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CY II. LYLE, Editor and Owner.
rtu lered at the Postofflce at Johnson City. Te
nossee Second Clans Matter.
September 12, I9i2.
For President
Woodrow Wilson, of New Jersey.
For Vice President
Thorn rs H. Marshttll, Of Indiana.
Presidential Electors
: into at Large:
I'loyU Estil, Franklin.
Dudley l'ortor.
Ily Districts:
1. Cy II. Lyle. Washington.
2. Frank M. McElwee, Roane.
. E. C. Haston, Van liuren.
4. M.'C. Sidwell, Clay.
r,. L. R. Warner, Marshall.
5. U. L. Peek, Robertson.
7, W. C. Whitthorne, Maury.
S. Heron l'ierson.
9. R. D. Suddath.
IH. R. R. Daptist, Tipton.
For Governor,
of Smith.
For Railroad Commissioner,
of Roane.
For (Joneral Assembly,
of Washington Comity.
You just vvRit until Wilson runs in
Next thing you know the iudepend
enta will want the legislature abolish
ed because they can't create enough
con fusion to defeat Patterson for the
What's the use to worry? Tatter
son cannot be elected unless the peo
ple want him, and if a majority want
him, they ought to have him, and
the minority have no cause to eoni
There is still some talk of fusion and
the independents controlling the legis
lirtan bit tka rtgulari ostfiflM to
carry all the primaries, In Gibson
county last Saturday a regular senator
and two representatives were nomi
rated over independeuts by majorities
of about 750 with 3500 votes east, and
that too with the liquor plank and
Tatterson the main issues of the cam
JSew York, Sept. 8. The oiticers
and a delegation from the Murry Hill
republican club, which supported Taft
and Sherman four years ago, called up
on Mr. McAdoo, acting, chairman of
the democratic nationat committee, to
day and informed him that the club
had decided to support Wilson and
Marshall in this campaign.
L. L. Granner, as spokesman, said
the club had a membership of 570 and
had decided to support the democratic
candidates by a vote of 800 to 210. The
officers of the club are W. W. Arm
strong, president; V. 8. Cane, secretary
and George H. Deghay, treasurer.
From the Knoqville Sentinel.
"Democrats of the first congressional
district should by all means run some
democrat for congress in that district
in the interst of the national ticket,
so that a full vote will be polled oh
the democratic side. Itepublcans have
two candidates ,and every republican
will be brought to the polls," said a
well known ipper East Tennassee
democrat who is here attending su
preme court.
"Who do you think would be a good
man to run?" asked a reporter for' The
The gentlemen replied; "There are
100 in the first district, any one of
whom would make a good race and if
elected would make a good congress
man. We cannot tell what might
happen. If you wanted a candidate
from sevier county, there is John B.
itrabson,, better known as "Farmer"
Urabson, who is a sure enough farmer
and would make an able congressman.
Then there is W. O. Mims, of Cocke
county, who is an able speaker aad a
brilliant young lawyer. He could go
hunting for both bull moose and white
elephant. In Hawkins county, there
is S. L. iChestnut. In Hancock is
Robert Coleman. In Washington is
Cy H. Lyle, who is a brilliant writer
and a good talker. la Greene eoanty
there are a number of available" candi
dates, Hugh II. Gouchenour, who at
one time reduced the Urownlow ma
jority to 2,000 and also Oscar M. Dig
ger, Luke Trim, and a number of
others. In Carter county is Dayton
Hunter. In Unicoi is iL. H. Berry. In
Sullivau Judge C. J. St. John and
Judge Itobert Burrow and J. Harry
Swan, the boy orator, and others are
available. In fact the woods are full
of good men. In the past we have
been allowing the republicans to run
two candidates and the vote goes to
the republican ticket, many democrats
not takii g part. Democrats will make
a mistake if they don't put out some
good live wire for congrese in Sells'
district." . '
A special to the Richmond Times
Dispatch from White Snlphur Springs,
W. Va., dated August 31 says:
The season opened with such a rush
at tne new "Old" White, it would
seem that as it draws to a close things
would quiet down a trifle, but to the
most casual observer there is no appar
ent cessation of entertainments. All
day long the guests at this resort rush
from one party to another, while every
nyrht numerous supper parties are held
in the cafe, the largest one of the week
being that given by Walter Houston
Henderson, of New York, in honor of
Miss Helen Stevens, of Richmond,
daughter of George W. Stevens, pres
ident of the Chesapeak and Ohio Rail
road. The large round table, about
which were seated thirty guests, was
banked with llowers. At the conclu
sion of the party the guests attended
the german held for the benefit of the
musicians, there being at the dance
about sixty couples. Those at the sup
per party were Miss Helen Stevens,
Richmond; Mrs. Julia Kellogg: Bradley
Washington; Mr. Ridgely, Baltimore,
Mrs. Monlton, Richmond; Miss Mary
Moulton, Richmond; Mr. and Mrs.
