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:ri(riiii'ti:'f,r'.r'-:""' i r. .:i -. - iiTaiiti...! -r- win
'covnu chops ron okciiauis.
1 Cowpeim mid (nits have licen used
very Mitlsfi'rtorily for cover crop in
! ' niI
iU li
iplc onlianl. Hyp 11ml wheat
hejivy growth, but were sonio-
r.vlint diCieult tit kill In t10 npiln.
!tl;cn f )ic not :ih satisfactory ns either
cow 1 -I'll or o:i!s.
Cill.EKY tJKOWTll.
i, a croji Avlucli require very
l it !i luih
l'.nt It. -will bear farther car-
J loss than n:iy othir iaar
A LMio.l dcnl cif ihe
Eastern citli'H Is cniwii
s of tlu West, on rich.
j! t can in Koiii in re ai
,u it can be yrown on
I lari' cities;.
. desires to protect Lis
gainst Insects sLouIJ oh
ettln a small share. A
onsnnies forty per cent.
K rol.
rf.Ml'.t in
10 1 more than its own
welve Injurs Ju Jt? iirst
lir of robins havlni; a nest
Mas. A
of youn ones would perform a vast
amount of work in a season, ns each
p;'.ir will hoiiu'thne.s raise two broods.
I notice a sreat many farms and
town people burn the leaves in the
Jj ai'ter the frosts. If they would
the leaves n.s a mulch for the
fi raw berry lieds, or spade them under
iie vcyetaLIo KiU'of ii in fall, or even
, f.Yow them 1:1 the chicken yard and
r bciuiiT uraiii on same, ana wiutn 1110
cmekens scratch to set the food, they
would lie p;-id for the .trouble (J. II.
oaps are made mostly from soda
h Instead of potash, the soda soaps
.'ing hard and potash soaps soft.
,;oapsuds, therefore., contain very lit-
Je, if any, potash, but -serve to pre
vent insect attacks to i certain ex
tent Some plants, like celery and
asparagus, seem to thrive when
i asjiarasus, seem to t
j Irenehed oecasicmaJly ivi
j Ivliich is probably due to
,'itli soapsuds.
the fact that
.sodu is beneficial to such croos.
midsunimeT to suttumn in in-
amount llie leaves of grapes
.vccicu oy a inut oumpiiig lr.secc
. . . . j . -. 1 i . . .
,ionly known as
tho thrips, or
lioiipcr, v.kich works in enormous
umbers ou the nnder side of leaves.
"msing them to apnear blotched and
ficorched or covered with little, yellow
ish or brownish patches and eventual
ly dryf tip, curl and :' . Tlie depreda
tor is'ji very minute iiifc-oct, not exceod-
u -ing
andpia.5 a p
itli oi an ineii in length,
peculiar habit nt runmns
sidewiso v.-'iK'n disturbed, like a crab,
and (lodin,!; from one side of the leaf
to tho other. It jumps viporons'y like
si flea, but al-o lakes flight, rising i.i
swarms wlien the vines are shaken.
If examined witimiit being too nraeii
urlied they
will be noticed tlilck'y
red, over the nniler surface o
As, bnsiiy cngr.ged in sucking the
(-! of' tlie plant. Any remedy is
r.'.i. f ' An esc'iiange advises tJ
-;tve,no ruoiiisu in or near tne vine
ird'and spray wiiii kerosrne cn:nl-
sion early in the morning or late even
ing when weather is cool. It is said
tliatVJh'i emulsion sbrir.id be diluted
-with ntnc parts water.-' Cultivate)-.
