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troiichL to a Full Stop In a'. Very
Short Dltonce.
M iMloii was made uniii- tliiu Hk'x In
these columns (if the ciperiiiiehtH made
on tin' St. Lawrence Klvcr with a .hlp
.naUe, iiiul then- Is now given Ipto
with 11 picture of tli device, taken
frpii a recent Issue of (he Scientific
American, lniring the t.-sts referred
1( the steamer was driven r.heail at
mi Indicated Hieeil of eleven knots an
.our. Strain was then i-hut off, ami,
!mulfai:eoiisly, the brake on each side
i - j
1 LssJ I yrvy I
-? "Tr - 1
1 I li
. f.
Mm mkwmmoKmKn it W.fifi
opened. The vessel came to a full
ts top within a distance eiptal to her ow n
iith. The brakes were then closed,
vessel sent ahead until the orig
rate of speed was attained, when
engines were reversed and the
oponoil, with the result that all
'iy ceased after she had Time
.y foot about half her leuih.
mtneuvrini; the ICureka at full
cd, she was turned also within her
n length, with one brake, thrown
mi. An examination of the hull and
brake mechanism after the tests
showed apparently no harmful strain
or other damage, and in operating the
brake no jar or vibration was observa
ble by those on board.
The method of operation is as fol
lows: When it is desired to stop the
vessel suddenly, as in the event of a
collision, or when making a landing,
the catches that hold the forward ends
of the gate are released, am! the gate
is slightly opened by mechanical
means. The pressure of water then
catches on the forward edge of the
gate, swings it out to the full-open po
sition, sudden jar or shock being pre
vented by means of water cushions at
the back of the slides. The movement
of the brake can be controlled entire
ly from the bridge or from the engine
ro.im, as may be desired.
Modern School Ailveitisins:.
Many of the more successful board
ing schools have followed the lead of
hook publishers and bankers in adver
tisiug according to mercantile meth
ods. The old conventional card does
not say the words which make an im
pression and compel the reader to re
3 ember a particular school. One of
,o m
. i- ( l ii'iK v ,!u-'l: ivtJi :KiV in
rn kciko'I a.iv.ruscra says
- r catalogues
, oe put a vtrik-n.-eim-i.t
m the newspapers.
Melts the Street Snow.
Machine For Disjoin of th VV Mor
An Improved method of disponing of
the accumulation of snow, which Is an
Increasingly Important problem In mu
nicipal government, Is shown herewith,
from the Scientific American. It Is
designed to scrape up the snow from
the pavement and at tin same time re
duce It to water, which (lows off 1 i.t
the sewers. To this end the machine
comprises a furnace, or heater, of pe
culiar shape, mounted to swing le-
l' i II 71
- K, . H 1-11 t .l4-V'-i-V'i'i
. i . i
twecui the side rails of the frame. Th?
forward portion of this heater is in
clined downward ami terminates i: a
shoe or scraper, adapted to scrape up
the snow as the shoe is drawn a!o:m.
The shoe may lie raised, when desired,
to prevent it from en'a.in with the
ground, by means of a lever adjacent
to the driver's seat, and having suita
ble connection with the forward end
of the furnace. The smokestacks
shown communicate with the forward
end of the furnace, and a forced draft
v 1.-.
is provided by means of blowers hav
ing pipes leading to the ashpit. The
snow scraped up on to the shoe is car
ried along the inside surface by an end
less conveyor, and thus coming in con
tact with the heated surface of the
furnace is immediately melted. The
endless conveyors and blowers are op
erated by chain and sprocket connec
tions with the rear w heels of the ma
chine. Above the conveyor is a coal
bin, from which a chute leads rear
ward, and is inclined downward, so
that the coal may pass to. the rear plat
form when the fireman opens the
gate at the end of the shoe. Jacob
Mandry, of Wakefield. X. Y is the
inventor of this machine.
Tl Wlri'IpRH ISetvrcen I-iIhikIs.
A French company has been operat
ing an electric cable between the isl
ands of (iaudeloupe and .Martinique,
but the lines have 1 een broken for
some time, and now the wireless sys
tem has been out in use. The United
States Consul at (Iaudeloupe reports
that the service is satisfactory, with
only occasional interruptions by rea
son of weather conditions. About six
ty messages a day are transmitted.
