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11 ill
Twenty-Ninth Year.
Whole Number 1472
Lon Foost Leads Fight for Abroga
tion But States After He Loses
That Result is Satisfatory
The committee met at 1:25 o'clock
with every member represented either
in person or by proxy. Following a
short session in the assembly room of
the Maxwell house, and then an exe
cutive session in democratic headquar
ters, adjournment was taken to 3:!S0
o'clock. The discussion on the part of
the committee was the occasion for a
(rood deal of noise and chiering by the
spectators present. The crowd was de
cidedly for the primary, and when any
member opposed it in a speech he was
vreeted with hoots and hisses. On the
other hand, when a member spoke for
the primary, as did Mr. Puryear and
others, he was greeted wilh," loud
Mayor liowse was present during
the effortfi of some members of the
committee to have the body go into
executive session. Although holding
no proxy, he asked to be heard. Chair
man Morton stated that he would be
heard without objection. Committee
man Koust objected. The mayor spoke
anyway. He slated that the people
wanted a primary and that the com
mittee should not cull it oil; that the
committee had no right to call it of!'.
At this juncture Mr. Koust objected
moit strenout-ly. Chairman Morion
was rapping for order and the crowds
were cheering the mayor, who contin
ued to speak. Unable to transact any
of its business amid such confusion,
the committee voted to go into execu
tive session, yeas, 12; noes, f).
When the committee retired to dem
ocratic headquarters into executive
session the members of the prejsonly
were allowed to be present.
Mr. Fonst moved, in the form of a
resolution, to rescind the call for a
primary, giving as his reasons that
such was to the best interests 61 the
democratic party.
Mr. Pierce, who had previously vcted
with the friends of the opposition to
the primary, voted to table the Eoust
resolution. He pleaded that it was to
the best interests of the party to do so.
He said that the recent primary held
was for the nomination of a candidate
for governor, in which more than 100,
000 democrats participated, was a
grand success, and that the committee
could not afford to discredit that pri
mary in any sense by calling this one
"Are we going to do that?" he con
tinued. "If we were united on Aug 1
and Aug. 15, why cun't we be united
.now? The question is, have we the
right to undo the work of the conven
tion? Stop and think a moment. If
we undo the work of that convention
we have set a precedent which wilt
plague the democratic party. It is a
grave question. I am not speaking for
the campaign committee, of which
am a member I am speaking as a
member of the state executive corn-
Mr. Pierce whs followed by several
speakers, both for and against.
Chairman Morton then Spoke against
abrogating the primary.
A was then taken with the result,
as stated above.
The committee next went into the
election of a successor to Mr. William
son. Mr. Stanton pluced Judge Harry
Kelley, of Memphis, in nomination.
Mr. McGrew nominated Joe Creath.
The nomination was seconded by,Mr.
Purvear. who stated that personally
Ire liked Mr. Kelly, who wns a good
A vote was taken and death's elec
tion resulted by the same" vote that
prevailed in standing by the primary.
The line-up was the same. The com
mittee then adjourned.
Among the members of the commit
tee the best of feeling prevailed. At no
time was there any bitterness express
ed; The only feeling came from the
crowd that gathered in the assembly
hall to hear the deliberations of the
committee. This crowd was over
whelmingly for a primary. It repre
sented democrats from all over the
state. When the committee Bdjourned
J. L. Foust, who championed the op
position to the primary said: "Well,
it's over now, and I'm for the pri
mary." He left intnebestot spirits
as did all the other members of the
ried to the water by members of the
church. The chair was let down to
the bottom of the stream, when the
water came up to the aged penitent's
breast. Then Rev. John C. Swindal
baptized the old man by tilting the
chair backward till he was immersed.
William Kelly is doubtless the old
est man in Dickenson county, but his
exact age is not known. He is gener
rlly thought, however, to be nearing
his hundrelh year. The oldest inhab
itants of the neighborhood say that he
was called "old man Kelly" at their
earliest recolections. He served in
the Union army through the civil
war. His wife has been dead for
many years, and he has been living
with his son Harvey, who is past 70
and who was also a Union soldeir.
