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Jonnson City, Tenn., June 26, 1890.
Knox comity is fur Bnxter, but the
delegates go to NiiKhville uninstruetod.
At I'm via, Miss , Tuesday John L,
Sullivan pleaded guilty nnd wnn fined
fiOO for prize-fighting.
The New York members of the
World's Fair ConiniiHsion announce
Chauncey M. Depcw as their candidate
for president of the commission.
South Watauga.
South Watauga in the new mime for
Carter's depot. It is an improvement
on the old mime, to pay the least.
South Watauga iB owned by a syndi
cate of Philadelphia ud Chicago gen
tlemen, and they claim in their pros
pectus that it is to be the future man-
Railway Construction. Washington Letter.
The Engineering News, in its last f'rom 0"r eormnpondcnt.
issue, presented a map of the South,
accompanied by a summary of all ex
isting roads nnd all those under con
tract in (hat section. From this we
take the following :
Wautauga Valley. Surveyed, John
son City to Atlantic A Danville Rail-
ufacturing town in East Tennessee.
We can see no reason why il should road, 50 miles.
not be. It is located on the Watauga Morvistown & Cumberland Gap.
river and only three miles from John- Under contract, Morristown to Cum-
sonuy. inocuy una ucen platted, berlund Gap. 30 miles. Contractors.
and a largo force of men aro ut work Allison. Shafer & Co . Chattmooea.
The compilation of tho "Blue Book,"
or official register for tho postoflico
department, has bicn compiled. It is
a volume of 1,-78 pages and contains
the names of upward of 100,000 offi
cers and employes of the government
connected with tho postal service.
Last Christmas Eev, Sam Jones'
daughter, Miss Annie, eloped with
l'rof. Wm. Graham, who had been her
father's private secretary. Tho cou
plo wero married at Chattanooga.
Prof. Graham is now seeking a di
vorce, and the pair have separated.
Application has been made to Gov.
Taylor for tho pardon of Lizzie Ack
erman, who killed her husband at
Memphis, for which crime she was
sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.
The caso has not, however, been look
ed into by tho Governor.
James Laurenson, a monogenarian
clerk in the postoflico department, died
Tuesday morning at his home in Bal
timore. For fifty-seven years, without
a break, ho held a position in the post'
office department, a longer period of
service, it is believed, than ever before
rendered tho government by one man
He had sworn into offico every post'
master-general since Jackson's admin
grading the streets. Maj. linger told
Tur Com kt Saturday that tho com
pany was paying out on an averago of
1,500 a -vejk on tho streets alone.
The prospective town inado its debut
hist Saturday. Friday night passen
ger tain No. 3 side tracked a Pullman
sleeper and private car "Wildwood"
there. The cars contained about
thirty Philadelphia and Chicago gen-
Chaileston, Cincinnati & Chicago.
Under construction, Blacks to New
berry, 70 miles. Projected, Newberry
to Augusta, 81 miles.
Cranberry fc Linville. Surveyed,
Cranberry to Linville, 13 miles. Presi-
Washington, D.C.Juno 22,1890.
What has become of the principle
of protection so prominent in the
Chicago platform in 1888?
The hardest blow ever yet received
by the tarifT, and the tariff ring, here
tofore the sole Issue and source of sus
tenance, respectively, ol the republi
can party, has just been delivered by
the President. He has had occasion
to be seriously provoked by the man
ner in which his suggestions were
tabled during the present session, by
both houses of Congress.
In fact, the old Republican ship is at
The Plcnlo of the Season.
The young folks of our city met in a
picnic on Thursday, 19th inst., nt Aus
tin Springs, and in all coming lime
that day will stand out in bold relief,
in the memory of all who participated,
as a bright picture of grand ecenery,
lovely girls, gallant men, happy voices
and pleasant incidents.
The picnic vvas given in honor of
some young ladies who were visiting
Miss Canie lleuser: Misses Estelle
and Mollio Ilolbrook.of Wytheville,
Va., and Miss Margucrito Seneker, of
Bristol, Tenn. The Misses Holbrook
are two of Wytheville's most charming
mim JCU. m4
Johnson City, Tkxn..
