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FBRUAIO". 5. 1 004.
T. E. Tncker went
dou yesterday.
to Hun ting-
Hon. JT. A C
was in town Monday.
Lueian Bugg, the tie man
here again this week.
Hoy Melton lias gone to Hunt
ingdon to atfceml -school.
E. L. Hudsou returned yester
day from a trip to J ackson.
Miss Elba Carney has returned
from a visit to relatives at Eva.
O, II. Williaras moved in with
Marshal J. II. Combs this week.
John F. Naifeh spent a few days
In Nashville the latter part of last
Will S. Corbett is still confined
to his room with something like
the grip.
Mr. and Mrs. John S?. 'Lashlee
have returned from a visit at Hol
low Rock. .. .. '.
L. A. Wyatt, who met with an
accident a few -days ago, is able to
be out again.
Alma Fry of Coxburg has been
spending a few days here with rel
atives'this week.
Judge L. E. Davis has been siJk
'for the past week, but was some
better yesterday.
VTtJUigw Jin.vivy una uiuvou uu
-the dwelling recently vacated by
:Ji. P. Browning.
Mrs. E. L. Hudson and children
returned home last Tuesday from
a visit at Coxburg. ,
(produce buyer of Martin, was here
. lew days tnis wees.
Alvin Lashlee has accepted a
position as salesman in the drug
store, of J. G. Presson. X,
Daniel Clement can be found
(behind the counter at the grocery
store of Davis & Wyatt.
Mrs. J. Arnold and Miss Arnold
.have returned from an extended
'Visit to relatives at Paris.
Circuit court meets here next
Monday. The docket is a light
one for this term of court.
tLee Cowell of Middlebrook, who
eut his foot accidentally a short
time ago, is able to-be-out again.
T. E. Tucker was able to be out
on the streets Monday. His wife
end baby now have the measles.
Circuit Court Clerk L. R. Wat-
son was called to uie souuiern pai t
i i . 1 ii
of the county on business tneiatter
part of last week.
J. M. Lashlee of Camden was a
visitor at Dr. and Mrs. I. J. An
derson's last Wednesday. Hunt
;ingdxn.' Democrat. x
Sheriff R.'D. McCord has been
absent a few days in the southern
portion of the county on official
-.business this week. -
Xiem Thompson, who has been
teaching a successful school at
Baker's Chapel, returned home
Saturday, having closed his school
Will Robins eanie -down from
Nashville Saturday on a short, va
cation. He got his hand injured,
.and ia taking a lay-off until he can
go to work again.
Mrs. C. H. Sullivan, who has
been in bad health for some time,
Is better. She is able to leave her
led for a short time this week, for
4he first time in several montns.
' Mrs. JCate Fussell was taken ill
suddenly yesterday forenoon at
he home of S. L. 'Peeler. Her
ijnany friends hope that her illness
is only slight and. that. she. may
oon recover. . i
Tom J. Auderfcon aud family of
Maiden, Mo,, arrived here Mon
day evening to spend a few weeks
with relatives and friends.
A small blaze occurred at the
home of Jim .Burden Tuesday af
ternoon, with alight damage. The
fire destroyed a chicken house,
which was 'ignited from an ash
Thomas F. Bowman and II. Clay
Carter, lawyersof Waverly, Denis
Jones of Sycamore Landing and
S. E. Booker of Arkansas, who are
interested in the case of J. D.
Jones et als vs. -Thomas Shelton
et als., now pending in the county
court, were here Tuesday.
County Clerk W. D. Cooper has
issued marriage licenses to John
Wilson and Mattie Beaton, O. S.
Farmer and Rachel Melton, Sam
Goodman and Ora Hatley, Cleve
land Gossett and .Eliza Moore, J.
W. Bradford and Maude Adams,
E. H. Murphy and Bertha Ward,
Q. S. Cole and M. B. Harrison.
There iare about four cases of
measles in town, all isolated. It
seem3 the epidemic of the measles
spread through the country before
they made their appearance here.
In some localities the measles have
cut down i the school attendance,
and in a few instances the schools
have been closed on account of it.