A RELIGIOUS CENSUS was between 4000 and 5000 people.
dr TnwMsniM rrrv Kvery ibin was order,y and ev"y-
r tUNOiN Ull. body seemed in a gootl humor and bent
At a meeting of the pastors and Sun- on having a good time. The follow-
day school superintendents of the city ing premiums were awarded:
held in Munsey M. K. chnrch, it General farm products, J. A. An-
unanimously agreed by the 8 pastors derson; one W. J. Oliver plow by fac-
and ten superintendents present to tory. S. B. Snapp, 2d farm product
take a religious census of the entire premium; one-half ton of fertilizer by
city on the afternoon of Monday, Sept. W. J. Barton Implement, Feed & Seed
The Noonday cf Life.
Married people should learn what to do for
one anotheJ's little ills, and for the ills of
children that may come. They are sure
sooner or later to have occasion to treat con
stipation or indigestion. When the oppor
tunity comes remember that the quickest
way to obtain relief, and finally permanent
cure, is witn Ut. caiuweu s oyrup repsin,
the great herb laxative compound. A bottle
should always be in the house.
It is absolutely guaranteed to do wnat is
claimed, and if you want to try it before
buying, send your address tor a tree sample
bottle to Pepsin Syrup Co , 119 Caldwell
Bide., Monticello. III. It is sold by all
druggists at 50c and $1 a iiottle.
J. L. Ileece, a farmer living eight
miles south of Bristol on the Holston
river, came to the city Friday and
brought news of an interesting find
just made bn his farm, in the form of
a terrapin upon the back of which
was carved the initials "H. H. W.
April is. 18S.'." The terrapin was
found in a meadow and it was with
difficulty that all of the letters and
figures were made out, as a prt of the
inscription had been neariy effaced
It is thought that the carving was
done by a member of the Webb
family, livine nearby. Bristol Her
Isaac Miller, aged 82 years, died at
his home in the eighth district, three
miles west of the city last week. He
was- a pioneer citizen in that com imm
unity and had been in feeble health foj
sometime. The deceased Is survived
by his wife and several children. He
was a member of the Brethren church.
Interment was made in the new ceme
tery at Greenwood.
The Men Who Succeed
as heads ot large enterprises are men 01
gteat energy. Success, today, demands
health. 1 o ail is to tail. It s utter lolly
for a man to endure a weak, run-down half
alive condition when electric bitters will
put him right on his feet in short order.
"Four bottles did me more real good than
any other medicine I ever took," writes
Chas. b. Allen, Sylvania, Ga., "After
years of suffering with rheumatism, liver
trouble, stomach trouble and deranged kid
neys, I am again, thanks to Electric Bitters,
sound and well." Try them. Only 50 cents
at H. C. Miller's.
When Well Known Johnson
City People Tell it so Plainly
When endorsement Is made by a. ro
piesenlativo citizen of Johnson City
the proof Is positive. You must believe
it. Keail this testimony. Everv back
ache sufferer, every man, woman or
child wilh liny kidney troublo will find
profit in the reading.
J. V. Calloway, 410 Hamilton St.,
Johnson City, Tenn., says:
'My work Is very hard on my kidneys
and as the result, I suffer from back
ache. When I saw Doan's Kidney Pills
advertised, I got a supply from tl.e
Whitehouso Drug Co. and they disposed
of my trouble. My experience with
Doan's Kidney Pills has been so satis
factory that I can strongly recommend
them and can say that they act just as
represented." '18
For salo by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Fostor-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. V., solo
agents for the United States.
Komember the mime Doan's and
take no other.
30 between the hours of two and five.
i'liis work was placed under the
management of President Woflbrd and j
Secretary Sperow of the Johnson City
District Sunday School association.
The purpose of the census Is to furn-
ish the churches with tie names and
Co. Best bushel bearded w heat, W.
A. Hughes; one turning plow by W.
J. Barton Co. E. W. Hughes, two
premiums on fine wheat; 150 lbs. of
flour. Best variety orchard products,
P. M. Wolfe; 100 apple trees by Globe
Nurseries Co. J. D. Webb, four prem
made of Rev. Mr. Dobbs, who has given
his individual attention for the past
months and Dr. West for his special
kindness and care. The same should
be said of Mrs. George Hardin, Mrs.