John D.Potts, Richmond: Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Barrett, Birmingham; Mrs.
Francis Herreshoft", New York; Mr.
and Mrs. E. B. Lyon, Durham, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Wernwag, Beth
ayres, Fa.; Mr. and Mrs. Thornton
Lewis, Cincinnati; Mr. and Mrs- Schuy
ler Leggett, Naw York; Miss Myra
Baeder, New York; Miss Nell Carneal,
Richmond; Miss Grace Ingalls, (Boston;
George W. Stevens, Richmond; John
Breckenridge and Hunter Brecken
ridge, Fincastle, Va.;Dr. J. Garnett
Nelson, Richmond; W. S. Belding,
Philadelphia; "Jack" Lory, N'ew York;
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett B. Wall, Rich
mond ; and Walter Houston Hender
son, rvew i ork. '
President Sidney Gilbreath of the
East Tennessee slate normal is grati
fled with the outlook for the school for
the coming year. Tha opening occur
red this morning. He stated that in
the observation school from the second
to the seventh grade no more pupils
can be taken. In the observation
school model work is done, and tuition
it tfhftrf ed. The high eehedl depart
ment of the public schools of Johnson
City is taught at the normal and about
200 will enroll in this division. The
normal department has prospects for a
much larger enrollment than last year.
Already the greater number of the
rooms in the young ladies' dormitory
have been selected and many young
women and young men have secured
homes in private families. During the
past year more than 800 students have
attended the normal school, and the
effects of the training which the young
teachers have received here are expect
ed to be seen in the schools of East
Tennessee during this season.
"If Tennessee has to have a republi-
can senator, Newell Sanders might as
well remain where he is; but Tennes
see is entitled to democratic represen
tation, and the thing to be done is to
settle on a senator and elect him and
not to have any split-up on persons and
personalities," declares the Memphis
Commercial Appeal. That is axactly
why the democracy has ordered a pri
mary to decide who the democrats in
the legislature shall support. How
else, pray, could legislators be sure of
the choice of the partv-at-laree?
Nashville Democrat.
The menagerie and wild beast ex
hibit ofl'ered by the Sun Brothers'
World's Progressive Shows this season
is a distinct departuae. Here will be
seen on exhibition the choicest selec
tions of the zoolcgic creation. They
are all exhibited in massive and com
modious cages and so arranged that all
visitors to the shows can get an unob
structed view of them.
Uniformed keepers will be in attend
ance to explain the different chaiac
teristics and habits of the animals.
The wild beasts are looked after with
tendert-Sl care, both on account of thtir
extraordinary value and the fact that
few can be duplicated at any price.
This exhibition is ivA a collection of
wild animals such as are commonly
seen in zoological displays. Each is' a
splendid speciman of its kind and
treated with the utmost tenderness and
The performing section of the Big
Top performance as it is known in
show parlance, is all new this season.
An imperial program lasting two hours
in duration is oil'ered by artist of inter
national reputation, including ring per
formers, clowns, aerial artists, sensa
tional specialists, performing horses,
trained elephant, acrobatic dogs, edu
cated ponies, trained lions and leopards
and various other features of human
and animal nature, some faniiiur but
most "exclusive. The Royal Court Jap
anese Acrobatique Company; the re
no wised Cevene Troupe; the Electii.
que l)e KamoK, the Mexican Juan De
Zamora Aerial Troupe, from the city
of Mexico; the Great Harrietts; Miss
A'Jele Dutlun, the Equcstric Queen,
are among the star hcadlineis in this
big diversity of good things.
