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ri 1 uni'
Next Tuesday we will have a nice line of Street Hats, Dresses, Coats, House Dresses, Children's Dresses,
Waists, etc, are on display and you you are cordially invited to come and inspect them at your earliest convenience.
We think we have the best line of these things we have ever shown and that our prices will interest you.
mi iiimw 111 n mm mi mi
Notice to Water Consumers
The DISCOUNT SYSTEM lias been adopted for the government of
the City Water Department, effective October 1st,-1912.
In substance, all flat rates are raised 50c per consumer and
meter rates are raised 11 per cent., providing that any flat rate
bill paid within 15 days from the first day of January, April,
July and October, for the quarter beginning on such day,' shall re
ceive a cash discount of 50c, and that any meterage bill paid'
within 15 days from the first day of each month, for the water
used during the previous month, shall receive a cash discount of
10 per cent, of the meterage portion Of the bill.
In other words, if you pay within 15 days from date bill be
comes due, your discount brings the bill back down to the amount
you have paid heretofore.
The object of the measure is to put
payment of bills and to relieve the city
consumer of the annoyance of cutting off
delinquent customers on the fifteenth. (Under this arrangement no
a premium upon prompt
of the expense and the
service at premises of
cutting off will be done
which to pay his bill.)
For the information
idences are shown";below:
Classification and rates per quarter:
until the consumer has had 25 days in
of consumers, the rates governing res-
Private Homes
For first spigot in either kitchen or
yard for domestic use of one family:
In houses of three rooms or less
, In houses of four to eight rooms
In- houses of nine to eleven rooms
In houses of twelve of more rooms
Boarding and Lodging
Houses and Stores
$1 75 D $3 00 D
2 00 D 3 50 D
2 25 D 4 00 D
2 50 D 4 50 D
All rooms are counted whether occupied or unoccupied, except narrow hallways, pantries, bath
rooms and basements. Houses supplying table board only, 50 per cent, higher than rates for
private homes.
Other fixtures in the home:
$0 50
$1 00 N
25 N
$0 25 N
25 N
Boarding and lodging houses and stores
First fixture of its kind: $1 00 N
Each additional fixture, 25 N
Sitz or Foot Bath 50 N
Shower Bath (Same as tub)
Only self-closing closets allowed, except on meter
take double the above N rates.
Rate3 for special classes of customers, such as barbers, bak
eries, banks, etc., are on file in water office and consumers are
invited to ask for any information on points not set forth herein.
Yours Truly,
Mrs C W. Hodge, of Memphis, is
visiting Miss Ijila Taylor.
J. A. Parsons is back from the east
era niuik'ets, having purchased fall
goods for The Hub.
Luther Pardue is as happy over the
birth of his first child and a son a? a
proud parent should be.
Mis. liergin has returned to her
home in New York after a pleasant
visit trt Mrs. Charles Y. Deaderick at
the Soldiers' Home.
Frank St. John and family of John
son it v, are visiting relatives nere.
guests of Hon. Jas. A. Carriger.
Mornstown Gaz'jtte.
Esquire J. D. Crouch of Flourville,
whs h pleasant visitor at the Comet
ofliee one day this week, nnd present
ed the Comet force with u fine large
J. M. Marker was down from Bristol
tlrs week on a business mission. He
is largely interested in the new hard
ware more thai is to ho opened here
about the loih of this month.
In Wednesday's game the Soldiers'
defeated Jiluefield il to I) and only 28
men were permitted to look Sam Hall
in the eye. Hut for an error by Shaw
only 27 Uluefielders would have faced
the rubber.
O. C. Walker, manager of the Cum
berland telephone ofliee ih this city,
has been made manager of the West
ern Union Telegraph ofliee also since
the consolidation of the two olHces.
He is a very efficient officer and the
promotion is deserved.
