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N I (UjU J
i j a m l i :x. t i :nx i :ss i : i
ji:ci:mi!i;r iir,. wu.
'('In isli.niH, iiuhI.c! Milnti tile 1 1 : 1 1 ' 1 ' " IH( ru
Whereon Hie S.tV lor of manlum! v;n Imni ;
Ciiu Ik mloir Ilie nivilv i y .f Imn
Wlileh ImM of iii'fH elinteil li ii nlo c ;
Willi them 1 1 if .1'iyfiil l.'iiii.s llr-t hemm
Of ;nl int'iii liiite HiMi Uii: liiu's Nhi."
Vona Clement lias return-
vit-.it on Lick Cieek.
jOckT of Hollow Hock
l buMiiem Saturday.
F. .Maiden has been ill
1 days, but is convahs-
J 4 J "MJ
.lbt of
Ul'H ii IVUll III vi w i i ,..--
ho week from a trip to
J Den mar
to Dickson to spend Christmas
with friends.
Mrs. Dora McMackin has been
quite sick since, Sunday, but she
is some better.
B. F. Davidson of "Way was in
town Tuesday and paid this office
i . j. . .. 1 1
pleasant can.
Pet Fry of Nashville spent bat-
urday and b'unday hero with rela
tives and friends.
Miss Alum Greer has dismissed
"V school for a vacation during the
Qhnstinas holidays.
Jack Anderson of Huntingdon
visited relatives nnd friends here
the first of the week.
S. H. Hall visited his daughter,
Mrs. T. A. Ellington, at Knoxville
last Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Anna Lowry and children
cl Hollow Rock are here to spend
xi Christmas with relatives.
) Master Willie Clement of Dick
ie on is spending Christmas here
. with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Will S. Corbett and child
have returned from a visit to rela
tives and friends at Ralston.
j! Luther Ilollingsworth, who is
!; intending school at Huntingdon,
V ia at home to spend Christmas,
l! Dauiel Clement returned home
i j fro m Dickson the first of the week
1! to remain through the holidays.
'LV Miss Lucas Wyly, who is attend-
g school at Huntingdon, return
fl home Tuesday to spend Christ-
, Master Tom McJJamel, wno is
attending school at Murtreesooro,
is taking Christmas with home.
(Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Rushing
ot Gainesville, Tex., are spending
Christmas with, friends and rela
tives near Wyly.
Miss Helen O'Reillywho is at
tending school at Nashville, came
down yesterday to spend Christmas
vrith her father, P. J. O'Reilly.
1 The Cheonicle will not loe pub-
hed next week, but our job print
. $t department will be run as usua
and all orders will be given prompt
Isaac Lawrence, who has been
V ccanected with the 6treet car ser
'sH rice at Memphis for sometime, is
V'-,. t ni !.i 1. 111.
""UClinir iirisimaa ween wim
tief oiks.
3 ' W . .-
I The Cnr.ONiCLE wants' an- active
i rrespondent in every locality in
fienton County. WTrite to us for
" "ircular letter of instructions, etc
A7o want the news of the county.
A boy by tne name oi umpsteu,
cu-zr' wuo.resiues in me louiuu ui&niei,
"was bitten by a mad dog one day
l last week. His leg was so badly
'''' lacerated he was taken to Union
J City for surgical treatment. Cows
and other domestic animals in that
locality have gone mad and others
are thought to be affected wit1 the
w . i . . ii. t ii. .i:i...:i
Clarence Pateman, who is at-
ling school at llolladay, will
take ChrUtmiti with homefolks.