This show will spread its tents on
the grounds at Johnson City, Monday
Sept. 18. one day only, afternoon and
Uncle Ezra Say
It don't tike mor'n a gill uv effort to git
folks into a peck of trouble" and a little
neglect of constipation, biliousness, indi
gestion or other liver derangement will do
the same If ailing, take Dr. King's New
Life Pills for quick remits. Easy, safe,
sure, and only 25 cents at II. C. Miller's.
The ngony is over and the pennant
is won but not by the Soldiers. Bristol
got the bunting bnt it did so by defeat
ing other teams than Johnson City.
In twenty-five games played between
Johnson City and Bristol Johnson City
won fifteen. But the race is not al
ways the swift and therefore Johnson
City is in third place in the official
standing, with the best team in the
league. Manager Taylor has reason
to congratulate himself on the way his
team has responded to his manage
ment since he was placed in charge.
It is an assured fact that there will be
professional baseball here next year
as all teams have decided to slay in
the Appalachian League. This will
be good news to Johnson City fans.
The Soldiers are now in BlucficM play
ing a scries of games and won Monday's
game but the others have m I hern
heard from.
The following tabl j (-hows how they
Bristol 57
Knoxville "!i
Johnson City . . . "4
Cleveland 4i
Asheville 47
Morristown tl
If you knew tf the real value of C'umbcr
lain's Liniment for lame back, soreiuss of
the muscles, spiains ami rheumatic pains,
you would never wish to be without it. For
sale by all dealers.
Trip to California
Under Special Care
Ah article that has real merit should in
time become popular. That such is the case
with Chamberlain's Couch Remedy has
been atusted by many dealers. Here is one
of them. (I. W. Hendrickson. Ohio Falls.
nd., wriles, "Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
dy is the best for coughs, colds and croun.
and is my best seller." For sale by all
lion. A. A. Taylor, who with his
brothers, Hugh and James P., are en
gaged In writing the biography ot
their erojrher, rive te Pcnamr Mler
L. Teylor, has forwarded to the pub
lishers the table of contents, also chap
ters on the naming of "The Kiddle and
the Bow," "Scenes in Happy Vall'-y"
and "The War of the Roses." The
chapter on Happy Valley is from the
pen of Col. James P. Taylor. 1 lie
chapter on "The War of the Roses" is
from the pen of Hon. A. A. Taylor.
Accompanying the foregoing was part
of the tribute from the pen of De Long
Rice, one of the most exquisite that
will be found in the volume.
Rather than a commercial enter
prise, the authors look on this work ah
a labor of love. To this end stock in n
publishing company will not be
hawked about but the printer w ill u
sue the foregoing and take subscrip
tions to those desiring the two vol
umes, one of his life and the other
containing his lectures. The first edi
tion will be about r0,000 and the sub
sequent edition will probably go over
a quarter of a million copies. There
will be little trouble about the sale of
the volumes as there is a growing and
insistent demand for them.
"You feel like sorting out and tying
together the memories of this trip and
ieeping them separate from all other
trips.'" A woman recently said this
ifter a pleasant experience on a Bur
lington Route "Personally Conducted''
excursion party to California. She trav
iled alone, but met many agreeable
oeople on the car, which was in charge
if a special conductor. This good natureo"
tfficial was a well-informed, courteous man
t?ho went ail the way through with
lha party, looking after everyone's com
fort and attending to all the little details of
die trip. Thus a woman or child in one ol
these parties can travel with perfect safety
l.nd freedom from care. If you would like to
know more about the Burlington's comfort
Ible and inexpensive personally conducted
incursions, please write me a postal and I'll
rend you maps, booklets, pictures, etc., by re
turn mail.
Report to the Comptroller of Currency
of the Condition of Ihe
Unaka National Bank
of Johnson City, Tenn.
At the close of business, June 14 '12
Loans and Discounts - $745,722.94
U. S. BoDds and Premiums 31fi.058.8S
County and Municipial Bonds .' ),743.00
Real estate owned - - 2,191.22
Overdrafts, - - 5,158.34
B'ld'g, Furn. and Fixtures 2."),000.00
Due from Banks 219,41.88
Cash in Vault 85,7(!ii.H
Duefrom U. S. Tr. 5,000.00 340,24s. 29
Capital paid in -Surplus
aud Profits,
Wills Payable
The South's Greatest Exhibition
The Tennessee State Fijir
Nashville Sept. I6-2I--Six Days
A Clearing House for all the Natural Resot-rcps
of Tennessee and Adjoining States
Non-Resident Notice.
