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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1911.
Gamaliel, Kentucky
Health is very good at this
-writing except Miss Ellen Sisco
and Mrs. Flora Turner.
Farmers are busy cutting wheat.
torn crops are looking nne in
this part.
We have had a good rain which
was badly needed. .
Mrs. Sarah Comer has about
: completed her house at this place;
The peach supper given by
Miss Ella Pennington was enjoy
ed bv all who were present.
Mrs. Frank Comer 4 and Miss
"EvaBradshaw visited Mrs. R.
. J. Cole Saturday.
Hello. Zadie Ulouse. 1 win an
swer your letter soon. '
I want to thank you all for the
post cards you sent me.
Mrs. Maria Biles returned
home f rom Willette,Tenn. , where
she has been at the1 bedside of
lie'r mother, who is not expected
to live but a few days.
Mrs. Ida Pitcock's parents of
IVatertown have been here for
the past week. Pearl Cole.
Feel languid, weak, run down? Head
ache? Stomach off? Just a plain case
of lazv liver. Burdock Blood Bitters
tones the liver and stomach, promotes
digestion, purifies the blood. I
Mrs. Chas. Burton
Mrs. Josephine Burton, wife of
Charles Burton, died at her home
in Nashville Tuesday morning,
June 20, 1911, of tuberculosis.
She was brought to Cookeville
for burial and. laid to rest Wed
nesday afternoon. Mrs. Burton
had lived here most of her life
and had many friends in this sec
Hundreds of Cookeville Readers
Know What it Means
'The kidneys are overtaxed;
- Ifave too much to do.
They tell about it in many aches and
pains '
Backache, hip pains, headache.
Early symptoms of kidney ills.
. Urinary troubles, dropsy, Bright's
disease iollow.
The statement below shows you what
.to do.
Mrs. Bettie Dies, 128 N. Cumberland
rSt, Lebanon, Tenn., says; "I suffer
ed from backache and weak kidneys
and there were pains across my sides.
My head ached considerably and I was
subject to attacks oij nervousness.
DoanV Kidney Pills' made me feel bet
ter in . every way, . and I -strongly rec
ommend them, for I think that they
m' the best kidney medicine to be
had',; ., V'.,:v':'
Vnr Hale bv all dealers. Price 50
cent". Foster-Milburn Co., .Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the united
. I
States. 1 , .
Remember the name-r Doan's-and
take no other.
P. M. Smith Piano Contest
Below is the vote in the P. M. Smith
piano contest, which has just started.
The list will be printed each week.
Watch for it and vote for your favorite.
Miss Sarah Daws..., .... ..5,950
Miss Lola Hughes...... ..5,900 ,
Miss Bessie Kinnaird..'....... 5,500
Miss Vera Maxwell 4,450
Miss Zella Borcen .....3.750
Miss Vallie Mae Carr.... 3,550,
Miss Ettie Gentry 3,400
Miss Lucile Allison...... .3,400
Mrs. Mae Smith........r.... .3,150
Miss MattieFoutch......! 2,700
Miss Charlie Shanks .2,500
Leora Huddleston...-. 2,450
Luia Gentry ......2,250
Miss Pearl Dillon .2,200'
Miss Thena Maddux. .2,200
Mi3s Callie Chaffin ......2,150
Miss Carrie Morgan ...2,050
Hazel Anderson ..2,050
Mrs. Woody Judd .......2,100
Miss Clara Denny 1,850
Miss'Peatl Lee.. 1,700.
Miss Lucile Robinson... .1,600
Miss Lizzie Mills ,..l,50d
Miss Lucile Sadler 1. J 1,450
Mrs. W. A. Steakley 1,200
Miss Emma Ward 1. 1,300
Miss Alice Jackson. ....1,550
Miss M. C. Maxwell ...... 1,500
Maud Stone 1,450
Miss Myrtle Walker... 41,400
Miss Barbee Nacklesl 1,400
MaryTaylor 1,400
Mrs. 'SusiejScarlett ..1,300
Emma Dowell.........!.. ....1.200
Clara Cole. .1,200
Mary Choate. ......... .. 1,100
Miss Conie Kuykendall....... 1,050
Ernie Chaff ffin. ...1.000
Wale tte Hutcheson .........l, 000
Mary Isom... ....1,000
Lillie Lee ........ . . 1, 000
Mrs. Van Maynard. 1.1,000
NotieMackie.i. .1... 1.000
Ethel F. Stevens... 1,000
Gertie Stewart...... ,...,.. 1,000
Ella Shipley 1,000
Rose Stamps.. 1,000
Lena Terry....... 1,000
Kate Warren .... 1,000
Hazel Wall....V-.;l,000
H attie Whi tson. . . j . . : . . 1, 000
Matilda White.,.' . ..... 1,000
Stella Clinton 1,000
Ella Cleghorn 1 , 000
Edna Clouse p 1,000
Beulah Chapman.. ......1,000
My r tie Allen r... .....1,000
Ina Allen.. .r. ... 1,100
Pearl Bullock 1, 000
Alice Caruthers.,.. ........ ...1,000
In order to be fair to all we must re
quest that candidates do , not , solicit
votes in the store. I
Special Poultry Premiums
The Tennessee State Fair As
sociation will pay $75.00 for the
largest and best display of any
one breed of poultry shown at
the Tennessee State Fair, Nash
ville, Tenn., September 18-23.