The human body, being lighter than
the water of the Head Sea, sviii:miig
in it is difficult, the head alone tending
to biuk in the water.
V, pi- ' -.. - ..I
' 1
11, f 1 rl to
i'. 1 1 iii i ' i
1 1 1 it '
.ludKi' i".:.v, I e!a ward's most notml jurist and head of the anthracite
coal commission of last year, has lat !y !,".) mentioned as a possible ran
didate for the Democratic Presidential nomination next year, .Ini'ire (!ray
was I'niied States Senator from ls'" to lS'.i'j. jual in lMis was ap'.Minted one
of the Paris peace commissioners, wh i negotiated the treaty of Paris trans
ferring the Philippine Islands and Po -to Kie; to the I'i;it"il Sntes. lie was
a member of the joint hi,rh coinm!ssi!;i at Quebec in l.stis, n:i.i In r,M); was
appointed a member of the intcnialio ml fonimission of arbitration iniikr
The Habile convention.
An Odd Com Crib.
A Nave! Mei,hcd of Oi.ttwitLsrut.il!
KeLs and Mice.
Every possible dev ice is resorted to
fit this season of the yearwhen the
old corn is becoming scarce and the
n $ ! Mi Hill lV )
1 l.i I t
1 o
rKOriiCTiNU A CJit-S U.l-li.
new corn seems a long way olT at
planting time to protect the grain
from thieving rodents. One of the
Vf'l: S. ) is
This is the must northerly church in the world, 'lhe little wooden buil.l
ing is situated ia the highest North of Siberia, seventy-two mile north of the
city of Yakutsk, which has the fame of being the cohtest city on thi globe.
It was built by Kussian convicts, and services in it are held but a few
times in Hie year. The little church was discovered by a C-oruiau cxi h.rer
Eternal snow Kwror:v!s that district.
most ingenious ontri varices was en
countered the other day at the back
of -a Miburhan lawn, where the one
wc!I-lille l corn crib stood near a sta
ble sheltering the family driving horse.
Evidently the rats were not to deprive
i..:m horse of his rightful share of good,
sweet yellow corn, for six bright new
ua'ivanized buckets had been saeri-
pced for its protection. The crib has
been mounted upon six strong cedar
psN and on the top of these sup
ports are the six large pails. When
Mister Undent smells t he tempting corn
', and scrambles up the posts to en
j ter the crib he linds himself batlTed
j by a great enveloping roof of tin.
I The expanding edges extends so far
I from the posts on every side that it
is impossible for the rats or mice to
reach them. They are too high from
the ground for them to leap upon them,
and the most artful old rat is con
vinced after repeated trials that there
is no possibility of getting around, or
through, or over the troublesome pails
to reach the bottom of the crib and
the tempting corn within the open
Bulgaria corresponds in area to Ok
lahoma and in population to Missouri.
Mr. ! W. I'oo'.s.
r, ife of i. Y . 1 ...
. 1 1 ; -v ; , h t y, 5
;.i:rr r v.
I !:. (..;.-
nys: "I m
fer-d with : I :
!i-y cun;i; 1.:.
m r
1 1 1
-lANjf!,' f It .-aute
' t A v e ik. v I
v'. i M'1 v:,s tr.cil
hie 1
" i
li."ai .si-; a 1 ; : v
rati i".:. !!)! :
a I'll. One 1'. ,1 !m
liml s w e.
t"ld me it
turn b P.ri;.t
divas '. I was laid i;; ati"
Puce w eeks. I had l ot
Kidney Pills more th '
w h.eii the distressing :c
bio k dls.ippeaicd, and 'j
til'clv cured."
For sale by all
cents. I'. -.ter-Milburn t
Ticture Dealer The ;
fon5 he was thirty.
Mr. Gret nhai k .Vhy
yoj said he waj an "oi.
tho v
.1.1! cr.
D,).stcn Po-t.
