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Marriage of Prominent Young
People Personal Happen
ings of the Town
Dr. and Mrs. Holmes visited in
Atwood Sunday.
V. D. Mullios spent Suoday
with home folk.
Prof. E. H. Edwards and daugh
ter, Dorothy, were in Trezevant
Pinson & Faust have sold their
garage to I. H. Bell & Sons, of;
Cottage Grove.
Ira Graves returned Sunday j
night to Bowling Green Collage,)
after a week's visit to home folk.
No account is too small, none too large
. Your business wi'l be appreciated.
Deposit Your Money Here and Grow With Us
u ILU iJUIh nlulJlkJ U uliiJiJiln
Having sold my farm and entered the ministery
I will offer For Sale at Public Auction on the
premises, one mile southwest of Huntingdon on the
Trenton Road, on
Wednesday, November 5, 1919,
Commencing at 10 a. m. the following articles, to-wit:
One iron-gray mare, weight 1,500, age 6 years old'
one Jersey cow, will be fresh January 1, 6 years old;
one Jersey cow giving milk, 5 years old; one Gurnsey
cow, 6 years old, with calf 2 months old; one heifer calf;
one brpod sow; 7 shoats, weight about 125 lbs.; about
18 bushels oats; 8 acres corn; several tons good hay,
baled; small straw stack.
One wide-tire farm wagon, complete with double box,
new last spring; one Satterly 14-inch sulky plow, new
last spring; one Satterly disc harrow 12-16, new last
spring; one 8-foot iron harrow, new last spring; one
walking plow, 12-inch, new last spring; one Deering
mower, 5-foot cut, used 3 years; one Little Gap, 2
horse cultivator, used 2 years; one McCormick hay
tedder, used 3 years; 80 rods woven wire, 48-inch,
new; one set farm harness, new last spring; one grind
stone complete, with frame and foot tread; one heater stove for
wood; two iron bedsteads; one coal oil cook stove, and many
other small articles.
uerybody Inuited to Attend this Sale
TERMSAII sums of $10.00 and under, cash; all sums over
$10.00 one year's time, with interest at 6 per cent; 2 per
cent off for cash.
Billie and Miss Rosa Blanks and
Mrs. I. G. Hurt attended the
golden wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. Zekc Johnson, of
Kenton, this week.
Prof. C. A. Fes mi re made an
interesting talk in Chape! Monday
morning on the life f Col. Theo
dore Roosevelt. Monday being
Roosevelt's birthday.
Misses Lulu Mai and Hattie
May Adams at Trezevant. and Mr.
Joe Gordon Leach, of McKeDzie.
spent the week end. at Atwood
with Miss Minnie Harwood.
Eroaon Smith was married to
Miss Emma Miller last Tuesday
night at the home of Rev. Under
wood at Atwood. M r. Smith, who
is a prosperous young farmer, lives
about three miles east of Treze
vant. They are now living with
the groom's father.
R, Auctioneer
Ideal Home for Sale
An ideal country home, com
fortable 8-room house; barn and
outhouses; 200 acres located eight
miles out on good road; close to
school and churches. The year's
rental will yield owner one-tifth
price asked $50 per acre. Don't
write or 'phone, but come quick,
as this offer is for a few days only,
and intended for some man that
wants a sure enough Bargain.
A. M. Humphrey & Co.
Moved His Shop
A. N. McKelvey has moved his
shoe repair shoo to the Murray
building, just across the street. Mr.
McKelvey's business has increased
so rapidly that he did not have
room in the building he formerly
occupied. He will have more
room in his present stand. He is
constantly adding labor saving
machinery, besides additional labor
and is doing a tine business. He
does good work and his business
is increasing constantly, many mail
orders coming in from near by
For kidney and bladder troubles,
gravel, lame and weak back, rheu
matism and irregularities of the
kidneys and bladder. If not sold
by your druggist, by mail, $1.25.
Small bottle is two months' treat
ment, and often cures. Send for
sworn testimonials. Dr.. E. W.
Hall, 2926 Olive street. St. Louis,
Mo Sold by druggists. (Ad v).
Hearing on Commission
ers' Report
In the Matter of Upper Reedy
Ckeek Drainage District No.
Seven of Carroll County,
Pending in the County Court of
Carroll County.
