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Mt. View Lodge. No. 179, I. 0. 0. F.
met at the usual hour June 21st. 191
with J. M. Haynes, N. G., presiding,
with a good attendance.
It being the last meeting in the term
an unusually large amount of routine
business was disposed of.
Une petition ior tne initiatory was
presented, read and referred to commit
Bro. E. H.- Boyd, who was severely
hurt in the wreck on 21st inst, was re
ported doing well. Bro. Dr. G. N.
Guthrie was reported as painfully,
though not seriously hurt, in a railroad
wreck in New York recently, but is
getting along very well. Bro. W. D.
Ferrell, our dashing driver, was report
ed as recovering rapidly. Other sick
and ailing brothers were reported as
improving slowly.
The initiatory degree was conferred
upon two applicants in good style. One
brother, an ancient Oddfellow, was re
stored to membership.
The installation of officers will take
place at the next meeting when in view
of - the extraordinary expensive 1 term
the secretary promises the best report
ever made by this lodge. All members
are earnestly requested to attend the
next meeting, July . 10th. There will
be no degree work but a real jollifica
tion over what is considered under the
circumstances a remarkable showing.
Laying Cornerstone Postponed
The laying of the cornerstone oi Bax
ter Seminary has been postponed Until
July 4, at 2 o'clock. The rain last Sun
day made it impossible to conduct the
services in open air.
The public is invited to attend. The
Service used will be a combination of
the church and Masonic rituals for such
occasions, and will be beautiful and im
pressive. .
. Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil. Stops the pain
and heals the wound. All druggists sell it
The Legislature
The House has passed the appropria
tion bill with an outright steal of $500
for each member included in the items.
This is done under the plea of extra
work done, when in fact the body has
done less than ever. The bill also pro
vides for an increase in salary for near
ly every clerk and employee of the
state. It is a disgrace to decency.
Outside of this piece of attempted
burglary notning has been done except
to fight for political or personal advan
tage. In short the thing stinks. Why
don't the senate kill the steal, pass the
revenue Dili and go home. .Nothing can
ne expected oi me nouse. n tne se
nate gives over the whole thing is lost.
The Genter-Edwards Co.
The People of Cookeville have been
delightfully entertained every , night
this week by the above named theatri
cal troupe. In our opinion this is the
best company that ever showed in this
city. Their repertoire includes some
of the best plays ever written, the act
ors are capable, the band and orchestra
superb. Everything on the stage is
clean and wholesome. In short the com
pany is made up of clever ladies and
They will show Friday and Saturday
nights in tne Dig tent on tne city lot.
Every person wishing to see a good
show should De present both nights.
Goodpasture Not Guilty
A 1 l it " '
it tooK tne jury six minutes to re
turn a verdict of not guilty in the trial
of E. C. Goodpasture on the charge of
attempting to bribe Dishonorable J.' Q.
McDonald, the Alabama statesman
floating around in a seat in the legisla
ture. Why it took the jury so long to
dispose of the charge of McDonald and
the Anti-Saloon officers is a mystery.
3 R
1. Depositing money in a bank makes it absolute
ly safe from loss by robbery, fire or accident.
2. With a bank account you can' pay your bills by
check. The cancelled check is a legal receipt for pay
ment and you cannot be made to pay the bill twice.
3. Nearly every man needs to borrow money some
time. If you are well known at the bank through
your bank account, it is easy for you to get accom
modation. -
The bright standard this bank has set for itself in
the conduct of its business is a protection to its de
'positors in every emergency and under all circum
stances. It insures them against reckless specula
tion and the get-rich-quick fever, and it is a guaran
tee that whatever the profits may be, they have been"
earned by prudent, conservative business manage
ment in which there is not a single element of dan
ger. We like to have prospective patrons examine
us regarding these claims to strength and stability.
I First National Bank I
Cookeville, Tenn.
Capital Double that of Any Other Bank in Putnam County
, T. Anderson,
Thos. Mason,
Gid H. Lows.