Why stand over a hot stove and bake
when you can buy good bread at three
cents per loal at I'ardue'sr You can
also get the best cakes and pies you
ever tasted. You can save money on
everything you buv. hull line grocer
ies, teas, coffees, spices, meats, fine
fruit jars, rubbers, etc., at Purdue's.
n . ..r. i iiii i-i ,,MBMM-B... m, Ubmm, mmmjjUi Skt:idiUiiikl CI . . ..1ul -,Jr
Indian Runner Ducks for sale. Thos.
E. Matson, Jr., Uox 215. H68-4t
FOR SALE Two full blooded register
ed liurke hogs. Suitable for brood
stock. John Hamilton near Soldiers'
Homo, Dove's store.
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, elertric
lights, baths, etc., three blocks from
car line, with or without board. Ad
dress ,307, 7th avenue, cast. HG7
WANTED Old geese feather beds.
Iiest cash prices paid. Drop card and
will call. Address C. F. Dickinson.
General Del., Knoxvlllo. Tenn. 70-2t
Don't Forget
J. B. Worley receives Martha
Washington candy every Fri
day. . . ,
You know how good it Is
Johnson City , is glad to welcome
Captain I). O. Coy and wife back in
charge of the Salvation army. They
arrived from Cincinnati last week and
are now nt Salvation army headquar
ters. Captain (Jaugh and wife have
been transferred from this field to
Captain Coy is one of the most pop
ular and efficient officers the army has
ever had in this city and his wife has
been a great help to him in his work
among the worthy poor.
- - TO
Wilmington, N. C. Seashore
. Wrightevllle Beach
Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio R. R.
and Seaboard Air Line
Wednesday, September 18, 1912.
Special Excursion Train, consisting of first class vestibule day coaches, and pull"
mans will be run ( rain or shine) fpr the convenience of excursionists, leaving
Johnson City Tenn., September 18th, 1912 at 1 2 o'clock, Noon Eastern Time,
$5.00 for the round trip.
Two whole days at Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach. This will be a grand
opportunity to take a trip to the ocean under such pleasant circumstances at greatly
reduced fare and at a time of the year when it will be the most enjoyable. Make
your Pullman reservations at once as they are limited.
For futher detailed information call on or address your nearest C. C. & O. Ry.
agent or, . - "
Theo. Dellon, )r.,u.r. A., cc. y u. Ky. of south Carolina, bpartansburg S. c.
Chas. T. Mandel, T. P. A., In charge Pass. Dept. Johnson City, Tenn.
Ham Kelli Jr., the eight-year-old son
of Congressman Bells is the proud
owner of a bicycle and an expert and
reckless rider. About noon Haturday
he was in b party of boys who were
coasting down the hill in front of the
residence of Cy II. Lyle. Little Sam
was riding lile the wind when he lost
control of his wheel and was thrown
violently to the pround. He was
painfully injured and his little friends
gathered hurri'dly to assist him.
Jackson Ivyle hurried to the scene on
his wheel and putting the injured lad
in front of him, soon hadhUi home.
The child's eyelid was cut through
and lie was otherwise bruised about
the face but whs soon put in order by
a physician. .
The revised plans for the passenger
station the Southern railway will erect
in this city, have been sent to the
Commercial club for examination and
are being exhibited by Pres. (Jump in
the window at Clump Jims. It is pre
sumed that the contract will be let at
once and work on the new structure
started before cold weather. The plan
includes a butterfly umbrella shed
from Market to Roan street, 7:25 feet
and a modern station in every particu
lar. The white waiting room is 87 by
54 feet and shows private rooms for
gentlemen and women. Separating
the white from the negro wailing
room are the ticket and telegraph offi
ces, rnvrte toilets are also provided
for the negros. The waiting room is
20 feet, Cinches by B7 feet, tile roof,
steam heat and high ceilings.
J. T. K Williams, of Washington
county, is choosing a large Mimber of
deputies to assist hint in piererving
order. The follow imr , have !cfn re
elected: Brownlvw S.-ntnp, ninth dis
trict; P. I. Crumley, ie; Hi, S. I!. H;ir-
wood, fifteenth district; U. It. jloltun;
thirteenth district; J. V. liars', Thir
teenth district; J. M. Garvin, fifteenth
district. Three other deputies will be
appointed later.
