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Armbrust-Smith BIdg. Spring St.
Johnson City, Tennessee
Twenty-Sixth Year.
Whole Number 1336
He fc Visiting the Inadequacy of
the Prohibition Law Upon the
Courts and Juries of State
The other day attorney general Jeff
McCarn, of Davidson county, not only
made an assault upon the grand Jury,
but in effect charged the court with
being in league w ith the violators of
the lw and practically responsible for
transgressing a law making a .penal
offense of what they regard as a matter
of personal liberty.
Mr. McCarn's fulminations are more
or less harmless until they touch tin
bench; he should now be forced to sus
tain his allegations. The people are
very jealous of the reputation of their
judges, and they are distmsed to hoh
every man who reflects upon the bench
to a rigid account We join the Nash
ville Banner and American in the be
lief that Mr. McCarn is due now to
prove his charges beyond the peradven
ture of doubt or acknowledge himself a
;andal monger. Chattanooga Times.
hew rams SERVED
On Former Washington County
Official Gives Bond for $7,
500 to Answer to Charge
Jonesboro, Tenn. Feb. J I. Foy W.
Dulaney, tormer clerk of the circuit
Court of Washington county, whom
the grand jury of the ciicuit court this
week refused to indict, was arrested to
day on new warrants charging embez
zlement and misappropriation of pub
lic funds: .
Tire new warrants followed the ac
tion of Judge Tyler, in denying the
motion made by attorneys for the sure
ty company on Dulaney's official bond,
for a special grand jury to consider the
Groceries Fresh Meats and Bakery
Cures Soil Acidity and Improves
the Mechanical and Physical
Conditions of the Land
The Best of Everything
, We Guarantee QUALITY
Telephones 190 and 521
the failure to indict and convict offend
ers against the prohibition laws. Mr.
McCarn has been very free with his
charges and his last venture has, as it
should have done, aroused public sen
timent to a high degree of interest
Mr. McCarn ought to be promptly
and vigorously challenged by the peo
ple whose servants he has sought to
discredit and incriminate and be made
to substantiate his charges before some
Impartial tribunal. It is inspected
that he is trying to promote his polit
ical fortunes by making the enforce
merit or rather the nonenforcement
of the prohibition laws a paramount
issue of his official solicitude, and fail
ing, as has been done with striking
universality, not only In Tennessee but
in other states, to produce the tangible
and irrefraglble truth of guilt against
accused persons, he is visitiag the in
adequacy of the law upon the courts
and juries. Unfortunately for the suc
cess of prohibition, it is the most dif
ficult thing officers of the law encount
er to find the evidences of violations
they are morally sure are daily prac
ticed. It is impossible to station an
officer at every place where an infrac
ts liable to occur, and it is next to im
possible even after evidence has been
secured to find a jury on which there
are not two or three men who do net
think it a crime to take or sell a drink,
and whose understanding of the offense
does not comprehend any enormity in
bills preferred against him.
' Dulaney was taken before a magis
trate. He waived examination ami
was required to give a bail bond of $7,
500 for his appearance before the next
grand jury of the circuit court of the
Attorneys Robert Burrow, S. E. N.
Moore and Maj. Paul E. Divine repre
sent the surety company that is pros
ecuting Dulaney and his case will go
before the next grand jury.
Following is a list of men who served
on the grand jury at the present term:
James O. Hale, Robert Stanton, L. T.
Roupe, Wesley Dykes, Sidney Branch,
T. M. Bacon, D. A. Markwood, James
Bowers, John Baylor, William Baylor,
Charles R. Greene, ('has- W. Crumley
and Guy Taylor.
President DVlpa Orphan.
Hundreds of orphans have been helped by
the president of the Industrial and Orphan's
Home at Macon, Ga , who writes: "We
have used Electric Bitters in this institution
for nine years. It has proved a most excel
lent medicine for stomach, liver and kidney
trouhles. ' We regard it as one of the best
family medicines on earth.' It invigorates
all vital organ, purifies the blood, aids di
gestion, creates appetite. To strengthen
and build up pale, thin, weak children or
rundown people it has no equal. Best for
female complaints. Only 50c at H.C. Millers,
Trouble is the most obliging thing
in the world. It will never dodge the
people who are looking for it.
The Tennessee Agricultural Expert'
merit Station finds that no large area
hi the state is well supplied with this
important element. In fact, the so-
called "limestone soils" seldom con
tain one-half pound of lime in one
hundred pounds of soil. One-fifth of a
pound per hundred would be a fair av
erage. Much more should be present.
The trouble is that this element has
been leached away by the heavy rains.
as well as removed by constant crop
ping, so that it is greatly needed. Nu
merous Held experiments on various
Tennessee soils have shown that lime
is a necessity to get satisfactury crops
of clover and grass and that the yields
of both wheat and com may be profit
ably increased by its use. Many soils
are sour. Lame corrects this difficulty,
sweetening the soil and putting new
! life into it, so that the crops, such as
j alfalfa and clover, can. be raised that
I are impossible otherwise.
