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Judge John P. Smith, E. II. West, C.
P. Cats, John Sanders, A. I!. Povmnn,
Jas. A. Martin, Jas. F. Crumley, Will
Hair, W. P. Pungan.Geo. 1). Taylor,
C. K. Lide, Isaac llarr.
The methods of tl Is BankingoMab
lislimont are careful ami conservative,
It transacts a general hanking busi
ness, and is ni tho confidence of tho
CAPITAL $100,080.
A. D. Bowman, fl. W. St. John,
M rrl ..,-Vi
4 1
Will Hark,
CP. Cass,
Ikk Haku,
Assistant Cashier,
II IT TT "Y1 p r (.--"v, ' -c '''C
r-i mm t h.-ki .... ...... r .... . -.ura' - ,,(..
II I j .- rfT -t , ,, iii,w
An Emphatic Conclusion Against
Women's Suffrage Drawn
By the Speaker.
Louisville, Ky., Dispatch : Hon.
Henj'y Wattersou, editor of tho Cour-icr-Journal.
delivered the address to
the graduate of tho Female High
School here to day. After a graceful
introduction tho speaker said :
"I have always rejected tho conceit
that the man is the oak and the wo
man the vine. That is a figment of a
very vain, one-sided and masculine
imagery. The woman is tho man's
prop and support, as tho man id the
Woman's physical shield and huckler,
and neither could dispense with tho
other. Happily for botlr lhis view of
the ease has made such progrtssin
modern ethics and iiiii-ng civilized
nations that we seem to have' reached
the border land of h new world, which
promises to unravel the tangled web
of human error and to solve the Old
World's proMcm of the sexes.
"That in the worst of times woman
was a power, weknow;but she was
not always a power for good. It may
hi doubted whether upon the roman
tic and sentimental side her force as
an inspiration has been increased with
her emancipation from feudal bonds
and limitations. But there can be no
doubt that the striking away of the
shackles that so restrict! d her move
ment has greatly enlarged her per
sonal inllue'ice and intellectual posi
tion, creating a new and potent pres
ence by the very act which annihilat
ed n phantom of the dark ages. I
cannot believe that any man was ever
the weaker for having in his wife un
intellectual equal, and to the point of
that intellectual equality I would edu
cate the woman. The point at which
I would mark a distinction between
them and draw the educational line
is solely and purely a moral point.
"It is my firm conviction that no
human being was ever benefi ted by
familiarity with depravity. And I
would, as far as possible, keep our
women out of iv knowledge of the de
praved side of human nature and
human conduct. I do not mean to
argue that point, but I am satisfied
that their happiness as well as their
domestic usefulness will be propor
tioned to their ignorance of vice and
squalor. God grant that these dear
girls may never know what I know
and what nil men know of the wicked
ness which the great cities of the
world evolve and exuded."
From tli is promise Mr. Wattersou
drew an emphatic conclusion against
women's suH'rage.
He said the proper ideal should al
ways be womenly women ami manly
men. He said :
"I don't want to see my women loaf
ing around the polls and sitting up at
night with tho returns of the elections,
not because I would deny them any
right, but because, as far as my obser
vation goes, that sort of thing 'is of
questionable valuo to tho develop
ment of male character, ar.d can cer
tainty not coutributu much to en.ich
the store of female virtue. To you,
young ladies, who think that you
havo just finished your education, but
who are really just beginning it, let
me say first, but anil nil the time,
don't bo in a hurry. The world is all
before you j take vour time in deter
mining what you are going to do in
"There is a prevailing idea very
creditble in itself, but still a fad, that
no girl should marry to get a living
to bo taken cure of or to escape work.
To the extent that, this means that
every woman should be i-xcrnnt from
dependence on anybody, I readily
subscribo to it. Every woman should
bo in her tiwn person independent ; it
is no more of a disgrace for a woman
to earn her living by honest work than
it is a disgrsca for a man to earn his
living by the same process."
"But in the nature of the case a
great majority of women will marry
nnd ought to marry and in tny injunc
tion don't be - in a hurry applies
hero as elsewhere. Don't bo in a hur
ry to get a lover; don't be in a hurry
to get a husband, the woods arc full
of them."