Ueforo V.
Peace, for
0. Pierce, Justice of the
Washington county, Tenn.
Ida W. Davis
Haiiah Hayse
It appem ing from affidavit iu this case
1l1.it llaimh lliiysi) Is justly indebted to
Id.t V. Davis, the. plaintiff, and that said
defendant Is a non-resident, of the stale j
of Tennessee, and an at ; aclimeiit hav
ing been issued and. levied is the said
defendant's propel ty, lowii; One oak
finished organ, it is ordered that publi
cation be made for four s::ives-ive weeks
In the . t 1 1 1 1 s 1 j 1 1 1 ity Count, requiring
the s-.id liel'eiidant to appear before W.
C. Pierce, justice of 1 he peace for said
si:ile am! c.uunl v. on September 28, 1912
next, ai d n.ii of said attiichim lit suit,
or same will lie proei-eded Willi u parte,
V. 1'IKUi !C,
l ltSli-lt Justice of the Peace.
The Event to which Thousands Look Forwaic- Annually
A Blue Ribbon Exhibidion of Live Stock, Fit'd, Garden
Orchard and Bee Products, Poultry, Dairy, Woman's Work,
Children, Boys' Corn Clubs, ands GUIs' Tomato Clubs,
with more than S3 1,009 offered in Premiums. Under the
control of the Old Volunteer State, it is planned to conduct
the fair of 1912 on a scale never before attempted.
Greatest Amusement Program Ever Offered the
People South of the Mason and Dixson Line
Gregg's Autos that Pass in the Air, the Cycle of Death,
Walter Stanton, the Human Rooster; a comedy act that has
no equal as a fun producer, Mat Gay, the High Diver; Fire
works Every Night; Races Every Afternoon; Nijsht Horse
W. T. Varaaman, Traveling Pass. Agt.,
& Q. It. K., 16 No. Pryor St., Atlanta, Ga.
Show; Band Concerts Mornings, Afternoons and
Pony Flower Parade and Pony Races for Children.
Lew Rates on Eveay Railroad
Catalogues and information for the asking. Address,
J. VV. RUSSVVORM,5ecretc
Nashville, Tnn.
II. W. Pardue has purchased the
Todd-Hrown bakery and is consolidat
ing it with his plant on W. Main St.
The plant Is now being moved and the
bread wagons are being continued
without interruption. Chas. (,'ooter,
an experienced baker, is in charge of
the new plant.
u Helps!
Mrs. J. F. Daniels, o!
Sip, Ky., writes: "I was
so cick for 3 ox 4 years,
I had to hire my work
fra done, most of the time.
I had given up hope. When
M I began to take Cardui, I
q knew, right away, It was
helping me. Now, I am
?,4 my life, and tardui did it"
The Woman's Tonic
Cardui has helped thoua-
M ands of weak, tired, worn-
out women, back to health.
It has a gentle, tonic ac
tion on the womanly sys
tem. It goes to the cause
of the trouble. It helps, It
helps quickly, surely, safe
ly. It has helped others.
Why not you? It wlIL
Try ft Get a bottle todayl
3 m
Si rf
. .
I v -.-,
1 a
70 HEALTH .?
LLpn n
0 0!
11 Mliy EJQML
You've Got to IcAncwecfge "
One Big DayAfternoon and Night
1 You can strengthen!
ithc system, k cp the!?
tpowcis open prevenTi
ISM 1 f U
.Mnmiav. mm
AT '
and Grippe! i IN rainy or fair weather without cur tailment
by taking the Bittersl
S3"u.:o. IBiro
4 .fW.S!
To E. S. Bennett. J. C. Sasher, and ;
all creditors of the White City j
Laundry Company, Sasher and
Bennett, and Coleman and :
Jl WWk K.
A Gay Vaudeville
Memorial Hall, Matinee and Evening Friday,
September 13.
wv- i'5 for- A A:vrrK
is yrr-: . ,j v: "7, , ."
4 v
V j 4
Tickets on sale Thursday, Sept 12. Prices 75c to $2.00,
Chancery Court at .Tohnson City, Torn.