Waring, Mrs. Henry Hale and Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Hall, also the street car con
ductors and motermcn for the kind
ness shown at all times. Mr- Winesett
often spoke of his appreciation of these
things. May heaven's richest blessing
abifie with these.
residences of all who are members of I iums: sheaf oats, threshed oats, largest
the respective chnrches o( the cily or I melons and largest apples. John C,
have a preference for some one of them Cash; best half bushel Irish potatoes.
in the city to attend the church of his set silver knives and forks by Ches
choice. Sinalling. Best half bushel sweet po
1 lie general plan of visitation pro- tatoes, S. B. Snapp; one garden plow
videj for subdividing the city into four by Mitchell-Powers Co. Hiram Hughes
or more districts under the manage- best half dozen stalks of corn by boy
ment of the district superintendent. I under sixteen; one hat by Chester
The districts in turn will be aubdivid- Carr. F. M. Wolfe, best display of
ed into blocks containing not morel grapes; cash $10. Largest pumpkin
than twenty homes which will be vis-1 W . C Weaver: cash $10. E. Hughes,
ited at the appointed time. In order I best bushel of Smoothe wheat. Old
that the work may be non-sectarian I est book, Lula Hughes, John Snapp,
the visitors will be sent out in pairs I best 12 stalks of corn. Largest beet
each a member of a different denomination.
The cards to be tilled out will show
the head of the family, street and
number, the church membership, Sun
day school enrollment or preference of
each member cf the family. On the
return of these cards to district head
quarters they will be classified and
tabulated according to church prefer
ence. The sumary of the district tab
ulators will be made by the central
committee and the cards turned over
to the respective churches. Those not
not at home on this day will b3 called
upon 1 lie following day or days. It is
the intention to make this census relig
iously exact. Is'o one is to be missed.
Immediately following this census the
churches will send visitors to call upon
those who have expressed a preference
for their particular church. It is hoped
by mis plan to tind many new resi
dents who are members of churches
Isewherennd have not yet identified
themselves with the local church and
'so the names of some who may not
have found their particular church
represented here but who have a sec-
W. D. Cross, one year's subscription
to The Developer.
Live Stock Dept Best match mules,
O. H. Humphreys, one pair fo.OO shoes
by H. A. Masengill. Best sucking colt
C. A. Hodges; one buecv whin bv
iiugn uanner. Best draft mares
K. A. King; cash $5.00. Best colt It.
A. King; cash $7.50. Best colt. M. J
banders; cash $7.50. Best mare and
colt, G. C. Sanders; cash $10 by
National bank, Johnson City. Best
cow and calf, J. N. Arrants; cash $3.00
by Shff Barger. Best heifer, James O.
Brown; $5.00 by A. D. Smalling. Best
bull, J. C. Brown; cash $2.00. Best
mare, J. A. Auderson; one hand saw
by Summers-Parrott. $10 of the colt
premiums was paid by the Unaka
National Bank, of Johnson City.
Ladies' Department. Nicfst boquet,
Mrs. J. A. Allison, cash. Nicest quilt,
Sallie Morrell, 15.00 umbrella by E.
W . King & Co. Best loaf of light
few, it any. medicines, have met with
the uniform success that has attended the
use ot Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. The remarkable cures
ot colic and diarrhoea which it has effected
in almost every neighborhood have given it
a wioe reputation, for sale by all dealers.
Watauga, Tenn., Sept. 9. School 1
opened here last Monday with Shel-
bourne l'erguson as teacher and Miss
Dora Wallace as assistant.
Miss Laura Gibson is teaching school
at the Barnes school house.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Lacy, a
Mrs. Sam Atkins, of Bulls Gap, was
"""'"8 "ue iuiks ucre lasi, ween. rew York. Sent l- Th f. r
Arthur Hale, of the Virginia Bridge the lale nonogennrian, John S. Lyle,
and Iron Co., is spending a few days mercnant' saiu" 1 aggregate about
m our town on business. ui'.O00, became a matter of con-
Mr- vv ;, test to d"y with tbe ""ing by relatives
.jua cm uuuguici r r,,.t;ij,.