The address concluded as follows :
"Let mo, iu closing, congratulate
you on the honors you have won
in school ; rejoice with you that the
tucks are about to come out of your
dresses; anticipate with you and
yourselves the beauty and the glory
of your completed womanhood.
"Tho school-room fades into the
shadow of tho roof-tree, the roof-tree
into tho midst of dreamland. The
new day dawns with its high hopes
and bright tints ; may it be a long and
. happy day to each and every one of
The Family Educator.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is
a great family educator, and no family
of children ought to be brought up
without having ready access to this
grand volume. It will answer hun
dreds of questions of each wide awake
child. It is au ever present and relia
The Richmond and Danville.
Danville (V8.) Register, Juno 17th.
Whatever the plansof the Richmond
and Danville people may be in acquir
ing tho Danville and New River road,
we do not know, but we believe, db
many others do, that it is a step to
wards a road to tho west from Danvillo.
In the first place, there was evidently
some urgent reason for compromising
Danville's claim, for bad the Rich
mond and Danvillo simply wantod to
operate tho Danville and New River
as a narrow guage, it could just as well
have done sit with the road in the
hands of u receiver. A few pooplo who
have looked well into the matter real
ly believe that Danville would have
won her suit in the United States
Supreme Court. Unless, thereforo, the
Richmond and Danville people are far
more liberal than the are reputed to
be, they had, wo repeat, some urgent
reason for getting the Danville and
Now River out of the hands of a re-cei-er
in short this looks very liko
the Richmond and Danville people
want to broaden the guage of the road
and utilize it in giving them a western
line. The fact that the road will be
bonded at $10,000 a mile, anil that the
interest on these bonds is guaranteed
by the Richmond and Danville, is an
other indication that the guage will
bo broadened, as we have already ob
served. lint again, there is abundant reason
why the Richmond and Danvillo
should have a road from Danville to
Look, if you please, at a map of Vir
ginia and North Carolina. You will
rind that the East Tennessee, Virginia
and Georgia Railroad, one of the finest
roads of the South, terminates at Bris
tol. This road is owned by the Rich
mond and Danville, butjhaving no out
let, except by way of Asheville, N, C,
it is forced to dump its immense busi
ness into the lap of the Norfolk and
Western, a rival and antagonistic cor
poration. More than that, the Rich
mond and Danvillo has no coal of any
consequence on its entire system of
road, and this road to Bristol would
put the Richmond and Danville in the
coal fields and give an outlet for the
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia.
The road would pass through a coun
try which is rich in minerals, timbers
and agricultural products, and JUr.
James B. Paco told the writer two
years ago that such a line would, in
his opinion, be the best paying rail
road property in the South.
Now look at your map. The Rich:
mond and Danville has practically
completed its linn from Winston to
Wilkesboro, N. C, and the distance
from Wilkesboro to Bristol is only
about sixty miles, A new line has al
ready been surveyed from Danville to
Winston and the Danville and New
River to Cascade, and the line from
that point to Lcaksville will put the
Richmond and Danville far on its way
to Winston, so that in order to get a
line from Danvillo to Bristol, the Rich
mond and Danville has only to build
from Leaksvillo to Winston and from
Wilkesboro to Bristol. When this line
is completed, the guage of the Dan
ville and New River could be boaden
ed to Martinsville, where it would con
nect with the Roanoke and Southern,
and the line from Martinsville to Stu
art could bo operated at small cost as
feeder to the main line.
This seems to be the inevitable plan
of the Richmond and Danville, and it
is plain that such a line would be of
great advantage te Danville. It would
not merely give the western road for
which bIig has so long prayed, but
would make Dltnville, in all probabil
ity, the coaling station of the Rich
mond and Danvillo and ono of the
most important centres of its great
system of roads.
Two years ago, in referring to this
matter, we remarked that audi a line
as we uave now described would tie a
God-send to Danville, and were severe
ly criticised for expressing an opinion
favorable to the Richmond and Dan
ville line, but we now believe that the
line will bo built, and we also believe,
as wo believed then, that its construe
lion will be the beginning of a new era
of prosperity for the thrifty and grow
ing city of Danvillle.
