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VOL. I.. NO. 4
JUNE 3$Tlili?
Field Bay aod Picoic at Big Saedy July 3 '
It is not generally known that
the State of Tenueseee has passed
& law tb at gives special care, main
tenance, and education to the blind
from the day they are blinded.
This law empowers the State
Board of Education to provide for
the suitable -eare, maintenance
and i Detraction o blind children
of school age, who are -not eligible
to the Tennessee School for the
Blind for lack of training., and who
need special kindergarten training
to prepare thexi for admission in
said school for the blind, residing
in this State, who may be born
blind, or become blind, in any ewe
where by lack of means the parent
or parents of such children are un
able to properly care for, maintain
and-edHcate such children."
It is at last fully realised that a
child blinded in infancy is not like
ly to live to what has been consid
ered the school age, eight years,?
withowt, becoming crippled both
taentally and physically because of
lack of special care that should be
given in the first years of the child's
life. Most of the babies die before
they reach the age of eight years,
acd those who manage to exist,
meet with a worse fate by becom
ing feeble-minded.
Therefore, mothers, take note of
this new step in education Tennes
see has made.aad report your blind
babies to Mrs. Cynthia Westover
Alden, president general of the
International Sunshine Society
and founder of the home 96 Fifth
Avenue, New York City. This so
ciety has succeeded in getting this
bill made a law.
You will receive prompt atten
tion and booklets aud reports on
the care of the baby blind will be
sent free to those who wish them.
Several weut from here to Pleas
ant Hill Sunday.
Roy McEwen spent Friday with
James McEweu.
Rice Kee has been visiting his
father, J. H. Kee.
Miss Jennie Kee ha been visit
ing near Pleasant Hill,
L. B. McEweu spent Sunday aft-
m;tVi Dnss Lvnch.
X V. Kee and children spent the
week-end with if. liracKin.
The family of D. W. Holland
Allen Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Eobert Kee spent
Sunday with W. A Latimer.
Ira Hollaud aud family visited
r ti tt tUo first of the week.
Rev, Mr. King preached , to a
large crowd at the ciiapei ouuur
I. J. Mclver aud family spent
Sunday with Mrs. ueiana uyuuu.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison
visited relatives in Carroll County
Ernest McEwen and Walter Kee
went to ran
Caldwell Bridges and sister of
Birmingham, Ala., are visiuug
Rev Mr. fates delivered an ex
cellent sermon at Smith's Grove
-1 l.ii of turtinoll.
' Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Greer spent
the first of the week witu iub mm.
. t t ii Mnflwen.
Children's day will be observed
tt Coweira Chapel Buuuay, o u,y .
Everybody is invited to attend.
With the assistance of a few men
who furnished wagons and teams,
the women have cleaned the Cow
ell's Chapel Cemetery.
The Waxhaw Enterprise, after,
investigating the subject, has de-!
filfw1 flmt. fn.rmprs liavft nhont the1
same attitude toward reducing cot-1
ton acreage that the man in the
story had toward reducing the size
of his meals. His doctor advised
him to eat less, so he went to his
wife aud saidu "The doctor says I
mustn't eat so much. So instead
of cooking me twenty biscuits ki
the morning don't make me but
nineteen.-; but make them .gust a
little bit bigger."' Progressive
No. I timothy aud No. 1 alfalfa
hay at cost See Camden Produce
' Melon Tucker has returned to
Cleve Kirk motored out to Shi
loh Sunday.
Dr. E M. McAuley of Camden
is here on professional busiuess.
Willie Hollowell, who has been
attending school at Martin, is here
during vacation.
Walter Stokes retcrned to Teas
with Dr. King in an attempt to re
cuperate his health.
Royal It. Melton of Camden
was here last week organizing a
lodge of Maccabees.
Mrs. Arliue Mason of Knoxville
is spending a few days with her
mother, Mrs. 8. W. Holladay.
The section of Holladay destroy
ed by fire last winter is being re
placed by substantial buildings.
Mr. aud Mtb. 'George Stokes of
Rockport were here last week and
reported good crops on the island.
Misses Hazel and Blanche Rog
ers of Searcy, Ark., are spending
the summer with homefolka here.
Dr. Cuthbert (King, Mrs. Ellen1
King, Mrs. Tina Dodd audFrauk
Leslie of Camden -visited relatives
here last week.