Mins CKmentine Ivio left last
Monday to spend Christmas with
homefolks and friends at Glass in
Obion County. She dismissed
school Saturday for a holiday of
two weeks.
dayatlluutin-don and nominated
i t Ar,m fnrtmdi.P ( W l..r M
' '
ish for circuit court chirk and Joe
leWillianis for Klu.rifr'
Owing to rain, Elder Clark did
not hold quarterly conference at
Postoak Saturday. He preached
here on Sunday evening, and the
business of the conference was dis
posed of Monday afternoon.
vT. J". Dodd and J. II. Whitfield
arrived here the first of the week
e uii . l ci ' i i
irom itiiiiprfti rmrnifR. An.. i
win remain someiime wnn irienus
Til... i . . I.'.. . '11 P 1 1
auu relatives, lurs. y nuueiu anci
..1- .l l- ir... UTI M.1l .. i
Mrs. uoaa nave ueen nere several
Rev. Mr. Beasley, who has been
preaching at the court house sev-
eral days, brought his meeting to 0
a close with the services Tuesday
The meetings have been
very well attended and good inter
est manifested.
ni riu wt rk n l
WUu M.v.uuna uam
issued marriage licenses toi.u.
""lu .uv.iuU -
x-ruHit anu manna ,vaxson,Dam
xiicKs auu jjeia ureer, ueorge
TTi-i- x-i- n r
wampmi auu xurs. iuice xuaruu,
Ti Ti ii "I ' r -tm . i I
i1 . i otts and Jiary wneatiey,
mi-.L t i i tii l
uni, uowry anu xuary a. i nner,
o. x. i'rince ana lxeine iiatiey,
T 1 TT -T1I 11 1 O 1XT il
o. u. Liaioream anu oara w eatn-
erlv! W. S. Cox and Docia Hatlev.
" ' J '
Alonzo Dickson and Frances Hoi-
land. Colored-Joseph Wvlv and
Lena Pate.
' :
Wisconsin women were publicly
warned that if they straddled their ,w iC"ulu veu A new telephone line is to be run Miss Susan Penick of Middle
mounts they would not be given Jiere by telephone from each dis- from the home of J. T. Townsend brook visited here Saturday and
prizes at , the Milwaukee horse
show. Yet we hear occasional re-
marks about the "emancipation of
women in this progressive age."
The following has been going
the rounds of the press:
The country editor is a reliable
encyclopedia. A subscriber sent
him this query recently: "What
ails my hens? Every morning I
find one or more of my hena keel-
ed over to rise no more." The re
ply was:. "The fowls are dead. It
is an old complaint, and nothing
can be done except to bury them."
Your Mississippi editor is a
modest creature,, as will be seen
irom this:
"Wa h hAnmW rn in onrh.. Lmi, '
- q O I -
sanctum a plain black baud of gen-
erous dimensions, which appears
to be somewhat too small for a belt
andsomewhat too large for a sleeve
lirlln? HPli x Of ft woo fj-n vi A rr
wivi. .IMiuuuUUu
i, r,i,4. ,1 : i
iud oucot. auu in etietj ma uvviioi
, .
same will be turned over without
1 I I J
the customary fee for advertising,
It is not a dog collar.'
Don't fail to read the advertise-
ment3 in TnE Cheoniclb this
The Cnr.ONiCLE and the weekly
Memphis Commercial Appeal, ?1.
I.alil- '.?l!lnlrw Kinm tlm f'oiitriit on
the I r tif III I l. tlni.
The priruary election Saturday
to nomi nut e Democratic candidates
for trustee and sheriff way held un
der the most unfavorable circum
stances fiom a weather standpoint,
i i
The rain continuously fell in
torrents from early morning un-
filiate at night, and the votingwas
,l"!it ft ovt r ,he county.
In nmnv ditricta only a few who
resided near the polling places had
n(rve to take the rain. The
tenth and eleventh districts t.how
the lar-t-st per ceut of vote polled,
1' A T 1 1 ...ill 1 t
vMinurew irom
111.., i i. l ii. l
lut lul lIUhu:e ,u
Ft i
g ai i.ggvi i io l' iioay aneiuoon,
111... .1 1.. f ll. . i mi .'
' oeioro win primary, ims
narrowed the contest down to two
candidates, E. li Fry and A. R.
13 rook s.
iho following is the unofficial
vote for trustee:
T.;.U 7?.., W T) l,a
10. Total, 4(3.
Second district Fry 53, Brooks
7. Total, CO.
Third district Fry 17, Brooks
n rn.i.i n
V. lOiai, ZO
Fourth Frv 5 Brooks 0
" '
i.-rn, i;Pn 1HQ 1'!-
i jl lit ii a. x y iuuii7iuuai3
s;vfi,Te..TT oo irtvD i
tal, 23.
