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CY H. LYLfe, Editor and Owner.
Entered at the Postomee at Johnson City, Tea-1
nettsee second Class Mutter.
The boys are coming back in bnnch-
Bob Taj lor is triumphantly march
ing through Tennessee to the gover
nor's mansion.
The ranks of the independents are
growing so thin you can't tell how
rank they were.
If 15ob Taylor loses the vote of a
Confederate soldier in this section it
will be because the old veteran is eith
er dead or to ill too get to the polls.
Taylor Greeted at Winchester by
1000 Citizens Judge Lynch,
"Independent," on Stage
If anybody believes that the Brown-
low republicans of this district are go
ing to vote for Bells and Massey they
have another think due them. The
volcano Is rumbling and will be belch
ing lava before many days.
Jeff McCarn referred to Hob Tay
lor's statement that he had a pistol in
each bootleg by saying that all the pis- Stevenson, Ala., and the other at Bher
tnl tntors uph. for him. lint. Jeff is wood lenn-
Winchester, Oct. 19. Eight hun
dred or 1,000 citizens of Franklin coun
ty were gathered in Winchester at
10Ji0 o'clock this morning to greet
Senator Robert L. Taylor, "regular"
democratic nominee for governor. It
was the first regular appointment of
the day, though the senator had al
ready made two brief speeches, one at
Heavy Westward Gale Carried 'America' Clear Off Her Course Every Effort Centered On
Keeping Airship Afloat Tried for Azores and Then Bermuda Gasoline Thrown
Overboard "Trent" Sighted, Lifeboat Launched Thrilling Experiences
mistaken, for Jeff is against him and
was recently indicted in Davidson
ounty for carrying a pistol. Oh, you
pistol toter.
Some one with more venom than
brains had Jeit McCarn make a fool of
himself here by attempting to show
that Bob Taylor was mot the friend of einy bnnd made music
A reception committee, about sixty
in number, met the party at the sta
Hon and escorted Senator Taylor to a
hotel, lie was there met by a delega
tion of confederate veterans and escort
ed to the courthouse yard where the
speaking was held. The reception com
mittce, the veterans and others wore
badges bearing the legend "Untraded
Democracy." The Winchester acad-
in the court-
the Confederate veterans because he
did not appoint the late "Uncle Billy"
Rhea, a veteran with one leg, post
master under President Cleveland's
second administration, but did appoint
Cy H. Lyle. The facts about that ap
pointment are known to many in this
eity. M Uncle Billy " Rhea was post
master during the first term of Presi
dent Cleveland and was succeeded by
a republican when Harrison was elect-
d. When Cleveland was rejected in
1892 Mr. Rhea became an applicant for
reappointment. R. C. Hunter and Cy
II. Lyle were also applicants.
Mr. Rhea had the endorsement of
Sen. W. B. Bats amd believed that suf
ficient Mr. Hunter had the endorse
ment of that old w ar horse, Sen.Isham
G. Harris and believed he could win.
Sen. Harris was really controlling the
patronage in East Tennetsee through
Maj. I). A. Carpenter and there is
scarcely a doubt that he woul dhave
been sllowed to make this appoint
nient over Gen. Bate, especially in
view of the fact President Cleveland
had stated that former postmasters
would not be re-appointed or given
preference over other applicants. Cy
11. Lyle had the endorsement of Gov.
Taylor, then a private citizen, w hose
endorsement was not considered par
tieularlv vuluable by the others. Gov.
Taylor asked the President and Post
master-General Bissel to let him name
the postmaster in his own town, re
gardless of the endorsement of the
senators, iind he was permitted to do so.
In other words, Gov. Taylor had the
man oiniointed who relied upon his
endorsement and the other two appli
cunts who had more valuable endorse
ments, according to their belief, lost.
If any one is to I condemned for nol
appointing the "one-legged Confederate
veteran" it ts Postmaster-General Bis
sell and not Gov. Taylor.
house yard-, where the crowd had as
Robert B. Hickey made the first
speech, and was introduced by Judge
Floyd lOstill, one of the leaders on the
'regular" side in the judiciary cam
paign, judge trank jjyncn, an advo
cate of the "free and untrammeled"
judiciary, introduced Senator Taylor.
Owing to the fact that the meeting
was held in the open air and under
conditions not especially favorable,
those in the outskirts of the crowd
were unable to hear. The weather be
came threatening this morning and a
few drops of rain fell just as Mr.
Hickey began his speech.
Judge Floyd Estill joined the party
in Chattanooga, and came to Winches
ter. Capt. B. M. Rice, warden of the
penitentiary, got aboard the special
train at Winchester and will accom
pany the parly to Nashville. v
The pleasant purgative effect experienced
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New York, Oct. 19.-Walter
Wellman and the members of
his ill-fated trans-Atlantic expe
dition in the dirigible balloon
"America" who were rescued
from impending death at sea
360 miles east of Cape Hatteras
yesterday, believe that a voy
age in an airship across the At
lantic may yet be accomplished.