June 1 8, tSoo. )
having had a "DEMORHST
a year, I take pleasure hi st.it-
ofler advice to Congress. But the tar- Chandler, Eflie Wood, Neena Chand- ir that it is as represented by the
iff and silver questions were so occult, er, Nelia Miller, Lizie Wood, Fannie
fl nit in (pvf'ft' i n r vnn n (r Imlios lit lata
sea, and in a heavy gale of wind. She Marguerite Senekcr.tho acknowledged HAll I I OHIO AoUUI II I
has drifted among dangerous rocks belle of Bristol, by her winning ways
that threaten her with destruction. and matchless beantv. won manv
The mlot has ordered "hard a port, f,.ie,,dn (i ndmirer.
ueiu, iiuku iuacitao uniei cnetneer. nni i,yn n v nnw 1 n ni hefnru ti. 1 1 ,.i.:....i.. r t.,i, .,.,
w..w -u. v . .w ......... 0 iuc iil uui uiiu 1 , n 11 v ui uiii vuu
J. K. Jrvin, both of Linville. iu inil ,li ronl.lv nut nf t.hft pniirnR n:.'. in.,i ii...:H ...nlin..nn An.l
1 ,.., ..j v..v - vil'Jf ikiiu nifll Jli:avill.u Mliu iimuuiHj'-
h.ut Tennessee, Virginia & Geor- that it has pursued "from such a time to mako the day a pronounced success,
llcmen on an inspection tour and were Sltt Johnson City Carolina Kail- that the memory ol man runnetii not mention 0f the names is enougl:
the guests of J. V. llolfman and G 0. road. Lnd?r construction, Johnson to the contrary. to have insured the occasion : Misses
C. Potts, president and vice-president c,tY lo Kmbreeville, 10 miles. Con- The constitution authorizes and en- Estelle and Mollio Holbrook, Margue- than
of tho land company. These gentle- tractors, Furdy & Rexford, New York courages the President to frequently rite Seneker, Carrie lleuser, Mattie
men were joined at South Watauga K"'1)'-
by Col. C. II. Hudson, general man- Southern fc Western Air Line
' " . I
ager, F. K. linger, superintendent, Partly graded, Shelby, North, 23 miles. ana te intricacies ana interests 01 Lipscomb, Leonora Faw, Miss Harris Company. I have uscl the "Do-
em! Ed Fitzgerald, traffic manager, of Under contract, end of grade to Lin- nls pom'cai position w greai uuu v.i- a,.a Mr8. m-user, Messrs. Uliarlie See
rioua that the riesuieni cnose to re- horn, Dr. J. II Preas, Phil Barnctt,
frain from any public expression on Ralph Boyd, Charlie Wofford, Joe
the subjects. Nevertheless, he man- Summers, Charlie Olsen, George Wof-
aged to have his exact ideas on both ford, Whitney Wood, Will Campbell
questions conveyed to the prominent Tom Hurst, Mr. Exnm, Paul IT. Wof
Republican members. But, in spite of ford
that caution, his own party has made The site chosen is an old summer
the present administration appear resort, renowned in by-gone days.
ridiculous ana contemptible. The old hotel still rears its massive
When that body of illustrious and proportions in stately dignity. Though
nnnaprVflf.lVA AtnloRITlPn in tllfi RptlAtn limn.nmiii ,1 nnnrt Jf Dtnnla na a
Charleston, Cincinnati & Chicago. flp nffn . wUA lf,ntr(,nt. and denart-L0,in,i-.i,t ; .i,,.i(n,0,t ti,n5n.iM commend it to any one wishing a
-i.uca mm since January i, ine from every sound principle of po- and invited the voumr and srnv to its
Johnson City, lenn., north, 14 miles. ,, . onnnftmv nnasP(i ilfi Silver Bill. i,.n!i.i i,niia .i,t 0,ij r.,.,. tiood machine
Oracled end of track to Minneapolis, .heii..idinMof ita action nearlv took Li,' vlntna n,l in !, n.
va., 70 miles, Kutherlordton to Wjth, 1Iarri80n'8 breath. He cer- swering tread of the old-time dance. Signed
V," -"u-'u tainly deserves forgiveness, blue- All those days, voices and faces are
A lot of second hand furniture which it is
reported we have in stock. But the people
have been unable to find it.
We ask you all to Join in the Search.
