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Twenty-Seventh Year.
Whole Number 1372
4 a M
Senator Delivers Addresses to Big
Crowds, Who Gladly Stand in
Rain to Hear Democracy
Weaverly, Tenn., Oct. 21. Senator
Itsbert L. Taylor was greeted here to
day by practically the whole popula
tion of Humphreys county when he
arrived to tell the people in his good
old-fashioned way about the good old
fashioned democracy of good old-fashioned
Tennessee. A large crowd met
the Taylor special at the depot, and
right there began an ovation which
lasterd until the back platform of the
train was in the distance as the "Ap
ostle of Bunshine" sped on to the west
ward with his messnge of peace.
The rain was still falling in a heavy
drizzle as the senator was whirled
from the depot to the courthouse in an
automobile. The size of the audience
was limited only by the seating capac
ity of the courtroom, the largest hall
in the whole county. Over 750 peo
ple were inside and many were unable
to gain admittance.
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person. IW
ING. "A free and untramnieled judiciary"
was the plea with which the people of
Tennessee were led to indorse the
movement for the independent judicial
ticket at the August election. There
was no trade, nodicker, no compromise
with republicanism so far as the hon
est electorate was concerned. The peo
ple wanted the disassociation of the
Judiciary from partisan politics, and
they got their wish.
Now we have the spectacle of the attorney-general
of the state and reporter
to the supreme court, himself a loud
preaeher and an active worker for the
principle of the separation of the judi
ciary from politics, going on the stump,
stultifying not only his whole previous
record as a democrat, but his more re
cent utterance in the judicial campaign
and thus lending color, if not direct
proof, to the charge that a trade was
made with the republican leaders by
which votes were to be delivered for
Hooper, the republican, in exchange
for republican support of the independ
ent Judicial ticket. Mr. Cates t:i the
stamp is going t do the tut!se in
in which he was only recently enlisted
a fearful injury and create in the minds
of niny Intelligent voter rej ubli
enns, as well tis demcrut a grave
doubt s In whether after nil he and
the other leader of t!ie u dependents
wi re xinceru in standing solely for an
untrammclcd Judiciary, for it would
lissin that he nt least, a court oftkial,
is 'trammeled to the point of being
compelled by promise or otherwise to
rush in public to the support of the
Another instance of the insincerity
nf the "traders" comes from East Ten
nessee. The republican machine, fright
ened bv the enthusiasm with wntcn
Senator Taylor is being averywhere
greeted, has ordered Judge Hendeeson
a man whose voice was loud and clo
ouent for a 'free, untramnieled and
wnnartisan" Judicary to go on the
tump for Hooper, and Henderson is
going r.ol withstanding his Judicial
robes which he is going to "trail in the
mire" that was the language he used
in expressing his horror of what he
said the Tatterson convention was try
ing to do with the courts.
We can conceive of no better proof
the people could ask of the insin
cerity of the leaders of this movement
to turn the state over to the republi
cans, doing as they are the very things
against which we were all so recently
in revolution.
We remind East Tennessee demo
crats that Judge Henderson can't claim
to be on the stump in behalf of a pu
rined democracy. Chattanooga Times.
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Is Shown In the Work the Club
is Now Doing Hope to Secure
Large Industry for Gty
The semi-monthly meeting of the
Commercial Club was held last night,
and M as well attended, and a great
deal of interest shown in the work the
club is now doing.
It. N. Dosser, chairman of committee
on the location of the summer school,
made a detailed report opwhat this
committee had been able to accomplish
so far. Superintend Galbraith will be
back here this week, when the matter
will be taken up with him further, and
it is hoped that a favorable decision
will be reached, and that Johnson City
will get this school.
The location at Johnson City of the
short course in agriculture, to be held
during Christmas week, December 26
to 81, was taken up, and the club de
cided to urge Prof. Kefler to consider
favorably Johnson City as the proper
place for this short course. The
necessary fund to advertise and to pay
incidental expenses will be raised by
the co-operation of the Commercial
Club and the Watauga valley farmers
The members of the club held a heart
to heart talk regarding' the location of
new industries. It looks as if Johnson
City will have morefarge industries in
the near future. The Commercial Club
is exerting its every energy along this
line, and it is making decided progress.
