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Putnam County herald. (Cookeville, Tenn.) 1903-1922, August 03, 1911, Image 4

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vvnere Money Went
To Whom it May Concern: '
There has been some inquiry
s to what became of the money
Tealized on a number of enter
, tainments given by Mrs. F. H.
"White, and others some year or
"two since, with which it was re
ported at the time that the . pub-
1 1 r Skin rvl VMMIMM 1 J I, a . .
otuwi giuuuua vvuuiu 1 dic
ed, and I wish to state for the
V, benefit of those whQ might be in
. "terested that this money was
- turned over to' me and by me
paid as a credit on the sidewalk
; in front of the school building.
J am unable to state at this time
who was instrumental in securing
-these ladies to use the money in
this way, but remember that they
were persuaded by myself and
jsome others to take this course?
F. E. Collier, Recorder.
The Swallows Drug Co. states that
much appendicitis in Algood is caused
by constipation, gas on the. stomach or
fiour stomach. These troubles are al
most INSTANTLY relieved anriannen.
dicitis guarded against by taking a I
SINGLE DOSE of simple buckthorn
.bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded in
Adler-i-ka, the new German appendici-
Bloomington Springs, Route 2
Crops are looking fine since the
Come on, you Montana boys,
with your letters, they are the
first things I look for when I get
:my Herald. -
Hello, King Ferrell, why don't
.you quit driving nails long enough
"to let me hear from you.
Henry Apple, I would like to
liear from you. If any of you I
. boys see this in a print give me
your address, as I am thinking
rery much of coming out and j
getting a band of shaep for the j
John McDonald of Lewistown,
I wish I were with you a little I
while. In your next letter tell
;me of some big sheep ranch so I
can write to. them for a job.
C. L. Cash, I hope you are well,
ut I heard you was hurt by a
Thorse. I hope I wiil be with you
to help thresh wheat in October.
. G. L. Vickers. I
Obey City
Easter A., why didn't you and
little Elma come down to see lit
tle Thelma and myself.
Hello, Mollie R. , get a 5c move
on yourself and write to the Her
aid. ,'
. Say, ,Kathrine-H.f you must
come out tne tnira bunaay m
-August and we will go to church.
Arrie T., you must come down
-3ind see your name-sake, she said
tell you hello for her. .
- Mrs. I. Ashburn and Mrs. A.
IE. Masters are on the sick-list.
. Say, Josie, you eat enough
chicken at that quilting for me.
. Hello, Myma. come down to
- Located on Shaw's Branch, and con
sists of about 100 acres of corn land,
45 acres for small grain and 25 acres of
pasture. Farm lies on proposed pike;
is one mile from Martin's Creek and
one and one-half miles from the Walton
Road. Farm is well watered; has good
dwelling, barn and tenant houses. Will
rent for standing rent. For particulars
apply to Ruth Stanton, Baxter.Tenn..
Route 1, or Benton Stanton, Cooke-
ville, Tenn.
Tennessee Central R. R.
Passenger Train Schedule at Cookeville
No. 1.3:10 p.m.
No. 3.2:54 a.m.
No. 5.6:43 a.m.
No. 212:13p.m.
No. 4 12:56a.m.
No. 6.7:20 p.m.
Have you any trouble in breath
mgireeiyj li so you should
get a bottle today.
Mailed to any address
Riirlc Lambs Fnr Sal
of Southdown breeding ... jj
Also Poland China Pigs 9
& Registered Shorthorn Calves j
Prices reasonable. jj
Address, H
J Sparta, Tenn., Route 8 15
To Nashville
and Return
Tennessee Central
Very low rates from all stations.
Take Train No. 5 (The Shopping
Train) into Nashville. For full
information see your, nearest
Ticket Agent.
i i
Is no Fire, Bogus or Close-out Sale, but a REAL
CUT PRICE SALE. Come and be convinced.
Commences Saturday, July 22, and Continues until Aug. 12
Read a few of the many bargains offered. You will save 25 to 50 per cent, or
.more on every article you buy of me. I need money more than I do the goods.
Men's Shoes, Slippers and Oxfords
$4.00 grade, sale price... .. .$2.25
$3.50 grade, sale price.-..- 1.99
$3.00 grade, sale price.. 1.69
. $2.50 grade, sale price .- . . . 1.50
$1. 50 grade, sale price . . .... . 94
Men's Work Shoes. -. 89c to $2.50
Men's Best Tap Sole Brogans.-.-..$1.19
Ladies' Shoes, Slippers and Oxfords
$3.50 grade, sale price. ... ..$1.88
$3.00 grade,' sale price:. ... 1.69
$2. 50 grade, sale price .. 1. 50
$2.00 grade, sale price... .. 1.13
$1.50 grade, sale price... ---.-..... .75
Canvas Oxfords.-. Jl . 19c .
Misses' and Children's Shoes, Oxfords, Slippers "
$2.00 grade, sale price -. .$1.50
$1.25 grade, sale price 98c
$1.00 grade sale price .. .. IZZ . 75c -50c
grade, sale price -... ....38c
40c grade, sale price ...290
Large lot of Boys', and Little Gents' Shoes
as cheap in proportion.
Men's Shirts
$1.50 Men's Shirts 75c '
$1.00 Men's Shirts 58c
50c Men's and Boys' Shirts 28c
Men's Underwear
50c Underwear. .28c
25c Underwear. . r. ...14c
Men's Pants
$4.00 grades, sale price
$3.00 grades, sale price... . ....
$2.50 grades, sale price.. ...J
$2.00 grades, sale price.
$1.50 grades, sale price....
$1.Q0 grade, sale price.......
50c Boys' Pants, sale price.. .
25c Boys' Pants, sale price......
$1.00 Overalls ... .......
. 1.88
. 1.13
Men's and Ladies' Hose
50c values .
25c and 35c values
10c value
10c Childs' Hose
50c Men's and Ladies' Belts. .,.. 28c
25c Men's and Ladles' Belts.. 14c-
Ladies' Collars, 50c, 25c and 15c values
at. 28c, 14c and 8c
Men's and Boys' Fur Hats
$1.50 Hats, sale price .... .....98c
$1.00 Hats, sale price. .. 48c to 78c
50c Hats, sale price.... ........... 38c
25c Hats, sale price -. .- ""19c
Straw Hats for everybody 5c to 35c
Large lot of Ties, Handkerchiefs, Combs,
Barretts, Fans, Beauty Pins, Belt Buckles
and other small notions at very low prices.
V Towels and Napkins
Towels of all kinds, cheap.
24x24 in. Napkins.. ....$1.50 a dozen -
20x20 in. Napkins. ...$1.13 a dozen
18x18 in. Napkins.... .....64c a dozen
North-East Corner of Square, Cookeville, Tenn.
. - :. : " r . .

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