A TJ1 l J T : - 1 v,..
jjciic, aim iuias jjuuisu jauiii-i
Was Exerted By His Wife Who
Was a Nurse and 60 Years
Her Husband's Junior.
gardner, went down to Johnson City
last Saturday to see the ball game.
John Shell, of this place was mar
nea bunday to a Miss Harvey, of
Piney Flats. They have gone to house
keeping in the O. M. Hendrix property
Mrs. Cox, of Bluff City, has been
visiting her daughter Mrs. B. N.
id wards.
Oucar Hendrix and
moved to Bluff Cily.
family have
Watch babies bowels till the frosts come.
Lir. fanrnev a leetlnnir bvrun. 2r cti.
ample free.
bread, Mrs. W. A. Hug, cash. Best
tea cake, Mrs. J. T. St John. Best
six cans of fruit, Mrs. Doll Shell, cash.
Best can of peaches, Mrs. B. E. Smith,
one meat chopper by Summers-Parrott
ond choice which they might be in- Kest lemon pie, Nannie Hutson, cash
need to identify themselves with if Best apple pie, Nannie Hutson, calico
John F. Lyle has begun the erection
of a modern home on the corner of
Watauga avenue and Elm street.
Dr. W. J. Miller has rnzed the stable
on the reur of his lot facing Koan
street and will erect an up-lo-date elezraph and telephone compantes tn
.... . .1
cottage, work upon which has already I the State
been commenced.
In the public press of Aug. 3rd. Mr.
Rice said:
"The treasurer is not only the cus
todian of the people's taxes. By
virtue of his oflice, he is also the in
surance (commissioner of the stale,
having under his official eye the con
duct of all companies that insure the
lives and properly of our citizens.
"He is a a member of the state
board of equalization, which has the
power to accept or amend the assessed
valuation of property of all railroad,
"He is a member of the funding
board, which will have within the
next year, the responsibility 0 refund
ing our pu'ilic debt, amounting to
IN INVALID CHAIR, eleven million dollars
ndly urged.
Saturday, October lit, is to be the
great day of in-gathering for all the
churches of the city. While a number
of the churches have already planned
for a rally day at an earlier date, yet
this day will be the one of special effort
for increased attendance and perman
ent enrollment not only in the Sunday
schools, but in the churches as well.
This enthusiastic meeting of pastors
and laymen argues well for a real re
ligious awakening in our midst.
State ok Ohio, City or Toi.koo, 1 gs
Lucas county. 1 '
Frunk J. Cbenev makes oath tbuthe is senior
partner of the tlrni of K. .1. Cheney Si Co.. dolni?
business in theCityof Toledo. cutinlv and state
aforesaid, and that said tlrin will imv the sum
of ONE HUNEKD DOLLARS for each and cve-
ry euse or Caiarrub that cunnot be eured by
tlio use of Hull's Cutarrh Cure. FHANK J
Sworn to before lnennd nuIikci Ibed In my pres
ence, tins oin aay 01 uccrinm r. a. ij. lKsn.
ISbau) w- .j '
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous Kurfuce
of the system. Send for testimonials freu.
dress by J. A. Carr & Co. Bust calico
dress, D. A. Torbett, one-half pint
flavor extract, Dr. E. M. Fleenor. Best
display of needlework, Miss Virgie
Howell, J2.00. Best hand wade hand
kerchief, Miss Virgie Howell, cash $1
Prettiest doll, Collene Shell, cash fl
Riding contests. Driving single
horse, Mrs. Doll Shell, rocking chair
by Wolfe Bros. & Co. Riding Virgie
Howell, side saddle by J. Parks Wor
ley. Gent's riding 1st Dr. McDowell,
Driaie. isecona, Kruce Hodges, pair
leggings. Third, Craft Akard, whip.