Celei'y growers who have not raised
-the Giant IV. seal have missel one :f
the best sorts on tho marke:. The
stalks grow to good slr.e. Heir.:; broad,
-thick and crisp and entirely free fro::i
strintriiu'ss. Tiny grow aluret two feet
'1 H! ;l,.l'.'t'
i : Will l. i
S '.-7 I '1
er cc.-:
vor i-: swr
r.u r.r
-. wh.'eh
,1-ii- 1.:
wij; 1;
; : ..' mr
l'i:::l l.:;'.i:.-::;;! :n ill
y::r wlion -to .vn l:i e,M Ki'd.'o-i
ill (xV'i fvT:. w t' V.'m -ii
lie Meacl:;
I nnrils iirnii::-.! tilt
teat iii-.' r.ia v
ct vtll f.trt..
rr '-
nnd the ;:
vo :as tae
, :y and -il
httcd. For
to th. ::i
)-et phtnts r;
u;: off :zd
j f-01 inarms
I ;it tiin.i t;
t'ter thf 1d.n1:
i. )rni? iias a v.-;-. t'.'r vr, ;v
''1 ,Hii! j;r!l,i..s a .l.iv. i.
Cerman Anny from Ilnmr.
Iii (Irriit I'.rit.iiii mil t!u colonic,
live 1"((.imm ( r;u;iiis, ns Mc.iin-t 1.'
In Austria, H'J.omi in Switz. .-l.-r.id.
lwiJ.'.)')-') In l:nsia and '.mi.iioi) in Piance.
lif j hi n I hrtn inn x.
Arion;: fluuu-K tin 1 hry saitl:'-ti!".-n
! said to lire tl:i longest after L-'ii;
Hows This
tVe offf r )a Hindu! Iio'.lnri reward in
rny ran 0! ( aUrr.i tli.u eaimm bt etirl itf
Uail't I'nUrr.i ur.-.
1 . .1. 1 m-.-rir .k Co., Toledo, ).
Wo, tho ui:.ier.ko'd, liv" known !'. .T.
heney fur tlif l;mt J j yearn, mid I elieve hint
I erteelly lioiKiriiiiln la all biisit.enH tr.'.iiue
tloii" 1111 1 (Mmiinu'.ly ablo 1 curry uui uy
cliilKiitidiis iiiado ly tln ir firai.
mr A Tin 1 x, UiioicsHifi l)ru;?iid, T lo In,
W11.11M1, Kin.vhn ,t XIaiivis, Wliolesala
liniix'.H, 'j'oli'.J.-i,
I.mII'r t ainrrli crc Is takc-n lnl nvtlly,act
'vt: dlri'i'tly ii ui iiic 1U mi sin! nuiroiiH ur
!accn of tiic t"iu. 'Jiiin:i.iil;ilM n ut trp.
1 rici, ".. 1 r l-oii.p. Solil liy Ii i)ru0'ijihU.
lltta'H l utnily l'jilnre Hid bent.
lemniscus now -intains jiliout the
ranie nuiid-r v( Jews that it Lad in the
time of .t. P:m'. In tin middle of the
.Iirst century of .,; era sniie Ki.imxj
Jews lived in I a :n.iscus and were ov-
rned by nu V. Iinafi-li; the presei.t
Jewlsli conmiuJiIly Is 'omputed ut
about ll.tHiO.
AVlij- Ho We D ?
Vital s.t.ititii!i i!;i.Wiiicd hIiow tlio r-
Fpir.ilnry fii't-'atty t he the feeble I'o.nt in
man. JIimums i.f the lanprs are out oi all
projiertina in f.ituiity. Take Taylor' Clier
okee lu'iiiedy of Sweet (jam and Ma!ici;i
for ccuihs, coldf. and eonnuniition.
At tlrui .ts, 2.JC, W e. uml if 1.00 a bMt.
Only (1110
cruipks hv';
out of every 1000 married
tu ctltbrV-C tiieir golden ued-
FTT"prr',n"ent 'v e-iroil. Vo Tit" or h'ithi.
ri"-" i"p tlrt dav'.-i iiwn' Or. Klino's '"Ir?-!;
Kerv! lienor T.2'."i:d S il t ! and trp;it I-i-efrpfl
Dr.lt.K.Kiasi'.. Ltd.. Hit Ar-h St.. t'hieu.Pi.