John G. Crocker, who resided
here a number of years ago, died
at his home near Hollow Rock
Wednesday, after pj brief illness.
The interment took place at Cam
den Cemetery yesterday. Funer
al services were conducted by Rev.
J. M. Pickens at the grave. We
extend condolence to the bereaved
family and relatives.
Cephns Harris of Holladay was
arrested by Deputy Sheriff G. H.
Cuff for alleged forgery of a note
and brought to Camden Tuesday.
The charge of forgery against the
defendant is made by John Spell
ings of Buena Vista, we under
stand, and is in some way connect
ed with a horse trade. Mr. Harris
gave bond for his appearance be
fore Justice A. N.Presson here to
day. In mass convention at Winches
ter Monday thejFranklin County
Democrats instructed its delegates
to the senatorial convention at
McMinnvillefor Benton McMillin.
The convention was overwhelm
ingly in favor of McMillin. The
convention endorsed the present
State officials and B. A. Enloe for
railroad commissioner.
Wanted To sell - or exchange
valuable property in Camden for
farming-land. Apply to C. V.
Hfcwley,'Camden, Tenn.
The Chronicle and the weekly
Memphis Commercial Appeal, $1.
Give us your order at once.
We need longer terms and bet
ter primary schools, and I trust
that you will see that the money
is usea to supply tnese needs.
Employ no one to teach in these
public schools that does not love
little children and is not .thorough
ly qualified. Professional knowl
edge and a high order of attain
ments are . .absolutely necessary.
The primary teacher should be
the best teacher in the school sys
tem. Seymour A. Mynders.
When in need of nice stationery,
send us your orders.
1 1 ' ' 1 1
Don't fail to read the advertise
ments in The Cheoniclb thie
The County Democratic Execu
tive Committee met. hero on last
Monday, pursuant to the call of
Chairman I). B. Thomas.
On motion, the following reso
lution was adopted:
"Whereas, the rules adopted by
this, the Democratic Executive
Committee, for Benton County,
calling and providing for a prima
ry election, to be held in the said
county of,Benton, for the purpose
of nominating Democratic-candi
dates for the offices of sheriff and
trustee of said county, provided
and declared, that the candidates
receiving the highest number of
votes cast in said primary election,
which was held on December 19,
1903, should be the regular nomi
nees of the Democratic party in
said county; and
"Whereas, this, the'Democratic
Executive Committee for the said
county, at its last meeting, held on
the 4th day of January, 1904, for
the purpose of canvassing the re
turns of said election and counting
the votes cast therein, did canvass
said returns and .count said votes,
and did declare that R. D. McCord,
candidate for sheriff in said pri
mary election, received the high
est number of votes cast in said
election for sheriff, and that E. E.
Fry, candidate for trustee, in said
election, received the highest num
ber of votes cast in said election
for trustee; and
"Whereas, this. committee,by an
oversight, failed to officially de
clare who the nominees in said
election were; therefore, be it
"Resolved, by the Democratic
Executive Committee, for Benton
County, that we, in a meeting reg
ularly called by the chairman of
the committee, hereby officially
declare R. D. McCord duly and
legally elected as the Democratic
candidate for the office of sheriff
in said county, and E. E. Fry duly
and legally elected as the Demo
cratic candidate for the office of
trustee in said county, and that we
hereby declare them the nominees
of the Democratic party for said
offices, respectively, in the said
The Nashville JS'ews of Tuesday
has the following editorial:
"Chancellor Porter announces
that the disposal of the Peabody
fund is practically settled, and that
it will be concentrated in a great
teachers' college at Nashville.
"This is in accord with the beet
sentiment of the South, and , it is
especially gratifying that so many
members of the Southern board
urged the wisdom of this course.
"A great teachers' college for
the South, located in this beauti
ful, healthful and cultured city,
will be a magnificent memorial of
Mr. Peabody's philanthropy and
generosity, and its advantages to
the South can not be over-estimated.
"Nashville must feel, of course,
a special pride in securing such
an institution, with all it oneana to
the varied interests of this city,
but the chief point for congratu
lation is that a great teachers' col
lege for the Southern States is to
be established at the most favora
ble point for its prosperity- and
usefulness." '
All communications must be re
ceived at this office by Tuesday or
not later than Wednesday.
