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The comet!
CY H. LYLE, Editor and Owner.
The Knoxville Tribune and Journal
is not pleased with some things The
Commercial Appeal has had to say
about its candidate.
It denounces the statement in The
Commercial Appeal about what would
happen if Hooper would be governor as
mere "rubbish and trash." We re
Entered at the PoMornce at Johnson City, Tea-
nessce Seeond Class Matter.
Yielding to the prima facia evidence print what the Journal and Tribune
of a universal demand for a candidate Mta lnT anoth lun. and ft,so
. what the Journal and Tribune says
lor congress tu nuucnu mc i jjjgUj jj
P. Brownlow and also to mt out tne That paper not oaly attacks The
Unexpired term of the dead statesman, Commercial Appeal, but also "the
we have Kiven ear to the numerous nameless man from Hooper's own
and earnest appeals, and agree with .V travf,,n WU
, ator Taylor." Tins "nameless man,"
the populace that we are the most the Journal and Tribune says has been
available man in the district to make making some attacks upon Hooper by
the race, and thsrefore enter the con-1 innuendo. Its position is thatjhe is
test with the kindest feelings for our unfit to be governor of Tennessee. Mr.
I T Trw-titAr Y I ttiunl Tina mi hi in fital omon t
oonlilnr. Tf lhir ilufont 111 """1"" " "
alleged that certain machine papers
shall not complain for a moment, and were BUackinnis life rreVious to four
if we are elected we will go to ash- years. From that time forward Mr,
inglou, determined to do our utmost Hooper gives the public a statement as
for the district that has been filled i nl!j -apu iiooper, n seems, is
,m.fa . ,i,.iMnn.r. trying to make capital out of some
I thine It) :it. Vina not he-en done.
ov rtf flio mwl ennnnuuf ill mpinhpr who I
I Cnort his nuhlin reconl and unon his
ever set in uie nans 01 wngiwi iron. v,ewpointo as shown by his public rec.
any state, Col. VV. P. Brownlow, pur ur(, and upon his mental attainments
lamented dead, make a persistent effort as shown by his public records, and in m
to lower the cost of living, see that no Ws Public speeches The Commercial
. . . . I Appeal says he is unfit to be governor
fail hfnl t vi nliM'nn fa rnmntrarl frnm nl. I ' 1 "
I of Tennessee.
uce except uy uentu, tutu bj-cuu U,c h. hm U)e b- t that goes with
paltry salary in such an artistic man- weakness. He has a narrow viewpoint
ner as to make Johnson City look a I that comes from lack of experience
metropplis. This is a gloriously free He has small hatreds in his soul be
cause ne nas never come in contact
country, we have a right to run, it is a
laudable ambition to go to congress,
and with enmity toward none aud
kindness for all, we get in the going.
We want your vote, but if you can't
with the big things of life.
He votes against Confederate pen
sions, lie votes against shelter for de
crepit Confederate soldiers.
He thinks, as the journal of the leg-
give it, we shall continue to be friends, islature shows, that sixteen years are
Let the people decide and we shall be too high for the age of consent law. A
. . fixr 1 1 r vT f7 I iuujv luns uw uw uji-uotiAt
amubiieu. yi n. uiui. i ...... , . .
up to i stHuuaru requireu 111 tne in
dividual who would be the head offl-
If you vote for Lyle you will never Cial of the people of this great state.
regret it and may have many reasons
to be glad of it.
Bristol has organized a Bob Taylor
club and several democrats are notice
able by their absence from member
No man can do for this district what
He could not have secured the re
publican nomination for governor be
cause of anything he may have done.
He was nominated because those who
nominated him thought he had done
nothingbecause, they thought, he
had no record.
His record is a bobtailed one, but
what there is of it is bad. He was
nominated because Newell Sanders and
I 1 yl . T7 4- ll-.l 1 ! J 1
Brownlow did but Cy H. Lyle can do -lay "vans conironeu uie leuerai
I rf1tlrVwil1iirci ff Tannaocaa Thou 1 nl 1 I
as much as any one and more than ,. , . ,,.,, . , ,
' the federal officeholders to nominate
Hooper, and Hooper was nominated.
