 1). That when this com tnitt.ee meets to
wincu w in ub ciineu in ispeuiin bcs-
sion on November 9
Keuil Wherever tlie Mii;lisli Lxnxunsi
Is Spokfii.
said fount v, and was by him, on tlienth day id
October, l'.WI, duly levied oa certain property ol
yours, vi : A lot of lioop inacliiiieiy con.sisi
oft l'.ar Saiv, t Hoop (oiler, 1 Hoop Plainer, 1
Hoop Tapper, 1 hoop Pointer, 3 Counter Sluil'ls
ind Hangers and all tin.' attachments thereto luv
en n viikr tl ip rot ninu n m it slinl 1 n tinonr to
nil ! I . ,,....
xiio iuhuio sauj coniniittee that these rules have been loii'dni:, tli, same situated en the mill vanl of
is charged to the rapacity of Al- flagrantly violated and parties permitted Tl,0,,,-'w Lwi :it ,,:vf Tennessee, as appear
dnch and the interests it would t0 vote who are not entitled to vote under (lay ()f (.(olmrt VMif tn Ult. s.lUl llcnit
be ludicrous to say the State-he "7 ruits'u'Vllsn, V r J,,Tt,ce N. n v ,.
J ' votea were cast niay bo exciuued by tins Now then, you, the saul t!.'Nhio AiiU'iuiK1
i T" ill l ill J J ...
represenis. ie mat asu may, me committee from the canvass and not
llepublican leaders of the Senate counted
and the House are even farther
...... . TOK SALIC
n.t- lY-vtlinftTi fin- n fHni tluiif 11 . , 1
iiutuu ui iiiiiL no) o iiiuu oirv ncic . i,, , iii n
v . A good S-ro'im liouse and lot on north
When UOllgtecs, aUjOUmea. 011 last west corner court square, Camden, Tent
Spencer, Tenn., I.Larch 2o,.1903.
Dr. D. Garfiukle, Nasliville. Tenn.
My Dear Sir Please send me another
bottle of your great Eye Remedy. My wife
Best well in town. For terms, apply to
U. F. D. No. 4. Troy, Tenn.
Commencing with the movement of
new corn, we will at all times be in the I
has been using your Eye Remedy and market in your section for Corn, husk on, j
Snectaelesonly four weeks, and am proud ui any amounts of from 1 to KOoars.
to sav that her eyes are wonderfully im- We wil1. P?y highest cash prices for the
The Thrice-a-Week World longaj'o es
tablished itself in public favor, aipl it. in
now reoouni"'! as the strongest puhlica
tinii of its kind in the United State,-. Ad-
that yon, t lie Noble Machine Co., is indebted to vd 'Users a in I publishers seeking chiljhiiig
comoiiialions and tiiey know nest un
iversaliy testily to this. It is w idely cir
culated in every State and Territory of the
union, and even in reunite South Africa
and on the gold fields in the deserts of
Australia. I hose are the things that tell.
Ne::l year we have the Presidential
canipaiuu, in which all Americans am
deeply interested., Already the issues ar
being discussed and the tv. p great partie' t
are preparing for the hist moves. o
will not want tit miss any of the detail
and if yon suhscribe now vour year's s
seripiion will cover the campaign h
beirinntng to end.
The Thrice-a-Week World is absolute!,
fair in its political news. Partisan bias iy
never allowed to a fleet its news colinnnsf
and Democrat and Republican alike can
obtain in its pages truthful accounts of.'
all the great, political contests.
In addition to all the news, the Thrice--a-Week
World furnishes the lf-t serial
fiction, elaborate market reports an.it oth
er features of interest.
The Thrice-a-Week World's regular
subscription price is culy 1.0(?year, and
this pays for 15(5 'papers. We oiler this
unequalled newspaper and Titii Ciikoni
ii.:i together one year for ifl.oO,
The regular subscription price of the
two papers is $2.00.
U'preitiired to appear at noon on the ''1st day of
November, V.W,, at the ollice of me, the said. I.
C. Ilei i Ion, Justice aforesaid, in the loth civil
district of lienton County, beiore me as the Jus
tice having; cognizance of this cause, then and
there to defend this act ion so commenced acai'it
you by .attachment, otn rwlse the caase will
procee.lod ,in.a;ainst you ex parte.
1'hi.s, 17th tjiiy of October, 190,5.
J. ('. Hi: UN DON.
Justice of the Peace, ot lienton County, Teiu.es-
see. 1:7-17'
same loaded on cars at your station.
Parties having corn for sale, will find
proved. Before commencing to use your
.1 11 ... t i- .1. -.'" wi. t
niemeine sue cutuu hoi see 10 oo nny ,tto their interest to confer with us before
housework at ail, and could hardly see selling elsewhere.
The Japan-Russian situation is
still occupying attention, but it
won't get really serious until they
quit talking.
To the street committee: Why
not spread gravel on the streets
that are most used, and where it
will do the most good?