Toffee 'li:i been ealtlvatcd in Venrzaela
oniv sinrc lv7!).
Min Vlnl'iwV Soothiu Sy-in forf 'lildren
t'-ethintr. soften tb ;um. rod'ios inTnmma
tion.hhavs ial:,iirei wind'-ti . '!". a bittln
The leals
IteicliKtai; is
alive .erlod or a
five vci'.rs in duration
1 (Pi not believ- I'i-io's Cure Ur- CoTifeniT
t in I'll" cur'iiial fi r .11 ylis and ei.ldy. --,Toi;
r.ltovti:, Trinity Spriii-n, Ind.. Fel.. 1.1, PJP0.
To keep the whole Germr.n Arviv in .the
fre'.d for a week would cot U.Oao.lKl!).
1'fTNAM Kapei.kss Dvi S color
poods, brighter colors, with less
than others.
It is a no'.ab'e fact that vo of the -subjects
cf Kite,- Edward are Hindoos.
Pcufliern Tcnacen V.'c.-ks. Prdford fity.,
Vn.. wants three r fiair reliable traveltini;
salesiiian in ca-di siae. la-r.scii djhi cay to
Lew nuh who want to v.(rii up.
'I he e'eetrie roads of the United State!
carried last year three times the popula
tion of tlie earth.
"One of my daughters had a
terrible case or asthma. We tried
pdmost everything, but without re
lief. We then tried Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, .and three and cne-half
bottles cared her." Emma Jane
Entsminser, Langsville. O.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
certainly curesmanyc2ses
of asthma.
And it cures bronchitis,
hoarseness, weak lungs,
whooping-cough, crcup,
winter coughs, night
coughs, and hard colds.
Tbr sires : 25c, SOc, $1. AH driizsUts.
ronsutt vonr doctor. If lie r nra take It,
then do as l;o tavs. If he tolls you not
to take tt. tlien iliin't tatie it. He knows.
Lca it with lnm. Wp arp wIIUiht.
j. (j. AV1.K tu., Lowell, aia3S
It tXi'XH iniiiwilialiv
l-J'O-.l f'l its f flCU ill 10
rniniitee. You dull t
ftOUT'J wl: to l:nnw its euoii. It cures
reie-'Viug tlie caunc. luccata.
HHaii8 Tubules are
the Lost tiysiiejisia
.uit'tlieiiie ever made.
A liuudied niilllona
of tlicin Lave been
soiil in tbe United
States in a single
year. Kvery Illness
r!lnjj from a di sonic ml stomach la
relieved or cured by their use. So
common is it that diseases originate
from the stoniaeh it may be safely us
erted tliere is 110 eoinlilion of ill
health th-.t will not be beiutiteil or
cured by the occasional use of Itiiiana
Tabules. riiysieiaus know them and
peak highly of Uiom. All druggists
ell theui. The live-cent package Is
enough for nn ordinary occasion, and
the Tamlly P.ottle. gixty cents, contains
a household supply for a year. One
generally gives relief -within
"irh T-. ,
1 use E 1. ,
nnctDiNG conn.
Mew Varieties. Adapted
to Certain
Araoni? tin- rmst Interest !ntr ,roHsb
Hons for the lni re:i ;in of return's to
xnii rals'TM is niie that U beinn cur
ried ,a In a k.iicc ssful and practical
method by the Funk lirothirs, of
UlocrnlnUn. 111.
Thcic j'eiitlcmen are LrccllnK rn
upon their iarcc tract d land, con-.ls-.td
11 k of 2.r.';0 acn-.i In one body
near th:;t city. The idea which they
nru putting into effect In to Increase
'he return?, from tiiir corn lands
both by l:icic:isins the yield and in
crcaainp the feeding value of their
corn. They are taking up this mat
ter of brieiihm corn, which wa.? In-aueurati-d
at the Illinois experiment
station, and demonstrated to be both
practical and profitable by I'rofs. C.