Baby Show. Girl, Helen Alison, one
ring. Boy, I). W. Foust, ring by Theo
dore Roosevelt and many other prem
iums too nuraerious to mention. Look
for a larger display next year. Finan
cially and otherwise the fair was
success, r
R. B. SHELL, Sec. and Treas.
Leaves are fallinc. Rabies don't fall
away while takinc Dr. Fahrney'a TeeThine but this is costly and not always sure.
syrup, it manes sap mood.
Freelmg, Va., Sept. 14., William
Kelly, and aged and helpless man,
was baptized in Pound liver on Friday
About two months ago he joined the
Primitive Baptist church, and the
time was set to administer baptism,
but his mind , wavered, and the rite
was not performed. ' Later, .-however,
he seemed to get the consent of his
mind to rcceivu the ordinance, and he
in It tee; I am speaking as a democrat. "Iso informed the church. h He was car-
Are We Justified?
Perhaps we ought to be satis
fied with present achievement.
But, you know "the more a man
gets the more he wants." This
being true, we are then justified
in soliciting new business; and
especially so, since we are so
well equipped to handle it.
Unaka National Bank
"I have studied and am investiga
iting the duties of the treasurer in con
nection with these and other matters,
and if elected, it will be my policy to
require a strict compliance with the
laws Eoverning the oflice, without
mistreating of persecuting : any in
dividual or corporation.
"In handling the idle money of the
treasury it should be deposited only
ppon unquestionable, and approved
security, subject to the call of the
state. And, in order that business
principles may be applied to this
branch of the State's affairs, the next
legislature should pass an act enabling
theJState to charge a small rate of in
terest on all deposits. Such an ant
would turn thousand of dollars inlo
the treasury from a source which h s
long been neglected to the detriment
of the public welfare.
"I believe that the funding board ns
constituted should be capable of hand-;
linn the problems of refunding the
State debt without the employment of
an expensive funding commission,
and that no member of the board
should receive extra compensation for
his duties in this particular, by legis
lative actor otherwise." . ' ,
Mr. Rice is submitting his candidacy
to the Democratic voters of the State,
in the Primary of November 6th.
3JC .
Many Driven From Home
Every year, in many parts of the country,
thousands are driven from their homes by
coughs and lung diseases. Friends and
business are left behind for other climates,
better way the way or multitudes is to
use Dr. King's New Discovery and cure
yourself at home. Stay right there, with
your friends, and take this safe medicine.
Throat and lung troubles find quick relief
and health returns. Its help in -couehs,
colds, grip, croup, whoop-cough end sore
lungs make it a positive blessing. oc and
$i.oo. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by II.
U. Miller.
and uladdkktuoi'dlks, removing grav
el, cures dlu,betos, weak and lame back,
rhmimatism and all irregularities of the
kidneys and bladder in both men and
women.. Regulates bladder troubles in
children. If not sold by your druggist,
will bn sent by mail on receipt of 81. One
snihll ooulo is two months treatment,
and seldom falls to perfect a cure. Send
for testimonials from Texas and other
states. Dr. E. W. Hall, 2920 Oliver St.,
M Louis, Mo. Sold by druggists. ('21.
protesting atainst the
probating of iho will whereb he left
the bulk of the estate to his widow,
a former nurse, sixty years his junior.
Mrs. Lyle was Julia Gertrude Han-
pon. She was a nurse in the Presby
terian hospital several years ago and
was employed to attend Mr. Lyle after
hi) wife died. It is charged that his
will was fraudulently obtained
through undue influence on the part
of the nurse, Attorneys for the con
testing relatives declare they have
been unable to find any record of a
purported marriage between Mr. Lyle
and Miss Hannon in Vonkers, X. V.
on September 2(1, 1910.
Chauncey G. Parker, of counsel for
the Lyle estata, stud tonight that the
records of the Church of the Immacu
late Conception in Vonkers show that
the two were married in that city on
the date named. It was said further
in behalf of the estate that its value
had been grossly exaggerated and that
the fact that Mr. Lyle left f !M),00() to
to his first wife's relatives and $125,
000 to New Vork charities was "a
negative of any undue influence."