We have the Largest. Cleanest and Cheap
est stock of Furniture, Carpets, Window
Shades, etc., in the city.
Calvin, Waggoner .4 Co,
the East Tennessee, Virginia and ville, 77 miles. President, S. McD.
Georgia road. The whole party came Tate ; Chief Engineer, 8. W. Wilson,
over to Johnson City and from here Morganton.
. ... r..., .,'. i i. .r ... ....
num. u)i iu uiiiuiiui; hi r'luim me jseiuucky l num. Tract laid in
nay. liiey were aeiigntecl Willi their 1889. Dodge to Winchester, 075
trip and returned to Johnson at four miles; Clay City to Kentucky River,
ociock, out loo late to accept an invi- go niiles. '.track laid since Jan. 1,
. . I
tation to unve over tuo cny, as a spe- 1890, Winchester to Lexington, 20
miles. Under construction, Kentucky
River to Lost Creek, 28 miles.
Wm. Harris, tsou of Joel Charalcr
Harris, (Uncle Remus) ol the Atlanta
Constitution, is missing, and his fath
er and friends are very anxious about
him. He left Atlanta Sunday and
waR to have arrived in Washington
Monday morning to spend several
days before proceeding to Canada to
visit relatives. He failed to appear at
the hotel at which ho was expected,
and elforts to find him have thus far
proved unsuccessful. Young Harris
is fifteen years of age.
cial train Btood ready to take them to
South Watauga as soon as they arrived.
Mayor Ike T, Jobc and Tim Comet
accepted an invitation from Maj. Hu
ger to acompany the party on their
return trip. We found the gentlemen
enthusiastic over this section, and
they expressed great faith in the fu
ture of Johnson City and South Wa
tauga, and predicted that in a few
years the two would be one great man-
utaeturing city. It is not out of place John80n (!Uy t(J State ,jnej M mileg
to say in in ih connection iiiat uie
builders of South Watauga have had
this in view from the first and are
building to that end. The Comet
trusts they will succeed and can "wish
them no greater success than that
South Watauga may grow as rapidly
and substantially as Johnson City
mestic, "Singer, "New Home,
"Davis" and other machines, hut
much prefer the D12MORKST
for lightness in running, conve
nience and simplicity, and can rc-
The Cincinnati Commercial Ga
zette published an interview with Col.
Calvin S. Brice, ono of the leading
men in the Eas; Tennessee and Rich
mond Torminal companies. Mr.
Brice said that with the acquirement
of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad
the East Tennessee will operate its
road as a great North and South line
instead of an East and West system
as heretofore, and asserted that the
Richmond Terminal will consolidate
the Louisville Southern Railroad with
the rest of its parties. It will thus be
seen that the Terminal peoplo have by
no means stopped enlarging their sys
tem, and are endeavoring to extend
their lines over as largo a portion of
the ceunty as possible.
Contract Closed and Plant will be in
Operation In Forty Days.
The present warm spell and the ice
famine have caused Johnson City
peoplo to enquire closely into the
source of supply, .-.nd we have been
often asked when the ice factory would
be started here. Yesterday the Comet
saw Mr. W. J. Graham and when ask
ed about the matter said tho contract
for the machinery had bee.i closed
and the first payment made and by
the terms of the contract the plant is
to be in operation in forty days from
June 24th. The contractors wanted
nine months in which lo build the
plant, ami other parties could not
build it under twelve or eighteen
months, but Mr. Graham wax not to
Johnson City to North Carolina blooded Presbyterian though he is, if gone ; but the wildly grand scenery SONIIA MOLES WORTH.
. -..,. """ he made some remarks emphatic holds its own, and mountains and ia.
ucoliivoiiuuui manou, nines i Bnnnh tn hrinir a hhiKh to the cheeks Uin. t.,11 ni:,i., vinoo o,,n
ri.nii.ifti,ij.,.. if.n:u. . " " v.-,, v.. v...