To all land owners, lien holders,
mortgagees, incumbrancers and all
others, whether persons, firms or
corporations, interested in the
lands located and included within
the boundries of Upper Reedy
Creek Drainage District No Seven
of Carroll County, Tennessee:
You, each of you and all you,
are hereby notified that the Com
missioners heretofore appointed by
this court to assess the beneGts to
all the lands and property em
braced within said Drainage Dis
trict have filed their report with
me as Clerk of the County Court
of said County, which said report,
together with all the other rec
ords in this proceeding, is now on
file in my office in Huntingdon,
Tennessee, subject to your inspec
tion and examination.
Said Drainage District begins
at the road across Reedy Creek
valley, generally known as Hall's
Crossing, and extends in a north
westerly direction, generally, with
said Reedy. Creek valley to the
Huntingdon and McLemoresville
road and includes the lands em
braced in the Engineer's report in
this cause that, are benefitted by
the improvement proposed in the
proceedings in this cause.
You, each of you and all of you,
will, therefore, take notice that
said report' of the commissioners
in this cause has been set for hear
ing on
Saturday, November 15, 1919,
at 1 o'clock p. m., before the
Judge of the County Court of
Carroll County, Tennessee, at the
Court House in Huntingdon, at
which time and place you can at
tend and be heard and take such
action as you desire, and, if any
you have, make your objections to
said Commissioners' report; other
wise seid report will be heard and
the matters relative thereto de
termined ex parte as to each of
you and all of you.
It is ordered that publication of
this notice be made for two con
secutive weeks in the Carroll
County Democrat and Tennessee
Republican, two weekly newspa
pers published at Huntingdon, and
the McKenzie Banner, published
at McKeDzie, Carroll County, Ten
nessee. In witness whereof 1 have hereto
affixed my official signature at of
fice in Huntingdon, Tennessee,
this October 30, 1919.
J. V. Jarrett,
County Court Clerk, Carroll
County, Tennessee. 42-2t
Solid leather shoes at right
prices at Huddleston's.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they can
not reach the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cure catarrhal deafness, and that
is by a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous
lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube is iDflamed you
have a rumbling sound or im
perfect hearing, and when it is
entirely closed, Deafness is the
result. Unless the inflammation
can be reduced and this tube re
stored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever.
Many cases of deafness are caused
by catarrh, which is an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaced
of the system. , l
We will give One Hundred
Dollars for any case of Catarrhal
Deafness that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh - Medicine. Cir
culars free. All Druggists, 75c.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sale ot Land
V. G. Adams, Admr. et. al.
VS. '.o,
Mary Bell Robinson et. al.
In the County Court of Carroll
County, Tennessee.
September Term
Pursuant to a decree of sale pro
nounced in the above styled cause
on - the 29th day of September;
1919, 1 will on
Saturday, October 25, 1919,
between the hours of 1 and 4 p.
m., in front of the postoffice in
Lavinia, Carroll County, Tennes
see, sell to the highest and best
bidder, free from the right of re
demption, the following described
tract of land:
Beginning on George W. Hawk's
northwest corner; thence west 29
poles to a stake with pointers;
thence south 48 degrees west 36
poles to a stake with pointers;
thence south 36 degrees west 36
poles to three mulberries; thence
southeast corner, but down and
Give the tvorkU
the once over
IISTEN, fellows, to some
j straight talk. Many
a man when he gets
to be 40, misses some
thing. He may have
lots of money, and a fine
family but
He never "got out and
'aw things". After he
Sets settled down, it's too
Every man wants to see
the world. No man likes
to stand still all his life.
tEhe'besttimeto TRAVEL
:3s "when you're young end
3ivety-T right NOW 1
Right NOW your Uncle Sain
3s calling, "Shove off! " He wants
.men for his Navy. He's inviting
! you! It's the biggest chance
you'll ever get to give the world
the ones evert
with the meanders of branch to a
stake with pointers; thence south
11 poles to two elms with pointers;
thence south 20 deegrees east to a
white oak with pointers; thence
south 25 poles to a stake with
pointers; thence east 11 poles to a
stake with pointers; thence north
147J poles to the beginning, con
taining, by estimation, 40 acres,
be the same more or less, less
about three acres of land sold by
the said Thomas Walsh in his life
time to George W. Hawk on Jan
uary 8, 18S0; and which deed is o
record in Deed Book No. 3, page
392; which said three acres is
bounded and described as follows:
Beginning on a stake on G. V.
