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Issued Every Thursday
Entered as Second Clasa Mail Matter at the Cookeville Poet Office
bubscription Pnee ...25 Cents a Year in Advance Qualified if he former! or expressed an onin- eth me hehind her'nn Main Sr.
ralph h. wirt ion as io tne gunt oi tne accused, -jnis 13 6, bne restoretn my pocket book after she
The McNamara trial out in California is
sought to be made a trial by legislation. Un
der the old forms of law a juror was dis-
1. My wife is my boss, I shall not deny.
2. She maketh me lie down behind the bed
when the swell company comes, and she lead-
E. L. WIRT & SON, Publishers
Southwest Corner Public Square
Gainesboro Phone No. 64 Home Phone No. 74
. Residence: Gamesboro No. 103
the law in almost every, if not in every state, has spent all its contents on hobble skirts
The McNamaras are of the proletariat. The and theatre tickets, and she leadeth me up
prosecutors are of the bourgeoise" and arist- the main aisle at church for her new hat's
ocrats. These latter feared that they could sake.
not secure a conviction under the old law, 4. Yea, though I walk more than half the
and, owning the legislature, they had a law night through dark rooms with a crying ba
passed providing that a venireman who had by, I will get no rest, for she is behind me;
read the newspapers and who had formed her broomstick and her hatpin they do every
RASH Wa are AnthnriroA tr annnnnral? T. Pnili
as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the Democrat- and expressed an opinion was not disquali- thing but comfort me.
lc primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911. ;
HUGHES We are authorized to announce H. M.
Hughes as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
WELCH We are authorized to announce J. M.
Welch as a candidate for Sheriff, subject to the Dem
ocratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
GENTRY We are authorized to announce W. C.
Gentry as a candidate for Trustee, subject to the
Democratic primary election to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
fied, providing he admitted that evidence, if 5. She prepareth a cold snack for me, then
produced on the trial, would change that maketh a" bee-line for an aid society supper,
opinion. - . She annointeth my head with the rolling pin
This is what Clarence Darrow had to fight occasionally. My arms runneth - over with
The law was made to fit the McNamara case, bundles before she is half done her shopping.
It had no other object, and was intended to 6. Surely her dressmaker's and millinery
SLAGLE We are authoriz
ed to announce D. E. Slagle
es a candidate for Trustee,
subject to the Democratic pri
mary election ta be held on
Saturday Dec. 2, 1911.
serve no other purpose.
Of course, when any of the sacrasanct and
thrice-anointed are called up for any of the
crimes peculiar to them, the law can be re
pealed, '."
The intense' bitterness existing in that
bills shall follow me all the days of my life
and I will dwell in the house of my wife
forever. Ulhrich (Mo.) Herald.
DRAPER We are authorized to announce 0N.
Draper as a candidate for re-election as Trustee, sub
ject to the Democratic primary election to be held
Dec. 2, 1911. y
MCUUKMlCli we are autnonzea to announce
W, M. McCormick as a candidate for Tax Assessor,
subject to the Democratic primary election to
H. Cornwell as a candidate for re-election as Tax As
sessor, subject to the Democratic - primary election
"Wherrthe name of Alabama is called in
the Democratic national convention next
I state may be judged when a legislature will year it is my guess that the vote of the del
go this far.. 1 egation will be cast for Champ Clark", said
And yet out of doubtful or evil motives H. B. Dunbar, formerly proprietor of the .
may come a permanent good, in some pro- Gibson House, of Cincinnati, but now of Ala-
gress and improvement in the jury, system, bama. at the Ebbitt. "I spent a fortnight
News Scimitar. - i aiViv, nnA u oo e i.v:i
CUT OFF THE WIDOWS : opinions expressed to me, nas iavorea tne
There will be no new pensions granted nomination of the Speaker. There is some
widows of Confederates by the state of Tenn- discussion favorable to Gov. Wilson, and a
essee until some time " in 1913. The reason lew have mentioned GOy. Harmon, but the
as given by the pension commissioners is that majority of the people and especially the
by an unfortunate mistake the legislature the , Missouriah. I believe this sentiment
in the South".
)jecc to tne democratic primary election to be
field Dee. 2. 1911. , V
CORN WELL We are authorized to announce John I Aaueu to appropriate money enougn ior pen- exists in Other States
to be held Dec. 2, 1911.
sions for widows, so that it is out of our Washington, D. C. Post.
nower to errant an v more nensinns to widows
r " . - " - r , , . . -.
smrlit'ia likelv that the same ronditinn maw I An recent election in aniorniaa numoer
to the Democratic Primary
2. 1911.