Dr. II. L. Patton, of Telford, Lan-
don Patton, of Jonesboro; and L.
Armbrust ot this city, commissioners
for the Washington county link of the
Memphis-to-Bristol highway, together
with Government Inspector Tombs
are going over the new highway to in
spect the work which is being done by
the contractors.
Kunning up and down stairs, sweeping
and bending over making; beds will not
make a wonun healthy or beautiful. She
must get out out of doors, walk a mile or
two every day and take Chamberlain's
Tablets to improve her digestion and regu
late ncr Dowels, ror sale by all dealers.
You must see that
name on a Cylinder Lock,
Night. Latch or Padlock, ii
you want Absolute Security.
Nqthing can open a real Yale
(Cylinder Lock but its 'own
key. We'll show you just
why that is so.
fuOiMtcaslIe-Phlegar liwd. Co.
All persons interested in Oak Hill
cemetary are hereby notified that
their dues are past due. We are com
pelled to make a large amount of col
lections at once, as we are owing Mr.
Mumpower for his summer work, -'-or
a large ; part of it. Please pay the
amount you owe at once.
Piney Flats, Sept. 1(1. The fair at
this place the ll!tb and 14th was well
The implicit confidence that many people j
have in Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and I
ni.rrhn.. l?mjrtv fnilflHft fin thir lV- !
per ence m u u, u.ai ...Suy ...u patronizej Bnd nice exhibiles of farm,
their knowledge of the many remarkable . ...
cures of colic, diarrhoea and dysentery that garden and orchard products and fine
it has effected. For sale by all dealer. ' stock were displayed' The attendance
Prolonging Life.
While no way has yet been found to make
life perpetual, it is a fact that life can be
prolonged. Many people die before their
time because the organs become clogged and
can not do their woik. To keep their body
open, active and free from impurities there
must be no constipation, dyspepsia, flatu
lency, liver troubles, etc. If old or young
people suffer from these complaints they can
find a ready cure with Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
It it absolutely guaranteed to do what Is
claimed, and if you want to try it before
buying, send your address for a tiee sample
bonis to Pepsin Syrup Co., 119 Caldwell
Bldg., Monticello, III. It is told by all
dealer? at 50c and $1 a bottle.
Mrs. W. J.' Winesett, wishes to
thank the general public, the I. O. O.
P. lodge and the Johns' n Chapter (J.
D. C. for their kindness to her during
the illness and death of her late hns
band. Especial mention should be
The Presbytery of Holston will meet
in Ihe Presbyterian church at Kings
port Sullivan county, Tenn., on Wed
nesday, October 10, 11)12, at 7;.'I0 p. m.
JNO. S. EAKIN, Stated Clerk.
Ilev. Mr. Lacey, of Johnson City,
has been called to the pastorale of the
Christian church at Jonesboro. He
will be in Jonesboro and occupy the
pulpit each second Sunday of the
P. B. Bell, who was route agent for
the Southern Express company with
headquarters in Bristol, has leen
transferred to Johnson Cily, 11. It.
Heed being transferred to Knoxville
to relieve J. W. Prevost, agent at
Knoxville, who has keen granted an
extended leave of absence on account
of ill health. It is expected that .Mr.
Prevost will return to the service after
several months' rest.
Zemo soothes, cools and heals angry skin
and quicky cures eczema and every form of
skin disease. Zemo is a clean liquid wash
that sinks right in, Quickly allays all
pain, all itch, all distress. Zemo does (lie
work in a way that is simply astonishing
and your driieeist will refund the purchase
price if the first bottle dots not give you en
tire satisfaction, Try one bottle at our risk.
Zemo is prepared by E. W." Rose Medicine
Co., and is sold by the City Drugstore. (5
Washington county is suffering
from drouth after a summer of un
usual raintall. Farmers have been
forced lo abandon plowing in prep
aration for wheat sowing, and crops
are reported as having been seriously
damaged. This is especially true of
late corn and hay crops.
with $LC0 or more. Make a deposit each
week and watch it grow. This is the plain
road to being independent. We pay liberal
City National Bank

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