0. Hopkins and A. It. Shaniel. By
this r.ystern of breeding;, whlcii Is in
c?ferl r.ecd sele'-tlon, they are select
ing those strains of corn which show
the greatest yield, and have already
produced a strain of corn that out
ylohh thu ordinary type to a consid
erable extent.
The varieties started with were
tbose recognized by the Illinois Seed
Corn Brooders' Association, and which
Lave been bred for many years by
old and successful corn breeders.
Far example: The Tteid'i yellow
dent has Leen bred for almost fifty
years by the Held family, formerly of
Peleva i, 111., and perhaps has its char-
aeteristies fixed to a greater degree , J
than any of the other varieties. Also
the Learning is another variety which
was oripinitod in 1S2G by J. S. Learn
ing, of Ohio. The Eoone County
white Is another variety of corn grown
upon these far'ir.3, and was originated
in Indiana by Mr. Riley.
A complete cheraienl laboratory hai
been established by this firm, in
which samples from many thousand
ears of com are analyzed, and those
ears showing the greatest amount cf
oil, or protein, are planted in sena-
1 rnte breeding blocks, one ear being
planted to a single row, and these
single rows are harvested separately,
and from the corn raised from these
mother ears is selected by analysis
that which is hie-hest and planted by
itself another year. These breeding
blocks are completely isolated from
any other com, and are thus kept
It h "really remarkable that until
recently but little systematic or sci
entific effort has been put forth to im
prove the greatest rtaple crop and
money producer of the United States.
It is no-,v recognized that it is just
as practical to breed corn for certain
purposes and to increase its yield as
it )s to "breed horses for certain qual
ities, either for drift, or speed, or to
j breed cattle either for the dairy or
j the block. In all instances this is
j accomplished by selection, as the
I fundamental principle of heredity is
that "like begets like."
Another important feature In this
corn breeding is tnat there is a large
Tier cent, of barren stalks in the aver
age corn field. Under the Funk
Brothers' system of breeding these
i barren stalks are detasselled before
j any pollen is permitted to fertilize
j the silks of fruitful stalks, and al
1 ready they have reduced the per cent.
of barren stalks quite perceptibly.
I The chief underlying principle of the
: corn breeding operations of this com-
pany is to increase and fix the prepo
I tency of the various strains of corn
j which they are breeding prepotency
j meaning the power to transmit desir
j able characteristics to future genera-
I Ileing situated in tho heart of the
i corn belt, with ample capital and land
I to carry on their operations, and with
I a trained corps of chemists and agri
: culturi?ts, this company is inaugurat
; ing a movement that will be of great
; benefit to the corn raisers of the
wor.d. Chicago Hocord-Herald.
"Remeri-.bor, my boy," said the old
man to his son who was about to join
the army, "never talk back to your
"But, father," inquired the young
American anxiously, "supposing they
talk back to me?" Syracuse Herald.
"Oh, for tho wings of a dr.vc!" sigh
e;l the poet vit"i the unbr.rbered hair.
"Order what you like," rejoined the
prosaic person, "but as for me, give
me the breast of a chickon." Chica
go Pre:s.
4,000,000 FEACII TREES
J ane "Buds a Specialty.
Si. nc Miti trav, lj l.ut s. ll dm , to i.l.intern nt
V liol.-:il4- I'rlr. .. Ab..liUelv Ireelrom
ili-eam n himI Irii.- i name. Writ- ?!-ca:alK'if
101 I irl,-w Iwfoie I'lix iiiti )'.mt r rtliTM hm-wLs-io"
Mi'itinninlffoiirSloilit. h.' true to nine'
l.nrKt H-ui il liuroery In tli.' Woriil. Adilresj
'tfl't'.1" ;.y i. ..; ...