Shameful Gift-Taking.
Chicago Herald.
John Wanamaker's ift of a $20,000
cottage at Cape May to Mrs. Benjamin
Harrison and the latter's prompt ac
eeptance of the gratuity easily make
up the most shameful incident of an
administration that has been more dis
graceful and scandalous than anything
the country has seen since the second
term of Grant.
It is bad enough that John Wana
mttker, who raised a gigantic corrup
tion fund in 18S8, should have been
paid for his services by an appoint
ment to the Cabinet, but it is even
worse that he should characterize his
official career by making such gifts to
the wife of the man who placed him,
and that his insulting generosity
should be accepted without a blush.
With this wretched example in bign
places, we may look for a speedy revi
val of gift-giving and gift-taking. It is
an easy descent from cottages by the
sea to bull pups and packages of green
backs. The tone of the Harrison adminis
tration was pitched lower than that of
any other within the memory of the
present generation. It entered the of
fice bound and gagged by the corrupt
and vicious elements of the party. It
has gone speedily irom bad to worse.
The gift-taking stage has now been
reached. A year more and we shall
hear of offices, a safe burglary or two,
and probably a Ctedit Mobilicr and a
Sensational Rumor Followed
the Truth.
Special to Nvs anil Courier,
Cou'mma, June 10. The Evcniifg
Record published the following sensa
tional item, which is given for what it
may be worth :
"From excellent authority it was
learned this morning that Mr. David
Risley, a citizen of Georgetown, has
instilued a suit in the court of Massa
chusetts against the Massachusetts
and Southern Construction Company
of Boston, Mass., which has tho man
agement of the Three C's railroad in
"It appears that Mr. Risley was tho
original promoter of the road known
now as the Three C's and owned most
of tho materials of the concern ; that
he employed R. A. Johnson, t Sau-
gus, Mass., to form a syndicate and se
cure the capital wherewith to build
the road. He went on to Washington
in 1884 and met Col. Johnson in ccm-
pawy with E. Howard. The latter rep
resented himself to be the agent of the
Massachusetts and Southern Construe-
tion Company, its treasurer and a di
rector. He represented the capital as
$2o0,000, cash paid up, and gave refer
ences as to himself.
"The reference being satisfactory,
Mr. Risley entered iuto an agreement
with Howard, as agent of the Con
struction Company, on tho 2'.th day
of February, 1884, and by it Mr. Ris
ley transferred all values ho possessed
connected with the road, including the
franchise, worth $2,000,000. After the
company had secured this the agree
ment was repudiated, and it is claimed
that Howard -vas not tho company's
authorized agent. Hence conies the
"Eminent legal counsel are on both
sides, and the case will be tried in the
court of Massachusetts. Gen. B. F.
Butler and D. C. Trescott, both of
Boston, have been retained for plain
tiff, while Benjamin Johnson, a sou of
the manager, and a Mr. Riney will
represent the defendants.
"The addenda amounts to $2,000,-
000. The report goes that the compa
ny had not one dollar of legally paid
up capital, and that Col. Johnson and
Howard obtained the transfer fraudu
lently. The parties swearing to the
capital being paid in when the agree
ment was made : E. Howard, Charles
Whittier, Edwin P. Metcalf and Hi
ram P. Blaisdell.
"In the suit the plaintifftlaims that
the defendants comply with the terms
and conditions of the agreement, or
that they restore the property trans
ferred them, which involves the own
ership of the franchise of the Three
C's road. It is also reported that the
management of the Three C's road has
failed, and that the road is now in bad
cjndition, but, if this is true or not, it
cannot be ascertained.
"The above facts are given as we
heard them, and, if all are true, they
will create a decided sensation, for all
Southern people are interested in the
Three C's road."
Columbia Register, June 17.
The following dispatch, published
in a Charleston paper three days ago,
shows that the alleged news of the suit
of David Risley is somewhat stale and
not altogether accurate :
"Boston, June 13. The Supreme
Court has denied the application of
David Risley, of Georgetown, S. C, to
be allowed to increase the amount in
a suit he had brought against the
Massachusetts and. Southern Con
struction Company.