The 'American Baptist Home'
Mission Society received from all
sources for the year ending March
81, $2:2,021.42, or $,3,915.G4 more
thau the year preceding. The;
amount received from individuals
was $9,077.98 less. There was an
iucrease in legacies and annuities!
of $20,298 75; in income from in
vestments, $4,779.91, aud $2,785.79
from miscellaneous cources; total
iucrease, $22,702.11.
The fuueral of the late W. R.
Marchbauks will be preached by;
Rev. E. 'R. Conder at Chalk Hill'
on the third Sunday in July at 11
o'clock a. m.
uquse miiL'm.
You can own an exact duplicate of "Wild Bill" Turner's
or Billy Carlson's record-breaking Maxwells
Think of owning one of these same Max
wells ! Think of driving it wherever you want
to, over any kind of roads up any kind of
hills wherever four wheels can go ! The same
car for $695.
Remember every 1915 Maxwell is an exact
duplicate of the regular stock Maxwell Tour
ing Car, in which "Wild Bill" Turner and
Buly Carlson broke the world's records up Mt.
Hamilton and Mt Wilson.
That is the kind of a hill-climber you get
when you get a Maxwell.
Now consider these Maxwell Racing Car
Barney Oldfield, in a Maxwell Racing Car,
won the Venice Grand Prix Race, making a
non-stop run.
Billy Carlson, in another Maxwell Racing Car,
finished second, a few seconds behind Oldfield.
A short time previous, Oldfield. won the
Corona Race, 300 miles at 36 3-10 miles per
hour, without a single stop.
Carlson won the San Diego, 300 miles
without a stop.
These Maxwell Racing Cars were built by
the same designers the same chief engineer
that build the regular Maxwell Cars, and the
same Maxwell Laboratory-tested, heat-treated
steel was used in them that is used in the
regular .stock Maxwell Touring Car.
Full 5-Passenger
Touring Car
Electric Starter
$55 extra
M. 6. Bowles Hardware (Jo., Camden, Tenii
A bill to be entitled, "An act
making it unlawful for any person
to obtain money or other property
or credit by oheck, draft or order
which is not, paid by . the drawee,
and where the sh me isnot 'refund
ed or restored by such person on
written demand mailed to his last
known address; and making tbs
fact of such person not 'baving'OE
deposit with the drawee such mon
ey or other property, priina Tfacrs
evidence of -said fraudulent kiteuC
Section 1. Be it enacted by4b
General Assembly of the State ol
Tennessee, that euy person who
shall obtain, with -fraudulent in
tent, money or other -property
which may be subject of larcenyc
or who shall obtain credit withliks
intent, by means of acheck,t!raf
or order, of whioh 'he-is the 'maker -or
drawer, -which is uofrpaid'bythe
drawee, shall be guilty of a misde
meanor if the amount or value k
thirty dollars or less, if the amount
or-valr.e is more than thirty dollars
he shall be guilty -and punishable
as in case of larceny of such money
or other property, or -of -anything '
df value obtained on -such -credit,
unless payment of such check, or
der or draft after 'giving seven daye
written notice to the drawer's last
known address, ami the 'fact that
such maker or drewer didnot Lave
on deposit or to hisoredft with "tire
bank, person, firm or 'corporation
upon which such check, draft or or
der ie drawn, sufficient funds to pay
the same when presented, uulese
such check or draft is ipaid or ac
cepted when presented, -shell be
prima facie evidence of 'fraudulent
Section 2. Be it further enacted,
hatt all laws and .parts df laws in
conflict herewith be, and the same
are, hereby repealed, and that this
act take effect from and tifter its
passage, the public welfare requir
ing it.
The above act was passed May
12, 1915, aud approved by the
Governor May 15, 19-15.
The Benton County 'Farmers,
Union will couveue -in its regular
quarterly session at Morris Chapel
on J uly 2 aud 3. Morris ChRpel is
located on the Memphis-to-Bristo
Highway, 4 miles southeast of Cam
den. We are especially anxious
that every local be fully represent
ed and send a compJete report of
the membership.
For several weeks the Morris
Chapel community 'has been plan
ning in their cooperative way to
make this picnic aud rally a decid
ed success, aud we are lookiag'for
ward to this occasion's inf.ueuceas
a great stimulant to the 'cause.
The program is so or ranged that
the exeoetive session -wiH 'be held
in the afternoon end evening dE
July 2.
As Saturday wi'?l be a day of
public entertainment, we have ar
ranged to have an address by State
President L. M. Rhodes in the
forenoon. Professor H. A. Mor
gan of Kuoxville will lecture in tire
afternoon, .
Clay Rushing,
Granville Goodman,

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