- .v, ...c .... co , of Mr waiiamaker. light and shade, wild flowers and the
AalllA mtltl.pr at.arwla. ft fow-mnn nlmif fl-iurirtn- rifni trttvtl.iiiA in An,
ni.:.,i tv.: i v yt .i. . , - - iutu v..
j r",Bmw """'"orin, wlu, own 8iver mine8 i the West, chant the soul and proclaim it the
lenn, nrnnnBB to nrrancrfi t.hfi whole llllsi-I vnrv nlif o f.-.r on..K ,i rrat1,orinat aa (tiio
, ... . . r . .......f,... (,
nicnmonu & uanvuie. ortnwest- neg9 of the country for their personal picnic was. A Participant.
ern jonn uarouna k. h. iracK benefit. It is natural that they should
laid in 1889, Bathanin, west, 13 miles. wttnt a steady market for their pro
I rack laid since Jan. 1,1890, end of duct. The bill, which they have juBt
track west, 3!t nines. Under construe- succeeded in Dassine throuch the Sou
end of track west 10 miles. High ftte, makes the government their
I'oint, Kandleman & Asheboro R. R. regular customer, which is obliged to
Track laid in 1889, end of toward pay them an exhorbitant prico for
Murphy, 13 miles. Under construe- their ore a price that it would not
tion end of track to Murphy, 13 miles, command in the market.
North Carolina Midland R.R. Under The President has been pricked to
construction, Winston to main line, heroij measures to recover from the
05 miles, I nder survey, Danville, Va., blunder. It is a broad departure for
to Winston, 70 miles. Yadkin It. R. his party to make, in traveling from
Under construction, Salisbury to the position it has held so Ioiik. to
Handle Choice Property in all parts of the city, and have the exclusive
Sale of tho
Mountain View Land Company's Addition
The finest residence property in the city, occupying an elevated position
and affording a grand view of the mountains in nil directions and lying
near the center of the city, within a few minutes walk of the business
SF Property can he bought on easy payments. J
Norwood. 42 miles.
Free Trade. But to make the journey
easier, as the first stage the President
propose to extend commercial liberty
only to the countries to the Wesfpi-n
The document, which was sent to
Congress through the medium of the
Secretary of State, is very long and
Patterson's Chances Nil.
Knoxvillo Bfutluul.
The Chattanooga Times, every few
days runs over the ascertained and
probablo strength of the gubernatorial
candidates. From the outset it has
evidently been impressed that Jero
Baxter would do to bet on, and its re
peated calculations havo been pro
gressive in that direction. Its latest
conclusion is that Farmer Jere's vote
will increase from the first, with a
strong probability that, after a fewf
ballots, he will capture the convention
with a rush. We agree with the Times
that the strength of Hon. John M.
Taylor has not received due considera
tion from the political calculators, it
must be evident that so long as Taylor
holds his ten or eleven West Tennes
see counties solid, as they are now and
are likely to remain, Patterson's
chances are "nil." Unless Patterson
captures Fayette, .which is by no
means certain, he will probably not
have a West Tennessee county secured
to him, except Shel.iy, in that division
of the State. This is not a very bril
" I ia tit showing for "a favorite son."
Johnson City Merchants Will
serve it in Great Shape.
Al a meeting of the business mcu of Johnson
City held in tho Y. M O. A. hall ou June 24lh,
1HU0, at 7:30 o'clock, for the purpose of appoint
In committed and making tho necessary ar
rangements for a "Merchants' picnic" to be wjth it was transmitted a report of the
lieiu .MllJ nil, in;ru, r. I 4 DlHWr WHS CiCL'lVtl
(hnipmon n nil T. X fait-In inm-ol n
Moved ana seconded that the picnic be held inS lreutie o( reciprocity with Ameri-
al Austin's Srirlmrs Mnl inn cnrrlcil Can COUniriCS.
Mnvci ah, i i,a.,i ii, nt n,o riinir .,,n,,ii I The increase of the duty on wool is
no delayed in sucn a manner aim got the following committees, viz: arrangements; protested as restricting trade, and ut
the time cut down lo forty days, and provisions; liuance; invitations, and amuse- terly useless and unnecessary. The
incuts. Committees were appointed bv the Mrk'inlpu tariff I. ill U Rlrnlv mHmp-It
prl I'pnpnillv anil in detiiil. Ill
un Arrangements -James crumiey, M. r. finan nmmiun f,r ,i.B
" ? J " , knowledges that a personal assault has
On Provisions L. A.Calvin, W. A. Trualow, , , - . , ,
u- iv vi.u !, u ..,. .., been made upon it by the President
...iv. ( u ti, i - and Secretary of State.
