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safety MASt AT the" 7iiv nnrhAttc- KrUiWr wuwnu
TENNESSEE STATE FAIR U Ul iu a 1 aiiiuua nriauiA u nu tt hi
Fly at the Tennessee State Fair
Splendid Railroad Faeilltiaa For Visi
tor's to Nashville, 8pt 17-22.
With tbe new tracks completed and
tl:c very latent, up to date cars in
service, tlie Nasbville Railway and
Unlit company will offer the vlsltort
t-tlie TenncKsce State Fair this year
"safety first" transportation not sur
pHssed by any other State Fair in
Tlie tlioiisnnds of visitors to the
Tennessee State Fair will not have to
suffer imv Inconvenience or dangers
f-" ("innum to many systems In tbe
r-i -ntr.r, such as railroad aud automo
I.l'.e (TosslnRs. Just a few minutes'
ii'!e from the heart of the city will
jut the visitor safely in the Fair
Miss Katherine Stinson to Make Two Flights Daily at Nashyille,
Sept. 17-22 It Will Probably Be Your Only Oppor
tunity to See This Wonderful Girl
The prnctlcal way of arranging the
clisr-iilcntlon, adopted ly the Tonnes
mt State Fair, Is pleasing to the farm
re Mini to the small imultrynian. Ac
"inline to this arrangement, chickens
n:e shown In flocks In many instances
Tiie fnrm flock unit has proved very
ropular. Of course there are more
fowls shown individually than collee
tivHy. yet this does not make the for-
rvr method any less desirable. The
linpetitlon will be keen. At the Ten
nessee State Fulr. Sept. 17-22, 1917, E,
I.. Honk Is superintendent and Henry
('. IOpple of IndlnhapoUs, Ind., Judge.
Do Your Bit.
Now more than ever is the impor
tame emphasized of large crops. A
uliortnge of crops in the United States
would mean less chance for America
mid her allies to win the war for nu
rn:mlty. Every man and boy who Is
unable to go to the trenches to fight
for his country should do his bit by
helping on the farm. The Tennessee
State Fair, Nashville, Sept. 17-22, 1017,
Is doing everything it can to encour
ace food production and conservation,
You should not miss the big fulr.
Make Victory Certain.
Food or defeat that Is the problem
that confronts America. We must have
abundant food to win this Mar. The
Tennessee State Fair food training
camp at Nashville, Sept. 17-22.' 1917
through its machinery exhibits, will
point out the way to obtain greater
crop yields from tbe same land. Do
your bit by showing your interest in
this work. Attend the Tennesse State
Tennesaae Stat Fair Vagatable Show.
Tennessee grows everything in the
line of vegetables, and this department
of the Tennessee State Fair is one of
the most interesting exhibits. Long
tables covered completely with all
kinds of home grown vegetables will
delight the eye of tbe gardener and
truck grower aud afford much valua
ble information to those Interested in
World's Biggest Attractions Hava Bean
8ourtd For Tenneaaae State Fair.
Particular attention is being paid to
the amusement features provided by
the Tennessee State Fair, Sept. 17-22.
aud all former efforts will be eclipsed
at this big exposition. "The War of
the Nations," a spectacular pyrotech
nlcal display. Is expected to prove one
of the greatest attractions of Its kind
ever brought to the south.
Based on ' tbe gigantic struggle . In
Europe, "Tbe War of the Nations"
vividly portrays the spectacular side
of war In a manner both faithful and
beautiful. With the eyes of the world
turned to tbe battle across the sea.
this production visualizes conditions
there in a manner most Impressive.
Thuvln's famous Fan-American Expo
sition Band, Katherine Stinson, the
world's famous aviator; Pershing's
pageant, under the direction of Mrs.
Cella Grady Reddy of Nashville;
Wortham's famous shows and numer
ous other attractions will make the
1917 Tennessee State Fair the greatest
in its history.
On Monday night, Sept 17, in the
big arena in front of tbe grand stand
at tbe Tennessee State Fair. Nash
ville, there wiU be held one of the
most elaborate displays of automobiles
in action ever held In the United
States. It will take the place of the
horse show on opening night Prizes
will be offered for tbe various priced
machines, and this feature of the Fair
promlsea to be one of tbe most Inter
esting and entertaining features of the
weak. The decorative and electric ef
fects will dazile the human eye.
Horn Canning.
This la the year to can something!
The amount of fruit and vegetables
wasted every season would knock as
silly if It were possible to reduce it to
actual dollars and cents. We seem to
bar become a nation of can openers
Instead of can fillers. Unconsciously
the idea has taken root that a large
amount of science, experience and
some other things art necessary to can
fruit and vegetables successfully. Not
at all, and the home canning demon
stration department at the Tennessee
State Fair Sept 17, IS, 19, SO. 31 and
22 wU prove It to yea.