A 4-year-old Indiana boy who
was named for Mark Hanna tried
to commit suicide. IIow preco
cious to realize so early!
TnE Standard Oil Company suc
ceeded in making three raises in
kerosene inside of ten-days. An
other philanthropies! sign. (
A woman in Idaho is suing for
a divorce because her husband, be
fore retiring at night, lined the
inside of his pockets with pins.
to go from one room to another, and now
she is doing allof her housework, nndher
eyes are improving everv day. We do not
know how to express the gratitude we feel
to you for your wonderful Eye Remedy.
II. F. Davis.
Box, Tenn.
Onj tract of land of 375 acres, known
as the Willis II. Cole tract of land, lying
in the twelfth civil district of Benton
County, near Sawver's Mills.
It is admirably situated ami suited for
a good stock farm. About 100 acres is
creek bottom land, and produces well.
1 will sell at, a bargain.
!.'" ..!;,.,, i i i ....ii ... ...
Mw C..t;nn Ue MU.o I I "" i"UULluil18 k'iu's. can on or
uiaiij uvv,hmiij iiuiuio nviivit ianu address J.J COLE
The Great
are Cheap and Climate Mild.
Garfield, Tenn.
Low Kates for lloiueseekera and Colonists I
Twice a Mouth.
tpawtoi plants
At Chicago Mr. Cleveland de
scribed himself as "a politician
who is not in politics." The late
John James lugalls described it
more accurately.
Tillman has been loose nearly
two weeks now, and no one dead
yet. It is possible that Jim is a
littlo discouraged in his life-work
of slaughtering editorials.
Many farmers in the Northern and Kiistern
Stat-.'S are selling their liij;h priced lands and lo
cating in the Southwest in Missouri, Arkansas,
Louisiana and Texas. Many who have been un
able to own their hoaie.s in the older country are
buying land at, the low prices prevailing in thu
new country $.r, if lo,$r perac're and up. These
lands are mostly cut-over timber lands, some of
then, possessing a ilcep rich soil producing-corn,
wheat, oats, clover, cotton, fruit sand vegetables.
Well improved farms are scattered throughout
this country. Many places with small clearinjs
and some improvements can be bought cheap,
The Largest Stock in the World.
100 Yiu'ietiet.
All the choice, liicious kinds for the Garden
anil l.tucv M U'Uei,, Also Sihimutur arieties.
Also Fruit Tree of all kinds to Orowers
at Wholes ilo dates. We will save you
nan in ia;itiu an orciiarcl. Dewberries,
Asparagus, Khubaru, Crape Vines, et-e.
Our 130 page Manual free tn
buyer, enables everybody to
grow them with success ami
All plants packed to carrv across the eonti
....... f i i ,) .i'i.. ..... .i . i
of this country, it tells about the soil, crops.cli- Varieties or b'an'cv Garden kinds.
mate, people, schoolsand chtirchs, water, healtl
It contains maps showing hication of counties,
towns, railways and streams, and gives names
and addresses of real ciate dealers in the towns.
Ke,dti"cd rates for hoineseekers and colonists
are in etToet the fu st and third Tuesdays of each
month, by way of St. Louis, Cairo or Memphis
and the Cotton i'.elt Koute
literature and quote jott rates
Address W. G. ADAMS,
Traveling l'asserigr Agent Cotton licit Koute,
Nasliville, Tenn
Or V.. AV. LaI'.KAUMK,
General rasscngcr and Ticket Agent,
Cotton licit Koute,
, St. I uii is, My
W A NTKD-K very body to know that you don't
have to sutler any longer with Granulated
Kv:liils. Soi'45 Kves. nor to have vmir i'ViiihIit
i.ei us senu you our ucn, iiurn, smart, gum up, or wild hair to pu
iieeause vou can cure vourseif at home Willi Dr.
l.GAl:ilNKI,K'S li YE lil-.MKDY. No in, li
ter bow severe the case is, norol how long slaud
inur, his remedy can and will cure vou. It lias
cured hundreds of others after doctors anil other
remedies had failed. Wilt-! lor a fie ' sample;
it will sure convince, "ti t-iat jnu can ,uni ul be
cured; cost ou nmlnML' to give it. a trial. Ad
ilrcsH r. D. G A hi I N Kl.li, oo.i1, North uiiiiner
Mreet, NchMdc, ieiiu.
: . f
! t
Ul.nil', f
ikmmbhh i
The Chronicle is devoted to printing all the county nevvs
ot interest that can be gotton together. It has more col
umns devoted to reading matter than it has to advertising.
It may not please you in all things no other newspaper
does; it offers no premiums, hut its publishers use every
effort to give you a reliable county paper well worth the
price asked for it. y
Are you a subscriber? If net, you should delay no lon
ger, but subscribe at once.
One Year $1.00
Six Pvlonths 50
Three Months . .25
PajjaSle in Hdvaace!
the: chronicle.

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