LL'.tS V h- iii hsj liilS
se ?
licst I uiiL'ii iM ruo. Tai-u-sGiml. Use
In t;ii!i.. Sold br iinnv!"t.
1 '' - .CI- ' :
, .... . , .
' '
I It ' J
I I' j i i 1'
I 'f ' - A '... '.
I 5t , . -
' , -- i':
K ' - : PI
' --vJ its,''' yt,t.
Mi si Muriel Anriltiige.
Female Weakness is Pelvic
A'wavs Half Sick Are thft Wcmen
Who Have Pelvic Catarrh.
Catarrh of any organ, if allowed to pro
press, will n fleet the whole body. Catarrh
without rierx ousiies.s is very rare, but pel
vic catarrh and nervousness go hand 111
What in so distressing a siht as a poor,
half-sick, nervous woman, Riiti'critii; from
the many almost unbearable symptoms of
pelvic catarrh? .She does not consider her -
If you have never tried it
you, free of charge, upon
THACHER MEDICINE CO.. - - - Chattanooga, Tcr
; m 1 "-"- "
i WiTE6PD3fl? . 1JilEk );..
Made m t!k or .ycliowr for 4!' kinds
cf wet work. On sale evtrywhert.
! Look for the Sim of the Fish.ind IT L
ths nm TOWER on tht buttons.
J TontT CO. tO'.TCH ut
T0WOI AhIA.h CS.W.t TCIi .lh-0 , t N
Wr nC fen Fresh Packed Oranges
VV L UI 1 L II $1.75 per box f o b.
nt Kis-'ininipp from now until Iieccmber ?0th.
. iisn wrn oroer.
WANTED Ju. OK) pounds Dressed Cat-Fish
daily. Correspondence solicited.
We pay U:e H idlest Cash Trice for Otter
Furs, llaceoon SUiiiH ninl Alligator Hides.
Ship us your furs.
Removes all swelling in 8 to 20
days ; effects a permanent cure
in joto frod.'iys. Trialtreatment
given free. Not hint: can be fairer
Wr.le Dr. II. H. Oreen's Son?,
Wnhlis:. Eivi a Atlanta,!.
Prosrcetiis ready, means! G OLD for yon 32 Arizen
claims. J: lout As-;i , .. :i..ntl,ly I men ti. oinu
mitoed. rii-Cli'.(t.! Al'ninif Vo 'K'iM N-riiwi-, '2 ex.
Give the name of this paper when
writing to advertisers (At49-'C3)
I mi aiHiNi rwwi m. "-vm.jLn -mr 1:1 j -1 t r I
f ( I V Ci 1 1
, B.:.Jm 'iii.i '" 11 T.....iTlli,-T.M'lM.ii . 'iiVfiilnn .Mail ... m,twnZmmZ!T.ri- '
GUARANTEED CURE for all bnw.l trntihl onnonHii-it;. h;ijn, Kr1 hnh 1,3.1
9 blood, wind on the stomach, bloated bowels, (oul mouth, be'i jrh-, ir.d u-rstion, fim'plca,
paioi Iter eating, liver trouble, Mllow skin and dittine. W n y-.-r bowe! j djn't move
reguiariy you are aick. Constipation kill more people than all . i t. -:! r.
starts chronic ailmen- and ion; years of sufTerir.g. No matter , -' '
CASCAR5T3 today, for you will never get we:i and stay well ir ,
ri?ht Take our advice, start with Cascarets toriay uoder absolut- .,r '-utr -to '
money rCoAded. The genuine tablet stamped C C C. Never !! H h-'V. c -
Thank Pc-ru-na for Their
Recovery Aft:r Years ef
Mih Muriel Arnnt.H-e, X. Ife.-n -I
e . IMM.it, Mm li . KtiK t Omiiner
oi U,r lbv..l lemplaM ot 1 emp 1 iikt,
hi a iceeiit letter, na):
"I tlinl. that A wnrtnn mtnrilly
.lunik I mm inAnitf her tnmblon nt
hc, hut 1 colored health l.- menit i-
lliiieh to me lli.tt I lee I fiT tlie k.iKi ol
'' other Kiilb-iinjt women it n mY only I
'i I tell what Per una hai done ler nn.