The Wellman party are aboard
the steamship Trent, whose
timely arrival proved the sal
vation of the adventurers. A
heavy fog held back the Trent
this morning and at 9 o'clock
she was about twenty miles
east of Sandy Hook. The
Trent will dock this afternoon.
While the object of Wellmans
venturesome trip was not ac
complished he succeeded in cre
ating a new world's record for
dirigibles, being seventy-two
hours in the air and covering,
according to Wellman, a thou
sand miles over rough seas.
Shortly after 9 o'clock the
Trent came to anchor below
Sandy Hook because of heavy
A wireless message was re
ceived this morning through
the United Wireless system
from Operator Ginsburg, of the
steamer Trent, giving further
details of the America's crew at
sea. The message was as fol
Steamer Trent, 6 a. m., 55
miles southeast of Sandy Hook:
The crew of the America aft
er resting all night, are feeling
none the worse for their thrill
ing experience. From what I
can gather in conversation with
Irwin, (the wireless operator of
the America), the most excit
ing moment of the three days
was after the launching of the
America's lifeboat. The Trent
bore down, full speedfupon the
small boat.
"Irwin declares for the mo
ment it looked as if she would
cut her in half. The Trent ap
peared to him the size of the
Singer building and he was pre
pared to jump overboard and
swim clear of the propeller.
Fortunately this was unneces
sary. "The Trent passed the life
boat, dangerously rocking her.
A rope was thrown and caught
ky the men, who, however,
could not hold on owing to
rough seas. The Trent cleared
the lifeboat, which dropped
half mile eastern. As the big
steamer turned in her wake to
return to the lifeboat it was
seen the airship's men had got
ten out two oars ana .were
struggling to keep her head up
to the se'a.
"We were were now along
side the craft. Again lines were
thrown, but were dragged from
the airship men's hands. In
hanging to the rope Mr. "Wei
man's little finger was badly
cut. Again the maneuver was
repeated, this time with sue
cess. Loud, Simon and Irwin
were straining on two oars.The
ship was brought close enough
to make fast the 'America'
boat. Two ropes were thrown
from the steamer Trent. "The
crew of the America climbed
up the rope Iadcer and each was
chasfred as he was helped over
the rail.
bo ended one ot tne most
thrilling and daring feats in the
annals of the sea.
(Signed) "Louis Ginsburg,
"Wireless Operator,
"Steamer Trent.'
Wellman says that after work
ing well to sea on Sunday the
dirigible was caught in a thirty
mile northwest blow which car
ris J the America clear off her
Uii 11b y. uuHCs I miunrn
Letter Received fey Agent Bittle
Says City Had Representative
Crowd at Knoxville
Hume (Ini d Mt iiciil Ailvice.
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which are violent in action, and always.
have on hand Dr. Caldwell s Syrup Pepsin,
which cults constipation and all diseases
rising from stomach, liver and howel trou
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ereatmt family remedy that a home can have.
Keep bottle always at hand. Hou may
need it any moment.
It it absolutely guaranteed to do what is
claimed, and if you want to try it before
buying, tend your address for a free sample
bottle to Pepiin syrup Co , 1 19 Caldwell
Bide.. Monticello. III. It if told by all
druggists at 50c and $1 a bottle.
It is very gratifying to John.soii Cit-
tans to know lout lrom me neiuni
number of tickets sold for Juhnson City
day at the J'. x position we turned out
the banner crowd.
This fact is demonstrated lieyond
doubt by the receipt of the following
letter from General Passenger Agent
Cary, of the Southern Railway:
Washington, I). C, Oct. 15, 1010.
Mr. I. A. lUttle, Ticket Agent, John-
on City, Tenn.i
Dear Hir Yours of the l.'ilh instant,
enclosing statement of tockels sold to
Boat Sighted Airship in Distress
and at Mercy of High Winds
Off the Steamer's Track
FOR U. S. CHIEF JUSTICE Knoxville, Tenn., on account of John-
' New York, Oct. 19. Jt was learned
litre tm'ay that emong the candidates
for chief justice of the Units I States
upreme court whom President Taft
1 considering is Associate J ustice Kd-
warJ Douglas While. Justice Whit
i being strongly lirged for the place
and President Taft is riving erious at
tention to the recommendations. Jus-
tic White wit appointed to the su
preme court from lAiuisian and is a
Attorney & W. Price has returned
from m business trip to Knoxville.
M. and Mrs. 1L K. Adiims and lit
tle daughter, Aurelia, of Tsmpa, Fla.,
who have been visiudk wr. anu m.