"Risley sued to recover $100,000
damages for alleged loss of prospective
profits on a certain contract, upon
which the defendant company denies
any accountability. Risley applied
to the court for leave to increase his
demand to $1,250,000. After several
days' consideration, the court dismiss
ed the motion as sensational."
Major J. F. Hart, of YorkviUe, the
counsel for the road, was seen by a
Register reporter and pronounced the
reports circulated against the solvency
of the road, etc., mistaken and mis
leading. Entirely Too Expert.
Kask Me llanuer.
The Memphis Democrat says the
growth of the Patterson vote in the
tables of estimates published by the
appeal is most remarkable. These
taoles are compiled, says the Demo
crat, in the Nashville American office
to boom Patteison, and every time a
new tablo is published more figures
are taken'from the Baxter column to
add to Josiah's imaginary majority.
Says the Democrat : "But note the
curious coincidence. Patterson's vote
steadily climbs up in the Appeal's ta
bles. Take Hamilton county, for in
stance. After it had held its conven
tion tho Chattanooga Times declared
that of the forty-four voles of that
county Baxter would receive at least
thirty, Patterson would get about ten
aad Buchanan four. In its Monday
table Ike appeal divides the forty
votes between Baxter and Patterson.
In this morning' table it takes away
five more of Baxter s votes anU gives
them to Patterson, leaving Baxter
only ten votes from Hamilton, thoagh
the Chattanooga Times declared that
Baxter was the choice of about four
fifths of the Hamilton delegation. "
The table bureau is entirely too ex
pert. ,
Boards of trade should not be made
Hart, Armbmst
Are Still in
Warranted Turkey Red
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APITAL STOCK, $100,000.00.
Transacts a regular Banking Business,
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favorable terms.
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Black Diamond Cement.
Give You Bottom
Tho Universal Verdict of the People
Who have used Clark's Kxtract of
Flax (Papillon) Skiu Curo award it
tho fust and highest place as a reme
dial agent in all cases of Skin Diseases.
Erys'polas, Eczema, Pimples, unsight
ly blotches,, humiliating eruptions,
boils, carbuncles, tetter, etc., all yield
to this wonderful preparation at once.
Price $1.00 for a large bottle at McFar
land & Co.'s Drug Store. Clark's Flax
Soap is good for tho skin. Try it
price 23 cents.
Saved from Consumption.
Siverul physicians predicted
Mr. Asa B. Rowley, Druggist, f Chi
cago, wou in soon nave consumpuuu
caused by an aggravated caso of Ca
tarrh. Customers finally induced him
to try Clarke's Extract ot Flax (Papil
lon) Catarrh Cure. He says: "Tho
result was "unprecedented. I com
menced to get well after the first ap
plication and am now, after a few
weeks "entirely cured." It will do the
a T - 1 Art fP.,,
same lor you. liicc
Clarke's Flax Soap for tho Skin and
you will use no other. 23 cents. All
of Clarke's Flax remedies are for sale
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The First Symptoms or Dentil.
Tired feelinsr. dull headache, pains
in various parts of tho body, linking
at tho pit of tho stomach, loss of appe
tite, feverishness, pimples or sores, are
all positive evidence of poisoned blood.
No matter how it became poisoned it
must bo purified to avoid death. Dr.
Acker's English blood Elixir has nner
failed to remove scrofulous or syphili
tic poisons. Sold under positive guar
antee. Kirkpatrick,Woflbrd& Miller.
l)r. Acker's English Pills
Arc active, effective and pure. For
sick headache, disordered stomach,
loss of appetite, had complexion and
billioiisness. thev have never been
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A CliilTKille(l.
Another child killed by the uso of
opiates given in the form of Soothing
syrup. Why mothers give their chil
dren such deadly poison is surprising
when they can relievo tho child of its
peculiar troubles by using Dr. Acker's
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Can't Sleep Nights.
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tion, etc. Did you evet try Dr. Ac
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The Kind of a Man Needed.
