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Putnam County herald. (Cookeville, Tenn.) 1903-1922, August 24, 1911, Image 6

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Greatest Exhibit of the Kind
Ever Seen in the
, South.
The Tennessee State Fair is in a class
with the International Show at Chicago
and the Royal Live Stock Show at Kan
sas City, Mo., when it conies to beef and
dairy cattle. The growth of this depart
ment of the great fair has been nothing
short of remarkable. No such show is
to be seen anywhere in the South. Stall
after stall for a solid mile are lined
up with the best herds to be seen any
where. It is one of the biggest and
best features of this great exposition
and attracts thousands of people from
every section of the country. The very
best in every variety is shown and in
great numbers. The show ring, which
is under cover, is one of the largest in
the United States, and one full day could
be, consumed in examining this exhibit
alone. It is a show within itself, and
this year it promises to be bigger and
better than ever before in the history
and everything pertaining to a large
city in actual operation.
The "Six Diving Girls" will also give
exhibitions that are daring as well as
The Plantation." depicting scenes in
the South during the war, and intro
ducing old Southern songs and dances,
is another interesting show that has
proved very popular wherever shown.
And still another show will be the
"School Boys . and School Girls," four
boys and four girls and a Dutch teacher.
This show is calculated to furnish sixty
laughs in sixty seconds. A number of
popular songs will be rendered by the
boys and girls.
"Lola," the dissolving model, is an
attraction that will interest all who see
Heckler's flea circus, the Ferris wheel
and the merry-RO-round will furnish
amusement for the children.
Nothing Objectionable.
It will thus be seen that the com
mittee has used good judgment in the
selection of the Midway attractions,
and no show will be permitted on the
State Fair grounds that is the least ob
jectionable. , The United Shows which
are to appear at the State Fair this
year have been engiged for the great
civic celebration at Minneapolis, and will
appear at the Kentv ky State Fair, the
Tri-State Fair at Mr tphis, the Alabama
State Fair at Birmingham, the Cotton
of the fair'.
The Tennessee State Fair can boast -Palace at Waco, Tex., the big celebra-
"of the best jack and mule exhibit in the j tion at Greater Jacksonville, Fla., and
country. This department draws heavily, ' they will also appear at Key West, Fla.,
1 t rr V...i. t -11
over the country. The best living speci
mens are to be seen annually at Ten
nessee's great fair. The classes fill heav-,
ily and competition is active from start ;
to finish. The jack and mule exhibit swamps and the ocean. Nothing is be
is one of the big features of the live ing left undone by the management to
. ... ' - ... I m 1 mm Ml
on the occasion of the opening of the
Flagler railroad sysHm, celebrating one
of the greatest pieces of engineering
In the world, the building of a railroad
from Miami to Key West through the
stock exhibit, and the show this year,
from all indications will surpass any
thing of . the kind ever attempted here.
Attractive Midwajr Provided for the
Coming Tennessee Exposition.
After careful investigation, with a
view of giving Tennessee State Fair
visitors - the very best, highclass mid
way attractions obtainable, the Amuse
ment Committee, of which Mr. W. G.
Hirsig is chairman, has closed a con
tract with the Greater United Shows of
Chicago for a line of attractions that
make the Tennessee State Fair this
year the best' in the history of the as
eociation, and just enough harmless
amusements has been added to give spice
and recreation to the big educational
Every one who goes to Knoxville,
Tenn., to see the Appalachian Exposi
tion, which opens on Monday, Septem
ber 11, and continues : to October 1,
will have a place to eat and sleep. The
many large and modern hotels of th,at
citv have made extraordinarv Drenara-
will surpass, it is claimed, anything of ! tlons for taking care of crowds during
the kind ever seen in this city
There will be two free midway at
tractions this year, the Great Holland :
and Rose Dockrell, two great equestrians
in their daring feats on horseback, and
also La Noles, lady and gentleman com
edy trapolene bar actors, who are artists
in their line. The main or big feature '
of the United Company is the great onei
ring circus, in which horseback riding,
trninintr nf wild nnimnla ilnwiia ntiH
the exposition period. And this will
be at no advance in rates. Hotel pro
prietors and managers have assured
the exposition officials that no extra
charges will be made on account of
the exposition visitors. Several hotels
have made extensive Improvements
since the exposition of 1910, and are,
therefore, better prepared than ' ever
before to care for large crowds.
In addition to the hotels, Knoxville
other features of the big circus are in- has innumerable restaurants, where
t.'oduced. 1 here is also a steel arena
in this circus, in which lions, leopards,
pumas . and other - wild beasts of the
forest give exhibitions. A special act
of six lions is one of the interesting
features of the arena show. The famous
Wallace lighting lion will be introduced
at each performance.
Otner Good Shows.