on l-iimimn-w. i Thnn,, Hni,'nri i.ni.,,.i An amendment to the tariff bill was
J.K.Crandeii. Wm. iiurr.amij. e. iiruiinir. offered and introduced into t'.ie Sen
By suggestion, C. K. I.ide and O. Kirkpatrick te by Mr. Hale, of Maine, the intimate
were added to the finance committee. mend Ol the becrelarv
Ou Iuvitation T. E. Hurst, A. F. Hoss, 1. 1). It provided that the ports of the
Kaucctte and c. H. Lyie. United States shall be declared free
On Amusements-Hurry Gump, E. D. Duncan, and open to the products of any
Paul Wofford, Mr. Armbrust. countrv in America, whenever such
Committees were instructed to commoncc L.nnntrv hIihII Hdniit free bread stuffs.
work at once and be prepared to report at the .!,:. arul nlt.-vr f,ul,l nroducts.
petroleum, and other articles from the
United States.
agrees to pay $13 a day for every day
it runs before that time, and it is pos
Bible we may be able to use home
made ice some time in July. The
plant will be located in the Proctor
Land Co's addition ou the Three CV
road and near a largri spring of pure
freestone water.
Plans Now In the Hands of Contrac
tors and Work to Commence
at an Early Day.
This standard machine can be found
Summer Troubles. SPOT CASH
Dysentery, diurrho a and the other TtARP MV STORF
bowel troubles are becoming quite
universal. This is shown by the anJ tlie price in far below tht of oilier
largely increased demand for Dr. Lyt- machines. 1 No. 3 Machine, only
tle sEhxir. This remedy is becoming . , , ,
.... ,, , , , ,, t i $19 50, shipped from the factory, you
widely known as the best for all kinds ' rl ' ' '
of bowel complaints. paying the freight, or $21 in Johnson
City. The reason these machines are
sold so low is because the factory sells
only for cash and ships direct to the
purchaser, and no agents' salaries,
horse-feed or other expenses to come
out of the profits. Machine warranted
for five years.
Jchneon City wants eatables. Just
now, although large quantities of veg'
etables and other produce are brought
to town, the supply docs not equal tfie
Try the RED OIL,
found only at
Have Exclusive Sale of the
lot: Witnga, l ui E::: h:::,
All of Jl S. Campbell's Addition. The Cheapest arid on
the Best Terms of any Property offered.
Call and See Us Near Citizens Bank.
Jgf I Jo sure lo soo me before Buying or Selling.
R. & D. Schemes,
(Instonln, (N. ('.,) Oiuelto
Until very recently wc had hut
little faith in the the rumored new
railroad from Danville to Gaslonia,
but wc have figured out the whole
plan and find it a much more ex
tensive scheme than wc had dream
ed of.
The primary aim was not to save
distance, but to get a satisfactory
route without rc-leasing the North
Carolina road. Reference to the
map at once suggested the plan,
viz., to build a road from Danville
by Winston to strike the Tennessee
& Ohio, or more modestly speak
ing, the Statesville road, which the
It. & D. practically owns, at such a
point as, with the least expense of
building, would give the most direct
route to Charlotte, This point
would proba jlybc Moovesvule, the
distance beinsr about the same as at
present. But this being settled,
the map showed an elbow at Char
lotte, in going toward the south
west, which could be cut off by
building about thirty miles of track
from Mooresville or Mount Morne
to Gastonia, saving a third of the
Then again the Chester and Le
noir road and the road from Win
ston to Wilkesboro with their ter
mini near together, both point to
ward Cranberry, Johnson City, E.
, P., V. & ti. connections and north
western possibilities in a, way too
suggestive to be overlooked. With
these connections, it is only ncccs
sary to widen the gauge of the C
& L. to have a straight line from
the South Atlantic coast to the
Quartette of Murderers.
Memi his, Juno 24. Parker Harris,
Ed Carr and Hardy Ballard (colored)
and Frank Brenish (white) were hang
ed this morning, the colored murder
ers taking the plunge into eternity to
gether at 11 A ana the white man
dropping alone at. 12 :22.