I'liuttiuioogii Aigm.J
iennessee needs a governor who
will provehini8elfa straight-out Denur
erat, and ono who will bear in mind
that political friends art better in poli
tics than other considerations. We
need a governor who will so conduct
tho affairs of the stato that tho finan
ces will be improved, thereby keepini;
the state from continually borrowing
money to pay interest on tho bonded
indebtedness. We need a man who
will remember that tho resources of
Tennessee demand constant improve
ment and unremitting labor and at
tention, in order that development
may be rapid and safe. Wo beliovo
Mr. Jere Baxter is tho man to so con
duct our afiairs, and we believe he
should bo nominated at the hands of
tho Democrats.
Arsenic and Potash Three Times a
Day for Twenty-Five Years.
I havo been takings. S. S. (Swift's
Specific), and feel it to bo my duty to
state its results, that others that aro
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experience, nnd be relieved ol their
sufferings. I had suffered for a long,
long time with what tho doctors call
ed Herpes, an eruption of the skin,
forming scales and blotches which
was horrible to endure. Under the
advice of physicincs I took 30 drops
of Flower's Solution of Arsenic every
day for 23 years, besides many other
kinds ef medicines, without a cure. I
have taken S. S. S. for about two
months, and the eruption and unpleas
ant symptoms havo all disappeared,
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R. R. Rocse, dealer in machinery,
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A Large Size Straw.
A casual glance at a newspaper will
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A man who has practiced medicine
for forty years ought to know salt from
sugar, ltcad what he says :
Tolodo, Ohio, Jan. 10, 1887. Messrs.
F. J. Cheney it Co. Gentlemen I
have been in the general practice of
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would say that in all my practice and
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F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
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ftr&oltl by Druggists, 75c.
Represents All Classes.
Diinlnp Trlbuuo.l
Baxter is a general favorite with
business men all over the state, and at
present seems to he the most popular
candidate, lie is making a straight
forward, manly canvass, and although
a rich man, cannot ho truthfully ac
cused of monopolistic tendencies. He
is a member of the Farmers' Alliance
and is being endorsed by the pro
gressive, thinking farmer element.
The Tribune will support the nominee
of the party, Mid will not have very
much to say about the candidates
until after the convention meets. We
believe tho sentiment in this county
is divided between Buchanan and Bax
ter, but while the former is the espe
cial candidate of one element, tho lat
ter is a man upon whom all classes
can consistently unite, and our county
will be apt to instruct for him, if they
instruct their delegates at all.
A Lady's Perfect Companion.
Our new book ly Dr. John II. Dvc. one of
New York's most skillful physicians, Shown Hint
pain Is not necessary In chimbl'th, but results
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It clearly proves that any woman may become
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It also tells how to overcome ami prevent
moming kickness and the many other evllsat
tending pregnancy . It in highly endorsed by
physicians everywhere as tho wife's true pri
vate companion. Cut this out: it will save you
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cent stamp for descriptive circulars, testlmon
ials, and contidential letter scut in settled en
velope. Address FRANK THOMAS i CO., pub.
usners. iiaiumoro. M. v.
Gaining Every Day.
Pulaski Citizen. J
Baxter is gaining new strength
every day. Men who were vigorously
opposed to him in the beginning arc
now among his" warmest supporters.
The people aro beginning to realize
in him that they have a man after
their hearts, and one who will ever
have the interests of Tennessee and
The Story of n Fnshlonablo Girl,
lie sees her coming down the stroet
A fair, sweet girl, with dainty Rraoe;
Ho smilin at first, jut when they meet
Ho hows with niiRry, soorntul fare.
And Mio hvrpalc chei-ks llnsh with red,
Htiirtleclto llud hersull so hhimcd;
Then ImiiRhtily she lifts her head
Guilty she Is, hut unashamed.
Ciiillty-and yet he lovos her well;
He kissed her fnoo this very morn;
Now .what has wrought the evil spell
That tills his loving heart with scorn?
He Is her brother yet his eyes
Send forth disdainful looks that hurt;1
Her hrutlicr judge of his surprlno
To Had her wearing his new shirt!