H. J. Pouder, are spending a few days
in fcorth Carolina.
VV. F. Carter, Jesse O. Smith and
W. 3. fcSaadeis were city visitor yesterday.
son City day at the Appalachian Ex
position. We are indeed gratified to
note how well our friends in Johnson
City did their duly by attending the.
Exposition on ...the day in question,
which Is very much appreciated, as
curt ni nly the number of tickets sold is
a nice business. In fact, this is the
largest number of tickets sold from
from any one point on our road in con
nection with any special date that has
this far been 'reported to us, and I
think I can safely state that Johnson
City turned out the banner crowd.
Again expressing our appreciation
and thanking you for your great inter
est and assistance in the matter, 1 re
Yours truly,
li. F. Cary,
General I'asseng - r Agent.
HA. I. Randall, who lias been visiting
M. E. Gold rote, bus returned to bis
home at Manassas, Va.
New York, Oct. 18. The at
tempt of the Wellman airship
America to cross the Atlantic
ocean came to a thrilling and
disastrous close today when the
British Mail SLeamer Trent
picked up Wellmen and his
crew from the wreck of the air
ship, 375 miles off the North
Carolina coast. The news of
rescue came in two wireless
messages from Captain Down
of the Trent, one reporting to
the company's agents here and
another informing the New
York Times the result of the
expedition in which it had tak
en a leading part. Both wire
less messages practically told
the same story.
Captain Down reported that
at 5 o'clock this morning he
first sighted the airship in dis
tress. Signals of distress and
calls for help were given. For
three hours the Trent maneuv
ered in the heavy seaway to
get alongside of Wellman and
his wrecked companions. The
entire party were finally taken
aboard and the cat also, which
was taken along as the mascot,
shared in the rescue. Captain
Down reports all fhe members
of the crew well. The Ameri
ca was abandoned where the
rescue occurred in Latitude
35.43, Longitude 68.18.
This brings to a climax one
of the most remarkable flights
by an airship ever undertaken.
That the climax was not ac
companied by a tragedy is con
sidered a matter of exceptional
fortune. i
1 1
I Wireless Messtge Sent to the New
York Times
Vew York, Oct. 18. A wireless mes
sage to the New York Times from on
board the Royal Mail steamer Trent
snys that the Trent picked up Well
man and the cr?w of the America at 8
o'clock this morning. The airship had
been abandoned. The rescue made in
Latitude IK. 43, Longitude, 08.18.
The wireless message received by
Sandisou and Hon, local agents of the
Royal Mail Steamship Packet. line,ply
ing between New York and Cuba and
Bermuda wa signed by Commander
Down of the steamer Trent and read
as follows:
At 0 a. m. today sighted Wellman's
airship in distress. Signals by Morse
code that she required assistance and
help. After three hours maneuvering
and frcih winds blowing got Wellman
with entire crew and cat. They were
hauled safely aboard. All are well
America was abandoned in Latitude
;io. 4.1 North, Longitude 68. 15 West."
Picked up About 150 Miles East
of Hatteras
New York, Oct. 18. The position re
ported by Captain Dowdindicates that
Wellman and his crew yer picked up
t a point about 150 miles' due east o!
Cape Hatteras on the North Carolina
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Men were Employed ?n Portsmouth
and Were on .Their Way to
Work Slippery Tracks
Klttery, Me., Oct. 19. Eighty em
ployes of the Portsmouth navy yard
on the way to begin their day's work
were injured today, three possibly fa
tally, in a collision between two heav
ily loaded trolley cars on the Atlantic
Shore Line railway at Fort Hill, fall
ing leaves had made the rails slippery
and the first two cars mounting the
hill failed to respond to its brades and
rolled back, crashing into another car.
Judge Alton B. Parker, Congress
men Champ Clark, Olie James
and Sulzer to Aid 'Bob'
Try to Hear 'Our Bob' in Chatta
noogaMagnificent Greeting
by the Local Democracy
Naahvillle, Tenn., Oct. 18. Assur
ances poured into the democratic head
quarters today and tonight giving the
information that the greatest changes
in the state to the regular ticket have
been made this week in parts of the
Ninth congressional district, particu
larly in Obion county and those coun
ties adjoining Obion, a section that
has been regarded with the most un
easiness by the leaders of the untraded
From all points of Obion the news
read that old confederate soldiers and
independents generally were going
over to the democratic fold. Such re-
!Krt8 us these must also be going into
the camps of the enemy since one of J
the most prominent republicans of the
state s.iid to your correspondent this
evening that it did not look like the
republicans would poll more than 40
per cent, of the independent vote.
rhat the republicans are making prep
arations to meet this deflection is
hown by the fact that they art- turn-
ng out more speakers, are quitting
the gum shoe tactics ant! are attempt
ing to rally the negroes, a big lot of
later holding a session for the O. O. P.
onight at Napier's ball.