Seventhdistrict Frv'21.Brooka
Eighth district Fry 14, Brooks
51. TotaLCS.
Ninth district Fry 13, Brooks
1. Total, 11.
lenth district Irv bo. Brooks
. . -
Tota . C7.
Eleyenth district-Fry 20, and
urooks 2. Total, 22.
Twelfth dish-ief Frv IS. nd
Brooks 1. Total, 14.
Thirteenth district Frv 10 and
T3r0oks 0
Fourteentli district-Fry 5, and
mj - oos q
Tr;ffQQi, ,i:er;,u-p,. if.
7 . , '
a:n. j:J tp n
rvTSl ' c,,. ,oo.
T i "r v ' -f or
ks. ld). ry s majority, Od.
1 V "
"u" . , L.. . im-
. U1U imu "U"VP .
tor, af J o tne party,
i uuu lub umuiai leiurus wm snow
that his vote is about the same as
luo loiai vote lor irusiee.
, . .
and dairying will be given in the
School of Agriculture at Knox
ville from Febrnary 1 to 13. This
course will be free to all farmers
of the State except for a registra
tion fee of 82.
Railroad fare and
the cost of living in Knoxville for
two weeks or more will not amount
to very much.
1CU1U OUUUll tllO UCOII 111 C011UUO Ul
feeding or handling beef and dairy
cattle will thus have an opportun
Uy to acquire much valuable and
Useful information at a compara-
I 1 1 - 11 i 1 l a 1
nveiy BLUU11 COBS BDU in a BUOri
KnaCG OI lime.
L Tr -ii u i 1 1 n
value of the score card and so im.
prove his knowledge of animal
form and quality and the produc
ing capacity of the dairy cow as
estimated by conformation.
He will also have a chance to
work ia the experimental barns
and stables and assist in the feed
Jing of beef and dairy catt.lehogs,
etc. He will thus obtain a work
ing knowledge of the needs of the
different classen of f h rm fctock, the
relat ivo value of the different food
fitu ifn commonly produced in the
State nnd the methods of combin
ing IheHo in order to insure the
most rapid gains with the least
outlay of animal ener'rv and for a
minimum consumption of food
There are hundreds of voung
men who aro interested in the
feeding ot beet and dairy cattle
that are not making a hucccss of
it today because they' are not ac-
quainted with tho fundamental
principles underlying their busi
ness. Here is an opportunity to
. .1 t ' 1 ' f . .
get uxe oesired miormation at a
li n ' i -nr.il. i
"luingcosi. n m tne young men,
m l i mi .1
or tor that matter the old men
.1 f -l.i .i
itie larmers ana siockmen 01 tne
State, avail themselves
of the
chance the School of Agriculture
opens un to them through the me-
j i
dium of this course,
Will iam Williams, nn Alabama
coon, "jumped" his board bill at
Hnll ow T?nrlc Mondnv. nnd Slieri ff
ft. D. McCon was advised by tel-
ephone to look out for the negro.
And he did.
When the train from St. Louis
rolled into the station here that
evening the sheriff was on hand,
He soon "spotted his man," and it
is hardly necessary to add that he
got the coin.
Kpriil:i,r (rnrrpsnnnilennp.l
John Elmoro visited t Valo last
tt ttti ' i r,
lasT week
E. H. Cole will snend Christmas
; TlHtim'n
George Presson is very sick with
n,. w p rn;n p nQm,in,i
X T I JL tk,A. ill VI VUUiUVU
was here last Sundav.
S. S. Aden of Hollow Rock was
I . -
re last week buying fur.
I -trr T T tt T i ll
W. L. Kyan of Unst-ow spent Upertai correspondence.
Sanday here with relatives.
J' W- IIastinS8 of BiS Sandy
was here last week lookinS after
to Buena Vista.
Thomas Broughton and family
moved today to 2 miles northeast
of Hollow Ilock
r:. i ,ifn
I I lwinoe tn n. Iienw flOwntAll nr
lin al, (ay Saturday) the vote in
this district was small.
