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Mt. View Lodge No. 179, I.T). O. F.
held a splendid meeting Jan. 28, 1911,
Jas. M. Haynes, N. G., presiding, and
some 20 or more brothers in attendance,
Quite a lot of routine business was dis
posed of.
ijro. K. t . rippm was reported as
still seriously bad off. Bro. E. D. Staley
seems but slightly improved. He is still
Tery feeble.
ine degree was conierred upon one
applicant. One petition for reinstate
ment was ballotted for and by the N.
G. declared only reinstated. This brings
our membership again up to 172 having
lost one by death and -reinstated one
this month.
Several brothers are but a few cents
in arrears and should by all means pay
up and get the new P. W. as no brother
is entitled to benefits if he is not enti
tied to the P. W. therefore all should
get a hustle on themaelves and manage
to keep their dues paid in advance for
no one knows when misfortune may
overtake him likewise he should shape
up and keep his private business-in
shape tolTrotect his family in the mat
ter of winding up his estate in event
of his death which is sure to come
Something for Nothing
Some of the leading manufactories
and packers of food products have
organized a gigantic advertising prop- from paying debts is not to make them.
osition. The object being to give the And I feel sure this is a debt we should
More About Bonds
Should we vote another bond issue,
we think not under existing financial
conditions of our county for besides the
necessary taxes to defray the current
expences of the county, which are in
creasing at a rapid rate, we are taxed
to pay four per cent on, the $150,000 al
ready voted thatrnn thirty years before
they can be paid off and will draw $180,
000 interest, which added to the face of
the bond make a total debt of $330,000
that we will have paid for the few
pieces of road we have or will have
from the expenditure of the above vast
amount. v
I dare say we will not get twenty-
five miles of well finished road in the
county. Then should we' the taxpayers
for such a little benefit and that to but
a few of us suffer ourselves to be de
luded and as before misled by false ar
gument to vote for $100,000 more, which
would amount to $220,600 before matu
rity, which added to the above $330,000
amounts to a total of $550,000, for which
amount, judging from the past v we
would get less than fifty miles of pikes.
Now can we afford to pay this vast sum
of money for so little, which will not
be paid till many of us are dead and
forgotten, but it will hang like a mill
stone upon the necks of our children
and grand-children.
The argument is made that it is not
to pay till the expiration of thirty years
therefore we ought to be more ready to
vote it, pay-day will surely come and
the only way an honest man can keep
consumer the benefit of at least a part
of the money formerly spent in putting
their products before the public.
It is a well known fact that a large
amount of money is wasted every year
by the tremendous competition between
the large manufacturers in each one
trying to get its goods before the public
in a moit f orcf ul and attractive manner.
A short time ago a number of the
older and reliable firms have come to
the conclusion that the best way to
spend their advertising appropriation
was to give it to the consumer, know
ing that system would be appreciated.
The favorable comment of the recipi
ents of the new plan in telling their
neighbors will be worth many hundred
thousands of dollars to the producers.
In these days when $6,000 is paid, for
one nacre in a magazine, it is easy to
see that the consumer must pay more
for the goods than they are actually
worth. Watch the Herald for further
nofc make for if it benefits a few there
are so many that pay large taxes and
get little or no benefit. A few of us
here near the town and pikes are bene
fitted but my objections are that the
whole people are not benefitted accord
ing to what they pay; and another rea
son is I don't think bonds ouc-ht to be
for county purposes, but that any spec
ial business like building roads aught
to be done by a special tax of one year
at a time, conditioned that it is used
ecomically and properly and if not dis
continue it. But, these bonds are to
pay if we don't get a mile of road and
they pass from the control of those
who pay them into the hands of specu
Another great reason I have the vote
mortgage our farms and property, a
thing I would not do for roads nor any
other luxury, but to vote bonds mort
gages every home in the county, even
to that of widows who have no voice in
the election.