To alt who nfTT,or to tli. fr1ml of thme
whotji-ffrr wl'.h KMna-y, I.I vfr, llmrt, ),-
or H!."t Ils'a. tmnipln Imitl. of Htui t'
Gtn an.1 Bncliu. Ki-at soutlip-n KtiliifT mit
Llv.r Mt1U'tn, lll lx hfnt lj-mlut.! f ra. (
ciwt. Mention thli tmiifr. A'tilrrfcU 8TCART
LKt'O M'KU CO.. W mII Hi., AtiBiiU. Un,
Small Potatoes;
result from a lack of
in the soil. Potash prav C
i duces size and quality.
We havs
v a 1 u a b 1 e
books whic
explain mere
fully the fer
tilizing value
of Potash. "
We will
E-nd th
Ire- to a
farmer who
them. . f
n una 11 Street, or
rlamu 4. a. 4V1, q. Hroad Stl
A Boston physician's dis-"?5Nf
covery which cleanses and
heals all inflammation &f the mucous
membrane wherever located.
In local treatment of female ills Pax
tine is invaluable. Used as a doin.he it
is a revelation in cleansing and healing
power; it kills all disease germ 3 wle '
cause inflammation and discharges.
Thousandsof letters from won,
prove that it is tho greatest euro '
ieticorrhot-a ever Iiscovere.l. v
Paxtina never fails to cure jxU'V .
catarrh, nasal catarrh., sore throat, "sort.'
mouth and sore eyes, because these
diseases are all caused by inflammation
of the mucous membrane.
For cleansing, whitening and pre
serving tho teeth wo challenge the
world to produce its equal.
I'hysicians and specialists everywhere
prescribe and endorse Taxtine, andtao.u
sandsof testimonial lettersprove its value.
At druggists, or sent postpaid 50 cts.
A large trial package and book of
instructions absolutely free. 'Write
The R. Paxton Co., Dept. 25 Boston, Mass.
ie lict linlitlny jc'ftn n:o ner?'l i;iflB, aH
,e 111 it u.'lul is tlio uh una ljilarb".-d halt-'
of Eas'isb, Elosraply, CvO'inh-y, riftion, 1
fs-cfv.1. r.ei;ab!c. Attractive. L:.;.ft
The Nevv Edition Has 25,000 Nc w V-r
Kcw Gazetteer cf tho WorlA V
Kcw Biorraphical Dictloaary '
S5 Ta.. Ii00 i:itutr,'..l!m. r.;..uD.r.f
1 Why Kit Give Some Cna This CssIlI Pr;
FIVRF.-"A Test in i-ronunc.
Ir.it:uvMvt: tn,l Titi'rtmimf !r U.f :v.3 1 ;
lllu.-iTatt-l rumpM t r.Uit fun-.
C-. : C. MEF.RIAM CO., ruV.l1."
Sprinsfleld, Uac . U. S. A. '
Ti TwrTmr-1 ii m ifTirT3,1''"TW' """ ir
(pur upi v coLi.AesiBLK'ro.i Sjl t
Asti-titute forami furH-.riorto cmsiah0r
ru' other )lHtcr, and iu nut blit-u-i ti.
nust delicaiw tkin. '1 he n.i in-nllayini; if
euriMvequaliti sot tii i.nrtn leare w ou i
(ul. It will s t ip th. loot !uu-lie t oix:e, f
relieve h-aduch and si iatiea. N nr.
:iii:tiditas the t,'-it urel ?'---t exitn
countr-irr;t mt kiiowu.nlM) aaantvx lerjV
rniiwlj- forpains ia t.' e chtt iiiifti,i,,1
and aH rheum.'. nu I'aiKH'aTiilKnui vc.ni-
tDrit, and it will ef'utd to i r: inv,, I
in the hou-f'hdld.M.'inriiioniem vt iM.li.)
he-tot ai! of your pre Jtt :ii,nir..'( 1'rii e i.t
I a all d rwitiri"' or ot'ier t nters, r I
: s
ar1 " '
1 tvti T.J
f -pHiigthi-Mni'Wiit ius'ti pouojttbtiin! v
. Ulrn TMiiat'i'if t-' in":!. .o rr'.i- l a i
I -V.mid he accept!-! hv the rttiuc v.p.lc-t In
r rri"" rbi'"-'.. ,"' 'eiru-t-vit i Iju S "
c. ,;e ftm-t. .hr Vohk . nr, I

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