Miss Pearle McCutchon has
nlnaol . lior oplinnl nf fTiA StirroU
house for the holidays.
I. S. Smith of Kentucky, who
was here last week, has bought the
farm of Rev. E. R. Conder, 1 mile
north of Garfield, and will move to tives.
it at once. Miss Pauline Brooks, who has
Rev. E. B. Crump will preach at been teaching near Yuma, ha3 re
Mount Zion the first Sunday in turned home to spend the Christ
January and will hold quarterly mas holidays. '
meeting the second Sunday in Jan- P. L. Utley was run over by an
Mr. Crump is the new pas
I . ,
tor of the Camden circuit.
Cedar Grove, December 22."
lCPRUiar COrresiionilence.J
I tt n t tt.. t.
al. xvollio oil jlivuiu viaucu
ii - n -r i ,
1 '
Fridav and Saturday. He return
ed home Sunday, accompanied by
Miss Ppnrl T)nTM1srm a rlinrmino'
bdle of this community, who will
visit at llolladay during unrist
mas and the holidays. A certain
young man will b disconsolate
until her return.
LitEiiiv, December 22.
.J I ill II ll il I II li f II li ill fih rM I on ii I jr Klllr.l
Mmi .VhiiiimI I'liirll.
Jim Hardin, who is wanted in
HumphreyH County, win re he is
charged with murder, was captur
ed by (.fllceiH in this county la&t
Friday night and .taken to jail at
Last September Hardin killed a
man named Pruetf. in Humphreys
County, where they both lived.
Hardin was tried la-fore a magis
trate and discharged. He claimed
the killing was accidental.
About two weeks before his ar
rest Hardin came to this county
and was engaged with John Allen,
who lives several miles southwest
of Camden, and was getting cross-
Circuit court was in session at
Waverly last week, and the grand
hnrv found a true bill against ITar.
i - - - , r- ' -
din charging him with murder.
Sheriff G. W. Fentress and
over to Camden Fridav evening
and they secured the services of
Sheriff R. D. MeCord. who ioined
them in the search for Hardin.
They found the prisoner at Allen's,
and had no trouble in making the
arrest. The ofikers were delayed
awhile after leaving town by tho
hack breaking down, but the delay
vras fortunate in one respect, for it
saved them a long trip to the south
end of the county.
It was swift work, from start
w 1. 1411.4 J U1JI JkM Tf IA
verly found the indictment against
Hardin Friday afternoon.
hnnpra wpi-a iinmL'ntftlr nln.T
r-t rvvv
in t1,A hnnrla of Rl.fF TVr,fvOCa
By the aid of Sheriff McCord, who
obtained a clue of the whereabouts
1 0 TT ! m, m t m.
or iiarcnn alter tne omcers lett
town' the Prisoner was arrested at f
numptireys uounty omcers Jett w
1 "
wua uieir V tor v averiy.
I i 1 li . 0 ITT 1
Eugene McDaniel closed
school at MorrisChapel Saturday.
Geore Cwell taa closed his
singing school at Morris Chapel.
The young folks enjoyed a sins-
ing Sunday evening at the home of
j Jordan
nr- t rr i e nr
I Mica iiTviA 1 lfinrntor nf W ow
will make her home with the famU
ly of H. A. Watford.
Rev. G. B. Greer filled Rev. D.
fl Tnlincnn'a onnnlnfmniit a TVTr-
ns Chapel Sunday afternoon.
Miss Lula Caneer of Senath,
Mo., came home yesterday to spend
I Christmas with friends and rela-
ox wagon Tuesday and received
slight injuries. He was haulipg
wood, and fell down and the wagon
ran over him.
Hustletown, December 22.
Wliein -cmi rronf a rvnnrl etinvo
vnen you want a good snae,
, i , . n -n n
hair-cut or shampoo, call on R. G.
I HniloAn rti tha timilli owlonf ATirt
. xcr Infants end Children.
Tb KirJ Ycu Kan tkzn E::U
;: c:c:.

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