The above were my main reasons for
voting against the first bond issue and
G. W. Roberson I was glad to read a for the same reason and ' the further
letter in the Herald from you. Why reason that I don't think ' Ae funds are
don t you write regular being economically and c. operly spent,
-J. M. Ford how are you all? Wake I am going to vote against the coming
up and give us the news. proposition, Feb. 25th believinfe as I
Miss Anna Neal and Mr. Winfield
rta 1
The biggest shoe manufacturer of Boston was a shoemaker at the bench
in Golden Colorado less than 40 years ago. He saved the 25 cent pieces
he gbt for patching shoes and put them in the bank. He has spent mil
lions of dollars just for advertising and is worth millions to-day.
Make OUR Bank YOUR Bank
Cookeville, Tenn.
Capital Double that of Any Other Bank in Putnam County
, T. Anderson,
President .
Thos. Mason,
Gid H. Lowe,
Vice President
J. R. Douglass,
Vice President
Ford were married recently. .
Death visited our neighborhood and
called away Walter Rector.- He was
struck with something like the colic and
do that it is to my interest and a large
majority of taxpayers of the county
I could not conscientiously vote any
other way but I concede the right to
every other taqpayer to cast his vots.
only lived about thirteen hours from the according to his judgement, as I am do-
time he was taken sick. D. E. Welch.
Harsh physics react, weaken the
bowels, cause chronic constipation.
Doan's Regulets operate easily, tone
the stQjnach cure constipation. 25cts.
Ask your druggist for them.
ing ana as 1 neartuy Delieve in major
ity rule upon all guestions if a majority
is against me I will bow and acquieesce
in the decision and not be to blame for
the high tax it will cost before it is paid
Yours Respectfully,
J. N. King.
Teachers Reading Course
To the Teachers of Putman County:
The reading course adopted by the
state for the teachers consists ofrthe
follow ing books: For the primary teach
ers, Civics and Health, $1.00 postpaid,
by Ginn and. Co., Atlanta, Ga. Also
Dinsmore's Teaching a District School,
$1.00 postpaid, published by American
Book Co., Cincinnati, O.
For Secondary, Schmucker's The
Study of Nature, $1.00 postpaid. I have
not learned the publishers of the last
named book.
All the above books can also be ob
tained from Claude J. Bell, Nashville,
Tenn., at the above named prices.
Every teacher knows that these books
constitute a part of the course in which
you are to be examined. I sincerely
hope that you will get the books at
once and begin the systematic study of
them. r
Heretofore there has been some neglect
of the reading course on the part of
some teachers. I would very much
regret to see any one fail to get a cer
tificate on acconnt of not studying these
books. Sincerely yours,
. County Supt.
An Explanation
Since my communication in last weeks
Herald oh the bond proposition I am
reliably informed that not a dollar of
the pike funds was spent in grading the
cross streets. And that all further
grading in the middle division has been
discontinued, and that there is a suffic
ient amount of money on hand to finish !
all that is graded. That none of the i
public funds would have been spent
inside the corporation had not some of
the citizens brought mandamus or other
proceedings to compel the commissioners
to build into or through the town and
that a decree to that effect was issued
by J udge Lansdhn. So they had to
build through the corporation or put
themselves in contempt, which they
could not afford to do.
Those promises not to spend any of
the funds inside the corporation were
misleading and should not have been '
made as the corporation pays more of
the taxes than any two districts in tbe
county, leaving out town of Monterey.
I think, as I have said before, that all
roads in the middle division should
radiate to and from the courthouse or.
square. I obtained the above infprma
tion from one of our 'pike commisioners
and gladly make the correction as I
would not intentionally place anyone in
a false position before the people. - ,' -
A. Bryant.
Roblnaon'a Chapel
Mr. Editor: Here I come again to
chat with you and the Herald readers.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee spent Sunday at
W, R. Whitsons.
Henry Whitaker filled bis appointment
at the shop Sunday. . . .
Maggie and Fannie Baker visited at
Robert Eller's Thursday.
W. R. Mitchell has got bis saw mill
in running order.
Cain Matlock spent Sunday afternoon
with Jess Pendergrass. '
Lola. Finna and Lou Baker sDent
Saturday night at their uncle Ed Baker's
Ed Cash and family spent" Saturday
with his mother.
May the Lord bless the Herald and
its many readers. Grannie

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