Mr. Vertrees Gives Out List of
Campaign Speakers
With just three weeks to the dot un
til J the November election, the pros
pects for the success of the regular
democratic ticket are as bright as can
be and if the improvements from now
until Nov. 8 continue at the same rap-
pace as has been the case during th
past week, it will not only mean the
election of the democrats, but it will
also mean that they will win by a big
Chairman W. O. Vertrees tonight
Chattanooga, Oct. 19. With enthu
siasm of the genuine sort, the reception
accorded to Senator Taylor by the un
traded democracy of Chattanooga and
Hamilton county last night was one
long to be remembered by both Senator
Taylor and his party and the democra
cy of Hamilton county. It should be
stated that not only did the democracy
of Hamilton participate, in the big cel
ebration, but there were delegations
from every border county. There were
representatives from far away Jiledsoe
county and there were large crowds
from Marion and Rhea counties.
Senator Taylor said in the outset of
his speech that it looked to him like
everybody in the state of Tennessee
was present.
The doors of the auditorium were
thrown open at 7 o'clock and by 7."0
every seat in the massive structure was
occupied. The audience was a noted
one and one in entire accord with the
speakers. When the reception com.
mittee made its appearance the build
ing was packed with a veritable sea of
humanity. The aisles were crowded
and people were standing up in all
parts of the building.
With every seat in the auditorium
filled and all the aisles crowded to the
utmost capacity, w ith the spirit of un
traded democracy permeating tho vast
throng, the greatest crowd of people
that ever greeted a political candidate
in Chattanooga rose as one person as
Gov. Hob Taylor entered, to cheer for
the "apjstle i f peace" come to lead the
demofrntio iosts into the safe fold of a
reunited li.ni'.cracy.
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jave out a list of speakers who are to
be put in a field without delay and th
ist will be augmented from day to day
until it will finally be swelled to ove
one hundred. Besides this there will
be a number of prominent democrats
ho will be put out by the local count
ty and congressional committees who
will canvass the several counties and
congressional districts without both
cring the state committee, and to tne
making of dates and siieaking an
pointments. There seems to be the
pirit of co-operation - pervading the
whole state wherever there is as many
as two or three democrats, anil the 1
cal organizations fully realise that the
state committee must crowd into the
next three weeks the works that ordi
narily takes four m nths.
The national alid congressional com
mittees also understand the great task
that is before liiest di committee and
have volunteered to send speakers in
to Tennessee to help out the cause of
democracy. It isaimost a sure thing
that Judge Alton H. Parker and Con
gressman Su'zer, of New York, will
come to Tennessee to speak and it i
also probable that the Hon. Champ
Clark, of Missouri, and Congressman
uine j ames, 01 Kentucky, will come
to the Volunteer State, as well as
United States Senator W. J. Stone, if
the latter should recover sufficiently
from a recent injury.
The Boys and Girls
Who Want to Win
The Comet Pony
Wendell Sells ..
Martin Starnes. .
Harold Range..
Clarice Walters..
Richard Lacy....
Frederick Boon.
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18 200
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5 210
Arthur Moss 5 S00
Maud Valley
Thelma Houston...
Samuel L, Warren.... 11
Paul A. Sparks..... 5
Susan Patterson..
Lamont Laher....
Willie Mitchell...,
Tbadeug Hale
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ft 000
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Jonesboro, Tenn., Oct. 19. Chair
man A. L. Shipley has olllnially an
nounced the result of the republican
primary on October 8 and ha declared
Senator Sam II. Hells the nominee for
the regular torm and Dr. Z. 1). Massey
for the short term.
Kor Senator Sells for the regular
term there were cast 10,477 and his op
ponent, J. R. 'lVnland, 6,l;S8. Sells'
majority 4,0;9.
Kor Z. D. Massey for the unexpired
term, 10.51; for Alf Taylor, 6.058.
Massey's majority, !!,!)!).'!.
Claiborne county's vote was thrown
out. It gives Sells a majority of 70,
outside Mingo district, it is claimed,
and KM) for Massey.
72 Acres Of Land
1 1-2 miles north of Jonesboro
Call 011 J. W. Olivor,
Jonesboro. Tenn.
Oct. 13 4t, pd.
Antiseptic BarDer Shop
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PhiUips Building
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WilderroBade Farm
Berkshire Pigs
Roan Mountain. Tenn.
Harrisburg, Oct. 19. The trial of
Charles O. Wetter, of the Philadelphia
firm which built the slate capitol, on
the charge that he overcharged the
state in rendering bills for alterations
of the build'.ng, ended today, when,
after a plea of nolo contendere, the de
fendant was sentenced to make resti
tution of $14,000 and to pay costs. The
costs amounted to $518.40.
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