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HI Mil COUilt
Mt. View Lodge No. 179 IO: 0. F.
' held a good" meeting on the 14th inst.
with J. M. Ilayncs N.G., presiding, and
some twenty brothers in attendance.
Quite a lot of routine business was dis
posed of and Bro. R. F. Pippin was re-
- ported no better. Bro. ' E. D. Staley
was reported as still quite feeble. Bro.
W. R. Poston who was reported very
bad off at the last meeting died on the
9th inst. and was buried in Jackson Co.
by the Gainesboro Lodge, I. O. 0. F.,
by request of this Lodge. . "
More than 130 members of this Lodge
are up with their dues and . entitled to
the new P. W. It is earnestly hoped
the rest of the membership will get a
hustle on themselves "and qualify for
the new P. W. -
The new officers worked splendidly
for their first time and prospects are
very good for a splendid term.
We have two members who having
attained the age of 75 years are by the
by-laws exempt from paying dues.
: The Secretary was authorized to sign
the Bank agreement, the Lodge think
ing it better to get a little interest and
have its money secured as per terms of
the Bank, than to drag along as now.
ft makes matters safer.
Next meeting is on Friday 20th inst.
Come if you can.
Notice of Election
Tne following officers, judges and
clerks are hereby appointed to 6pen and
hold the election at the regular voting
precincts in their respective civil dis
tricts on Saturday, February 25th, 1911
, at which time the qualified voters of
Putnam County Tennessee, will vote
upon the proposition to issue additional
county road bonds for the sum of one
hundred thousand dollars ($100,00. 00J
This election having been ordered by
the County Court of Putnam County in
accordance with the provisions of Sec
tion 4 of Chapter 112, of the Acts of
the General Assembly of 1909.
First District
Officer H. M. Hughes. Judges
A. W. Boyd, J. M. Haynes, W. L.
Stewart. Clerks A. A. Carlen, H. D.
McCulley. '
Second District
Eighth District
Officer James S.' Allen. Judges A.
F. Massa, J. R. Cole, W. M. Williams.
Clerke-T Jesse Farley, David Allison.
- Ninth District
. Officer R. L.Kerr. Judges P. Jones
Sr., J. T. Askew S. . E. Anderson.
Clerks Henry J ones. C. B. Maddux.'
Tenth District
Officer W. B, Montgomery Judges
James Whittaker, JamesL. Sadler, S.
N. Bryant. Clerks G. C. McBroom, R.
L. Richardson. "
Eleventh District
Officer Jesse Huddles ton. Judges
Elijah DuBois, J. J. Sullens, W. R.
Medley. Clerks J. J. Boyd, J. W.
Twelfth District
Officer R. A:Bockman, Judges W.
A: Holladay, F. H. Jared, C. F. McCa
leb. Clerks W. A. Jared, Turnar Ded
Thirteenth District ' '
Officer B. H. Womack. Judges
John L. Wallace, L.F. Puckett, Walter
Jones. Clerks P. H. Sadler, James
Lafevers. ;
Fourteenth District
Officer J. C. Parrot. Judges J. F.
Sehon, G. D. Byrne, J. N. Clouse.
Clerks J. J. Whittaker, J, P. Hicks,
v Fifteenth District
Officer S. D. Webb. Judges A. P.
Warren, J. S. Ford, S. K. Phillips.
Clerks John L. Peek, Jesse Gilliam.
Sixteenth District
Officer John L. Ensor. Judges J.
E. Sullivan, M. C. Farley, R. D. Ellis
Clerks G. M. Dunnivan; A. H. Craw
ford. ' "'
,- Seventeenth District
Officer-F. P. Fisher. Judges B. B.
Nichols, R. B. Steward, J. W. White
head. Clerks J. W. Barks. L. M. An
derson. -
Eighteenth District
Officer P. C. Smith. Judges Win
field Stone, W. C. Vanghn. L. W.
Goolsby. Clerks I. E. York, E. M.
, v Nineteenth District
Officer H. T. Gragg. Judges D. A.
Verble, A. K. Williamson, T. J. Clark.
Clerks B M. Hudgens, G. E. Pening
ton. . -..
Twentieth District
. Officer-W. R. , Bradford. Judges
J. A. Boyd, W. E.Sypert, J. M. Hunter
Clerks-W. T. Ensor, E. W. Stone.
Should, any of the foregoing officers,
judges or cierKs De unwilling for any
." wr ., ffSA k
fi i n v trrM.
James Si n rri " I
FIGURE. Put in our bank one dollar a day. This sum, will, in twenty
years, make you a comfortable fortune. The interest on this fortune will'
support you the rest of your, life. We - also invite those who wish to
- make large deposits. We do commercial banking.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank
- Cookeville, Tenn.