Among the other good shows to be
seen on the midway will be "Princess
Max in e," .the greatest educated mole in
the world, performing many wonderful
tricks, entirely new to the public, r
'The Fat People's Convent jon,""con
sitting of two' very ' fat people, : one
skeleton man and a giantess womaa,
meals may be had at any hour, day or
night, and at most satisfactory prices.
Knoxville is the center of one of the
finest meat end produce sections of
the south, and its market affords the
best and freshest and most season
able of edibles. These are served In
hotels, restaurants and homes.
Thousands of private homes, among
all clases of people, have been thrown
open for exposition visitors. Assign
ments to ; these houses, at most un
usually low prices per day or week,
will be made by the public comfort bu
reau of the exposition. This bureau
will have offices and agents at all the
the depots and at other places which
will furnish a side-splitting amusement will be conspicuously placarded. Any
"Little Lord Roberts," the midget, is
another interesting show that will in
terest the thousands of children as well
as the grown people.
The "Seven to One" Show, contain
ing seven pits of freaks, is interesting.
A wonderful piece of mechanism is
the "Electric City," showing the mills,
factories, street cars, trains, fountains,
policeman or street car conductor or
citzen will take pleasure in directing
strangers as to where to find the pub
lie comfort bureaus. This arrangement
makes it possible for every visitor to
procure a home within half an hour
after reaching Knoxville. As stated
above, the prices for rooms and board
will be most reasonable, and positively
will not be advanced. ,
m i ins ,
Trading, swapping, selling and buying horses
and mules will be the order of the day. All kinds
of jockeying to please. Things to make you laugh
and help to destroy the troubles of the past, and
prizes to make you happy, and cause you in the
future to have a sweet remembrance of the town.
10:00 o'clock $2.50 in cash to farmer bringing in largest and best load of wat
ermelons M. K. Bennett ".
10:30 o'clock One set of, "A" grade Wagon Spokes to the one bringing the
oldest single or two horse farm wagon to town. Pennock-Walter Mfg. Co. 1
11 o'clock One $7.50 Bed to the one bringing the largest crowd from country
in one two-horse wagon. Epperson, Harp, Pointer; Co.
11:15 One $5.00 pair of American Gentleman Shoes' to the one bringing the
second largest crowd from the country in a two-horse wagon. I. D. Pedigo.
11:30 One $5.00 Stetson Hot to the one bringing the third largest crowd from
the country in one two-horse wagon. Bussell Bros. & Co. "
11:45 100 lbs. of Gold Hunter Flour to oldest married couple. Epperson,
Harp, Pointer & Co.
12:00 One $2.50 pair of Shoes to the tackiest dressed country boy or girl.
I. D. Pedigo. ' -
12:00 One $2.50 pair of Shoes to the tackiest dressed town boy or girl. Ep
person, Harp, Pointer & Co. N
1:00 $1.50 Waist to the winner in Ladies' Nail Driving Contest for ladies ov
er 21 years. Bussell Bros. & Co.
1:30 $2.50 in gold to the prettiest girl baby from country, one year old and
under. Swallow's Drug Co.
1:45 One nice cap for prettiest boy baby from country, one year old and un
der. Algood BarberShop.
2:00 $1.00 Shirt to the fastest runner over 50 years old.-F. R. Neal.
2:15 One $3.00 pairof Shoes to the winner in Fat Man's Race.-BussellBros.&Co.
2:30 $2.50 Cash to owner of. best sucking horse or filly colt Smith & Hudgens
2:45 $2.50 Cash to owner of best sucking mule colt. Bank of Algood.
-. . . ' 'r' ......
2:45 One $1.00 Knife to the ugliest man in crowd. H. E. Speyer.
2:45 -One $1.00 Whip for prettiest and best trained double turnout. Bluff ton
Construction Co.
3:00 $2 50 cash to largest deposit from country during day. Bank of Algood.
3:00 $1.00 Cash to boy under 15 years old who wins the jumping race. H.M.
Cornwell. ' . .' . - - '
3:00 $1.00 Cash to boy under 15 years old who wins in apple eating contest.
H. M. Cornwell. . v -- ;
3:00 One $2.00 pair of pants to winner in man's hand sawing contest. J. S.
Duncan. .
3:15 50c Pocket Knife for largest irish potato from country. I. D. Pedigo.
3 :30 Pair of Overalls to the largest man from country. -Putnam Overall Mfg. Co.
Keith, Thomas & Co. will give $10.00 in gold to the first couple married onthe
grounds after 10 o'clock.
Come one, come all and take a good laugh. Bring your horsesj
mules and colts for there v. ill be purchasers on the ground to give
you your price.
Or Any Other-Old Day
are Invited to
For the HERALD at 25c a year

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