Messrs. Brown and Diddle, of Penn
sylvania, have sent plans and specifi
cations for their roller process flouring
mill to Mr. W. W. Whiteside and re
quested him to receive bids for iis
construction. The Comet had the
pleasure of seeing the plans Tuesday.
The main mill building is lo be 50x75
feet and four stories high, first story
to be of stone. The engine bouse will
be separate from the main building
and will be a good-sized building. The
plant is to be erected at once and
must be commenced not later than
September 1st by terms of contract
with Carnegie Land Company for the
site Tho mill will have a capacity of
125 barrels of flour per day and give
employment to a large number of
hands. Tho site is near the junction
of the Three C's and East Tennessee,
Virginia and Georgia roads and has
every railroad facility possible.
Engineers now at Work Surveying
the Line in Patrick County.
Patrick (Va.) Enterprise.
Last week wo alluded to the change
of owners of the Danville and New
River road some impoitant changes
will be developed in a short time.
There is a corps of engineers now in
this county encamped on the Mead
ows of Dan. They are at work; rail
road men are usually reticent, but they
can't always keep their secrets. We
have gathered enough to satisfy us
that at an early day work will begin,
and Stuart will have a connection by
rail with the great West, and that at
no distant day the great first class en
gine will whirl the heavy loads of
freight through our county from the
Danville (Va.) Ueglstcr.
This is good news, and wo trust our
contemporary is correct in his sur
mise. Patrick is undoubtedly rich in
mineral resources, and nothing is lack
ing but railroad facilities to devolop
the county's wealth.
. The news we published in Sunday's
paper as to the proposed extension of
the Danville and New River road lo
Johnson City is most encouraging to
the Tatriek cotmty people, for if that
is done old Patrick will blossom like a
next meeting to bo held on Monday evci.lng,
June TO, lt-90. Adjourned.
We, Hie uudersigned merchantn o( Johnson
City, do hereliy aercc and bind ourselves to
close our nlaeei of business during the entire
day, July 4th, lx'.X). We dothis In order that our
Census Returns.
The first estimate of the population
employees Ugctherwith ourselves rany enjoy a 0f the District of Columbia, as made
by Superintendent Porter on the 22d
day'B rest and recreation at tlie "Merchants
First Annual l'icnlc" to ba held at Austin's
C. K, Ude i Co., l'enland, Hurst & Co.,
Crumley & (illiner, (lump Bros., Seaver Si Sum
mers, McNeil & Wolf, W. A. Truslow, Peter Tins
Icy, Johnson City Tin t Stove Co., II. W. Wcl
ler, R, J. West, Agent, W. J. Uruham & Co.,
Kirkpatrick & Co., W. W, Kirkpatrick, E. F,
Winegar & Co., I.N. Beckner, Hoss, Hodge &
Co., Hart, Armbruat b Co,, Denton & Hamil
ton, W. T. Hill, Hunter & Brown, Miss Annie return was 1,200,209: the gain is now
Bradley Mrs. J Brin.nr,H Vlllbourn,EarnMt 420,028, almost 35 per Cent, in ten
Rhea. Seehorn & Co.. J. D. Kaucette & Co. year8
First National Bonk, by J. E. Crandall, Pres't,
Geo. W. Hlckey, W. P. Cooper Si Co, Citizens rounJ 300,000 in 1890, a gain of about
Ha,,! l.V T V Hr.wll, ael,l,r r..l..!n ' D
inst., is 228,100. The population in
1880 was 177,024. The increase during
the last ten years is, therefore, about
29 per cent. The population in 1870
was 187,700, and in 1800, 75,080.
The census gives New York City a
population of 1,G28,227. In 1880 the
Cincinnati's population pans out a
goner & Co . J. E. Harklns St Co., thas. D. Flue
Si Bro., Watauga Bank, by Will llarr, cashier,
A. P. Henderson & Co., W. L. Taylor St Bro., F.
M. ChriUmau.
F. P. Baxtkr, President.
L. A. Calvin, Secretary.
19 per cent, on 1880.
The census enumerators concluded
their work in Baltimore a few days
ago. The population of that city is
now 432,095 against 332,190 in 1880.
Telephone Exchange.
1 lie town is beine canvassed with a
view of establishing a telephone ex
change. It is believed that 75 or 100
telephones can be placed for a starter
and that in a short time the advan
tage of telephone communication will
be so apparent that the private dwell
ings will all be subscribers.