Vice President
J. R. Douglass,
Vice President
Teacners' Institute
The Putnam County Teacehrs' Insti-
tute is in session under the charge of
Supt. J. M. Hatfield and an able corps
of instructors. The attendance is near-
y 150, and work has progressed pleas
antly and in a satisfactory manner.
Next week examinations will be held
and certificates issued.
Oak Flooring, No. 3, at $17.50 per 1000 ft.
Manufactured at Webb & Crawford's Planing Mill
Oak Boxing at $1.00 per 100 feet
Not less than 500 feet delivered free within city
H. T.
Telephone 105-2
Program for Teacher's Instltu
Following is the program for . the
Teacher's Institute to be held at Cooke
ville June 26 to July 7:
8:15 Opening Exercises.
8:30 Arithmetic, C. O. Chisam.
9 :05 Grammar. H. D. Franklin.
9:40 Physiology, J. M. Barnes; al
ternate with Primary work.
10:10 Recess.
10:25 General Topics, S. B. Year-
gan -
10:55 U. S. History, J. P. Homines.
11:25-Agriculture, F. M. Little; al
ternate with El. Algebra, J. J. Boyd.
12:00 Noon.
1:00 Dinsmore's Teaching a District
School, alternate with Dewey's How
We Think, J. M. Hatfield.
1:30-Ethical Culture, W. B. Boyd.
Lecture period.
2:15 Recess.
25-Civics and Health, H. D. Frank
lin. .
3:00-Geography, J. J. Boyd, History
of Tennessee alternate.
3:30-Civics, E. H. Boyd.
9 :05 Rhetoric, Ammonette Draper.
9:40 Bookkeeping, Elmo Gentry.
10:25 Physics, J. M. Barnes.
10:55 Geometry, C. O. Chisam.
3:00 Geology of Tennessee.
3:30-Nature Study, F. M. Little.
This program, like all other school
programs, may be changed some tne
first days of the institute. After then
it will be followed as nearly as practi
cal. The lecture period will be occupi
ed on different days by Ex-Supt. R. L.
Jones, Dr. Ryan,- Rev. E. R. McCord,
W. B. Boyd, su. ti. lioyd, ana otners.
J. M. HATFIELD, UOUnty Supt.
Piano Voting Contest
The Monterey Mercantile Co. are con
ducting a piano voting contest, which
is getting well underway. All persons
who buy goods at their store may vote
for anyone they choose, the lady re
ceiving the most votes getting the pi
ano. ' "
, The Herald will participate in the
contest, also. Esery subscriber to the
Herald at 25c a yjar may cast 250 votes,
and for every dollar paid the Herald for
printing or advertising 1,000 votes.
To help make things interesting the
Herald will give a bonus of 10,000 votes
to the candidate who sends in the most
subscriptions during June.
Below is the vote to date:
MissLela May Riddle..... 1004, 609
Miss Roxie Welch... .......951,173
Mrs. Joe Buckner .....909,491
Miss Effie Verble ...... 885, 58fr
Miss Callie Hampton . 884,797
Miss May Cummings... 834,519
Miss Ethel Bennett. ....... 795, 169-
Miss Zella Bandy......... ..775,453
Miss Laura Johnson....... ,737, 102
Miss Katie Way...... ......736,904
Miss Lillie Jones... ...... ...723,204
Miss Grace Sims...... .....692,468
Miss Daisy Hall.... ....... .686,532 '
Miss Pearlie Henry..... ....678,626
' Miss Tennie Roberson. ......664,654
Miss Bessie Carraway....659,886
"Mrs. John McCor mi ck... .,643,907 -
Miss Fannie Wells ... .... 1 . . . 544,282
Miss Sarah Ray......... ....521,125
Miss Clara Shoat ...........517,68a
Miss Oma Swallows..... ...472,551
Miss E, D. Swallows .455,885- -
Miss Hazel Vaughn...... ...452,360
Miss Winnie Parris ... .401,762.
Miss Hazel West .......1.75,305
Miss Nora Lawson . ... ... ... 61,630;

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