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Washington, Oct. 24. The board of
trustees of the postal savings bank sys
tem has approved a list of forty-eight
second-class postofflces at which the
plan will be given its first trial. The
list includes one office for each state
and territory.
The list includes Johnson City for
Tennessee and Clifton Forge for Vir
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The Steamer Regulus, Bound From
Belle Island to Sydney, Report
ed Wreck cd with Crew
St. Johns, N. F., Oct. 24
News of the wreck of the
steamer Regulus, bound from
Belle Island to Sydney with the
loss of nineteen men of the
crew was received here today.
The wreck occurred at Shaol
Bay nine miles from this port.
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Harrison McNafeb, of Milligan, 16
Years Old, Attempts to Catch
Freight and Foot Slips Off
Yesterday afternoon while attempt
ing to board a freight between Milligan
and Johnson City, Harrison McNabb,
aged 16 years, met with a serious acci
dent that came near costing him his
life. In attempting to board a freight
train he missed his footing and fell un
der the cars, resulting in the loss of
one foot and serious injury to the oth
er. The freight train v.as moving so
fast that not one of the train crew
heard the young man's cries but luck
ily for him the regular E. T. & W. N.
C. passenger due here at 3 o'clock hap
pened by a few minutes later and the
injured boy was placed aboard and as
fast time as is possible to make over
that road as made. On reaching the
city the young man was hastily remov
ed to the office of Dr. Matthews who
called in Doctors West and H. D.
Miller and removed one foot just alove
the ankle and the first two toes of the
other. Dr. Harry Miller stated to a
Comet reporter last night that the
young man was resting well and that
chances of recovery were very good.
This should be a warning to the young
men who make a practice of swinging
freight trains. It is getting to be a
common sight to see youngsters swing
trains as they pass through the main
part of the city and it is surpri-iing
that no more accident do not oocur.
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Senatorial and Flotcrial conventions
of this district was called to order yes
terday morning at 10 o'clock by the
chairman, Pierce YV. Julian.
Hon. E. J. Vaucht. the secretary,
read the call. Hon. J. It. Gardner
was made temporary chairman and
the Hon. E. E. Hathaway temporary
George W. Doughty, of Grene county,
was made permanent channan, end
R. h. Navc o'f Unicoi county, was
made secretary". ; : ' , :
On motion of J. W. Howard commit
tees on organization, credentials and
resolutions were appointed and the con
vention adjourned until 12:30 o'clock.
Upon reassembling nominations were
made, reports of committees read and
resolutious adopted.
.On the first bal'ot Butler received 22
votes, Bowman 13, and Nelson 17.
On the second and deciding ballot
Nelson received two and three-tenths
votes, Butler thirty-two and ten-nineteenths,
and Bowman eighteen and
Chairman Doughty announced the
nomination of Mr. Butler and he re
sponded with a speech of thanks, as
did also Hon. Geo. E. Burbage, who
received the nomination for floater.
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m wm
Members of Order ' in His Home
County Declare He was Never
Friendly to "Gray Boys"
Newport, Tenn., Oct. 22. As show
ing that the" Confederate veterans of
Tennessee are not being misled by the
profession of love and brotherly feeling
expressed by Capt. Hooper, members
of the organization in Hooper's home
county Friday gave out a statement.
The language employed by these veter
ans, who know Capt. Hooper almost
from his childhood days, leaves no
doubt as to his standing among them.
The statement follows :
Newport, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1910.
To the Confederate Soldiers:
Much is being said throughout the
state concerning the reception that is
being given the republican nominee
for governor by our comrades. Living
in Capt. Hooper's own county, and
knowing him personally, we desire to
make this brief statement: Capt. Hoop
er has never been a friend to the Con
federate soldiers here, and has never
lost an opportunity to knife the demo
cratic party when that opportunity
presented itself.
We have known him ever since hej
first began to manipulate county poli
tics, and during this time he has never
shown that love and admiration for
those who wore the gray as he is now
doing over Tennessee.