I VH i'J. HI '
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mi t-rtTw
VI '.':: ,y. i t It rll I
'v ' --, I,, L y I
I, f -)T ' ipv
i2 "J i-
. 1 ,y
.mi;i: iniiiiiiAKt''tw'.v ir mn t 4,
3 Cm
f . 1 l V JF I V V "! 1
A TOUR of China or Jnpan, with Its
opportunity to learn something
at first hand of the wonderful
civilizations ceuturies old, Is an envia-.
ble experience. Hut still more wonder
ful is It to visit those countries not as
a mere tourist, but as nn honored
guest, to be the recipient of gra
cious and unfailing courtesy and hos
pitality, to be entertained by digni
taries and royalty.
That was the experience of Kath;
erlne Stinson. the girl aviator, who
traveled in Japan and China through
out the winter giving exhibition flights
and who arrived in San Antonio to
visit her family before going to Chi
cago to begin another series of exhibi
tion flights In the United States and
Canada. Medals, loving cups, valua
ble gifts from the president of China,
from Japanese royalty, from clubs,
mayors of cities, ministers In the Chi
nese and Japanese cabinets, were
showered upon her, and she was dined
and feted and honored as though she
were a royal visitor.
But the honors have not spoiled her,
as they so frequently spoil others, or
changed her from the charming, unaf
fected young girl that she Is. One can
readily understand that, though her
skill and courage as an aviator
brought great admiration, the courte
sies and attention were largely for her
self. "You always wear a smile," the Jap
anese people said of her, and it is safe
to say that she smiled her way Into
the heart of Japan and China, aero
plane and all.
Surprised by Homage Paid Har.
"I did not believe that there was
ever such wonderful treatment to be
given one anywhere in the world," she
said, "as I received In China and Ja
pan.' The attention 'denoted bo much
thoughtfulness and care. Everywhere
the professional aviators offered as
sistance. There was no professional
jealousy, and they gave me every as
sistance. It was as If the whole peo-
pie wished to show their friendship to
ibe American people through me."
The attentions which she received so
modestly began from the time she
landed In Yokohama and continued
throughout Japan and China, and
many of the friends she had made
came to Yokohama to bid her goodby.
Everywhere she was presented with
gifts, medals and loving cups. The
Jlji Sbimpo, one of tbe large daily pa
pers of Tokyo, presented her with a
handsome medal in gold and enamel
with a map of Japan, surrounded by
exquisite workmanship. The medal
bore the inscription: "To Miss Kath
erlne Stinson, in admiration of her
skill and courage. Presented by Jljl
Sbimpo, Tokyo."
Tbe city of Tokyo presented her with
a magnificent medal attached to the
colors of Japan. The National Aria
tlon Society of Japan also presented
her with a decoration the rising sun
with a deep red stone for the center.
The decoration . presented by the city
of Yokohama was engraved with the
flags of Japan and the United States,
Racatvaa Costly Preaenta.1
The city of Nagoya presented her
with a beautiful medal, the gift being
made by the mayor of tbe city. From
tbe city of Osaka, where the most
beautiful cloisonne is made, she re
ceived an exquisite cloisonne decora
tlon. The Imperial Aero society in
Tokyo presented her with a beautiful
diamond ring, most Ingeniously carved.
In China she was presented with lov
ing cups and various tokens of admira
tion and esteenw Among the gifts was
a check for $3,000 from tbe president
of China, a loving cup from the city of
Peking and innumerable other gifts.
. . ;
T IT '
iula H,. j
Sept 22, 1917
Stale Fair Will Do All In Its
Power to Assist In Greater
Production From Soil
As the foundation of our country's
success is based on agriculture, so is
the foundation of the world's greatest
State Fair firmly fixed upon the de
velopment of the soil and its resources.
Better farming methods, advance
ment over obsolete ideas, extended use
of God given special opportunities of
this imperial commonwealth cannot be
more advantageously taught nor more
quickly learned than through the
agency of the Tennessee State Fair,
Nashville, Sept. 17-22.
For the farmer of the state of Ten
nessee Is acknowledged to be the great
est factor for betterment that has ever
been Instituted. Realizing the super
Importance of the farmers' mission in
life rthe production of the very essen
tials that make possible our existence
every effort and every attention has
been employed to place this agricul
tural department well to tbe forefront,
to give It the place of distinction which
It so Justly deserves.
To the farmers of Tennesse. the
management of tbe State Fair of Ten
nessee dedicates this stupendous ex
position of agriculture, secure In the
belief that those for whom It la In
tended will look upon it with highest
Exhibit at Nishilllt Sept. 17
22 Bigger Than Ever.
Five or six years ago when tbe auto
Industry had grown to such propor
tions that an auto show at the Tennes
see State Fair became imperative the
Agricultural building was remodeled
and utilized for the purpose. It has
proved entirely satisfactory, both floors
being used for the auto exhibition.