Hawk's northwest corner , with
white and black oak pointers;
thence south 60 poles to a stake
w;th hickory and gum pointers;
thence west 8 poles to a stake
with oak pointers; thence north
60 poles to a stake with'spacish
oak and gum pointers; tbfrtbe east
8 poles to the beginning1 wf
Andr will first sell said land for
cash, and then will sell said land
for one-third cash and one-third
due in one year, and one-third due
in two years, with interest-bearing
notes for said deferred payments;
and will adopt the highest and best
bid. If sold for one-third cash,
one-third due in one year and one
third due in two years, the pur
chaser will be required to execute
interest'bearing notes for said de
ferred payments, with approved
personal surities thereon, and will
retain a lien on said land to fur
ther secure the payment of said
deferred payments for land.
J. VV. Jarrett,
County Court Clerk.
John T. Peerer, Solicitor. 33-4t
Land Sale
Mrs. Lessie Wilson et al
Ruby Brown
In the County Court of .Carroll
County, Tennessee. ' '
October Tarm.
.. Pursuant to a decree of sale
pronounced in the above styled
caused on the 14th day of October,
1919, 1 will on -
Monday-, November S, 1919,
between the hours of 1 and 4 p.
m., at the East Door of the Cout,
House in the Town of Huntingdon
Tennessee, offer for sale to the
highest "and best bidder, the fol
lowing described real estate, to
wit: Lying and being in the Tenth
Civil district of Carroll County,
Tennessee, - which is bounded as
follows: ,
Tract No. 1. Beginning in ttie
bed of Martin's Creek, the same
being Henry Crews' southeast cor
ner, runs thence north 20 degrees
east with said Crews line 28 poles
to a stake; thence north 17 de
grees , east with said Crews 45
The Navy goes all over th
world sails the Seven Seas
squints at the six continenta
that'e its business. You standi
to see more odd sights, wonder
fful scenery and strange peopla
than you ever dreamed of.
YouTl work bard while you
work. You'H play hard while you
play. Youll earn and learn.
YouH get, in addition to "shore
leave", a 30-day straight vaca
tion which is more than tha
average bank president can
count on.
You can Join for two years.'
XJhm yoo get through youll ba
physically and mentally "tuned
up" for the rest of your life.
Youll be ready through and
i through for SUCCESS.
There's a Recruiting Station
right near you. If you don't
know where it ia, your Post
master will be glad to tell you.
poles to a stake; thence west 12
degrees north with said Crews 10
poles to a stake; thence due nor h
with said Crews 36 poles to a
stake, black jack pointers; thence
due east with said Crews 50 poles
to a stake, persimmon pointers;
thence east 20 degrees south with
and passing said Crews' comer 821
poles to a stake on L. M. Laster's
line west boundary, post oak and
hickory pointers; thence south
with said Laster's line 107 poles
to Laster's southwest corner,
thence west with David Crews'
line 38 poles with stake, two
maple and two elm pointers; thence
south with David Crews 30 poles
to a stake in Martin Creek, maple,
oak and willow pointers; thence
northwest with and up Martin
Creek to the beginning, containing
102 acres.
Tract No. 2. Beginning on a
stake with dogwood pointer on L.
M. Lastar's north line, west 36
poles to Laster's northwest corner;
thence south 29 Doles to a stake
on L. M. Laster's west boundary
line, post oak and Uckory point
ers; thence west 20 degrees north
42 poles to black oak corner;
thence north with Henry Crews'
line 96 poles to dogwood corner,
thence east 34 poles, poplar corner
on bank of ditch; thence south
east with the meanderings of the
old ditch 891 poles to a corner in
ditch, birch pointers; thence south
24i poles to the beginning, con
taining, by estimation, 33 acres,
more or less.
The general boundaries are as
Bounded on the north by the
lands of Rice, formerly Crews; on
the south by the land of Crews.;
on the east by the land .f Hall,
formerly Grossom; on the west by
the land of High, formerly Crews,
and containing about one hundred
and forty-four acres. The said
land was formerly m two tracts,
but adjoins, and, in fact, coesti
tute but one tract.
Said land will be sold for one
tbirji cash, one-third due in 12
months, and one-third due in 24
mo'ntbs from date of sale; takiog
the purchaser's notes, with ap
proved personal sureitie3, and also
retaining a lien on the land for
further surety on purchase money
I will first sell the 49 acres east
of the road, and second, the re
remainder, on the west of the road,
and then will sell it as a whole,
and will adopt the highest and best
bid therefor.
The land in slid Drainage Dis
trict will be sold subject to the
drainage taxes.
J. W. Jarrett,
County Court Clerk.
John T. Peeler,
Sol. for Comp. ' 40-4t
Join fit

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