Liming is being recommended for
1 most of the eastern and southern states,
t In fact, the most progressive farmers
! are now either applying it or planning
to do so. The German farmers of Lan
I caster and Chester counties, Ta., where
are the most valuable farm lands and
the best farming in America, have
made this a practice for generations.
What kind of lime shall be used?
The answer to this question is whatev
er is cheapest. Also ease of application
'should be considered. Ground lime
stone at about the texture of coarse
'corn meal at $1.25 per ton is undoubt
edly preferable to burnt limeat the
usual price. A fair amount is two tons
per acre. An application lasts several
years, perhaps once in six years is
It may be applied for any crop, but
the light rainfall of the fall of the year
makes that a favorable season. An
important reason for the failure of far
mers to lime their land in the past has
been the extremely disagreeable job of
applying the burnt lime. The fact that
the finely ground limestone rock would
answer every purpose has not been
generally recognized until receutly. It
is now receiving the favorable verdict
of lxth state and government authori
ties, and with the aid of a good distrib
utor, may be put on the land in a most
satisfactory manner.
Lime. ,
1. Cures soil acidity and Improves
mechanical and physical conditions of
the soil.
2. Increases crop production.
3. Increases activity and value of the
soil and commercial plant food. - -
4. Encourages growth of legumes and
supplies nitrogen out of the air.
5. Makes possible the growing of al
falfa and clovers.
. 6. Permits more economical rotations.
7. Is especially beneficial to meadow
and pasture grasses. .
8. Makes animal husbandry possible,
(iround Limestone vs. Burnt Lime,
Ground limestone .
1. Is much less expensive than burnt
lime, much less freight rates.
2. More easily and uniformly applied.
mem be red that his wife had accompa
nied him to the city. Realizing the
ridiculousness of the situation, and ni
bsing willing to encounter those who
would laugh at his singular absent
minded nexR, he alighted from his wag'
on, hurried to the nearest 'phone and
called the merchant where he had left
his companion, telling him to send her
out by any wagon or buggy that might
be coming in his direction. There were
novihicles going that way, and so the
forgetful husband was forced to drive
back and get her.
Republican Primary Ordered fcy
the Congressional Commit
tee for March the 19th
Greeneville, Tenn. Feb. 12. The
first district republican congressional
committee met in Greeneville today
and selected a primary date, when the
voters are ex pec ted to say that they
want congressman Walter P. Brown
low for another term, in spite of the
strenuous efforts state senator Sells" is
making to land the nomination. Alex
ander, of Carter; Testerman, of Han
cock, Armstrong of Hawkins; Mcln
turff, of Greene, and Robinson, of Se
vier county, tendered their resignations
either because they hold government
positions or for private reasons. Their
places were filled by the election of
their proxies present Resolutions
were passed to hold the congressional
primary on April 2, providing the su
preme court declares the primary law
constitutional. Otherwise it is to be
held on March 19. The committee was
Nashville, Feb. 11. A. II. Tiptor,
of Elizabethton, state fire marshall,
has resigned from the state democratic
conference committee, the state wide
political organization. Mr. Tipton
was selected to represent the first con
gressional district on that committee.
He gives as the reason for his resigna
tion that he has not the time to devote
to the work.
Mr. Hitler, Moweaqna.
The best way to form an opinion about
an article is to use it yourself, yet the testi
mony of others should carry much weight.
H. Miller, of Moweaqua, III., says that
the only thing he knows of that will surely
cure stomach trouble, indgestion and con
stipation is De. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin,
the great herb laxative compound, which is
safe and also pleasant to taste.
It is absolutely guaranteed to do what we
claim, and if you wimt to try it before buy
ing, send your address for a free sample
bottle to Pepsin Syrup Co , 119 Caldwell
BIdg.. Montirello, III. It is sold by all
ruggists at 50c and Ji bottle.
Many a girl's beauty is spoiled by an
ugly frame of mind.
Pictures Delivered When
Promised Regardless of
the Weather at
Tunnell's Studio
Fountain Square
Farming; Sections Have Been Over
looked and Southern Railway
Wants Them Developed.
Washington, D. C, 14. That the
railroads are giving much attention to
the south is evident to all who have
given the subject consideration. Nee
essarily, the work of a railroad compa
ny who does not possess a land grant
must be general in its scope in order to
serve all the districts its lines represent.
The recent campaign of Dr. S. A
Knapp, of the federal government,
which was made under the auspices of
the Southern Rail way Company, is but
one of the many moves made by that
company looking to the betterment of
farm conditions in the south. The lec
ture tour referred to comprehends more
than is generally supposed. Every
southern state reached by the Southern
railway was visited, and the several
masterly, practical talks made by Dr.