"I nalleicd lnr live year with uterine
irrenul.il itir, which br.nijjlit on listen
and niiide me .1 pli.VKieal wreeU. I tried
(lnct'irn from t lie ilillerent Mi-hn.ln f
inedieine, but without any pent pt i!1p
chanire in my eonditiou. In 111 deip.ur
1 e.iiled on an old 'mrxo, wtio advised
me to trv lVnum, and pntnidl pood n
niilt if I would pcrxixt and tut.o it rctfti
lurly. 1 thought tli w tlie le.mt 1
eouid do, aril luneureit a bottle. 1 UneT
a noon a I bciMii taking it tnat it vvn
.illecting nn (bllerent ly from anything
1 had ined before, and no I kept en uk
nii it. I kept thin up for m month',
and steadily ti nned ctrennth an 1 health,
and when 1 had UmciI tilteen bottle
eoiHidered mywlf entirely cured. 1 r
irriteful. happy woman to-d.iy. -Jim
Muriel ArniituKe.
l'eruna cures catarrh of the pelvic t
(ratis with the name mnvty on it curca
catarrh of the head. Peruiia ha
come renowned ns a positive care fn
temale ailmentn, simply beeause the ail
mcnU are tnoMtly due to catarrh. Ct
tarrh in the cniwc of the trouble. J'c-
runa .'uicn the catarrh. The symptom
Melf ill enough to to bed, but the is far
from being able to do her work . without
the greatest ei iistion. This is a very
common silit, is almost uivvays due to
pelvic catarrh.
It is worse, laan foolish for so many
women to sutler year after year with a dis
ease that can be permanently cured.
l'eriinil cures catarrh permanently. It
cures old chronic eases ns well as a slight
attack, the only (bU'ereiiee being in the
!eni;tii of time that it should be taken t
effect a cure.
If you do not derive prompt and satisfac
tory results from the use of l'erue.a. write
at once to Dr. llartman, giving a full Ftate
nient of your ease and he will be pleased t
liive you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. llartman, President of J he
1 llartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio.
has been used in thousands of
families for fifty-two yetrs
LiVer or Kidney Troubles
a sample bottle will be mailed to
request. For sale at nil dealers
Malsby &
t I " ' "j -
Portable and Stationary
Engines, Boilers,
Saw Mills
I Complete line carried in Hock for
1MMEDIA TE shipment.
! Beet Machinery,
j Write us
Lowest Prices and Best Term
for catalogue, prices.
etc., before buying.
Our Latest 1 10-
proved Cireti
aSUri BB miLLUlar Saw Milts,
with Hene'rt Unlvpral Loir Keamx.Rertilln-
ar, Simultaneous sit Works and Hie Hea-
eoek-Kln? Variable Feed Works are unex
celled for ACCCKACY, SlMn.lCITV, Iil'RAllII.
doM-rintivo elrenlars. Munufaetnred by tlie
SALEM IRON WORKS. Winston ?-;ilei:i.N.C.
I -
Ocean Spilrgs, M'ss. HURStRICS Kirkwccd, Zi
I KSTA BL1HH Kl) 187 i i
(iroveri of nnd ('rulers in lanrp SOFT "l
PAPER-EHELL PECANS f 1 ,,.. e.e-
b.aied Miiietifx: Coi.e.M m a n, Sti aht, Vajt
Pemas and CAI'ITAI.. Kmlded, irni'td nrswii.
1 l.'r trees for s;ile. ty-Mntion this paiicr.
! STL'4RT-Ib33S0N PI CAN CO., Kirkwood, Ga.
5! miL&r-
1.4 ejt s, ue
1 ifcr
i v

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