The Chronicle and theweekly
Memphis Commercial Appeal, SI.
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t. T. Thompson Has a Thrilling Experi
ence In Nashville Last Week.
L. T. Thompson, who attended
the Masonic grand lodge at Nash
ville last week, was assaulted and
robbed by two negroes. The fol
lowing account of it.appeared in
last Friday's American:
"L. T. Thompson of Camden re
ported to the police early Thurs
day morning that he had been held
up and robbed on Stevens etreet
by two negroes. Sergeant Davis
and Patrolman "Woosley arrested
Charlie Mitchell and Willie Wil
liams, and they were positively
identified by Mr. Thompson. The
negroes then confessed to the hold
up and assault.
"Shortly afer midnight Officers
Bardell and Allen were summoned
to the old car shed on Division
street. They found Mr. Thomp
son" at the shed suffering from
bruises and a. stab wound in the
"Mr. Thompson's story, told to
the officers while waiting .for the
ambulance from the cityhospital,
was that he was .stopping at the
Arlington Hotel on Church street.
Wednesday night he started out
to view the city and his sense of
direction became . confused. He
endeavored to find his way back to
the Arlington, but became lost.
"He stated that he met two ne
groes, who volunteered to show
him the way to the Arlington. To
show his appreciation Mr. Thomp
son bought the negroes a drink,
and in doing so changed a $5 bill.
"After leaving the saloon, Mr.
Thompson's guides piloted him in
to a dark street and suddenly, as
saulted him, one striking him in
the neck with a knife, evidently
with the intention of cutting the
jugular, for that vein was bareJy
missed, a large artery being sev
ered. "The negroes then secured Mr.
Thompson's money, amounting to
$5.15, and made ofT. His cries at
tracted help, and he was carried to
the old car sheds. The wound in
his neck bled very freely, and 'it
was feared Mr. Thompson was
dangerously cut. The doctors,
however, tied the severed artery
and bandaged his wounds, and Mr.
Thotnpson was able to leave the
hospital Thursday.mornin.
. f
iimilli-- -Mb..
Counterfeits. Imitations and
Signature of
"During Thursday a lookout was
kept for two negroes answering the
rather meager description furnish
ed by Mr. Thompson, and Officer
Baber arrested a couple whose ap
pearance seemed to tally with those
of Mr. Thompson's assailants.
- "They gave their names as Mays
Waters and Jim Cliff. Wafers and
Cliff proved to be the wrong ne
groes, however, and they were held
ou the charge of vagrancy.
''Shortly before 7 o'clock Thurs
day evening Sergeant Davis and
Officer Woolsey arrested Charlie
Mitchell and Willie Williams on
suspicion of being the culprits.
Upon being confronted with the
negroes Mr. Thompson immedi
ately announced that they were
undoubtedly the men wanted. The
negroes then confessed.
"It was said at police headquar
ters that the work of Sergeant Da
vis on the case, was very commend
able and that he had worked on it
almost the entire' day. 'Late on.
Thursday afternoon, after tracing
the negroes all . over the city, he
located them inSouthwest Nash
ville and. securing Officer Woosley
he made the arrest. The negroes
have no eriminal records so far as
known, although they admitted
that they did not work and just
'picked up a livin'.'"
The reform of Memphis has be
gun in earnest. A special order
was issued by the police depart
ment Tuesday night to close all
saloons aud places in which liquor
is sold at midnight and to keep
them closed until 4 o'clock the
next morning. The police were
also ordered to see that the gamb
ling houses were kept closed. It '
is said this is the. first result of the
work of the committee of safety.
As Memphis has over 7G0 saloons
it looks like the patrolmen of that
city, if they do their, duty, will get
basy and earn their salary.
The district director is one .of
the most important -officers elected
by the people. Yovi are charged
with the care of the educational
interests of the children of your
district. The future citizenship
of the State will be determined by
the mauner iu which you discharge
this trust. Seymour A. Mynders.
The Chronicle and the Mem
phis News, only SI. .00 per year.

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