Knapp will be far-reaching in their ef
fect. Many thousand farmers and oth
ers in the states visited were reached,
either directly or indirectly, through
the press, and thereby stimulated to
practice better methods of farming.
M. V. Richards, the land and indus
trial agent of the Southern railway,
who suggested and organized the tour,
in discussing the purposes and effect
of the trip, said:
"The Southern Railway Company
has for years endeavored to do its part
in promoting the further development
of the country along its lines. Its pol
icy is to treat all sections alike, co-op
erate with the people in every county
in their effort to build up the country.
The farming sections have not been
overlooked. The railway company re
alizes the value of a full development
of the rural districts in order to obtain
the best development of the towns and
cities which serve the country."
Mr. Richards rightly advocates the
importance of the town people and the
country people standing close together
if the best results for all are to be ob
tained, and this recent trip tends to
bring closer harmony between all class
es, ine mercnant, manutacturer and
farmer alike, were interested in the
talks made during the trip. Mr. Ricl
ards says that while the towns have a
powerful attraction for the people on
the farms he believes that that feeling
is at a minimum in the south, and that
his company, especially, has in view
promoting a sentiment among t he peo
ple the people to "stick to the farm.'
He urges that the south will again be
the great farm home section of the
United States. " The south is the ideal
large and small farm home region; the
standard of comfort and happiness is
fojnd to be higher and more general in
the south than elsewhere on account of
with the importance of cultivating well
a small area rather than farming poor
ly a large place.
" The avenues are numerous for ob
taining reliable information concerning
how to farm and make a profit, so thai
unsuccessful farmers 111 the south
should lie the rare exception."
Noted Hypnotist, Who Piled Up a
Fortune, is the Victim of Legal
Reckoning's in California.
Prof. W. It. Price, the noted hypno.
tist, who is a native of upper East Ten
nessee, and who has made a fortune in
the practice of his profession and in
speculation since he left here a few
years ago, is now beginning to taste
the bitter fruits, says the Bristol News.
As a result of his rapid accumulations,
he is being sued here and there, and it
would seem that the end of his troubles
is hardly in sight. The Los Antreles
express lens in me ionowing of a civil
suit which is now pending against the
distinguished hypnotist and disciple of
me late jonn Henry, who startled the
whole country with his marvelous
powers, but who, when the time came.
answered the summons of the grim
reaper like an ordinary individual, let
go of his magic wand and tottered off
into the darkness of an unknown world
to answer for the sins done in the body.
The Express says:
v 1 lie civil end of the troubles of W. R.
Price, Long Beach promoter, in selling
Mfssburi Democrats Think New
York's Mayor a Good Man to
Lead in Nineteen Twelve. -
New' York, Feb. 15. Mayor Gayuor
is likely presidential timber in the eyes
of some Missouri democrats. He has
received a letter inviting him to attend
a dinner in Springrield, Mo., on April
16, the 167th anniversary of the birth
We Want You
to Deal with Us
and assure you In advanco that nothing on ot.r part will be left undone iu
our effort to satisfy you In every transaction. We are satisfied ,th its you
can do best here and we want you to think carefully before you nave any
medicine prepared knowing that you'll decide to come here.
Huyler'g Ctmdiet Hot and Cold Drink Cvt Ffowert
stock of the National Gold Dredging
Company, came before Judge Monroe,
of the superior court, today in a suit
brought by Mary Jane Helm, of Long
Beach, to recover $1,941.6(1, which she
paid for 2,000 shares of the stock. Hhe
alleges the stock was sold by false rep
resentations that Price owned 11 miles
of the river bed of the American river,
wortn ju,uuu a mile, and tnat lie own
ed a mile and a half of the Bacramento
river bed. As an outgrowth of the
same transaction, a criminal, case is
pending against Price in Judge Willis'
Won't Need a Crutch.
When Editor J. P. Sossman.of Cornelius,
N. C, bruised his leg badly, it started an
ply sore. Many salves and ointments
proved worthless. Then Bucklen's Arnica
alve healed it thoroughly. Nothing is so
prompt and sure for ulcers, boils, burns,
bruises, cuts, corns, sores, pimples, eczema
or piles. 25c at H. C. Millers.
S. C. Williams, President
Jmo, D. Cox, Vice Pre. ,
Tati L. Earnest, Cashier
Adam B. Crouch, Ass't Cashier
ooks and Stationery
Magazines and Post Cards
Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens
Blank Books and Office Supplies
Depository for State Text-Books
ika Mia
Johnson City
219 MAIN
Depositors in this bank are protected by our Capital,
Surplus and Stockholders Liability of more than a
Fire if the burglar are liable to visit your home or office
at any time, Our Safe-Deposit Boxes afford you pro
tection against both ,
We Want YOUR
hi ' tilv is as effective if not more so,
i ! fi. Not made effective by being rain
ft . td u 1.011.
fU! (. Hales and United Stales aulhori-
Murfreesboro, Feb. 11. The state
board of education ha selected the site
offered by Ilaniman and Black on the
Woodbury Pike, east of Tennessee Col
lege and opposite Anderson's school.