1911. A prize of $50.00 for sec
ond, $25.00 for third, $15.00 for
fourth, and $10.00 for fifth are-
est display has also been offered.
$25.00 will be paid for the best
pen of birds in ; the American.
Asiatic or Mediterranean classes,
shown by a breeder residing in
Tennessee, Alabama or Ken
tucky. Many- other bier cash
specials have been offered for the
show this year, besides the regu
lar cash prizes in all breeds and
varieties. If you have not al-
ready made application for pre-
a . mm .a
mium list and entry blanks, do
SO at once. Address John A.
IMurKin. superintendent.
warned cnestnut corawood, green
or deadened. Write Union Tanning Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenn. 22-4tpd
I. E. York, of Bloomington,
Jesse Gilliam, H. D. McCulley
and J. M. Phy, four of our suc
cessful teachers, are attending
the summer school for teachers
at Knoxville.
JLhe board of Aldermen met
Saturday night. Work was or
dered done on Water Street and
two lights to be placed on Water
Street and one on the corner
where the Buffalo Valley and
Smithville roads intersect.
Special Notice
All of the stockholders and
subscribers of the Algood Home
Telephone Co. are requested to
be present at a meeting at the
office on Saturday, July 1, at 2:30
o clock, for the purpose of trans
acting such business as may come
before the meeting.
p. T. Gragg, President.
J. A. Judd, Secretary.
Route 2
We are having a nics shower
this morning, which is very much
Mrs. Lucy Judd and children
are visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. S. Matheney.
Bennett Rector and family vis
ited Tom Rector and family Sat
urday night and Sunday.
Billie Williams and Henry Gools-
by lett baturday for Kansas.
Miss Maggie Kirby visited Miss
Effie Ellis Sunday. .
Mrs. Dora Davis and children
visited Mrs. Jim Kirby last Thurs
Mrs. Sallie Ellis of Walpole,
111., why don't you write to the
There will be Sunday school at
Sycamore next Sunday evening
at 2:30 p. m. Everybody invited.
Hello, Cousin Minnie Taylor,
how are you all:
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Livesay
and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Collier
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
George Livesay.- Dixie Girl.
Dry Hollow
It rained, yes, a little.
Plowing is the go. Oats will
rn tn naatnro
Children's rDay atr Hanging
V AWWM4 VI ' f
T ?wv 1- Qiinflniv An nil ji .ms 1
great day. ,
Sunday school was organized
at Rushing Springs last Sunday
week. Wade Norrod was select
ed as superintendent, and we
hope this one will be d success.
Rushing Springs boys played
the Crawford ball team at Craw
ford Saturday, With Crawford
Winning 1U TO o.
This is Dry" Hollow ho long-
er as the well digger has been
ucic auu ui mv-ia xvui vvciio n I
going to drill several more.
;ine Doys ana gins are rejoic-
. 11 I
ing Over tneir gOOa graaeS at tne
1 1 l - .1
normal held in Livingston some
fivn XKTCicXra oorn T'hia l'a ntio crnrr
. mm m
Iu. f, ur O U
of that is it turns out more good
kiiiiiK xwuoiiiiiK uwiiiiKO uau uuftBll
teacneio uiau miy uuiei bciiuui ui
tss ze n thecountv.
Mf Alov TSlnr.rnH , 1
n t rnia iirnrinrT 'ii a rvi ' '-i1 - .
a i 1 . r O . , V
Offices on South Side of Public Square, in the
Sloan Building:, over Hinds' Drug: Store
I can save you from $50 to $100 on the
purchase of a piano. How? Because
my expenses are merely nominal. I employ no
salesmen and pay cash for my stock. I am thus
in position to sell you a fine piano at an extremely
low price. My line of Dianos is one of the best in
this country, as I am exclusive representative for
r, Emerson, Kurtzman, Adam Schaaf and Har- .
ard. Call or write for catalogs. Easv terms. 25-4
M. F. SHEA, 22 Arcade, NASHVILLE
V0 Cf00CSS3
Your Catarrh. It won't help it- S
self. Use Hinds' Catarrh Rem- II
edy. For sale by O
Z.T.HINDS, Druggist O
Telephone No. 184
Office Next Door to Gainesboro Telephone Co.
No Charge for Examination.
Flowers arrive in good condition.
601 Church St., Nashville, Tenn.
Leave your work at Dr. Ragland's store
Building Brick Press Brick
Write for prices
will be the harvest from your kodak if finish
insr is done by the man who has the facilities
and knows how. Don't risk your films. Send
them to the house with a reputation. .
G. C. DURY & CO.
308 Union St., Nashville
- UlCVCle bUDDUes
I . . .
In Stock and Repairing Done by expert
workmen. Bring in your wheels and
get ready to enjoy the Spring riding.
M. H. BORDEN, Cookeville
' . ....uuuiuiiiU
.-. ,..T
Efws, Poultry and Butter. Write us for nri.,
.n m i , : . " -
win leacnyou oy man tne practical reaniHltsa
; ;s n Vi ? v xcnansre, si worth
JL! , Per 100; no
nno ffr tlfll-tlnillara WaKaaK O 1
- . . u
Wabash Supply Co., Dept.
S. W., Chicago.
23-26 ,

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