If Hooper should sit in the governor's
A vote for Cy H. Lyle means that chair he will fetch and carry for San-
Johnson City will be featured In ders and lor Ji,vans.
Washington and will be greatly bene- NVno 8 Uay v8M a man
. i wuo uuriiig ma term in congress wusi
u.wu m u .ulC..a. nuj. .Hiwai. th fsri hill
Who is Newell Sanders? The head
Cy H. Lyle will not go to congress of the republican machine of Tennes-
for the purpose of pupose of punishing
political enemies but will try to build
up his section and home city.
In the senatorial convention Mon
day Washington county could have
nominated Hon. A. B. Bowman, but
gome one would not let it be done.
When Col. Brownlow began his ef
forts to establish the Soldiers' Home
here he had the hearty and unqualified
support of The Comet while he was
fought by others.
The republican machine of Tennessee
is a sordid organization of officeholders,
and until this year its meetings were
marked by fist-fights, by bickerings
and by blackguardism.
If Hooper is elected, Sanders will be
the real governor of Tennessee, and if ,
Sanders is the real governor of Tennes
see he will move heaven and earth to
keep Tennessee iii the republican col
If it is needed to re district the state
to do this, Sanders will see that it is
If it is necessary to wheel the ne
groes in line, Sanders will bring them
The national republicans are helping
to finance Hooper's campaign. The
national republican committee wants
Tennessee in the republican ctnumn in
Brownlow's work is inspiration en
ough for any one, and while in con
gress we shall be only too glad to cm
late his emamples aud carry out his 1912,
plans and desires for his district. Newell Sanders is assessing federal
onlcenolders in Tennessee for money
I fn T-Tninor
...... Who is ravinit the expenses of Gus
that "Col. Brownlow ought to be elect- Etl0eirl lhlg ,!ghl? Who is paying
ed to congress for life and when he the expenses of Hooper's campaign?
died the otllce should be abolished."
Since there are constitutional reasons
why the olllee can not be abolished, we
have decided to (ill it.
Gov. Malcolm ltiee Patterson has,
upon the earnest solicitation of numer
ous friends over the state, consented to
Republican officeholders, and those
men who have in the past contributed
money to debauch the electorate in
New York and Indiuna and other
Northern states. The republicans are
playing a deep game. Hooper is the
only republican on the stump. The
other public speaking is being done- by
'democrats who have turned traitor to
their party. The republicans know
that if they turn loose an army of re
publi mil spellbinders the people of
I Tennessee will see the full meaning of
Gov. ratterson has a national repu
tation as a public speaker. He has the
deliver a limited number of lectures, this campaign.
ana now nas in course or preparation a n,ese ropuulicnn leaders are doing
lecture, and he will in the near future their work undercover, and are send-
deliver it in sonic iiointa in Tennessee. MK out decoy ducks like lOnloe and
Cates. Klecl Hooper governor of this
stale and make Newell Banders the
real gnvcrnor and he will throw this
power locnarm tils au.nenee sucn as is slate ij,,t.k to tne Ume wIlM1 republican
pukseKi?d by few public men of today, rule meant oppression, disorder aad the
The fact t hai he has consented to lee bankrupting of the slate Commercial
ture will be pleasing news to thousands I Al'Pctt'-
who know his t ower of enterluiiilnir.
I Aa t Xnvlnr irnoa mnwiifnir nn. flip
Tl... H..I.I ..,111 l, ...,!!., .,, " ' --v r."