Eighty acres are donated and the board
purchases twenty acres at f5,000.
of Thomas Jefferson, and the invitation
intimates that he is looked on in Mis
souri as the. national leader of democ
racy for 1912.
The mayor has not yet suggested his
assent, but it is understood that ar
rangement are under way to launch
his boom whether he attends or not.
Those acquainted with the movement
here say that Col. Henry W'atterson
has been at.ked to propose the toast,
"Has New York another Tilden?" and
that former Judge Augustus Van Wyt k
has been asked to answer u Yes?"
"The people of this section are much
interested in the splendid work you are
doing for the cause of good govern
ment," the invitation reads, "and we
will be prepared to give you a cordial
and enthusiastic welcome, Missouri
democrats are already anticpatiug a
victory in 1912 and many are beginning
to believe that New York-will iiiniisu
our national leader. "
Took All His Monty.
Often all a man earns goes to doctors or
for medicines to cure a stomach, liver or
kidney trouble that Dr. King's New Life
Pills would quickly cure at slight cost. Best
for dyspepsia, indigestion, biliousness, con
stipation, jaundice, malaria and debility.
25c at H. C. Miller's.
Circumstances over which we have
no control frequently take the form of
Dr. Fshrney'i Teething Syrup is the best
remedy for any sickness baby gets, no mat
ter how young or how old. Try it.
Needed to Year Around,
You needn't suffer with sick headache
indigestion, constipation or any other trou
ble arising from disordered stomach, livtr
or bowels. Dr. Caldwell's SvniD PeDsin
will cure you and keep you well. It is a
wonderful laxative and regulator. It is :afe
and pleasant to take and should be in eery
American household. Tetis of thousrnds
already use it.
It is absolutely guaranteed to do what is
claimed, and if you would like to try it be
fore buying, send your address for a free
sample bottle to Pepsin Syrup Co., 119
Caldwell BIdg. , Monticello, ill. It is fold
by all druggists at 50c and $1 a bottle.
Bhe Before we were married you
said you would be willing todie for me.
He Yes, dearest; but that was be
fore I realized that your loss would be
my gain. Winart Ket.
Taking baby up at night is often the
cause of bad colds. , Use Dr. Fahrney'a
Teething Syrup and stay in bed. jj cents.
3. Iess destructive to vegetable mat
ter of soitA
4. When applied iu double the quali
ties recommend gmund limestone.
A citizen living a few miles from
Rogersville went to town last week in
a wagon, accompanied by his wife, and
after transacting his business started
home. He proceeded on llip way about
three and one-half miles, when he re-
KhvmI fluUl Awful Peril.
" I never felt so near my grave," writes
Lewis Chamblin, of Mhanchester, Ohio, R.
K. No. , "as when a frightful cough and
lung trouble pulled me down to 115 pounds
in spite of many remedies and the best doc
tors And that I am alive today is due
solely to Dr King's New Discovery, which
completely cured me. Now I weigh 160
pounds and can work hard. It also cured
my four children of croup." Infallible for
coughs and mlds, it's the most certain m
etty for lagrippe, asthma, desperate lung
and all bronchial affections, 50c and $1. A
trial bottle free. Guaranteed bv If. C.
Of two evils it isn't always necessary
to choose either.
the attractive features of the rural home
surroundings, when, once developed,
commensurrale with the possibilities
of that part of the country. Only those
who have had to do with the practical
side of promoting the development of
the south appreciate the obstacles
which have stood in the way of ad
vancing t!ie best interests those already
tf.;u i-ntJ in 1 Ik south and drawing otli
crs Id ti:tit Miction. We desire to incui-
:,it? 11 1 liyinimls of every young farm
i t ... iie kiiuth the idea that he shoul
buy a piece of land and intelligent I
ai.it uitliiKtrioiuly work his own ! d
ii.yn; t..a he Mhuuld also be imp:., vd
Your Shirt Front
Is Ironed Perfectly
Your shirt bosom is ironed perfectly straight, is even in
length, and is given a beautiful finish, at this laundry.
Buttons and buttonholes meet exactly, plaits are prop
erly laid, and the shirt is finished just as you like it in
every respect. This is the Tesult of onr modern meth
ods, up to date machinery and skillful, careful employ
It pays to wash at the Johnson City Steam Laundry.
Johnson City Steam Laundry
Phone 168

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