-il'itlsl.urg lHspateh.
He Found the Schoolmaster.
New York Sun.
We wcro sitting on tho varanda of
a hotel at Niagara Falls, when I notic
ed tho man on my right looking sharp
ly at tho man on my left, and pres
ently he got up in an excited way and
walked about; After a hit ho halted
before tho other man and asked :
"Isn't your name Oraham?"
"Yes, sir," was tho prompt reply.
"Didn't you used to teach school at
"Yes, sir-'
"In 1803?"
"Yes, sir."
"Do you remember a bov named
"Very distinctly, sir."
"Do you remember he pitta pack
ago of fir .-crackers under his desk and
touched them off?"
"As if it happened only yesterday."
"And you basted him for it?"
"I did. I licked him until ho could
hardly stand, and I've always been
glad of it."
"You havo eh?" said the other,
breathing fast ami hard. "Do you
know that that boy sworn a terrihlo
"I presume ho did, as he was a thor
ough vomit; villain."
"Ho swore an oath that ho would
grow up and hunt for you and pound
you within an inch of your life."
"But I haven't heard from him yet."
"You hear from him now I Ho
stands before you ! I am that boy 1"
"Prepare to be licked! My timo
has come at last !"
Ho made a dive for the old peda
gogue, but tho hitter evaded him,
made a half turn and hit him on tho
aw, and Oodkin went over a chair in
a heap. Then the whilom schoolmas
ter piled on to him and licked him un
til ho cried "Enough," and it didn't
take him over threo minutes to do it.
Then ho retired to get on another col-
ar and replace some buttons, nnd I
helped Godkin up and observed :
"You didn't wait long enough, I
"Say! That's where I made a mis-
cue!" he replied. "I see now th.it I
ought to have held oil' until he had got
to be about 150 years old. The old
devil is all of 70 now, hut he licked mo
right oil' tho reel, i.ud I'll never havo
the sand to stand tin Id him a train.
Here's thirty years of vengetice knock
ed into a cocked hat in three minutes.
New Position Created on the East'
Tennessee System.
Chattanooga Times.)
A few days ago a dispatch to the
Times from Kuoxvillc staled that
General Manager Carroll, of the Queen
and Crescent Railroad, was about to
be succeeded by W. A. Vuughan, at
present Superintendent of the Sagi
naw and Mackinaw division of the
Michigan Central Railroad. Tho re
port was subsequently denied.
A Times reporter learned last night
that tho foundation of tho rumor lav
in the fact that Mr. Vaughan was to be
made General Superintendent of the
entire East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia system.
There seems to ho little question as
to tho truth of the report. The gen
eral siiperintendency of the East Ten
nessee system there being no suck
office now will undoubtedly mean
the general siiperintendency of tho
system when the Cincinnati Southcr.i
and Alabama (Ureal, Southern divi
sions of the Queen mid Orescent are
under control of the East Teunessee.
Mr. Vaughan is a resident of Bay
City, Mich., and is a railroader of large
and wide experience. It is said he
was recommended to the position by
President H, B. Ledyard.of the Mich
igan Central.
Mr. Vaughan, it is said, will assumo
his new duties on July 1.
All Booh.
Memphis Scimtcar.
This talk about Benton McMillin be
ing a "dark horse" candidato for Gov
ernor is all bosh. Every two years
some follow with a wild, lurid, politi
cal imagination starts the report that
McMillin is secretly longing to be
Tennessee's chief executive, and thus
creates a sensation. Ths truth is,
however, McMillin doesn't want tho
oflico. lie would be foolish if he did.
Ho has been in Congress long enough
to make himself a power, and he is
now on the verge of a national reputa
tion and second to that of Mr, Car
lisle. He would bo doing himself great
injustice to leave his present field.
Preparations are being made to take
out a part of the big redwood tree for
the purpose of exhibition at the
World's Fair in 1803. The tree is 90
feet in circumference and 33 in diam
eter. Tho section to bo taken will bo
9 feet in height and 00 in circumfer
ence. The work of felling the tree has
already begun, and it will take ten
men two months to complete all the
work to bo dnno.

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