We deeply regret to note that some
of our comerades are beins misled into
the belief that Capt. Hooper is sincere
in his expressions in our behalf. Noth
ing is further from the truth. His re
publicanism is of the rankest type, and
his love' for our thinned ranks should
be taken with a grain of salt
We desire to go on record by stating
that we are for (Senator Robert Love
Taylor for governor. Comrades, there
is only a handful of us remaining. Let
us not forsake the principles of the
democratic party by indorsing a repub
lican for governor of Tennessee.
(Signed) : J. C. Brown, E. H Tay
lor, James Wood, R. B. Neely, W. M.
Whitson, Martin Shelton, J. K. Gor
rell, W. M. Stuart, Willisfiray, Allen
Brooks, A. C. Kaubian, J. T. Huff, Jas.
Allen, T. D. Harper, J. L. Rollins, J.
H. Gilbert, W. A. Denton, David
Stokely. , .
The crowd from here who were the
guests of the Altapass Inn at Altapass,
N. C, returned Sunday afternoon.
They report a delightful time and
are loud in their praise of the manage
ment of the hotel. No effort was
spared to give them the time of their
' lives. The, menu was unsurpassed,
and the serv!c;riv.al to any received
at the Ica&rigctry hotels.
A special party was also there from
Spartanburg, H. O. Saturday after
noon was spent in climbing the moun
tains and viewing the magnificent
scenery, uhd at night a delightful
; dance was engaged in by those who
tripped the light fantastic, a splendid
'orchestra dispensing beautiful music,
j The crowd voted unanimously tore
turn again Thanksgiving.
Cape Town, Union of South Africn,
Oct. 24. The mail steamer Lisbog,
I with 250 passengers, was wrecked to
day near Tatcr Noster Point on the
J west coast of Cape Colony,
j Three jiersons were drowned by the
'capsizing of a small boat in which
l.i .M..,..,f I..!, tn luaira I ll O
llicy were kiui'u"b ...
wreck. Three passengers are also miss
ing. The others of the passengers and
crew are also missing.
' The Lisbon is a Portuguese vessel
and sailed from Lisbon October 1st for
Mozombiquc. She was commandid
by Captain Menezes.
the Gray Declare
Miss Leneve is Prostrated Outcome
of the Doctor's Trial, who is
Still Protesting Innocence
London, Oct. 24. Dr. Haw
ley H. Crippen, convicted of
the murder of his wife, Belle
Elmore, the actress, will be
hanged on November 8. The
date originally announced was
November 15, but today the
sheriff advanced the day one
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Parties Come Miles to Hear Candi
date Climax of Trip from
Mountain to Capital Gty.
Nashville, Oct. 21. It was a scene
that would have given an inspiration
to a wooden man that greeted Senator
Bob Taylor at the great rally of demo
crats on the public square, the throng
baing estimated at from 15,000 to 20,000
in numbers and 50,000 in enthusiasm.
It was easily the largest crowd that
has assembled. Although travel-stained
and worn with the fierce campaign
of the past few days, the senator was
in the happiest vein, but had to forego
giving his speech in full, as the outdoor
speaking in the crisp night air was
thought to be too menacing to inn the
risk of tieing up "Our Bob's" voice.
Long before the time of the speaking
there was. a good-sized crowd present,
and by 7 o'elock, an hour before the
opening, at least 4,000 had assembled
around the speaker's stand that had
been decorated with bunting and flag?.
Dense and more dense did the crowd
fall in and around the stand, and it was
with the greatest difficulty that the po
lice were enabled to make a pathway
for the leader and those who accompa
nied him from the Maxwell, headed by
the Nashville military band.
Those who rode with "Our Bob" were
ex-Gov. McMillin, ChairmanjW.O. Ver
trees, Joe W. Byrns, R. B. Ilickey, F.
P. Bond and others.
Congressman Byrns was selected to
present the democratic nominee, and he
performed the part with the greatest
satisfaction to his friends, who have
felt gratified over the early stand that
the Hermitage district congressman
took for the unterrified democracy of
The city of Nashville with its big
marching clubs from the various wards
did not by any means furnish all of the
vast throng that assembled to do honor
to the senator. Delegation after delega
tion of mounted men and women came
in from the country districts. The
Nashville people and those from the
districts made up a crowd of 12,000 be
fore even the speaker arrived, and with
those who came with the procession
and from the wards, the great number
already present was increased from 3,
000 to 5,000, many of the marching
clubs Joining in behind the carriages of
the Taylor party!-- As usual, there was
the greatest rivalry ' betwern the
"Bloody Ninth and" the First and
Second wards.