: Capital D6uble that of Any Other Bank in Putnam County ,
J. T: Anderson,
, President
Tho8. Mason,
Cashier . -.
GtD H. Lowe,
Vice President
J. R. Douglass,
Vice President
ton Terry, Judges, B. S. Goolsby, John
Tucker, Cooper Rippetoe.
This election will be held in a sepa
rat6 ballot box from the one in which
the bond election is held.
E. H. Boyd, Chairman;
W. R. Carlen, Secretary;
S. D. Davis.
Board of Election Commissioners for
Putnam County.
Officer T. B. Jackson. Judges M;
Breach, Frank Boyd, Noah Deering. reason to serve they will please notify
Clerka-T. P 'Clark. E. S. M. Jackson, the Chairman of the Board of Election
y- Third District
Officer C. Bohannon. Judges John
L. Lee, W. H. Cleghorn, James Blay
lock. Clerks Stanton Bohannon, J. R.
". Hyder. x ..
Fourth District
Officer James S. Robinson. J udges-r
John D. Henry, F. E. Eirod, Jasper
Henry. Clerks G. M. Johnson, W. C.
Gentry. - '
Fifth' District 1
v Officer J; L. Walker. Judges C.
Randolph, A. P: Robinson,-Thos. Ford.
Clerks W. M. Henry, Z. Dixon.
- " Sixth District '
-i Officer J. D. Capshaw. Judges W.
H. Jernigan, W S. Tabor, D. C. Hyder
" Clerks J. E. Bilbrey, J, M. Phy.
. geventh District
Officer Willis Brown. Judges
- Frank Judd, H. C. Dyer, u W. T, Bock-
mall viviaa J " - v j
Britton, Texas
Dear Editor and Herald family : Here
I come again asking admittance into
your circle. We have moved from Mid
lothian. Route 5, to Britton. We like
our new home fine.
The people have began farming. Some
are bedding their land and some are
still gathering cotton. I have gathered
tion, in order that others may be 'ap- my crop and made nineteen wagorfloads
and got thirteen and fourteen cents for
it and sold one load for one hundred
and twelve dollars and fifty cents
The writer has bougpt another crop
and has about four thousand ponnds of
boles to gather. I want to tell, you
good people of Tennessee how we gath
Special Election er boles out here.' We just snatch the
A special election is hereby ordered boles, cotton and all and in our sacks it
to be held at the reerular votinar nrecinr goes untiKhey are so full we cannot
ct in the seventh civil district of Put- bend them. ,We get one and two cents
' . "" m I 1 Ji J 1 - A. J 1 Mi
nam County, Tennessee, on . Saturday, a pouna ior mai ana a gooo nana win
Feb. 25, 1911, for the purpose of electing gather four or five " hundred pounds a
a Justice of the Peace for said district day.
to fill out the unexpired term of B. S- We have not had any snows yet but
Goolsby, resigned. - ; Jiave had a few very cold northers and
The following officers, judges, and last Monday was the coldest and all we
clerks are herebv appointed to hold could do was cut wood and make fires.
said election and proper returns' make Health is very good except bad colds.
of the same as reauired bv law : Officer Come on all you good writers for I
Melvin Judd. Clerks A. C. Palk. Stan- like to read the news. JIM Neal.
Commissioners at once of their declina-
pointed in their, stead. ; V
: ' E. H. Boyd, Chairman .
r W. R. Carlen, Secretary
S. D. Davis , v
- Board of Election Commissioners for
Putnam County.
Ada, Okla.
As some one from Route 6 wanted
F. G. D. to write a'few lines I will try
for the first time.
' I have been in Ada since July 21st
and saw my second rain the 28th of the
past month. It has been very dry hero
this fall.
The city has voted $150,000 bends for
Bird Mill water which is 15 miles south
of Ada. This fine spring affords enough
water for every family and all of the
stock in the country and the water is
just as pure as any in Tennessee or any
where else. When we get this we will
have one of the best towns in the state
I like this country better than Tenn '
essee for a young man has more chance
here than there.
As to myself I have a nice job work
ing m a grocery store for reasonably -
good wages.
Seme of the Tennessee people talk'pf
going back to Tennessee some time es
pecially when they get sick, for they
think if they should die and were to be
buried beneath the black land they
would be forever buried beneath: the
sod and would never arise again.
R. D. Dow has rented 120 acres of
fine land at Tyrolla. Okla..
north of ' Ada, wi th ; good terms and
farming irnplments furnished and a nice
house on the place; barns and every
thing a farm needs. He pays half of the
crop. He will leave Ada about the 15th
to take charge of his new home.
- The writer took one day off for Xrnaa
and chased jack' rabbits all day and got:
oqe and was more tired when ther sun
went down than the day he worked.
Will close , with best wishes to the
Herald and many readers. . G. D. ;

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