Election to be held Dec.
nftttirmtno nr. . .! : i a. .
VUUiN lioo-ne are auvuunzeu announce nas. " aU4. -
R. Ceuntiss as a candidate for Tax Assessor, subiect continue until the next meeting of the lecris- of amendments to the State constitution were
r r: 1 i.u A.. I , , ---01 1 : i.i A t . ji
lature in 1913 " v maue, anions me most important peing tne
Qrt ,f onnMN tViaf onnfVor miofoirA n,A adoption of the recall tor all public officials.
made bv the late legislature. The whole including judges, and the granting of sufr
session was a mistake judged by its work, Irae 10 women, x nese two questions are
Knt thp nne o-reat miaraWe wna ho rfoMi oeing agitatea as never Deiore and seem
Notice is hereby given that on November 25, 1911,
within legal hours, at the voting plact s in all the I
Wawls in (no tnwn nf f!rrlrp villa on clcpUnn will Ka
held to determine whether the town of Cookeville of a lot of men to that bod v who acknow- destined to spread over the whole country,
will issue $30,000 worth of bonds for the purpose of lpdce no rjartv ties men who claimed to hp working eastward trom the - racilic coast.
"T : i r i- V l 7:1 V 5 -7 Democrats but voted with the Republicans, xne inuauveiinu reierenaum system 01 maK
Light plant and the liquidation of the floating mdebt- e, ... . .. insr aws is also on the wav.
edness of said town.
This Oct. 19, 1911.
P. E. Collier. Recorder."
The Confederate reunion at Livingston
last Fridays was a very successful event.
The weather was fine, and an immense crowd
in attendance.
About 200 : soldiers of the Confederates
turned out, under command of Col. W. L.
Dibrell and Capt. C. J. .Davis.
Hon. W. J. Clinton made
I anchor, for nobody can tell where they may
go or where they may Stop. T : i
The commissioners have not correctly lo
cated the failure to provide for the Confed
erate widows, if we remember right. Gov.
Hooper caused the cutting out of $50,000 for
this purpose, ' and should shoulder the re
sponsibility, r J""---;-;-:
Any of our readers who like to help wor
thy charities might do well by sending a do
nation to the Tennessee Association for Pro
moting the Interests of the Adult Blind, or
becoming a member of the Association; Send
money to Mrs. W. E. Linn, 1212 College St.
Memphis, Tenn. Write to C. L. Furr, Ad
ams and N. Lauderdale, Memphis, Tenn.;
for application blank for membership, and
Dnrino the last three months the neniten
tiary system of Tennessee has cost m apy infornlatl'on desired
the address of more than it has earned." Under Democra-
welcome, and Hon. J. N. ; King eloquently tic governors it paid from - $200,000 to $300,
responded. The Livingston band furnished 000 net profits into the state treasury. Those
music during the day. - T- : who dance must pay the fiddler, -and in-as-
J. K. P. Davis of Clay "county read an much as some of the Democrats danced to
Another candidate has entered the lists-
for the Democratic nomination in Putnani
t county, Chas. R. Cpuntiss having announced
as a candidate for Tax Assessor. Mr. Coun-
nAim that imoforf r14f anf)iiiainm - n....L1'.. L ' iL... - - . . v...
"TnT! f - xpuuiican rmusic jrear, tney may now and wilI make a hustling race for the nom-
wui iv. otaiey w wnevuie ouerea a res- nave tne pleasure or neiDingpay tor tne ex- ti ia.
. .. .1: v: ,,. . - .1 . n . - . .. . . . .. .jmauwi. 11c ia a vicyci gcuuemau, aim Wdl
oiution urging tne -uniting oi tne oons oi travagance ot Hooper's; administration. II Mnor.oiiv bk.iU iu
- veterans wiui uu,u ucuw vet- me Duraen ieu on tnem aione it woum pro- courjty wiH have a competent assessor.
erana wmcu was uuauuuuusijr auupwu. DaDiy maKe tnem rememDer it tne longer.
Dinner was served to the entire throng, but unfortunately every taxpayer must pay If there was no political significance in the
he veterans occupying the place of honor, his part No doubt the governor will 'make Nashville election it was positive proof that
and it is said by all who were present that the penitentiary a paying institution about the citizens of that burg do not want orohi-
it was a typical Overton coun ty din nera the time he begins to enforce the prohibition bition. Whichever horn of the dilemma you.
feast fit for a king. . law in Memphis. 'take the Democratic candidate, won.-

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