A lt: III vttil if ikuvumj m :n bill. I . . , mT .
boys come marching buck. Noticed
governor, as bis public addresses have thHti haven't you? Bristol Herald
so far been principally M)litical, yet Courier.
no mio h lin him rend or licnrd liin null.
j ii ins upereii lur, jiuujier uuusteu ui
lie addresses will doubt for a moment
having voted for three old Confederate
bis sueeeKS as an entertainer. The LdUiers for Judges in the August elec
geveruor's lecture will not only be en- tion. But these three were men of ed
lertainiiig. but will be highly lnstruc- ucatlon and ability and already mak
lug good law fees. How about a home
I nnri neiiHlmiv fur Lhn rvrmr I hp lamp
Gov. Patterson has been governor of ConfcderilteH and the widows of those
Tennessee for two terms and was unan- who fell in buttle or have died of dig
lmously re-nomhialed to succeed him- ease. Did you vote for these? No!
ielf for a third term, but surrendered Covington Leader.
ki nomination in the interest of demo,
c ratio harmony.
Born, to Attorney and Mrs. B. S.
Gore, a bouncing baby girl.
- Take your wife a beautiful frumed
were the Knoxville gusU of Captain ' picture, priees from 25 cenU to 14 Col
li. A. Wood and family Buojtajr. law. Kenible-Cochran Co.
Edward Lynn and Frank Maloney
Confederate Veterans Who Encour
age Hooper Casts Shadow on
the Memory of Comrades
Dyersburg, Tenn., Oct. 25.-"How
do you like your candidate, my wob
bling friends?" has been the frequent
question asked by Itobert L Taylor in
his speeches, five or six, made yesterday.
The democratic candidate for gover
nor has made it a point to give records
of Hooper and Enloe on every occa
sion. He unfolds the story of Hoop
er's action in voting against pensions
for confederates and in refusing to
agree not to prosecute bootleggers in
Newport, and to Enloe's war record
and his record as to democratic office
holder, who is now seeking to destroy
his party.
Six thousand people in- Laureldale
county heard Bob Taylor today.
He spoke at Herming, Gates, Ripley
and Halls, and at night he talked to
other thousands at Tiptonville, the
seat of Lake county.
Bands music, flowers, processions
and oratory were the order.
Between fields white with unpicked
cotton, the triumphal Taylor train
traveled. In these fields there was a
noticeable dearth of pickers. Passen
gers along the line in Tipton and i Lau
reldale counties related that the far
mers were fastened to their fields, and
could not be induced to leave, even to
hear their candidate f jrjgovernor.
' Nevertheless, there as no apparent
A short distance from the depot at
Henning several hundred had gather
ed. From a rostrum therej the sena
tor dropped a few new thoughts for
wanderer to ponder over.
Said he: "Every veteran who goes
oa the latform with Hooper and to
that extent encourage his candidacy
casta a shadow cn every principle he
ever fought for, and on Ih? memory cf
his comrades whose bones smoulder on
the battlefields of the south.
"I am for temperance and enforce
ment of laws. How is Hooper going
to enforce the law any better than I
can? The record of his party in the
way of enforcing the law when they
had the opportunity to do it is not so
promising. Enloe is as much republi
can today as is Hooper. I would rath
er vote for Hooper than Enloe, be
cause Enloe is a traitor to the party
that has fed him. "
Leaves are falling. Babies don't fall away
while taking Dr. Fahrney's Teething Syrup.
Itmakes sap blood. tp-oct
The secretary of state has issued pa
pers of incorporation for the Kingsport
Brick Company, a new $.30,000 plant
which is being established by Atlanta
and Home, Ga., men, says the Knox
ville World.
J. D. Whitaker, of Atlanta, is presi
dent and E. E. Mahan, of Home, vice-
president of the new concern, which
will be ready for operations in the next
few weeks. The plant is being estab
lished on the land of George 1 Carter,
president of the C, C. & O. railway, at
fit M II i JMiTln.i.iltjlit.lllill. ti "rtiiMtTifrll
Kingspork It will be one of the lafg--eit
brick manufacturing plants in the
state and it will produce bricks of the
finest quality, as geologists have found ;
some superior clay in the vicinity of (
uie piam wmcn it is claimed win
make bricks that will compare with
the white and bufT bricks which are
being made in several Ohio and Indi
ana cities.