Last year every available space was
taken, and nearly every car represent
ed In tbe city was on exhibition, and
many sales were made. The auto peo
ple are already talking and planning
for a greater show this year. It la a
prosperous time. Tbe farmer is getting
top prices for everything ha produces.
He is extremely busy Just at present
but by Fair time, tbe third week In
September, the corn crop will hart
been made, the nay will be in the bam,
the small grain in the granary and the
farm work of all kinds in shape to
he can take a week oCf and visit the
The farmer goes to the Fair these
days for more reasons than one. Be
plana to look over the auto show, for
he knows all the newest ideas and
models will be on exhibition. And he
Is going to be abundantly "fixed- to
buy the best going If he wanta It, and
the auto dealer knows it.
Auto tracks and accessories of all
kinds will form a good part of tbe big
1817 exhibition, and no one will have
any excuse for not finding anything and
everything wanted at the auto show
at the Tennesse State Fair, Xiahvlfle.
Icpt. 17 to 21
At 1 o'clock we will sell 40 head of two year old Mare Mules. These are
the good kind, being selected in Missouri. They are out of large Percheron
Mares and have the foot and bone, head and ears lhat make high selling
Moles. There is a number of closely matched teams, if you are in the nnrk
et for a good team attend the sale, for they are large enough to go right to
work. Come to this sale, everything sells at the high dollar, on six months
We will buy on the same day Mules 4 years
old and up.
Grow more wheat. Increase
your acreage. Increase your
yield per acre. To do so you
must remember these injunctions:
1. Prepare the seed-bed well.
Study your conditions to see how
this may best be done on your
farm Grains demand a seed
bed firm and compact underneath
and with a puvlerized surface.
- 2. Fill the soil full of fertilizer.
Phosphate, nitrogen; lime, man
ureall these will help you to
get high yields, if you use them
3. Sow good seed.
Good seed means free from
shriveled kernels, free from
weeds, and of a variety that will
yield well on the soil to be used.
4. Treat for smut, if necessa
If you have to seed infected
grain, treat it carefully with
5. Use a grain drill for sow
If you cannot get one, broad
cast Sow I to 1J bushels to the
Sow October 10 to 20.
In the absence of local wheat
of special merit, get pure seed of
one of tho following varieties:
For Average Uplands
Fulcaster (bearded)
Kansas Mortgage Lifter (beard
Poole (bearded)
Mediterranean (bearded)
Currells Prolific (beardless)
Fultz (beardless)
Eor Rich Botlom-lands
Fultzo-Meditorranean (board
less) ' Early May (beardless)
Clean all seed wheat with a
fanning mill to remove small
grains, weed seeds, and smut
balls. Heavy grains yield more
than light ones.
If you have to sow seed infect
ed with sfnut, treat it carefully
by either the bluestone or the
formaldehyde method.
phate applications, such quanti
lies of nitrate of soda, sulphate
of ammonia, lime nitrogen, and
farm yard manure available
should be used as top dressings
especially over thinner areas of
wheat fields.
lime For Wbf al
Fortunately for Tennessee,
limestone is available in many of
its counties and by the use of lo
cal portable and stationary crush
ers lime may be transported to
thousands of acres of wheat by
farm wagons or trucks. The lo
cal crushers will be a great con
server of freight cars if the re
lation of lime to nitrogen supply I
becomes fully appreciated.
No greater service can be giv
en our farmers, in their efforts
to meet the Nation's call for
greatly increased yield of wheat,
than for the counties where lime
obtains, to pTace rock crushers in
available places and crush at cost
thousands of tons this fall and
winter. While lime will be most
efficient, if applied and disked in
to the soil before seeding of
wheat, top dressings during the
late fall, winter and spring
should not be underestimated.
To supplement lime and phos-
Clcan Your Seed.
Apparently, there has been a
decided tendency among manu
facturers to build fanning mills
too light. When selecting a fan
ning mill, first determine defin
itely the frame work and body of
the machine to see that it is well
made of good material. The shoe
which carries the sieves should
be especially well made to with
stand the vibration and conveni
ently arranged for adjustment of
sieves. The length of stroke in
shaking the sieves should be adr
justable, as small seeds require
shorter strokes than the larger
ones, The air blast should have
adjustment that will make it a-
daptable to all conditions either
by a change in speed or in the
supply of air admitted into the
Clean and healthy seud will in
crease your yield. Co-operate
with your neighbors in securing
and using a fanning mill this
For Infmu and Children.
Tlii m Yea Hare Always Bought
Dears the
S!gnarnr a,

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