The first named perhaps carried off
the palm with its 500 members1, flags,
firecrackers and transparencies.
By the time Congressman Byrns had
concluded his speech the scene present
ed from the stand beggared description.
Everywhere, except where the bunches
of women stood, the men were massed
almost into a solid mold.
The crowd was crs'ing to "Our Bob"
"Just let us see you," and the appeal
was so strong that the beloved demo
cratic leader was forced to mount the
press tables, and when he opened up
his batteries there was almost a sacred
attention given him until his sallies
and witticisms caused wild enthusiasm
to break loose. Many hundreds of
Confederate soldiers were on hand.
Senator Taylor's reference to them and
Hooper's heartless treatment of them
vt as one of the greatest features of the
speech. One old ex-Confederate, JH.
Wiles, bad all day long carried through
j the streets a huge "Bob Taylor" banner
decorated with white carnations. This
same banner was conspicuously dis
played near the stand.
The speaker's thrusts at the Nash
ville Banner and its owner were most
pleasing to the vast audience.
The speaking last night, the climax
of the triumphant march of Senator
Taylor from the mountains of East Ten
nessee, can not but be an indication
that there will be great crowds from
now on in the lands of democracy in
Middle Tennessee.
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The Misses Mollie Nuckalls, Mamie
Nuckalls, Cora Lee, and Irene Stakely,
and Messrs. Pearce Eberhardt, Will
Doane and Joe Pence, of Bristol, com
posed a jolly party that visited friends
here Sunday.
Resumes Whirlwind Campaign of
the State Today Stronger
and Stronger Everywhere
Nashville, Oct. 24. It was announc
ed from the democratic headquarters
last night that the Bob Taylor special
will be continued for perhaps the re
mainder of the campaign, beginning
Tuesday, the regular scheduled train
to be used in making the appointment
at Covington today.
The use of the special again will en
able the senator to fill many appoint
ments where the greatest demand has
been made for him.
The money to continue the special
was made up at Memphis by the
friends of Senator Taylor, they think
ing it advisable for him to make more
speeches in West Tennessee than his
original schedule provided for.
With a special there are many more
important points that can be reached
even if old appointments are met.
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Taylor Lays Bare Plot of Hooper
ites to Pull Wool Over Eyes of
Confederates of Tennescee
Dickson, Tenn., Oct. 22. "Dickson
county for Bob Taylor by 1,000 majori
ty," emblazoned across a large banner,
is the cheerful message that greeted
the eyes of Senator Taylor, democratic
candidate for governor, when his train
pulled into the depot at Dickson, and
the senator, disembarking, was caught
up into the arms of his admiring
friends and conveyed two blocks away
to the court house, outside of which
the speaker's stand had been erected.
And as an evidence that this assur
ance of a large majority was justified
by popular sentiment, upwards of 2000
people, aged veterans, women, all
classes and conditions of people, stood
out in the drizzling -rain, and for an
hour and a half listened to the doctrines
of democracy declared by Robert L.
Taylor and Frank Bond.
Jackson, Oct. 22. The largest crowd .
and the most enthusiastic reception of
the western campaign was given Sena
tor Taylor, harmony democrat, candi
date for governor, in Jackson at 12
o'clock today. The number of people
in the crowd at the beginning of the
speaking was variously estimated at
from 1,500 to 2,000.
Senator Taylor was loudly cheered
as he passed the court houfc on the
first lap of the parade and again when
he alighted from the automobile and
approached the speaker's stand. Many
persons crowded around him in an ef fort
to shake his hand.
J udge Sidney J. Everett presided and
introduced Senator Taylor. Judge Ev
erett is the first " free and untrammel
ed " democrat who has taken a public
part in any of the meetings west of
Henry Jackson, the six-months-old
baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. J. It. C.
Lewis, died of croup Saturday after
noon. This was a severe blow to the
fond parents and they have the sym
pathy of the entire community in their
sad bereavement.
After services at the home Sunday
afternoon, conducted by Rev. 8. B.
Vaught,interment followed in Oak Hill
Your cough annoys you. Keep on hack
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