Geo. L, Carter, president of the Car
olina, Clinchficld and Ohio railway, is I
said to be interested in the new indus-!
try and for some time contractors have
been busy pushing the plant to com
pletion. A siding has been construct
ed from the main line of the C, C. A O
railway to the mammoth plant which
is nearing completion.
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Hon. J. T. Fugate Withdraws From Race
For the benefit of the political condi
tion! of the First Congressional Dis-
for congresi and recommend to the thy of the honor. Yours tiuly,
voters of the district Col. C. H. Lyle, j JAMES T. FUGATE.
The New Nationalism, He Says,
Ha3 Its Source in Roosevelt's
Abiding Disrespect of Men
trict, I hereby withdraw frcm the race. rf Johnson Cily, whom i consider wor-l Johnson City, Ttnn., Oct. 26, 1910.
New York, Oct. A new turn was
given to the attack on Colonel Roose
velt anil his "Jsew Nationalism" by
Martin W. Littleton, democratic can
didate for congress in the Oyster Hay
district, in an address last night at Car
negie hall.
The new nationalism, he said, has
its source in the abiding disrespect Mr.
Roosevelt, has constantly shown to
ward "our form of republic," which
has caused him to show dissatisfaction
with the public men of this country as
well as its institutions.
Cittng criticisms passed upon former
presidents by Colonel Roosevelt, Mr.
Littleton added that apparently anoth
er executive and that one of Mr. Room
velt's own creation is probably await
ing his place in "this hall of infamy."
And this president who is awaiting
no doubt his place in this hall of fn
famy is one that Mr. Roosevelt him
self created, he said, "it is a pathetic
picture of broken friendship; it is a
sad commentary upon the stability of
political alliances to Rec a patient, a
just, earnest, plain and rugged judge,
who occupies the position of president,
almost crowded out of bis place and
excluded from the prerogatives of his
office by a man who continues to reign
wherever and with whomsoever he
may be.
"The vast region of Mr. Roosevelt's
political economy he has peopled with
a law-made race of men and women
who grope tlieii way about in the very
fog of diffuse and unrelated power. In
the wide range of his active mind ho
has never encountered a structure of
authority which he would not change;
a form of government which he would
not alter; a society -which he would
not transtorm. In the long reach of
his ample and enriched years he has
never met with a philosopher whom
hewould not advise; a teacher whom
he would not instruct; a soldier whom
he would not command; a king who
sceptre he would not wield; a book
which he would not re-write; a religion
which he would not recognize; a civili-
zaliorrwhich he would not reconstruct.
"In government bound by no law,
in life bound by no policy; in inter
course hound by no attachment; in de
bate bound by no record; in society
bound by no conventions; in conduct
bound by no tradition; in attack bound
by no strategy; in retreat bound by no
order; in ambition bound by no limit;
he towers today the embodiment of
conscious ana unconstrained power.
lie is the final, conclusive and dog
matic answer to the riddles of the uni
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Manila, Oct. lid. Two bands of Man
obos tribesmen are depredating the
west coast of Da vac, in southeastern
Mindanao Island and have killed sev
eral planters, including Karl Gerr, nn
American. All available iroops were
ordered to the scene today.
ilngal.ler-General John J. rershing;
commanding the department of Min
danao, has I ft, his headquarters at
Zamboanga t command the reinforce
ments which ar. being hurried to I)a
vao. The Manobos Dattos declare their
purpose of expelling all foreigners and
Filipinos from the district.
Yesterday afternoon at the home of
the bride in this city, Miss Bessie
Chinowth was united in marriage to
Mr. Sprague. of Lexington, Ky., Rev.
W. B. JJuclianan ofltciating. Jt was a
quiet afflr and only a few close friends
of the family were present. Mr. and
Mrs. Bprague left on the Memphis Spe
cial amid a rice shower for Lexington,
Ky., their future home. Mr. Bprrgue
was here about two years ago with the
contractors who did the street paving
and met his fate. Their many friends
here will follow them into their new
horru, with best wishes for their future
happiness and prosperity.

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