Our First Consideration
We have opened a new drag store
and our line of drugs, drug sundries,
toilet articles and stationery Is com
plete. We iill your prescription as
ordered by your physician. No sub
stitute here. We would appreciate
your patronage.
Jones-Vance Drug Co.
Corner Buffalo and Tipton Sts.
Morristown, Hamblin Co. Fair Ass'n.
Will Be Held nt Morristown, Term.
SEPT. 25-26-27, 1912
The management has spared neither labor or expense
to make this the best fair the association has ever had.
With a large Premium, Exciting Races Daily,
The London Hippodrome Co. for a free attraction, and
other interesting features, will make this fair a most en
joyable occasion.
For information and catalog write
President. Secretary
City Transfer Co.
Equipped tor all kinds of
heavy and light hauling.
Goods carefully handled at
reasonable prices. TrunH
called for and delivered with
in half mile of station at 25
and 35 cents.
Phone 198 for Prompt Service.
City Trans !no
lity Laundry Co,
J. E. Coleman, Mgr.
W. L. Harwood, Supt.
Ordinance No. 67,
An Ordinance to Protect the Asphalt
Streets of Johnson City.
lie it, ordained by, the board of Mayor
and Aldermen of the city of Johnson
City,' Tennessee.
Seciion 1. 1 hat. it shall be unlawful
lor liny person, firm or corporation to
move over any of the asphalt streets of
the city of Johnson City, or any asphalt
streets hereafter eonsti ueted, any auto
mobile running upon a broken tire, any
plow, disc harrow, spiked roller, traction
engine, or any other instrumentality of
whatsoever character that will Injure
said streets to itn unreasonable degree.
provided that nothing In this section
shall be construed to prevent the mov
ing of any of the articles enumerated
above, over the streets In wagons.
wheresueh moving may bo done
out Injury to the streets.
Sec. 5. He it further ordained that
t shall be unlawful to drag poles over
said asphalt streets, or to build (ires
thereon, or th do any other act that
may cause injury thereto.
Nee. 3. Ite it further ordained that
the city commissioner shall at once
post, notices or sign boards on the
asphalt streets now In 'use, and such
streets as may hereafter bo constructed
with asphalt, notifying the provisions
of this ordinance, but nothing in this
section shall be construed as relieving
any person from tho penalty provided
in this ordinance by reason of the com
missioner's failure to post said notices.
Sec. 4. Ite it further ordained tht
any person, firm or corporation, found
guilty of violating any of the provisions
or tins ordinance shall be lined not
less than 81.00 nor more than $5(i.00.--
See. 5. lie it further ordained that,
this ordinance take effect from and af
ter its passage the welfare of the city
demanding ft.
Passed first reading August 2. Hil3.
Passed secoirtl reading August 22, l'Jl2.
Passed third reading Sept. St. 1S)12.
Approved September 10. 1912. -
Attest: VVM. Ii. POUDEll, Recorder.
We are making a reputa
tion for beautiful work and
quick service. Have you tried
us? Phone us or see agents.
aundry Co,
227 W. Main St.
Johnson City, Tenn.
In the Wautaga avenue Presbyter
ian chinch nt 7 p. til., next Hiiiiday,
September 15, 1!12, Prof. David H.n
leir Iluilesou, of the state iiorma!
cully, will address the h-mrd of edit
-di i -ii a iid teachers of the normal and
-.y. This is in observe ce of the an
i.ual :uy of prayer for -iblic schools.
There wiil be special mu .ic led by Miss
Rankin. You are very cordially in
vited to attend.
But it may not be necessary for
you to do this. You should use
the long distance lines of the Cum
berland Telephone and Telegraph
Company more, simply from an
economical and business standpoint.
You can send and receive your
message at the same time, closing
deal instantly. Rates
Prompt service. For
information call the manager.
a business
f 1
fmberland Telephone end
egraph Company, inc,

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