New Buildings.
Maj. A. Cantwell has commenced
his new dwelling on the corner of
Sixth avenue and North Main street.
Joe Gilmer has let the contract for
a residence in Highland Park to W.
W. Carroll and the material is nuw be
ing placed on the ground.
J. A. Cargille has contracted with
W. W. Carrol for a dwelling on Hol-
8ton avenue. Work will lie com
menced Monday.
Titles Perfect. High, Level and
Well Drained. Streets and Side
Wains Newly Graded.
TERMS : One-half Cash, and six,
twelve and eighteen months.
Business Lots on West Main and
Fulton Streets.
Residence Lots on Hamilton and
Lamont Streets.
The Merchant's Picnic.
In another column will be found the
full proceedings of a meeting of the
merchants of Johnson City al the Y.
M. C. A. hall last Tuesday night. It
was decided that the stores be closed
on the fourth of July and that the
merchants with their wives, daughters
and sweet hearts and clerks should
take a "day off" aud have a big fami
ly picnic at Austin's Springs. We are
sorry that circumstances are such
thatwe cannot announce particulars pfjJjgQJj CITY LAND AND
SIZE : 25x145 feet, and 50x145 feet
T. W. Harnett, & Co.,
Parker & Ficklin,
Earnest & Co.,
McFarland & Co.,
Fisher's Agency,
Real Estate Agents
The importance of purifying the blood can
not be overestimated, lor without pure blood
you cannot enloy good health.
At this season nearly every one needs a
good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich
the blood, and we ask. you to try Hood's
n Barsaparilla. It strengthens
rcCUIIal and builds up the system,
creates an appetite, and tones the digestion,
while it eradicates disease. The peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation
ot the vegetable remedies used give to
Hood's Sarsaparilla pecul- Ifealf
iar curative powers. No 1 v IkOwii
other medicine has such a record ol wonderful
eures. If you bave made up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be Induced to
take any other instead. It is a Peculiar
Medicine, and is worthy your confidence.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold by all druggists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Office : In Piedmont House.
FLOORING, CEILING, Siding, Mantles, Brackets, MOULDINGS,
Are now prepared
to furnish
Ladi os
! Complete -: Outfits!
all matched
in the
Trmmings Out.
Suits going
- off
Call early to get
Very truly,
An Englishman eame to America,
visited New York, Boston, Philadel
phia and Washington, wax ihen pre-
paring to go home, thinking he h:ul
seen the new world, but was persuaded
to go West and nee something of the
West. He li id traveled fur three days
and nights, and stopping nt a town on
the broad plains of the West, and
viewing the country as far as the eye
could penetrate, exclaimed: "Well,
hafter hall the great hado habout Co
lumbus discovering IIAmerica, hi do
not think 'e did hany great thing haf
ter hall. Why, 'e couldn't 'elp but
find hit."
Neither can a man help finding bar
gains at
if ho only goes there.
Best stock of Hamburgs with lowest
prices on same can bo found at
No. 8, Market St.
All you bare-headed fellows and you
that are going to be soon, and you
whose feet admonish you that a new
pair will be required soon, call on or
send to W. M. Christian nnd get sup
plied at prices below tho market.
India Linens, 81,', 10, 12,ls', 15, 1G?3
X-Barred India Lawns, 12 to 15c.
Don't forget to call on W. M. Chris'
tian for the best Coffee, and when you
want a Dress of good material for a
small sum of money.
Builders' Supplies Generally.
Figured Lawns for 3.' j'c.
Johnson City, Tennessee.
M. I. (JUMP.
JcliriGori City, - Term.
Beaver z Hoffmelstoi,
Will be pleased to assist the good people of Johnson City
in building up their town by furnishing plans for Artistic
and Convenient Modern Houses. Correspondence solicited.
The Only Exclusive Paper-Hanger in the City.
Having had nine years experience in the northern cities, 1 am pre
pared to give the people of Johnson City a better class of work than
they have ever had before. Prices reasonable and satisfaction guaran
teed. See me before contracting. Leave orders at Ilnrlbnt's Wall-pa-per
stoif ot at J. P. Cox's Real Estate Office. 3'3"339
1 m
' 1 1
1 1
? r

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