Simplex Ciii'tooii Co.
White City Laundry Co. ot al.
It appiviring from the bill In this
case, which I sworn to, that the do
fpiidcnts are justly Indebeted to com
plainant' and the di'fondont lienuett
rcsldcM out of tlin State, and the proper
ty of the d f iu1mi t s havliicr been seized
and placed in the hand of a receiver, !
It Is nrderr-d that, piiblieation bo made :
for four ronsrcntlve weeks In the Comet. I
rcijulrlns s;ild defendants to appear be
fore said Chancery Court on the first
Monday In October next and make de
fence to the bill li!d neainsc them In
this cae. otherwise said bill will bo
taken for confessed and said cause pro
ceeded with ex parte.
And in obedience to an order entered
in said cause the creditors of the de-
fendants nm" hereby notified to b:iv
themselves made parties to said cunsn
by petition, and to file and prove their
claims against t he defendants in said
causo by petition, and to file und prove
their claims against the defendants in
said cause on or before the lt day of
January, 1913. or they may le excluded
from the bone lit of said suit, and from i Kor
sharing in the assets of the defendants.
Said creditor and cl.iimanis are also
hereby notified that by order ol said
Court, in said cause, they and each of
them, are enjoined from instituting any
suit against the defenders, otherwise
than by petition in said pending cause:
and all parties now suing the defend-
unts are cnjoiiiid from proceeding
further with their said suits.
This Sept. . 1:12.
.1. YV. CASS.
1J71 v Clerk and Master.
'""r-i FS- ra S-'j&f '.. -- "'
-- f "
Worlds Progressive Shows
Great Trans-Pacafic Wild Beast Exhibit. Blue Ribboned Horse Fair,
Latter Day Vaudeville Jubilee. Collossal Carnival of Novelties
and European Trained Animal Exposition.
nearly a quarter of a century a tented exhibition, the favorite of all w
officials, clergy, press and the whole amusement going public. I rcause of its
newness ait all limes, its great purity, cleanliness and tiio able "and bororable
manner of lis management.
2 llig I'erformonces Daily, at 2 aud 3 p. in. Doors open oi e hour earlier..
Prof. John Slirlly's Musical Majesties ('Jl soloist.-) w ill iippeur pieccedihg the
leguhir performance, rendering a high class music::! festival.
On the Show llrounds every day at 12:30 p. m , will he offered a series of extra
ordinary free exhibitions. Absolutely- the Kii-atest in-e. display-- ever pi-enontcd,
to the public DON'T FAIL TO SEE 'THEM, I E 1 Hilt IN AMIIE TIME.
Five Widely-Different
I Easy-Selling Magazines
Want a Representative '
To Gover Local Territory
There is big money for the
right person. Man or woman
vol i n t nr old. if vou want
H work for one hour or hours
a day, write at once, to
Si hi. uuiiLiyniun i uuiioiiinu iv,
I Butterwlck Bldrf. New York
j 70-l.lt
Ail parties will pleasn take notice that
the partnership heretofore existing be
tween Dahl & Johnson, has this day
been disolved by mutual consent and
I he Jcriinson Auto Co. assuming charge
if the business and assumn all legal
obligation existing at this date. .This
August 14, 1913.
1408 E. r . M. Dabl
, Removed with MOLESOFF without pain or danger, no mat
ter how large or how far raised above the surface of the skin.
And they will never return and no trace or scar will be left.
MOLESOEF is applied directly to the MOLE or WART,
which entirely disappears in about six days, killing the germ
and leaving the skin smooth and natural.
MOLESOFF is put up only in One Dollar bottles.
. Each bottle is forwarded postpaid on receipt of price, is neatly packed
"In a plain case, accompanied by full directions, and contains enough remedy
to remove eight or ten ordinary MOLES or WAUTS. We sell MOLKSOfF
under a positive guarantee If It falls to remove your MOLE or WAUT, we
will promptly refund the dollar. Letters from personages we ft I know, to
gether with much valuable- Information, will be mulled free upon request.'
Guaranteed by the Elorlda Distributing Company under the Eood and
Drugs Act, June 30, 1900. Serial No. 4.5033.
Please mention this paper N Florida Distributing Company,
when answering Tensacola, Florida.

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