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Putnam County herald. (Cookeville, Tenn.) 1903-1922, July 13, 1911, Image 8

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, Pleasant Hill St. John, Kansas
Mrs. Abbie Brown and daugh- As I have just finished reading
ter Jimmie Brown visited the the Herald I feel like I had been
Ramseys Sunday. visiting with friends and neigh-
Mrs. John Eldndge visited Mrs. bors. I see so many names that
James Cooley Sunday. . look familiar although most of
Casto Gooch was seen going you hava grown up since I left
towards Ramsey's Sunday. dear old Tennessee. But I once
James Cooley visited his daugh- knew your parents and grand-
ter, Miss Ada, at Crossville Sun- parents of so many.
day. ' It is very hot and dry here.
Miss Emma Dodge, .who has People are all through harvest-
been sick at her home for a short ing.
time, was taken ta Nashville last The wheat crop was light and
Monday for. a surgical operation, corn is needing rain badly, and
She is improving and expects to gardens.and" fruit are drying up.
to be home soon. Miss Roberts, Well, July the 26th is my birth-
who went with her returned home day and I would appreciate a card
Sunday. . - from any reader of the Herald
Mr. and Mrs. Dodson and Miss as a cheap post card will mean so
Millie Frey went to Big Bottom much to me.
Special Sale to Introduce
Sale Price
last week fishing. ,
Mrs. Abbie Brown and Miss
Millie Frey visited Mrs. McCor-
mack Saturday evening.
You Tennessee girls had better
look out as there is an old Kansas
bachelor who has gone back there
looking for something or some
body, and he has a house but no
Isaac Clark and Nannie Peek
spent Sunday with Maggie Say- cook. Mrs. M. C. Fergus,
lors. ' Route 2.
; juubiiib jjuw (uiu xicti wnoiii I NoW is the time to buy goods
is wrong max you air nave rs- cheap. We have made a clean
te" . e . . , . sweep on practically everything
miss xianger nas returned
in our store. Remember this sale
the Hall after visiting friends for doges July 30th
r 7 i
the past week.
' hello, Mrs. KODinson, mama
thinks she will get all the grapes
she can eat as we have plenty.
Pauline. '
Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner?
Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs waking up.
Doan's Regulets cure bilious attacks.
25 cents at any drug store.
Bloomington, Route 1
Having been a. silent reader
of your valuable paper a long
time and never have written any,
but seeing so many letters from
over the United States I could
not refrain from giving your read
ers the news of this part of the
moral vineyard which leaves all
Whitson Bros.
Meridian, Mississippi
May and most 01 June were
dry here.
Crops were clean and in good
condition when the rains set in
the latter part of June.
The crop pospects here are very
flattering. Early corn is about
made. Bolls are forming on cot
ton. .
The Fourth was a gala day for
Meridian. Mr. Gill of the Wright
Company gave two exhibitions
in nis airs nip. me nrst one
only went about four hundred
feet high. He curved around and
swooped down and up again with
an ease, bome ouzzaras were
One Only
All that is required to secure this beautiful high
grade $25 machine at this low price is that you pur
chase with each machine only 27 Standard Double
Disc Records at 65c each. This double disc record is
the equal of any record made. Music on both sides.
$ Jewelry and Stationery : : Cookeville, Tenn .
rejoicing over tne good rain
falling softly upon the house-tops leisurelv about until thev
J iU J i. 1 . i.1 J " "
arm uie ueep tuueu tuuauerB fright at the huge bird that
rolling Deyond tne trownmg mils w Mrrvino. Mr r Hpfla,
1 J ' if J..L.. 1. I " " " - " " "
wmcn reimuua ux uux uuty ui ed them and said he W0Uld have
mm woo does an tnings wen. caught them if they had not dart
iiic iicupic ate vci y uuaj iajr- j j flmonff thfl' trffi tnns
ing corn by; - " ' ' " ' r wupr. nlH t fnlinw ' Th
Crops look promising and haye Lnnr1 fllVhi wwa9Aid fn
i r it '.li.?iJ o ' " r
oeen very wen cuiuvaveu. ahnf twn thnnsnnrl W nH
Gardens suffered some, and rrtlll A sr tnA
... 1 VT UU1U UaiC U1KUV1 li t VVltlU
had not interfered. He descend-
Irish potatoes are almost a fail-
UrtJ. . a1an rani A tr monw fVirtiinrVif Via
Hon. Morgan btout or spring machine had become unmanag.
able. He lit in a .! cotton field
Fork was a pleasant visitor
this part last of the week.
Say, what has become of Dr.
Mumps? : His ; prescription was
good. If he is not dead I would
like to hear from Route 9.
Elder B. S. Goolsby preached
an interesting sermon at Free
Union last Lord's day. His sub
ject The Hope of the Soulwas
relished by all. He will be back
the 3rd Sunday in July and all are
invited to attend.
; Bethel Carrington.
about a quarter of a mile from
the fair grounds where he made
his start and where he made his
start and where he intended to
light had it not been for the gale.
At 10 a. m. Bilbo, candidate
for Lieutenant Governor, spoke
to a large and enthusiastic crowd
in a grove near town. He pro
ceeded to take the lid, off and ex
pose the fraud in the legislature
that defeated Jas. K. Vardaman
for U. S. Senotor. At 7:30 in the
evening' Vardaman arrived and
was met at the depot by a throng
of admirers who picked him up
and placed him on a cart drawn
by 80 yoke of oxen. With a man
on each of the 160 steers and 100
on horse-back, a throng on foot
and five brass bands paraded
through the main streets of the
town. Men, womenA and child
ren pushed through the mass to
try to touch the hem of "his gar
ment, notwithstanding there was I
a continual drizzle of rain. He
was so hoarse he could hardly be
heard as he spoke out in the open
air on tne square, un account
of the rain I didn't attend the
Vardaman rally, but it was no
trouble to hear them, yelling two
miles away. With all this there
was very little if any drinking
and no fighting.
The half has not been told but
I must close for this time. '
M. G. Matheney.
Lone Oak
The health in this vicinity
reasonably good.
Rev. M. Judd's baby has pneu-
Corn crops look very well in
this section v
There is Snnday school at Lone
Oak every Sunday at 9 o'clock.
Rev. M. Judd preoched , the
first Sunday 'night in July at
Lone Oak. ,
The soldier's decoration at
Bloomington Spring July 4th was ,
conducted by Rev. M. Judd.
Both the Gray and the Blue took
an infprpat. murohintr unHpr tint
same flag. Memorial services
were held in the evening with
great interest. The singing was
condueted by Bob Gentry,
I will say to all my friends and
relatsves, come on with yoar let
ters, I would be glad to hear from
you all. Rev. M. Judd.
Sherman, Texas !
I like to read the letters in the
Herald. ' '0::'
v We are having nice weather
here now. v .
I like Tennessee fine but like
Texas better. ' - i : V(
Jeff Warren, we would like . to
hear from you.
Come on, Lola Lee West, with.
your letters. I like to hear from.
you, '
We left Tennessee in 1904.
I have two sisters living int
Tennessee, whom I would like to
see. ' Babe.

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